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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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nomads work outside the office and often outside their home countries look at why many on turning their backs on germany. get hot alpha's will have about story the rest of your day's business news in just a moment i'll be back with your world updates at the top of the hour for the best. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. it's worthless for the rich but for many poor people who don't for their only chance of survival. and i can remember today just like the. reporters travel to nairobi to york and meet people who know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy. book which is will this mean for economic inequality
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over the world you guys are starting class warfare the response to that statement should be yes we are starting plans we want you. to reach the truth exclusive report starts nov seventeenth on d w. could this week's time for the eurozone brussels expects its lead to present a revised budget plan for next year but roman says song take it out more debt to make good on election campaign promises experts warned the euro is at stake. in a single day online shopping extravaganza has now surpassed america's black friday sales records but there are signs of a slowdown. and they take. laptops to the beaches and mountains and digital
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nomads aren't restricted to any office or country while more and more of them turn their backs on germany. this is the w. business i'm going off as welcome e.u. officials and investors are braced for a roller coaster week as the standoff between rome and brussels over italy's fiscal plan for next year comes to a head the european commission rejected the plan last month saying it flouted a commitment to lower the deficit and did not guarantee a reduction in the country's debt the second highest in the eurozone as a proportion of gross domestic product the commission gave rome until tuesday to present a new budget if there's no agreement brussels could could start disciplinary steps against rome later this month. the italian government is not backing down over its budget despite e.u. commission warnings to dress tickly reduce its budget deficit target after talks with euro group president mario centurion or italy's finance minister said it would
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be political suicide to cede to the e.u.'s demands regular to be careful and i mean . we are going to reiterate our budget fundamental characteristics and russia now. and we will continue to discuss ways of bringing our position in line with the european commission he no doubt in all supersedes any we'll also take the worsening economic forecast for europe and italy into consideration that only confirms that our budget proposal makes. more debt for more growth the italian banks aren't convinced that deficit spending will end well a report says the country's five biggest banks are considering opening a two and three quarter billion euro credit line to the central banks deposit protection fund the credit line would serve to strengthen support for weaker lenders in the event of a banking crisis. earlier today we spoke to germany economists jordan stark he's
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the e.c.b. former chief economist we asked him what was likely to happen next at a certain point in time there would be a shoulder the question is whether the italian government will hit the wall with the u. commission or other european institutions or with the markets i personally expect that the you institutions would stand firm not a given at this stage at least second that the rating downgrades will follow and credit spreads will widen further so in the end the italian government would have known choice then to stuff them its stance to soften its position. the police to an extent to avoid the escalation of the financial crisis that. fifth of italy going bankrupt. yeah i hope that this can be avoided and this would be the worst case. i hope that the signals coming from the european peers from other european
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euro area member states but also from other european institutions like the e.c.b. president draghi was very outspoken in his recent press conference that italy cannot expect any support coming from the e.c.b. year it is not in within the mended of the e.c.b. to finance the fiscal deficits i think the the messages coming from the peers of futilely pretty clear but i personally expect that markets will behave more fiercely similar to italy that it is a dead end in continuing this way of policing making. your former chief economist of european central bank speaking to my colleague. saudi arabia says it plans to throttle down oil production starting next month the world's largest exporter of oil will cut production by five hundred thousand barrels a day that's according to the country's energy minister who was speaking at the
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opec summit. the reduction corresponds to almost five percent of current output it's intended to stop a fall in prices that began in early october back then a barrel of oil cost more than eighty five dollars the prizes dropped to around seventy dollars right. move over black friday china's popular singles day has passed the u.s. consumer extravaganza to become the world's biggest day in shopping held annually on november eleventh hence the name by the way which refers to the four ones and the date the shopping but none of board another record. another record amount this year but there are signs that sales on this particular day are beginning to slow. t.-shirt this year single stay kicked off with a colorful gala complete with excited fans customers and the life tally of incoming sales the one billion dollar mark fell after
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a mere eighty five seconds after an hour sales had reached ten billion dollars by the end of the day revenue it online giant alibaba clocked in at thirty point eight billion dollars a new record. for the single stay shopping festival has reached its tenth year it means not only discounts but also appreciation. i want sellers to show their gratitude to consumers by offering them the best products and the best prices are. among the sellers were many global players all in all some hundred eighty thousand brands participated in the consumer frenzy of a whole even more companies will begin participating bringing even higher revenues . and i'd also be honest i've been wondering about the future of singles day many people have been asking me about this two. singles they look said to achieve
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revenues of two hundred billion you want and will make changes as we go along i think we can bring it to three hundred billion five hundred billion maybe even a trillion. the sky's the limit though at the moment feed should remain firmly on the ground with the general slowdown in the chinese economy revenue growth has slowed from forty percent last year to twenty seven percent this year. with the subject economic ministers from the association of southeast asian nations or as in science an e-commerce agreement meeting in singapore its aim is to streamline trade rules and boost economic integration companies from the ten member states will be able to apply for government contracts online then gain better access to the market which will have to accept more competition to the agreement also contains measures to protect consumers and personal data. germany maybe europe's
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strongest economy with low unemployment and stable growth but when it comes to digitalisation the country lags behind the barassi only so much so that those depending on fast and reliable internet access increasingly turn their back on germany that turn it places like estonia which they say is far ahead when it comes to digital infrastructure. for. prefers working high above the old town of thailand that thirty five year old sells custom made health insurance policies he left his flat in germany and registered his company here in the stone since then he's been on the road as a digital nomad living in b. and b. rooms and conducting all his business by telephone or email tag for life you know when i hear from mr and before that i was on cyprus for all month that means i always have a little bit of change sometimes i sit on the beach or somewhere in a cafe or i rent an office or co-working space depending on what suits my work best
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. put those employees and partners live and work the same way they only meet face to face four or five times a year in a space rented for the occasion where they connected trade fairs where they go to when new customers face to face almost all other contact happens online or on the phone with a team distance vision all of our team is now made up of four people who work in very different places all over europe we use digital communication methods to coordinate so we do everything of us like email or the phone for. increasing numbers of people are attracted by the concept of the digital no now and in berlin they even have their own event the digital nomads conference and it's growing in popularity organizer marcus moyer warns however that people who adopt a lifestyle should avoid burning bridges at home. it's all pretty common enough to have a plan and acquire the necessary skills. before hand though the journey can end quite
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abruptly but the trend is turning into a movement or event is getting bigger two years ago we had just five hundred people last year seven hundred this year over a thousand. back in time live shows us why a stone has developed into a hotspot for digital nomads three years ago the government here launched what it calls its easy residency program under it anyone can become a digital resident and set up a company with just a few mouse clicks don't have to be physically present in a store and there's no bureaucracy or paperwork the program has generated fifty million euros in this to us revenues but out of it only one one half million comes from direct for us from texas all the rest came from india but social can benefit because when you become a resident you may need access you may need to have a virtual face secretary. some business advice somebody good vice.
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business consultants to lloyds forecasts dystonia is digital population will generate revenues of one point eight billion euros by twenty twenty five a big source of potential growth for the innovative baltic nation. and that's it for me and the business team and my colleague humphrey will have an update for you and of the next hour in the meantime. on facebook feeds and also stay tuned for checking off oil it takes you. a little time check on global markets at this hour thank you very much for watching .
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must see the ball of fire and source of neverending mystery of the sun what goes on inside it and what does it sound like. to. do solar storms pose a danger to earth. researchers have made exciting new discoveries new news from space on tomorrow to do next d.w. . war of.
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odds they are digital more years. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. courageous and determined they campaign for women's rights. and for peace and. they mobilize against femicide war complex retails. their messages are spreading like russia lobby. social media is critical critical of the global. dozens of phone. first of. all mine out on the
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streets for our rights are not a problem for discussion. they are women the more changing the world already. digital. starts november twenty fifth on t.w. . welcome to the science show on d w coming up this time tomorrow today. definable at the center of our solar system the sun has many secrets but researchers are making fascinating discoveries the core rotates faster than the outside and said activity varies in intensity while. there is even more news from space at the greenbank observatory astronomy is a list.


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