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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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yeah exactly actions are high definitely very very high we might not be able to live up to them so. there's a risk that everything we've achieved in the last few years will be undone very quickly. we'll soon find out. this was just one side. gets him in. despite the pressure second still finds time to give celine a few tips on how to hold a hot dish. in certain. kinds of of the hellenist hands on learning like this reveals where the problems lie but also the strength to respond is thrilled. if you hear it's really fantastic i know i'm always learning something new about ny it's never the same getting to do it. every minute so i learn something
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different and. something special. the difference here i really like dogs that's this is her view and next we have a raw marinated layer veal with why i'm a little olive oil fried potatoes actually quite simple now butter cream and many cucumbers. a variation on the wienerschnitzel it's just a little different when i pity. the guests know what to expect from set. up stale cuisine with the social conscience new members from the night never would have thought it was possible or feasible to get this far. opening night goes relatively smoothly tiny hiccups like pouring water into a wine glass don't bother any of the guests tonight but how will it be at a most stressful event. tonight of course celine will grow with her tasks just as we all do perfect we don't do everything perfectly so you can tell that she is
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interested and she really likes what she's doing opposite whether it's in the beast role or here. we can see she just feels comfortable and she radiates a sense of confidence. but also. if this hadn't worked out if it hadn't been for said celine's only option would have been a workshop for people with disabilities says her mother really. didn't need to adopt. i never imagined that my village would have the opportunity to find a job like this. so feed. directly. can apply for a subsidy if you employ someone with a disability. its policy of inclusion is also good for the restaurant. but the project requires a level of effort that the subsidy doesn't fully reflect. and a social conscience doesn't necessarily translate into michelin stars.
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in the end what counts is what goes on the plate. the question is in the long run will a small game a restaurant be able to afford to maintain its social conscience. and moreover how will the guests feel about it. this is third and then we're done for today so before it. hit i was going to offer to direct. the canonical. does it is set to the brand with selena has done hisself proud. to. death and considering she was keener on the kitchen i think we've changed her mind tonight haven't really understand all the cast and. we can all grow if we did learn things
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would be boring i take it as a compliment for me tonight because she worked with me it's lovely as a shoe business class and it's really great absolutely. can we simply must feel the recipe for the deal to cook and can. tomorrow morning the chef will be back in the kitchen together with saline response and his team what keeps him motivated. the stock market get this most idealism. five columns of smoke gives because passion goes only so far and hard work is exhausting on the second of the spirits all of us because it's movement on what i'm doing here couldn't be done on passion and hard work alone out our butts to sling it out of the so you couldn't survive. it's idealism it's when everyone says something can't be done and i want to prove that i can.
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zoom. zoom zoom. zoom.
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zoom in. see the ball of fire and source of neverending mystery the sun what goes on inside it and what does it sound like. solar storms pose a danger to earth. researchers have made exciting new discoveries new from space on tomorrow today in thirty minutes on d w.
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this is g w news wire from berlin to bring in our correspondent a fury on the british and joins us from rio de janeiro now we have you to find out what happened with me think of a correspondent found out that this man and we do have some of breaking news that's coming in from with now what it's all about perspective closer. w. news thank you for joining us this story shows the story of the first woman more told from different perspectives by peter craven from the eastern european perspective from the african perspectives from the perspective from the arab world . t w dot com slash w w one. time for an upgrade. how about furniture that grows all by.
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this is d w news coming to you live from. some of the worst and deadliest california fires ever at least twenty nine people die across the state and hundreds more are missing the governor of california says this is now the new our normal also coming up a landmark in german democracy it's one hundred years since women here gained the right to vote look at that sea change plus the history of europe's from suffragettes. and hundreds of thousands take to the streets of warsaw to mark the
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sun tenor of polish independence but many members of nationalist groups joined the celebrations. and in sports lewis hamilton wins the brazilian grand prix to clinch the constructors' championship for mercedes as the world champions were tense when the season. below i'm terry martin good to have you with. as authorities in northern california say the fires that swept through the city of paradise and surrounding areas have now killed at least twenty nine people that puts the blaze among the deadliest in the state's history officials also warn that over two hundred people remain unaccounted for as dry winds fanned the flames. from paradise to the inferno prius when no protection against the wall of flame which swept through
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this town in the sierra nevada foothills. these nasa images show the fire that razed paradise the most destructive fire in california's history governor jerry brown offered this stock prediction this is not the new normal this is the new abnormal and this new abnormal continue certainly in the next ten to fifteen to twenty years in unfortunately the best. that dryness warmth drought all of those things. are going to intensify. meanwhile to fire fronts in southern california i would. after a weekend lull in the winds which had fanned the flames they picking up speed again and. we're starting to see another series of santa ana winds that are going to start blowing here and working their way south towards san diego this house is
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very concerned we have over one thousand federal state local firefighters on the front line with thousands on the ready care for the next event. the california fire department has warned of explosive fire behavior with gusty winds of a night and into monday morning. well joining us now from santa rosa in northern california is journalist mike du wald mike fire wildfires they're not uncommon in california but they're rarely this deadly why have so many people lost their lives in the pyres this year. obviously we've seen so many wet massive wildfires here in california for the past number of years obviously last year's tubbs fire was the most most deadly fire this year surpassed by the campfire in paradise there's a lot of things at play in that situation paradise very secluded area up north it's very much
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a retirement community twenty five percent of the population is seniors this is the most at risk population when you have an emergency like this and people need to get out quickly so a lot of these deaths that you're going to see announced over the next coming days are going to be the older population that just isn't as mobile and can't get out also some of the access routes it's there are a few ways in and out of the city but if a large number of people need to get moving in a short time there's only so many ways out and those are the people you're seeing trapped in some cars what are authorities doing to bring these fires under control how are fire fire fire fighters coping. but there's been a lot of fire fatigue among firefighters with this constant fire season really they're just throwing anything they can at it and you set up the fire lines old those are winds and the air attack and really the combination of as much as you can one thing that we're seeing this year that. that is helping out there actually you
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can using california inmates two thousand of them are helping out firefighters in clearing brush and just getting rid of things they can burn in the path of the fire and they're doing all that for less than two dollars two dollars an hour for their work so one of the stories that's come from that's the work fighting the fires so when you say inmates of course you're referring to prisoners that's quite a harder measure that the forty's have resorted to there in california is there any relief in sight mike in terms of whether perhaps in the rain on the horizon. everyone is looking to the weather at this point find any ray of hope on the horizon and i can tell you these next couple days you can be very important we see . red flag conditions across the state lots of high winds temperatures going up a little bit. the first sign of a possible moisture in on until next weekend so it's going to a very important week for crews to really continue fighting this fire and hoping they can get a handle on it until they can get some relief from the weather mike thank you very
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much for talking with us that was journalist mike the wall there talking to us from santa rosa in northern california flagler seven palestinians and an israeli soldier are reported dead after an israeli special forces operation in the southern gaza strip the dead include a commander of the military wing of hamas the islamic movement which runs gaza israel says a second soldier was wounded in the fighting the incident casts renewed doubt on peace efforts between israel and hamas some two hundred palestinian protesters have been killed during clashes with israeli forces since the end of march. our jerusalem correspondent tanya kramer is in gaza and joins us now on the phone tanya it's not that often that israeli security forces launched raids on the ground in gaza what more can you tell us about what happened last night. you know that
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fight and it's not entirely clear what the purpose of this raid was from what we understand says an israeli special forces commander entered the southern gaza strip late on sunday evening and according to a statement by the israeli army that they say this is of a special operation but we don't know exactly what they were doing that until every there was an exchange of time and that's often how military wing because some brigades who usually gotten the border area and subsequently old they went back and tried in the area now as you said to me and one israeli soldier killed later on there were rockets being fired into southern israel and that comes really at a time when the talks on going on understanding between israel and hamas mitigated by egypt and the u.n. to ease the tensions and humanitarian situation in gaza so what's the situation in gaza this morning tania. well what i can tell you is that people didn't get
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a lot of sleep where extremely worried that this might again in some way escalate and we understand also hamas is currently assessing the situation in gaza for example we had going to show that we are couldn't leave the morning that you look at what happened and i mean look at how it's being fired to this israeli communities around gaza but they were not in a large number they were all those all the close range and the fact that at the moment at least that's quite an end thing at the moment because the situation is tense it can change any minute it might point to the fact but might not be interested in escalation that it's had to come to the time and said measures were taking no they wanted to the g. they were payment of salaries that cut the re money but the situation remains very tense because it could even why tonya thank you so much for bringing us up to date there that's the w. cerise and correspondent tanya kramer in gaza. now to some of the other
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stories making news around.


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