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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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yes we all start in class we want you. to reach the track an exclusive report starts nov seventeenth on t w. this is d w news live from berlin germany mobs the anniversary of kristallnacht with a tribute to those persecuted you're in the nazi era and. he did not seem. we.
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eighteen years ago in a prelude to the holocaust a german son left a night of terror on the country's chins today chancellor merkel warned of resurgent anti semitism also on the program. a wildfire to turn parts of california into auntie's vast a zone again officials tell the head of thousands to leave their homes as people are found dead in the burned out cars. and excitement building ahead of the biggest game in germany think football for the first time in two years one does legally doesn't favor. clash against reigning champions and the. i'm still gael welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel gave a speech at berlin's largest synagogue today as germany marked the eighteenth anniversary of kristallnacht the ninth of november nine. thirty eight sword jews
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across germany austria and parts of czechoslovakia terrorized we begin our coverage by hearing from someone who lived through that night well get saved is the daughter of a jewish father jewish mother and sees today's rise in ninety seven years and through the lens of personal experience. my father. i was ten years old. my father was an invalid he wasn't with us. spent. it all began in the morning but the peak was in the afternoon. and there was the sound of glass smashing and the whole of berlin was burning it carried on burning till the next morning there were a lot of police standing around while this was happening i believe my parents and ran to the police and asked them to help us but they just grinned they didn't tell . me you were arrested and. i was no longer invited to other
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children's birthday parties their fathers were all party members but there was one good man in the land who delivered coal and he had a little daughter and i was allowed to play with her i was allowed to go to her birthday party and i'll never forget he stroked my cheek with his so he think it's so much cake i almost threw up. in the end of course at the end of world war two we said never again but look at what's happening again in the world. not just in germany but also in france holland everywhere. recently i was asked by someone what i'd like to say to students to young people i say resist the beginning. kristallnacht translates as crystal nicer refers to the shards of broken glass that
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litter the streets of the mob smashed the windows of synagogues and jewish owned stores and buildings is considered to be a prelude to the holocaust way in which six million jews were murdered germany's leaders mark today's anniversary by warning against another increase in anti semitism but november the ninth is also the anniversary of two other crucial days in german history. eighty years on the horrors of the past still resound. german chancellor angela merkel attending a commemorative service at berlin's largest synagogue. in the arts than the jewish life is flourishing in germany once again that is an unexpected gift after the break with civilization that was the holocaust but at the same time why seeing a worrying anti semitism that is threatening jewish life in our country and other
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places in the world what jews thought themselves say this anti semitism is expressed increasingly openly in unbridled hate speech on the internet and in the public sphere in the home. these anti semitic acts are a distressing reminder of events eighty years ago. on the night of the ninth of november nine hundred thirty eight the nazis unleashed a wave of violence against jews across germany thousands of synagogues jewish shops and businesses were looted and torched some one hundred jews were killed twenty six thousand were taken to concentration camps but november the ninth is also the anniversary of two other fateful days in german history. one hundred years ago in the closing days of world war one the social democrat politician philip shined
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a man proclaimed a new german republic from a window of the price tag. and in one thousand nine hundred nine pro-democracy protests in east germany led to the fall of the berlin wall and ultimately to the reunification of germany three days that loom large in germany's collective memory but it's our actions today that show whether we have truly understood and learned from their consequences said german president fung five. hundred misnomer devised in our actions we must prove that we germans have truly learned from the past and surely become more vigilant because of our history we need to take action at any time another person's dignity is viral ated we need to take a stand when our language of hatred spreads its tentacles that we cannot allow a situation where some people claim once again to be the sole voice of the true people and marginalize others. and also.
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with the far right don't turn it into germany party in parliament for the first time and extremist voices on the rise across the country these are poignant words. let's get more on today's commemorative events from political correspondent thomas sparrow who is in front of balance iconic brand of great wealth of thomas what's going on there. well right here not much but today there was obviously a lot happening here in berlin germany as you know phil is a country very conscious of its historical responsibility and that was a show right throughout the day this morning with these events that we saw in our report mocking those three incredibly important moments for german history in fact german president found by this time my are referring to those events something that revealed both the light and the darkness in germany it was
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a day where politicians obviously look back at the past try to understand historical lessons and obviously also drew parallels to today where we're seeing again rising anti semitism where we're seeing the rise of populists where we're seeing many problems in germany's political development and that's something that we clearly heard today from germany's political leaders so three major historical events for germany on the same date that the proclamation of the first republican one hundred eighty kristallnacht in one hundred thirty eight in the fall of the berlin wall in one nine hundred eighty nine which of those you think has shaped the country the most. they have shaped the country in very different ways and that's something else start leaders stressed today during those various events that we discussed if you look for example at the fall of the bird in walden event so linked to values of freedom and democracy on the other hand if you look at the program which we also saw in our report which mocked also the beginning as far as many are
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concerned of the of the holocaust and again this reveals germany's historical responsibility that idea that germany has to learn from its pos and try to prevent it from happening again and that's something that was absolutely evident in most of the speeches that we heard today from germany's political leaders that the day after all those events ended on the streets there were protests in from the far right movement and they were counted demonstrations as well which we covered. so in other words it's something that was not only mocked by political leaders in these events it was also something that mother was mocked in different ways by germans on the streets here in berlin the number of undecided to get tanks in germany remain fairly steady for about a decade is about fifteen hundred a year into germans interior ministry now it seems to be only up tick what do you make of the. well there have been some incidents anti-semitic incidents here in
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berlin that have been covered widely in the news that have revealed what politicians have described as a as a rising wave of anti-semitism in the country that has also led to german politicians trying to react in different ways one of the concrete things that have been done one of the concrete decisions in a political level level is germany's first anti semitism commissioner who is precisely tasked with dealing with these incidents and not only dealing with this incident but also trying to improve political education in schools and universities are trying to improve integration in the country those are all aspects that have been widely discussed in germany in recent months and the german political leaders see that obviously as one of their key tasks moving ahead this goes hand in hand with all this we've been discussing now of germany's historical responsibility of germany trying to draw lessons from the past and drawing parallels as well with the political developments of the present time a sparrow thank you. the ministers of the other stories
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making news around the world the leaders of britain france and belgium have visited world war one burial grounds and battle grounds and burial sites at the start of a weekend of events marking the centenary of the armistice british prime minister theresa may said the commemorations were a time to reflect on the country's shared histories i'm so looking ahead to the shared future. president trump has signed an order suspending asylum for migrants entering the united states illegally from mexico critics accuse the white house of deliberately slowing down the asylum process the president and first lady have flown from washington to france to attend world war one commemorations across the region. and rapidly moving wildfires in northern california have forced thousands of people to flee their homes fire chiefs of told all thirteen thousand residents of the town of malibu to leave several people have been found dead in burnt out cars california's governor elect gavin newsome has declared
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a state of emergency the fires are expected to continue for days. in the sleepy town of paradise all hell has broken loose wildfires sweeping through northern california engulfed the town forcing its twenty seven thousand residents to flee. authorities estimate that around two thousand buildings were destroyed strong winds whipped up the blaze. extremely hazardous lots of smoke dark devastation active burning all throughout the town to me i've lived there for eighteen years and it looks like the fire came. east and just came straight through town all the way to the west while the flames consume the homes residents john breaux is in a desperate bid to escape in front of spencer rapidly that families had no choice but to take roots are already enveloped by fire the whole house is just gone. long
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periods of drought have created tinderbox conditions and on the fire to spread quickly the situation is unlikely to improve through. the challenge also for us is that we are at the beginning of a significant santa ana wind event that will last a number of days right now we have somewhere between four and five hundred five firefighters on scene many more on request and will be coming in having bad escape with their lives residents are in for a shock when they return to find that paradise lost. to football in germany biggest match of the season takes place on saturday known as dec classic out at pittsburgh. dortmund against defending champions by munich in the lake of dortmund undefeated so far this season making the hottest club right now i think even the best chance they've had any is to beat. dortmund have looked like a well oiled machine through the first ten but just league matches no losses three
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draws and the league thirty goals still i it's perfect timing to welcome the defending champions by in munich to their own back yard because when lose or draw men will remain table leaders in fact they haven't lost in the league since losing five or took over but the coach thinks there's still room to grow. we've made progress in the last three or four months but we still have a lot to learn tactically. we have a young team and they need time to develop that's normal when you're nineteen or twenty you're not fully mature since funds used to be snuffed to initially just. historically byron have won the lion's share of the fixtures against george this season byron's form has been lackluster under new coach nico kovacs resulting in the team dropping in the standings but the byron boss remains as calm as can be i
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devise a system. i know a lot gets made of this feeling pressure but believe me i don't feel any pressure two and a half years ago with frank but i had the relegation play off that was about survival it's that was real pressure it's existence and so therefore we're going to enjoy the game against don't mind. i said she observed a more of the talk of a out of it that. i think is everything challenging first i make a muslim. so much.


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