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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is you know we can use live from berlin germany march the anniversary of one of the deadliest punk arms of the nazi era. we want you to shout met you do not seem. to know. a song tribute to the victims of nazi persecution eighty years ago non jewish citizens of leashed a native terror on germany's jews during kristallnacht and dark prelude to the holocaust sounds the americal war and a resurgence of anti semitism also coming up. one hundred years later on earth at
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last african soldiers who died in world war one dragged into fighting for their then colonial rulers presidents i mean who are joined by the president of mali or him kate commemorates the end of the wars to end all wars. also human teeters on the brink of a huge famine now a significant military advance on the country's main food import route pro-government forces head into the rebel held port of the dado backed by saudi warplanes blasts seeking safety in numbers as thousands of migrants fleeing violence and poverty make their way north to the u.s. they tell d.w. news about the dangers they're facing on the long journey ahead and lining up for water drought hits of gonna start farming families end up in camps near herat city winters on its way in the united nations warns that famine threatens more than two and a half. million people there. with. only
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a heart thank you so much for your company everyone today is a fateful day it's in germany the country honors the victims of kristallnacht the night of violence against jews that marked a dark prelude to the holocaust a country's leaders warn against another rise in anti semitism but november ninth it is also the anniversary of two other crucial days in german history. eighty years on the horrors of the past still resound. german chancellor angela merkel attending a commemorative service at berlin's largest synagogue. let's get. the jewish life is flourishing in germany once again that is an unexpected gift after
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the break with civilization that was the holocaust but at the same time we're seeing a worrying anti semitism that is threatening jewish life in our country and other places in the world why jews the thought themselves say this anti semitism is expressed increasingly openly in unbridled hate speech on the internet and in the public sphere. these anti semitic acts are a distressing reminder of events eighty years ago. on the night of the ninth of november nine hundred thirty eight the nazis unleashed a wave of violence against jews. across germany thousands of synagogues jewish shops and businesses were looted and torched some one hundred jews were killed twenty six thousand were taken to concentration camps. but november the ninth is
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also the anniversary of two other fateful days and german history. one hundred years ago in the closing days of world war one the social democrat politician philip shined a man proclaimed a new german republic from a window of the vice tag. and in one nine hundred eighty nine pro-democracy protests in east germany led to the fall of the wall and ultimately to the reunification of germany three days that loom large in germany's collective memory . but it's our actions today that show whether we have truly understood and learned from their consequences said german president fung five. hundred. actions we must prove that we germans have truly learned from the past and truly become more vigilant because of our history we need to take action at any time another person's dignity is viral. we need to take a stand when a language of hatred spreads its tentacles that we cannot allow a situation where some people claim once again to be the sole voice of the true
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people and marginalize others. with the far i don't turn it into germany party in parliament for the first time and extremist voices on the rise across the country these were poignant words. all right let's go to do to be political correspondent tom sparrow he's standing arrayed outside berlin's central station thomas i see a crowd behind you who are they were they doing and how is this historic data in. capital being commemorated. well it's obviously a day of remembrance here in berlin it's been a day off historical lessons it's been a day also drawing parallels to the current atmosphere in germany and most fear which has been marred by populism marred by nationalism marred by other political
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events are not something that's also clear right here where we're standing in front of the main train station where there are different protests far right protests that were extremely controversial and demonstrations as well as the demonstration that had been precisely mentioning these issues are today and what can be learned from this day of remembrance according to berlin police there are around one thousand two hundred policemen here on duty trying to prevent this situation from from changing. becoming violent there are dozens of demonstrators you can probably see them around me and behind me all with a different message depending oversea on which side of the political spectrum they stand. first so far everything seems under control and peaceful all right let's focus now on these three truly historic and world changing events that occurred on the same day the proclamation of the first republican one nine hundred eighteen then two decades later the anti jewish progress in one nine hundred thirty eight
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and then the fall of the berlin wall in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine which event and i was very difficult to pick one but which event has shaped germany the most. they shape germany in very different ways and that was also something evident from today's events from the different events that were done to commemorate them there are events that are in different eras and that are linked with different types of values if you think for example of the fall of the berlin wall so closely linked to the values of freedom and democracy if you look for example at the program that foreshadowed the whole of course on that germany has tried to learn so much from from that historical responsibility that germany has those three events that are commemorated today are extremely different but they all mocked germany in very different ways and that was something absolutely evident today here in berlin they are at the day a feint the number of anti semitic attacks thomas which include violent offenses
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and hate speech propaganda has remained fairly steady for about a decade at fifteen hundred a year that's at least according to an interior ministry report what do you make of germany and anti semitism in the year twenty team. politicians have been warning authorizing anti semitism here in germany not only on the streets events that we have also covered on d.w. news but also on the line and that's something that they have been trying to fight in fact germany has now for the first time an anti semitism commission of precisely tasked with dealing with these incidents with also teaching school in schools improving integration in germany this is something that angela merkel and other leading politicians in the country have warned time and time again this issue of rising at the same it is i mean the country of hate speech and something that again goes hand in hand with germany's responsibility so obviously there are events that we've been covering and politicians have been clear once again today to say that
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there's that there are historical lessons that have to be learned from the events in the past and that can be applied today by thomas sparrow reporting from the center of berlin and i see the cry crowd behind you growing larger or catch up with you in the next bulletin for now thank you so much. i now as the world remembers the end of world war one france is also finally marking the sacrifices made by african soldiers then on their french colonial rule mali and president abraham bakker cape town joined his french counterparts in my new iraq home this week at a mine went to those who suffered and died in the war. this is what commemorating a world war can look like. but the actual purpose of the money will not cost visit to us was this a monument for the black army it's
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a no mas to the two hundred thousand africans from the french colonies that fought in world war one. one hundred years later their service is still relevant especially for french citizens of african descent. now both of us who see this is important because this is part of africa's and france's history and we're here today because this is ali history this is unprecedented for once the black is being honored when they leave. even mali and president kate came to mark the occasion of. the monument is a source of great pride for many africans the original was built after world war one and then stolen by the nazis but the new version does the trick. everybody is talking about the black army again not all of them are people of color by the way one of its white veterans from the second world war had
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a special message. give a bit of a future give it a good oh my grandfather fought in world war one my father also one of my uncles was killed what we need in my eyes is the end of enmity between the peoples we can't have that anymore. with the warriors of peace or order to give you their love . this resonates in the house more than anywhere else. the city was one of the key battlegrounds in france allied forces managed to hold off the germans the city has been making a comeback ever since because whatever the obstacles there's always hope and better days ahead the power of the human race is that we know how to stick together in difficult times this city has reinvented itself with the help of engineers architects and international solidarity but especially with the force of the people of us claim all squirmy is only eighteen years young this stirs up strong emotions
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in her the demand of the city man must kill it heads yes it does the people from senegal the ivory coast and mali died for france it's true that france colonized them but it wasn't their choice most of them had to fight for fronts that was unjustified you could almost say they died for nothing at least not for their country it hurts to think about that that will be the city's a free man if it's. but one hundred years later it's also a reminder of the value of peace for europeans. and africans. and fitting into centenary anniversary commemorations france is holding a peace conference over the weekend president of the united nations general assembly maria fernanda spinoza will be there she told the daily news that her message would be that multilateralism is not an option it's
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a necessity in addressing global challenges like climate change and an arms race. madam president it's been one hundred years since the end of the first world war and the world is seeing no growing tensions and nationalism do you see any parallels between now and the time that led to the first world war we are leaving difficult times it is true we are seeing the perhaps deepening of conflicts in different parts of the world but i think that the un is well positioned really to to come up with a counter narrative. that encompasses corporation solidarity. in the enjoyment of diversity around the world you're now going to participate in the paris peace forum whose objective is to reinforce international cooperation in these times of growing
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nationalism so which message are you taking to france multilateralism is not an option is the only way to address global challenges in you name it i mean there is no the way to address climate change there is no other way to address the peace challenges the arms race for example there is a need of strong political commitment to make sure that we don't spend more money on weapons than in reducing hunger around the world germany will have a nonpermanent seat in the security council from two thousand nine hundred on or can germany do four more multilateralism germany east convinced player of multilateralism and we very much need that bold messages. for full commitment to multilateral action and to collective responses to global challenges one of them of course being peace and security u.s. president donald trump has called himself
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a nationalist he was stalking few years against immigrants during the election campaign has the country changed under this new type of leadership. in your opinion i had myself a very fruitful meeting with president trump when he came for the high level meeting and we all agreed we agreed that there is a need to make the united nations more relevant to all people madam president thank you very much for the interview thank you thank you very much our it was for him to screen out some of the other stories making news around the world. the british prime minister theresa may has visited several world war one side it's alongside the leaders of france and belgium at the start of a weekend of events marking the centrality of the arms to mesa the commemorations were a time to reflect on the country's shared history and look ahead to their shared future. authorities in somalia say islam is suicide bombers have killed at least ten people in the capital mogadishu three separate blasts rocked the area
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around of around police headquarters security forces shot dead four gunmen who tried to storm in nearby hotel while the rebel group says it carried out the attacks. the presidents of somalia in eritrea have met with ethiopia's prime minister abi ahmed in the ethiopian city of gondar officials say the meeting is an effort to cement regional economic ties between the ones rival nations have east since eritrea and ethiopia signed a peace deal in july. yemeni government forces backed by the saudi warplanes have launched what they're calling a vast offensive to counter the country's port city of who data military officials say the coalition has launched airstrikes on a ground assault on rebel held positions in the city who did it has become a key battleground in the country's four year long civil war and serves as the
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entry point for eighty percent of the country's food imports the u.n. has warned an all out attack on the city could trigger mass famine. we can talk now to morello who dave from the international committee of the red cross she is in yemen's capital sanaa a very good evening what's the situation who who who data right now. thank you and how that it was a dramatic escalation of violence in the past few days our team and the city speak of nonstop and deafening class tears and explosions in this city and this it is almost deserted and the international committee of that extra six would you be right about the safety of civilians but also civilian structures such as house beaton's ambulances schools prisons and water and if you city plans point just to the conflict must take every possible measure to protect for example the city's
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biggest facility and now the hospital is only one me is only a few meters away from the fighting it is very important that it is not there and this is the market instead of an instructor otherwise very many facilities will not be able to cook with the influx of. such a very very dire situation did and just how dire the situation is was also illustrated a week ago the new york times published on its front page a haunting image of the same a seven year old girl in yemen starving she sadly since then died days after it was shocking got the world's attention but it wasn't a turning point or was it. well in addition to. the horrible images really swell of i'm going. to do you are unfortunate is severed you very very big mark on the situation in yemen. which has been a forgotten conflict since two thousand and fifteen pounds of yemeni didn't save
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face the same. fate as yemen on a single owner on a daily basis so who situation and. that there are more than eighty percent of the population is in need of. absolutely a man made famine with disastrous consequences thank you so much for joining us and providing us with the inside perspective from yemen. all right i'm going to hand you over now to helena with the latest business headlines and you're going to talk about a potential for an on the side of president ultra right certainly one way to put it later we're talking about maxine waters she's a democrat most crucially she's also the new head of the financial services committee now that's in congress now she's already a known adverse array of president donald trump but her new position gives him the power she can now enact subpoenas and on her radar is to watch
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a bank lend it to the president or his could look into documents and bank statements possibly connecting trump and russia democrats have not yet decided whether they will subpoena deutsch or what aspects of the president's finances to do that. so how could this affect the deutsche bank well all frankfurt financial correspondent paula boson sent us this report. as though it's a bank has its headquarters here in frankfurt of course people are talking a lot about this topic and they always have been since trump is in office and since the mugger investigation and of course often with their hands over their mouth storage bankers will tell you that deutsche bank should never have done business with donald trump in the first place as a businessman he had a reputation of not always paying back what he owed of going insolvent often that's not the kind of person to want to do business with at least not from the
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point of view of an old school conservative backa but at the time deutsche bank was too eager to get into the market in the united states and to stay that greed eats brain that is what traders here on the trading floors would say about such behavior . of financial correspondent on a night of booze in it there was a u.s. federal judge has halted construction of the keystone x.l. oil pipeline which was supposed to run from canada to texas the u.s. district court of montana ruled that the administration should not have overturned the ban on the projects trump called the court's decision just scrapes have given the go ahead for the eight billion dollar project despite widespread protests saying it would create jobs and fresh infrastructure in twenty fifteen president barack obama and denied a permit for the pipeline off to numerous oil spills. irish prime minister leo broadcast says steph breaks it deal could be done and dusted
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within weeks his comments came at a british irish council meeting with senior british politicians are and will remain an e.u. member off to bragg's it but northern ireland will leave with britain agree when the border between the two often brags it is the main stumbling block to an e.u. u.k. agreement and some british businesses are already preparing for the worst possible scenario. it's a case of better safe than sorry for this chocolate maker with less than five months till britain leaves the european union contingency planning is gaining urgency. we've been on also fact finding visit some pretty to see what i mean partly because i do poison sumac in nationals so in some respects moving there will be relatively easy no confidence in our government in india bring a viable solution to business like myself some of the chocolate makers workers have already left ahead of bragg's it so it is already in trouble and it's not alone
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many major companies are moving some operations or announcing plans to leave the u.k. altogether bank of america moved its european headquarters to dublin from london japan's panasonic moved its european head office to amsterdam a survey by swiss bank u.b.s. says that by the middle of this year one in three firms had cut investment in the u.k. because of brags that unless a deal is struck soon more businesses will be forced to plan for a hard break that. despite frosty relations between the u.s. and cuba one area of cooperation between the two countries has always remained roulettes medical and scientific collaboration and now the u.s. and cuba are teaming up to fight a common enemy cancer as they test the effectiveness of a revolutionary cuban treatment for lung cancer some of hailed it as a miracle cure in the fight against lung cancer event researches say the
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revolutionary technique involves the active immunology of a protein called e.g.f. that stimulates cell growth samples of abnormally developed e.g.f. from lung cancers mixed with agents that stimulate the immune system that helps the immune system to identify and target the proteins in the cancer. i am a master in that it's one more weapons in the fight against cancer and we can use it together with other weapons such as chemotherapy. the treatment which has been administered by monthly injections at this cuban research center since two thousand and eleven has already been approved in bosnia why peru malaysia and sri lanka around five thousand patients worldwide are undergoing the treatment the roswell park cancer institute in buffalo in the united states formed a partnership with the cubans in twenty fifteen. years the only clinical results are very interesting in that we're combining some of the facts with state of the
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art immunotherapy so that we're ready not just for late fees testing but we're all tingly ready for attention commercialization in the us but there's still work to be done researchers say first results from thirty american patients are very encouraging but they now need to replicate them in the largest sample group. isolate and now for a look at it is also that it's just becoming all too common all too common difficult to get used to it because rapidly moving wildfires have forced thousands of people to flee their homes in northern california fire chiefs have told all thirteen thousand residents of the town of malibu to leave gavin newsome california's governor elect has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas the fires are expected to continue for days. in the sleepy town of paradise all hell has broken loose wildfires sweeping through northern california engulfed the town forcing its twenty seven thousand residents to flee. authorities estimate that around two thousand
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buildings were destroyed a strong winds whipped up the blaze. extremely hazardous lots of smoke dark devastation active burning all throughout the town to be lived up there for eighteen years and it looks like the fire came. east and just came straight through town all the way to the west while the flames consume the homes residents john breaux is in a desperate bid to escape the inferno spread to rapidly that families had no choice but to take roots are ready enveloped by fire the whole house is just only. authorities that several firemen and residents were injured that have been no reported fatalities. long periods of drought have created tinderbox conditions along the fire to spread quickly the situation is unlikely to improve through.
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the challenge also for us is that we are at the beginning of a significant santa ana wind event that will last a number of days right now we have. somewhere between four and five hundred five firefighters on scene many more on request and will be coming in have a bad escape with their lives residents are in for a shock when they return to find that paradise lost. we sell a lot more to tell you about coming up on archive footage from the first world war which ended one hundred years ago on sunday was given a modern objects and a new documentary by lord of the rings director peter jackson will tell you how he did it coming up. impressive all right see in a moment. the
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european stars delivered browsing performances. piece famous for his acoustic ballads and own movement of music the smush kids. the. pop star michael skis in the fall good concert. to. her first thing in school in the. first clueless. and then doris grand moment to run and join the ring a tango on her journey to prove to me our interest to turn him into little rock in the ring in time returns home. earth
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good to see you again you're watching the news i'm going to her arc and our lamb for a conference and paving the way for peace in afghanistan has got underway in moscow a taliban delegation and representatives of the afghan state are attending the talks alongside delegates from several other nations the meeting marks another effort by russia to play a mediating role between the two sides and the report suggests little progress has been made so far at a conference comes as the united nations warns that more than two and a half million people in afghanistan are at risk of starvation after decades of nearly constant war the country's infrastructure cannot take any added strain but now afghans have been hit by the worst drought in years and farmers are abandoning their land they end up in camps where at least there's water to drink but there's
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little else and the weather is turning. this camp is now home to my hugh dean and his family. they came here six months ago to join relatives after their farms were crippled by drought. more than a quarter of a million afghans now live here on the outskirts of herat city food is scarce and the conditions are harsh while you have a month out it's very tough living in this tent at night it's very cold all my children are sick we don't have money to take them to the doctor so what can we do it would be better to die than to live like this going to be about hunger and cold as winter approaches so too does the uncertainty after decades of war afghanistan's infrastructure and economy are in tatters the united nations estimates that more than two and a half million people face famine. officials have warned that the worst is not yet
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over my don't want the. drought could last another two years but decisions will be made by the government to overcome the problems of. the international community is also supporting the people of afghanistan and they are working to help solve drug related issues. but coordination between aid groups and the government is poor as herat struggles to cope with the influx of people officials fear that water could also become scarce here. the un's refugee agency says it's reviewing a decision by the u.s. to deny asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally and move it says will stop abuse of the immigration system washington says it will deny asylum to anyone caught entering the country outside official border crossings it's invoking extraordinary presidential national security powers to tighten the border as care
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of as a caravan of central american slowly approaches the united states the decision is expected to be challenged in court. it's all migrants making the long journey on foot to the u.s. from central america face many dangers along the way activists groups say up to thirty thousand have gone missing over the past decade our correspondent a tour sayas is on the road with the migrant caravan and he filed this report that water knows all too well that being kidnapped and then simply disappearing is the biggest danger a few years ago his brother disappeared as he made his second attempt to reach the u.s. . we got as far as a child it was a him at. the police caught me under the port and me back i want to honduras. i mean i went back again to look for him but there was nothing. around ninety
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members of the caravan currently making its way north are said to have disappeared after getting on to trucks the reports from various organizations have not yet been confirmed i am pompadour but i mean i'm probably going to say on differing accounts of the numbers missing your when some sources say eighty at this one hundred most hour on the human rights records he's are looking into this case. and it is your model is stunning in this iran though. it's feared that they may have been kidnapped and handed over to organized crime groups active in the area where they went missing. and now others in the caravan a spooked. when jovan lost sight of his two friends he thought he'd never see them again. with the americans i was really worried they had disappeared and i would never hear from them again but we got separated while i was trying to find
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space on one of the vehicles i had no idea where they had gone. i'd say between ten and twenty thousand migrants have disappeared in the last ten years that's one reason why people are queuing to get into this tent inside they can call their families for free to reassure them that they're still ok i mean work with our lives if you don't fall off the train you got run over by a truck you know a lot of. sonus it us but it just we're told it runs everything here i mean. we're most afraid for the children. because of the danger the people in the stadium divide didn't register according to the region they came from that way they hope any disappearances will be noticed. that it's very dangerous travelling between mexico city and the u.s. border we need to be well organized and able to look after each other we have to
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know about each other every individual every child in that in need they got up it's on that mean you're. going to list crime is lying in white everywhere on the journey ahead the migrants are at risk of kidnapping and blackmail. it with every bit of sun asking us again criminals with the migrants with fake office software. then they're forcibly held the. and subjected to human trafficking in another post. but even those who live in fantasy lament their. attempts to jump the migrants even take place within temporary accommodation in mexico city the president of the mexican federal human rights commission says migrants are often approached by people claiming to be officials. now people who feel that they've been no one had heard of the supposed organization with them and. they offer to take people in lauri's in groups of eighteen. north and over the border into the
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us. and i think we're likely going to start with. the biggest concern for the people in the caravan is to avoid falling victim to criminals exploiting their desperation. i am going to hand you back over to helena and there's been some encouraging news for egypt's economy absolutely tourists are coming back to egypt i mean why not it is such a beautiful country tourism returning to the country after years of political unrest and terrorist attacks the sec's just snapped back last year with more and more europeans returning in interest growing encounters with a lot of potential like china. the tourists are back around the pyramids of giza for example tourists who booked spain last year are coming to egypt this year they want to see the big sights this group from france is taking
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a boat trip along the nile. like you alone in the world a lot of peace and quiet a beautiful moment with family and friends investors are once again active after a long hiatus like investing in the nile's fleet of boats that creates jobs which are desperately needed. to go for several years we've hardly worked at all it's much better now we sometimes work up to twenty eight days a month. tourism is enormously important for the egyptian economy the tourism industry in cairo has just announced that it will make up around fifteen percent of economic output this year and that's not just the returning european tourists to be in. the chinese to have discovered egypt many chinese restaurants have sprung up with national language and cuisine just like at home. and this is the best meal we have. you should be above it but. the locals are glad that
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tourism is picking up again and they hope that might help rejuvenate other sectors of the economy in the country on the nile. to greece's so-called red gold now and suffer on is only cultivated in very few countries but as its nickname suggests age sixteen expense if the greeks have been doing it for three centuries in fact it even helped some of them through the global financial crisis. sucked from the negroes for a few weeks and all to. the spices extracted from three red threats that grow inside the saffron crocus flour. that picked out by hand which is why stuff from is one of the most expensive spices in the world. one gram costs up to twenty euros giving it the nickname bread gold it mostly grows in iran but also in northern greece during the economic crisis greece rediscovered suffer from as
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a source of income this is corinne went to london to look for work despite having two university degrees he had no luck and returned to greece in two thousand and twelve. must agree that it was difficult to find work during the crisis because particularly in civil engineering because there was no construction give them some kind of death. we've been taught how to grow stuff from from our parents and grandparents and we knew our way around the fields. so i thought some from could provide me with a good source of income. on the one form of. curry works for our great cultural collective that's grown enormously since it began back in two thousand they were producing thirty kilograms a year today it's full tonnes the suffering industry employs five thousand people and grace in a region where the crisis left almost
7:41 pm
a quarter of people unemployed. a lot of young people found work in the fields. there are even scientists out head planting practices to try and make a living. stable i think more people will come if a product continues to sell. if there's more demand will increase production. seventy percent of the stuff from is exported to the us germany and from the co-operative is currently negotiating with chinese wholesalers that planning to acquire more land for crops next year. now with global tensions on the rise calls are growing for germany to take on a greater role in conflict zones but given the country's history many germans are wary of assuming a more assertive world ever since compulsory military service was abolished support for the army has been diminishing and it has struggled to retrack new recruits well
7:42 pm
now the ones there has launched a charm offensive hoping to change that and our social media editor gerri is here jared always good to see you talk to us about this image problem it's something that german military is partly using social media to overcome because it's been a couple of years of bad headlines for the blondest fair it gets its underfunded and under equipped and so sometimes it gets accused of not being ready for for combat should it need to go into it last year there was a really really bad scandal that damaged the reputation of the bundeswehr and that was there was a sex abuse and a hazing scandal in one of its military colleges and this did incredible damage so basically the blunder sphere is trying to repair the damage it's also got to deal with this skepticism among the german public generally to missions involving the german army and at the same time it's got to try and recruit new soldiers because the compulsory military service hasn't existed since two thousand and eleven so
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there's a few factors at play here how are they going about winning the hearts and minds of the germans so their latest campaign is a campaign designed specifically for what's up and this is very clever because this is the most popular messaging service in germany let's look at a trailer for this campaign it's called never fire so why featuring what's known here as the k.s. carrier this is germany's elite special forces who gets a follow them around the world as they train for their special missions and people will be given these videos the. directly far into the. very professionally as well as we can see you have spent the a lot of money on a balloon this first puts them and told us today that what they're trying to do is trying to let the public know exactly what the military dollars on a day to day basis because the public generally doesn't know and they want to recruit young men and women to the military that's part of it but also like i said
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trying to repair this damaged image in the public and a bit of a wider context because. lies like the u.s. are pressuring germany to spend more money on defense to right now while we're talking about nato germany isn't alone there the alliance is also trying to spice up its image literally i'm going to introduce you to what's being called night secret weapon and this is a norwegian lift ten and. he's been hiding the face of nato has tried in junction military exercises he's a social media star with six hundred thousand instagram followers he's a model he isn't afraid of taking off his gear and sharing his fitness tips like a hipster viking look at that halo. i got to tell you i spent seven years covering nato summit same brussels i've never come across an iraqi look at no
7:45 pm
either and nato says actually it seems to have worked because he has driven up social media. pages we posted some video of him an off facebook page g w news on facebook al users are a little bit more skeptical they were a bit worried that it was sort of trying to make war and conflict more sixty which is something we have to keep in mind that military organizations have this fine line to tread to try and you know drum up positive p.r. while trying to you know be sensitive to conflict as well gerri thank you so very much greatly prefer have a great weekend. some football news for you braman are one of the surprise teams in the women's league of this season and their dynamic in attacking football have helped them climb to third in the table but after two recent losses the club wants to return to winning ways where to do so i have to beat second place making
7:46 pm
a go this weekend. then of braman and eager to put an end to the two game losing streak. maximillian eggers turn could be the solution the twenty one year old midfielder has turned into a goal getter and has already scored four times this season. of course you need the right situations to score i've also been working on my shots from distance but it's also a physician ings i now try a more attacking role than i did in the previous tom have. it's been a year since florian call felt took over as braman coach in thirty four games his team has not stopped fifty four points if it had been during the whole of last season it would have been enough to sixth place in the bond as league and europa league qualification but for the first time braman have lost two in a row and a ko felt to lead the queues and minds to get started on the movie that was all
7:47 pm
about being told we have to do something together on the pitch we want to be enthusiastic and combine well up front. but they also have to click at the back in the last two games brain his defense was for us. against glatt back the team hope to find a stabilising falls in defender nicholas my sound process. because i'm not worried i think we have enough quality on the team and we'll get through this. skin and button with that attitude braman could easily bounce back on saturday but the last time they'd be glad back at home was over three years ago. all right and there is another big game in world football tonight the second leg of the african champions league final takes place with egypt and he holding a three one leader hosts esperance tunisia well as france are desperate for revenge after controversy over a pill t. and alleged cheating in last weekend's first leg in egypt allegedly have won
7:48 pm
africa's top club prize a record eight times and coach chip artists after all is going for his second title after success with a deer season in twenty fifteen. byron munich defender is a homeboy acting has been left out of the germany squad for this month's friendly with russia in the crucial nations league game with the netherlands the twenty fourteen world cup winner has struggled of late for his club and the national team a statement from the german federation said the thirty year old was being given a break after discussions with coach sure he moved germany need a home win against the dutch on november nineteenth to avoid being relegated from their nations league group. every convention i strip has. become so generous so living.
7:49 pm
you could see. just. pictures from a new and documentary about the first world war called the shall not grow old or least it's part of the commemorative events surrounding the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the great war it has it was made by the renowned director peter jackson and on mail from our culture desk is here our fascinating stuff just by looking at that footage of robin not peter jackson is best known for lord of the rings so why this documentary why that although he did well actually there is a connection because of course a lot of the rings are all talk and tolkien fort in the first world war not only that he fought in one of the worst battles the battle of the psalm way over a million casualties and he was wounded when he was in hospital recovering he dreamt top middle of the drum the idea for the lord of the rings in the hope it's
7:50 pm
for the infantry soldiers because he talks about the camaraderie as well as the whole there's this tremendous camaraderie and the hope it's about as well i mean anyway peter jackson has made this documentary it's got no no aeration it's got no historians it's only the words of the actual men who fought and as he says it's not the story of the war it's the story of the human experience of fighting the war and as people modded noticed that the very beginning that those pictures were in once in black and white which we would expect well we're going to hear a lot more about that now and with the help of modern technology he's made an amazing documentary and here's how he did it. the effect is breath taking. jerky black and white images suddenly move smoothly with sound and in color this footage from the first world war has been digitally first stored and processed frame by frame making it seem as if it had been shot
7:51 pm
only yesterday. because the war was a color war you know that was but the purpose of what we were doing was to try to to make a film where you're listening to the people that were there and you're seeing it as a sort of a sort of like oh it was the director peter jackson sifted through six hundred hours of oral histories by first world war veterans to create part of the soundtrack. in other sections he had expert lip reader study the silent film then he used voices songs and even birdsong to bring the archival footage to life. the mood behind the lines of the horrific war was cheerful these images were shot during breaks in the fighting meant to reassure the soldiers' families back home in britain. jackson says that most of the work involved turning poor quality black and white footage into good quality material
7:52 pm
and altering the frame rate to make the images flow more smoothly if you go to the computer this is for fifteen frames a second but we want to be twenty four the computer without you just press about me than a. human involved in the computer will actually generate it will take the frame before the frame after it will generate frames that don't exist with that with the original material and create its own frames any by using modern technology to make these images feel more immediate and without showing any of the actual bloodshed the film also manages to bring home the fact that many of these relaxed and happy young men did not grow all their lives cut short by the war. it's extraordinary isn't it i mean what he's done with the aid of technology makes it much more realistic much closer to you and it's kind of eerie and has as the title says the shall not grow old you know that it's so poignant that it is you know what happened unfortunately tell us about another artistic and devery that is
7:53 pm
commemorating those who fell or there are a lot going on around the world but one of the really caught my eye was from a british officer who rob something called shrouds of the psalm again about this terrible battle in the first world war he got the names of the seventy two thousand british casualties that fell in the battle of the sun and over the last few years he's made believe the seventy two thousand figures and that currently on display next to him pick stadium in london you just would constantly you know as we see these drone pictures coming out there you see the huge loss of life and it really is an extraordinary commemoration to these people i believe that is indeed very poignant my goodness all right robin we've got very briefly we've got more on our website yeah and on facebook and d.-w. culture facebook site those letters of from a german soldier just the same as an american soldier back you know saying we have
7:54 pm
to go and see those sandpoint legacy a long lasting legacy thank you so very much for ahmed have a great weekend thank you and just before we go is my job safe firm for sheens or robots or artificial intelligence because even the job of news anchor is now in danger while it looks like i'm going to have some stiff competition from china the state run news agency has unveiled new computer generated news anchors they're modeled on real anchors and apparently they carry the news just as naturally as a real person they collect. hello everyone i'm an english artificial intelligence anchor this is my very first day and then one has agency my voice and appearance are modeled on jan jour a real anchor with in wa i will work tirelessly to keep you informed as taxes will be typed into my system uninterrupted i look forward to bringing you the brand new news experiences. yeah they got to do better i think my job safe thank you so much
7:55 pm
for watching just want to remind you now of our main headline this hour germany has been marking eighty years since christiane the host an infamous nazi polygram against the country's jews and berlin chance on america told a gathering of the jewish community she lacked the words to describe the horror of that night and said in germany you must forcefully confront anti semitism. our thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us on a lot of her rock and roll land on behalf of the entire new seem thank you for watching phil gayle it is up next and i'll see you soon.
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this is d w news live from germany. with a tribute to those prosecuted securing the nazi era and one of people who shot. me did not seem. to. me. eighty years ago in a prelude to the holocaust in terms of lynched a knights of the country's jews today. resurgent until.


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