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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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it's as in economics as everywhere else so it's a matter of development and as politicians we have to do everything we can do to enforce that now what would you tell women what do they have to do differently to play a greater role well first of all women should as anyone have a look at who they vote for so women are voting for women i think first of all is not a bad idea. but of course not every woman is a feminist and not every woman supports. women's women's rights well women's rights but especially women's interests so have a look at who you vote for and maybe the being asian politics itself it's it's an interesting. way of really designing the world around you there's a lot of talk at the moment about western democracies being under pressure what would you see as the greatest challenge right now we do see that human rights
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democracy the rule of law is under pressure within europe but also throughout the world and women's rights play a particular role there because we see that in every country where you have this this shift backwards in well yeah fundamental rights it's always against women that it is that it is directed to so you have the independent justice that is under pressure the free press culture often and it's always against women's rights because a lot of these old men sorry to say feel threatened by strong women and to have strong women in politics usually means that that society is more open to to any sort of human beings so that everyone has the possibility to become what he or she wants to be and it's about i think you very much.
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lewis hamilton has won the brazilian grand prix and clinched the formula one constructors' championship for his mercedes teen the race had slipped out of hamilton's control when a dramatic incident from front runner max fresh out of contention. lewis hamilton fourth often gets hacked from valtteri bottas is about to invest so it's a hold on to the lead heading into the first corner he can't disadvantage until midway through the race by which time next to stop on a course up to him the twenty one year old was considerably faster than hamilton at this stage allowing the dutchman to overtake him and grab the lead which he held on to until disaster struck while lapping esteban okon the force india pilot failed to give way to stop and forcing a collision. because mistake ended what could have been a fight to the finish between to stop in hamilton instead he continued to the
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finish line unopposed to win the race and please the constructors' championship for his mis sadie's team. this is just what it was before the whole you know it will wake up go to work every day and try to bring the best out so they're really pull together as a unit and have always told you how much you want to is there to try for their hand today was like the best out there we could do it because we were struggling ten celebrates his tenth race win of the season one of frustrated best oppen knew the wind could have been his when the dutchman found okon at the post race scales the red bull driver made his feelings known. the stage is set for a thrilling clues into south america's club competition a copa leave of tough dorris after fierce rivals river plate and boca juniors drew two all in the first leg on sunday from on a boca the lead in the thirty fourth minute but his celebrations were short lived
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when lukas prato levelled just two minutes later for river much swung bocas way when d'addario been a death toll scored at the end of the first time. but an own goal by carlos is with all its gave the river back into the game proper back in the game the better but if there is rivals meet again for the decider in to the story. in german football luke yo bitch scored twice as fun for beat shaka three nil on sunday both teams had a quick turnaround after playing in european competitions last week but proved the fitter saw it as they overran their opponents in the second. it took a good hour for frankfurt to flex their muscles against shaka monterrey bitch laying off to look a yo bitch who needed his eight goal of the season in the sixty first minute. twelve minutes later yo bitch back to his knife. across from philip costa it's and
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you have a chamar at home to go make sam the league's top scorer shocker came agonizingly close when you even konoplyanka was denied by the woodwork. and then a frankfurt corner led to some pinball in the box with yo which is shot saved by ra famine and sebastian are larry able to fire in the rebounds three nil the final score and the win puts frankfurt ahead of byron munich in fourth place. or demonic in the arm wrestling between italy and europe over at least finances continue and who will win who will come out on top terry because you officials invest as a seventy braced for a roller coaster week that as the standoff between rome and brussels of each of these fiscal plan for twenty nine hundred comes to a head the european commission rejected the plan last month saying it flouted a commitment to noah the deficit and did not guarantee a reduction in the country's debt which by the way is the second highest in the
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eurozone as a proportion of g.d.p. the commission gave roman till tuesday that's tomorrow to present a new budget if there's no agreement to brussels could start a disciplinary steps against rome later this month. the italian government is not backing down over its budget despite e.u. commission warnings to dress tickly reduce its budget deficit target after talks with euro group president mario centurion or italy's finance minister said it would be political suicide to cede to the e.u.'s demands regular to be careful and i mean . we are going to reiterate our budget fundamental characteristics and russia now georgia and we will continue to discuss ways of bringing our position in line with the european commission he now knows to proceed surely we'll also take the worsening economic forecasts for europe and italy into consideration and that only
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confirms that our budget proposal makes. more debt for more growth the italian banks aren't convinced that deficit spending will end well a report says the country's five biggest banks are considering opening a two and three quarter billion euro credit line to the central banks deposit protection fund the credit line would serve to strengthen support for weaken lenders in the event of a banking crisis. of a war in italy and the budget with brussels i'm joined by don milledge chief market strategist and head of macro economics at zurich ensurance good to have you with us so tomorrow the deadline for italy morning presenting a revised budget ends will we see a last minute change of heart in rome. no i really don't think so i think the as you expected pointed out i think they're quite clear they're going to stick or they are they're going to try and say see it on or their election pledges to the population of italy so i don't see any change in the budget and what will be the short term impact should italy stick to its guns we hear of disciplinary steps that
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you could undertake. yes i mean the got the ability to implement an excessive deficit procedure which we do increase the scrutiny of the italian spending but also has the potential to impose fines upon italy up into about zero point five percent of g.d.p. so that's a threat that's clearly at their disposal but realistically that's very hard to implement and we have no real president of these of these fines being imposed other in other countries it's a problem they face especially i mean will five actually be in the euro zone interest given that italy has this huge amount of debt already and it's the euro zone's third largest economy if worse came to worse and italy was to default how bad would bet before the eurozone could handle. you know as you say i think the fines is the least of the issues that i think there are unlikely to be to be
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implemented the real problem is how sustainable is tell you that and also from the budget perspective where is growth really going to be i mean my suspicion is that growth turns out to be a lot lower than the italian government suspect for two thousand and nineteen probably they're zero point seven percent rather than.


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