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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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not. to w.'s november focus. this is d w news live from berlin and the fire engulfed the entire communities in california nine people have been killed in the blazes. hundreds of thousands of residents have fled their homes. also coming up. in german song her it's the clash of the titans leaders dortmund take on champion fire and we
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take an in-depth look at the game that's gone everyone talking. welcome to the program i'm marion evans dean. nine people have died and hundreds of thousands have been displaced as wildfires continue to rage across california on thursday flames engulfed the town of paradise in the north driven by strong winds and fed by a parched landscape the blaze destroyed thousands of homes separate fires have forced two hundred thousand people from their homes in thousand oaks in ventura county on friday the entire city of malibu also had to be evacuated. earlier today president donald trump weighed in on the blazes blaming them and what he called gross mismanagement of the forests this as dramatic scenes emerged of the
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most destructive fire in the state's history. there. was a terrifying drive to safety all around flames rage out of control. or cheering in this woman's brain this couple one of the lucky ones. others trying to flee the town of paradise in northern california didn't make it that bodies found in that burnt out vehicles down my street there's probably if i had to guess maybe torie too how there's two that are left in the fire burned from one house to the next house to the next house until they're pretty much all gone. in something california the situation is not much better. the entire city of malibu home to some of hollywood's biggest stars has been ordered to
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evacuate if i saw the flames coming over the mountain right next to our house and i felt them burning to and various and i knew how to get out because it's a it's for my safety the house is a house but the fire is coming all knowledge is going to go under. most of those living in thousand oaks a city already grieving from a mass shooting this week have also been told to leave it's a devastating. welcome to help. even you would say we're all walking around in. the magnitude of the destruction that we're seeing is really again unbelievable and heartbreaking we know that there have been injuries and we know that there have been loss of life. for those trying to bring these wildfires under control it must feel like
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a losing battle but the fight against the raging flames continues. well joining us on the line for the latest on the california wildfires is t.v. journalist. who is in malibu they are thanks for joining us what can you tell us about our is always at the moment where you are. so where we are right now we're outside of pepperdine university it's a private university that's in malibu surrounded by a lot of homes in a secluded area as well in the hills the situation around ten thirty was that the fire had come around here just when the really strong end. here and there were also holds about one hundred fifty two hundred students who were inside of the library this put the university in an awkward spot because actually of course you want to do that to a but also they did it so they don't have
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a place to go outside of here they had established an evacuation center out here and because of liability purposes they didn't want them to just all leave sporadically because this area is dangerous and has been for day for more than a day down so i am told that there but i university is not evacuating the students as of tonight just before two am pacific coast time that they will use very vacuous and preparation plan that's already in place and this is a good junction with the los angeles fire department so they're sharing parents that students a space. that a lot of smoke blowing everywhere and where they like that are you ready they're going to where they were found there to pick a different direction and go in a lot of where we are i don't see
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a lot of anger. but well there's a lot of smoke what are authorities what are authorities saying about when they think they could get this fire under control. ok there's no positive hope in that right now that could. you know obviously you've heard the way. right now and are waiting for it to be that one of the wreckage ground zero for all four years over the years grow out of that rock girt. well we answered the creek at all right now there are a lot of fire truck driver error here are there by your feet kate these are. your. p.c.h. specific code partly all right t.v. journalist. bringing us up to date on those fires in california we thank you for that you're welcome u.s.
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president donald trump is in france for a commemorations to mark one hundred years since the end of world war one he joined french president among a lot crown in paris but their meeting followed a public spat over mccrone suggestion that europeans should reliant less on the united states for defense today trump assure the french leader that the u.s. would help defend europe but he repeated his insistence that nato allies pay a higher contribution. trump is one of around sixty leaders expected in the french capital this weekend for the world war one commemorations. and to mark this weekend in ten or eight d.-w. has produced a series of reports delving into the history of what was then called the war to end all wars. in history. the story of the first world war two different perspectives by peter green from the eastern european district in the
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african perspective from the perspective to keep from the arab world. t w dot com slash w w one. now let's get you up to date on some of the other stories making news around the world. police in australia say the man who carried out friday stabbing attack in numbered held extremist views and was known to intelligence service the somali born assailant killed one person and injured two others before being shot dead by police he also set fire to a truck loaded with gas cylinders. eleven people have died and many others are injured after heavy rains caused flash flooding in jordan in the ancient city of petra a torrent of water forced hundreds of tourists to find higher ground it comes just two weeks after twenty one people including children were killed in another flash flood. authorities in somalia say islamist suicide bombers have killed more than
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thirty people in the capital mogadishu three separate blasts rocked the area around a police headquarters security forces shot dead four gunmen who tried to storm a nearby hotel the bob jihadist group says that it carried out the attacks. ards force news now and in friday's going to sleep action hanover were out for revenge when they hosted both fork would oust of them from the german cup just ten days earlier and over it drew first blood wins and why not open the score in the thirty first minute. as the teenager's first bundesliga goal. hanover added another from the penalties front in the second half. both borg then pulled one back from the spot but it was too little too late to one the final score that's hanover's first win over both forks since january of twenty fourteen.
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germany's biggest match of the season takes place later today it's known as dick classic car and if it's been his legal leaders were as a dork running against defending champions byron munich and alina talking fifty w.'s force is here to explain what the fuss is all about so alema dortmund do go into this game as league leaders so what would a victory against the byron giants mean for them this would definitely be a statement victory it would also legitimize the success that they've been having it would legitimize them as title contenders and just like the four nil hammering of. metric madrid it also shows that they can keep up with the big guys just for us let's just take a look at just what an incredible season has had so far. dortmund have looked like a well oiled machine through the first ten but just league matches no losses three
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draws and a league high thirty goals still i it's perfect timing to welcome the defending champions by in munich to their own back yard because when lose or draw men will remain table leaders in fact they haven't lost in the league since losing five or took over but the coach thinks there's still room to grow. we've made progress in the last three or four months but we still have a lot to learn tactically. we have a young team and they need time to develop that's normal when you're nineteen or twenty you're not fully mature. enough to additional just. historically byron have won the lion's share of the fixtures against or this season byron's form has been lackluster under new coach nico kovacs resulting in the team dropping in the standings but the byron boss remains as calm as can be i if i says
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to. him i know a lot gets made of this feeling pressure but believe me i don't feel any pressure two and a half years ago with frank but i had the relegation play off that was about survival that was real precious. existence and. so therefore we're going to enjoy the game against don't mind. foreign dominated the last three blunders the good meetings between the two sides however the last time dortmund were victorious over by and they were leading the table like they are now. all right so it does promise to be quite a thrilling match and yet it has to be said the dortmund's they have a lot of talent but it is a young team do they have the experience that it takes to really be biron look at him and are young and express and inexperience and inexperienced but they have something that by and don't tap and that is that they are informed right now if you compare. pulis sake kimi to the likes of miller or rebury you know exactly why
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gautam and is having a much better season and sometimes all you need is a great leader and i think i have found that in mock or royce he is arguably having one of his best season six goals five assists and let's be honest i mean don't one has come out and said that we're not thinking about the title but with a win against by on they can dream big all right well i have to say marcos is my son's favorite player ok but let's talk about byron coach nico some trouble that he's been having if they do lose it byron loses does this spell the end for sam the end it's a very complicated situation because unlike at dortmund who are too young and too inexperienced by and perhaps it's too experienced and too old and just like and you know and there's a lot of talk as to not with who is to blame last season we had a similar scenario and a color enchilada here and in hindsight we can safely now say it wasn't all his fog and the big question is just like back then there's talk of
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a rebellion inside the body and can and the question is can colebatch manage all these egos because we saw what happened to ensure naughty and it will be very interesting to see the direction that top management will take because one way or another summit someone's head house to roll and it will have to wait and see only no talkie from database for its many thanks indeed. all right before we go is there any job say for machines or robots or artificial intelligence well apparently not even the job of news anchor and looks like i may have some stiff competition from china the state run news agency has unveiled new computer generated news anchors they're modeled on real anchors and apparently they can read the news just as naturally as a real person but to each as for yourself hello everyone in many english artificial intelligence this is my very first day and saying one has agency my voice and appearance are modeled on
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a real anchor within while i will work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted i look forward to bringing you the brand new news experiences so that's pretty good but not as good as the real thing if you ask me you're up to date now on we'll be back again at the top of the hour with an update on all of us here for a living thanks for watching and if you stayed with you. sleep.


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