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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin fire engulfed entire communities in california nine people have been killed in the blazes. you call them. hundreds of thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate even some of the most prominent us celebrities have no option but to flee as fast as they can also coming up. paying first fact to the fallen soldiers from the rationing get underway in france to mark a century since the battlefields of world war one fell silent. and in german soccer
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league leaders dortmund are hoping to put one over on byron with the two sign meet in their blue just league a clash of the titans. thanks for joining us i'm mary in evanston at least nine people have died and one of the most destructive wildfires ever recorded in northern california the flames descended so quickly on the town of paradise that residents scrambled to make it out alive well further south in malibu a massive blaze is raging out of control celebrities like lady gaga and kim kardashian and are among those who have fled their homes. there and. that's a terrifying drive to safety all around flames rage out of control.
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surely. in this morning's a pretty this couple one of the lucky ones. others trying to flee the town of paradise in northern california didn't make it that bodies found in that bunch out vehicles down my street there's probably if i had to guess maybe torie two houses to their left and the fire burned from one house to the next house to the next house until they're pretty much all gone. in something california the situation is not much better. the entire city of malibu home to some of hollywood's biggest stars has been ordered to evacuate if i saw the flames coming over the mountain right next to our house and i felt them burning to anders and i knew that how to get out because it's if it's for my safety the house is a house but the fire is coming all knowledge is going to go under. most of those
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living in thousand oaks a city already grieving from a mass shooting this week have also been told to leave its devastating. welcome to hell. even you would say we're all walking around and when it rains the magnitude of the destruction that we're seeing is really again unbelievable and heartbreaking we know that there are. injuries and we know that there have been loss of life. for those trying to bring these wildfires under control it must feel like a losing battle but the fight against the raging flames continues. well let's get you updated now on some of the other stories making news around the world police in australia say the man who carried out friday a stabbing attack in melbourne held extremist views and was known to intelligence
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services a somali born assailant killed one person and injured two others before being shot dead by police he also set fire to a truck loaded with gas cylinders. eleven people have died and many others are injured after heavy rains caused flash flooding in jordan in the ancient city of petra a torrent of water forced hundreds of tourists to find higher ground it comes just two weeks after twenty one people including children were killed in another flash flood. authorities in somalia say islamist suicide bombers have killed more than thirty people in the capital mogadishu three separate blog. brought the area around to police headquarters security forces shot dead four gunmen who tried to storm a nearby hotel the bomb jihad his group says it carried out the attacks. archeologists in these china have discovered a three thousand year old historical site and an ancient tomb dating back fifteen
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hundred years the excavation work started in late september on paying ton island this site is seen as invaluable for research in the area will preserve burial objects and pottery fragments are part of the discovery u.s. president donald trump has arrived in france for commemorations to mark one hundred years since the end of world war one well plane had barely landed when he took a swipe at his host french president in monologue. in a tweet trump said president micron has just suggested that europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the us china and russia very insulting but perhaps europe should first pay its fair share of nato which the us subsidizes greatly. trump was reacting to a radio interview given by mccrone earlier this week the two presidents are due to meet this morning in paris. and trump is just one of
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a round sixty leaders expected in the french capital this weekend for those world war one commemorations the revers and ronis got underway in northern france canada prime minister justin trudeau visited his country's war memorial in the name already on friday french president micron and british prime minister theresa may later wreath at the morial it was assigned of some of the heaviest fighting during world war one. and later today micron will accompany german chancellor angela merkel to this pond where the first world war officially came to an end. history was written in this train carriage in comps janja eighty kilometers north of paris on november eleventh one thousand nine hundred eighteen the allies and germany signed an armistice to end their fighting the signing ceremony in the dining car was a de facto end to world war one. the carriage has since been reconstructed and
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campian yet remains one of the most important places in french history a statue of the delegations leader has been erected here it is still a place of pilgrimage for many french citizens. for the front. is tremendously important to the french everyone in france knows the place and its significance they know the end of world war one was sealed there and with it france is victory over germany. nov eleventh is still a national holiday in france after november and. it is also a day of remembrance for the one point five million fallen french soldiers the fact that twenty two years later during the second world war the nazis dictated to france the conditions for a cease fire at the same location is now just a footnote because in one nine hundred sixty three german chancellor conrad out an hour and french president agreed to end the historic rivalry between their
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countries forever with the l. is a treaty a treaty of friendship helmut kohl and francois mitterrand renewed the close ties in one nine hundred eighty four at the cemetery in there don yes. it's really amazing to see what germany and france have accomplished together that these former historical rivals who fiercely fought each other and occupied each other's territory have now become the driving force behind european integration with us the by only that those countries are more closely interwoven in terms of politics economics and civil society than any other two nations in europe at this hour perhaps even in the whole world that i would look at in the guts of it. today uncle americal and emmanuel mccall although they might view the future of the e.u. somewhat differently still value the close ties between their countries and together they're marking the anniversary in comp janja the place where the horrors
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of the first world war were put to rest. until history shows the story of the first woman are told from different perspectives by peter craven from the eastern european perspectives from the african perspective from the perspective of turkey from the arab world. t w don't come slash w w one. all right some sports news now and friday's bundesliga action handover were out for revenge when they hosted both fork out of them from the german cup just ten days earlier hanover drew first blood lynton lineup opened the sport in the thirty first minute that's the teenager's first bundesliga goal i'm kind of for added another from the penalty spot spot in the second half while four then hold one back from
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the spot but it was too little too late to one the final score that's had over his first win over both for instance in january of twenty fourteen. well germany's biggest match of the season takes place later today it pits bundestag the leaders barossa dortmund against the defending champions by munich in the league dortmund are undefeated the season making them the hottest club right now and giving them the best chance they've had in years to beat byron to the title . dortmund have looked like a well oiled machine through the first ten but just league matches no losses three draws and a lead thirty goals still i it's perfect timing to welcome the defending champions by munich to their own backyard because when lose or draw dortmund will remain table leaders in fact they haven't lost in the league since losing five that took
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over but the coach thinks there is still room to grow. the movement for she took them all to we've made progress in the last three or four months but we still have a lot to learn tactically. we have a young team and they need time to develop that's normal when you're nineteen or twenty you're not really mature since funds have to be snuffed. life. historically byron have won the lion's share of the fixtures against this season byron's form has been lackluster under new coach nico kovacs resulting in the team dropping in the standings but the byron boss remains as calm as can be i devise a system. i know a lot gets made of this fim pressure. but believe me i don't feel any pressure. two and a half years ago in frankfurt i had the relegation play off that was about survival that was real precious. existence and so therefore we're going to enjoy the game
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against don't mind. biron dominated the last three bundesliga meetings between the two sides however the last time dortmund were victorious over by and they were leading the table like they are now. well meanwhile their braman are one of the surprise teams in the bundesliga this season their dynamic attacking style has won them praise braman even managed to climb to third in the table until the recent losses to liver coups and mines well now the club wants to return to winning ways but to do that they'll have to be thick in place mentioned out this weekend. then of braman and eager to put an end to their two game losing streak. maximillian egg a star and could be the solution the twenty one year old midfielder has turned into a gold getter and has already scored four times this season. these are things that
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are a lot of course you need the right situations to score i've also been working on my shots from distance but it's also a transition ings i'm out for more attacking role than i did in the previous approaches tom have. it's been a year since florian cool fell took over as braman coach in thirty four games his team has not struck fifty four points if it had been during the whole of last season it would have been enough for six place in the bundesliga and europa league qualification but for the first time braman have lost two in a row and a ko felt to lead the coups and minds. in movies. now it's all about being told we have to do something together on the pitch we want to be enthusiastic and combine well up front. but they also have to click at the back in the last two games brain is dicky club at us i'm not worried i think we have enough quality on the team and we'll get through this. skin and bite and with that attitude braman
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could easily bounce back on saturday but the last time they'd be glad back at home was over three years ago. and before we go is there any job save for machines or robots or artificial intelligence even the job of news anchor well it looks like i may have some stiff competition from china the state she my news agency has unveiled new computer generated news anchors they're modeled on a real anger is an apparently they can read the news just as naturally as a real person will let you judge for yourself. hello everyone in many english artificial intelligence this is my very first day and saying one news agency my voice and appearance are modeled on a real anchor with i will work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted i look forward to bringing you the brand new news experience is almost as good as the real thing today. thanks for watching.
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here. is. the title for. this league every week.


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