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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is the dublin years line from boulder and california's deadliest wildfires dozens of lives lost the town of paradise destroyed hundreds of people still missing the state's governor says this is the new normal also on the program. palestinians better than dead in gaza after exchanges of fire with israel but kill
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almost a dozen. and a hundred years after german women won the right to vote places figures show they are still under represented in the corridors of power. i'm filled gal welcome to the program well thor's is in northern california sweeping through the city of paradise and surrounding areas have now killed at least twenty nine people fighting the blaze amongst the deadliest in the state's history dry winds found the flames officials are also warning that more than two hundred people unaccounted for. paradise to the inferno prayers were no protection against the wall of flame which swept through the town in the sierra foothills. these nasa images show the fire that engulfed paradise the most destructive in
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california's history. two hundred twenty individuals. four. people after receiving. fifty calls from people looking for loved ones the state's governor offered this stark prediction this is not the new normal this is the new abnormal and this new abnormal continue certainly in the next ten to fifteen to twenty years and unfortunately the. dryness. of drought. meanwhile to fire fronts in southern california i worsening after a weekend lull in the winds which had fanned the flames there picking up speed
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again. we're starting to see another series of santa ana winds. blowing here and working their way south for san diego this house is very concerned we have over a thousand federal state local firefighters on the front lines with thousand on the ready prepared for the next event. the california fire department has warned of explosive fire behavior. overnight and into monday morning. jason you're quite close to. how people who have lost their homes in that. coping. they're frustrated they're extremely frustrated last night there was a town hall meeting where some of the residents who have been evacuated there are families and loved ones were able to come in and ask questions of city officials
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and some state leaders as well as well as fire response leaders and they don't know when they're going to be able to get back to their neighborhood they don't know when they'll be able to see if their home is just a chart pile of rubble and they're expressing concern oh what are firefighters doing how come they're not battling this fire more of bigger asli some people are saying that they watch their neighbor's house burn down and there was not a firefighter in sight so frustration levels are getting very very high i want to stop being employed by the. looking to extinguish the fires will just try and contain them and let them burn themselves out. at the moment containment is the number one priority and anything within that footprint a flare up or a home or anything like that isn't really expendable but at least it's within that fire containment line they've got several helicopters in the air right now as well as sixteen aircraft that are dropping thousands upon thousands of gallons of water
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trying to least extinguish some of the flames and keep some of the hot spots from from picking up again. just when you heard in our report there are hundreds of people still missing from the north and butte county you have a town of paradise used to be. it's the that is a devastating loss of their what happened is the camp fire started spreading so quickly and so fiercely people were people were told to get out of their omes and get out of the way of the flames and within seconds they left their cell phones behind they left their identification if you can imagine sitting at home watching television and watching news coverage of the fire and have someone knock on your door and say you have to go now you cannot grab anything that's the situation that they're having right now also they're sifting through some of the rubble in that
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area and looking for potential bodies good talking to you thank you for joining us and jason come to town here in los angeles to ten people have been killed things changed to five between israel and palestinians in gaza fighting was spotted by an israeli forces special operation on sunday that's reported to have left seven palestinians on his way to the office and dead that was followed by israeli asked strikes and causes a ruling hamas responded by firing rockets into israel. the response from hamas has comes thick and fast the billowing black smoke a telltale sign of another mortar attack the israeli military says more than eighty rockets have been fired into its territory today one mortar reportedly struck a bus injuring a nineteen year old man. this is what prompted the attacks according to israel sunday's operation was supposed to be covert but the remains of a car apparently used by israeli special forces points to
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a mission gone wrong. the math says the forces shot sat and killed a local commander both sides then exchanged fire the israeli soldiers were evacuated by air. eyesore explosions and lights and then isaura helicopter it came down in this area here it was only here for seven or eight minutes and then it took off again and left after it took off the israeli army struck the area they hit the car here and there explosions they struck the entire area. seven palestinians killed in the operation were buried on monday the procession attended by thousands a mix of grief and raw anger the mourners demanded revenge scenes like this don't bode well for fragile peace efforts in the increased crucial financial aid necessary to pay these people has been flowing in from qatar in recent weeks but
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israel controls the access the rich hands are under arrest could jeopardize that as well as talks with egypt and the u.n. . but this is an open battle between us and the zionist enemy only it is responsible for this crime and its ramifications that it. rocket fire is filling gaza and skies again israel maintains sunday's operation was intended as an abduction or assassination or several warrants violence next to his return to the region. correspondent tanya crabber who joins us on the line from gaza city welcome tania and what can you tell us about these latest hostilities. fly can tell you that the situation there ten in the past hours. have been constant rocket barrages loans that soften here from. all of those are being currently head
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fire mortar coming out television israel has started hitting targets here. and has been action has said earlier tonight that it repulses response to the incident from sunday night and that they would escalate the range of rockets if further response was going let's talk about sunday night this was a strike by israeli security forces who were operating in gaza why was i there. well i mean that's exactly what i mean according to the israeli army this was a special operation an intelligence mission but given the nature we don't think that clear what they were getting here we understand that in it's legit special forces come on the entered doesn't gaza strip the kind of hundred units with the car night and sunday evening and apparently they were covered by members of hamas of military leaders because some brigades who guard the border area so they will have an exchange of fire and so followed by not that there's maybe an strike. at
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least the palestinians among them the command of the military returns and one israeli soldier was killed and as a result of but that time rockets fired then into southern israel so this latest flare up follows agreements that have a lot of much needed cash on oil into gaza what impact is this like a spot it's got to have all of those arrangements well i think it's ok to say really depends on how the situation was developed overnight the situation it changes how about our minutes by minute and people in gaza thirty also the other side of the border of worry that this could escalate actually this time for the afternoon was pretty quiet after the incidents incident but now the situation escalates again and as you said it comes at a time when talks are ongoing on understanding between as well as some of that un mandated by egypt and you and to ease the tension and the humanitarian situation in
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gaza and heating up maybe to a longer term come but this and then makes it obviously much harder to achieve when you come out and gaza thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world several people are dead after a suicide bomber attacked a police checkpoint in the afghan capital kabul hundreds of people had gathered nearby to protest the government's failure to prevent attacks by the taliban no group has claimed responsibility for today's bombing. and you have a fresh clashes between rebels and pro-government forces in the city of her data have killed more than one hundred forty people including civilians who think rebels are fighting off a large scale attack by government loyalists backed by saudi arabia. north and south korea have begun dismantling twenty border guard posts as part of a deal struck last month to reduce tensions both countries have agreed to remove
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ten god posts on the the side of the heavily fortified frontier. germany's chancellor on your back who has led celebrations to mark the seventeen array of women winning the right to vote speaking in berlin she paid tribute to the people who'd fought for word suffrage but women are still under represented in germany's parliament and elsewhere in society. at the ceremony women were for once over represented only a few men woman hand at the german historical museum to celebrate the centennial of the women's suffrage movement chancellor merkel was at the center of the celebrations she's the first woman in germany to hold the post of chancellor and today that fact how special importance. and you're with no one laughs at a girl anymore when she says she wants to be a minister or chancellor. at the end of last year. those of us some were asking the question of whether
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a man should be allowed to do it. so i think it's all it's about i didn't make that out. however symbolically significant it may be to have a woman at the helm women are still under represented in german parliament and when it comes to the economy science and culture women count for hof the population that make up only thirty percent of the members of parliament within government there's growing demand for laws that would increase the number of women in parliament. then via phylum into one. also when we have a parliament and large committees that represent the people. then it's a good goal to say that half of them should be women. and those that the it is about the population is fairly represented. in the goal must be parity parity everywhere. germany still has
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a long way to go on that front. but chancellor merkel didn't want to be pinned down about how to get their money. so how bad slash good is it well got a catalyst reports now on the mixed progress since women won the vote. in germany we have angered america so gender equality is happening in our country's politics right let's ask people how they see things and compound interest to reality. can you guess how many may as out of ten in germany a male and female and if you could maybe. put your and so on to the board. four out of ten a female and six out of ten a mile. twenty eight all manner line to all female you're actually wrong actually it's nine men and one woman own there's
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a lot of even. in the bonus act there are four hundred and one thousand men and only two hundred nineteen women that's sixty nine point one percent two point nine percent less than a thought of parliamentarians a women that's the smallest proportion of women the bonus track has seen in twenty years because there are more male parliamentarians they have a higher percentage of speeches and polls and even and macros cabinet men make up the majority photos like this made headlines recently these are their coalition negotiations after reach know the elections and bev area and he has the leadership team in the interior ministry find the female. so why are there so few women in politics this is a question gender politics experts assume vital for has been researching. the topic of compatibility plays a major role balancing the burdens of family public service and politics
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self-confidence is also an issue it's not always easy getting ahead in this male dominated world at the local level only one in four politicians is female when i teach in a city council and the berlin district of the only woman in an office with four men . because i have already experienced in different places personally and also with others that women are looked at more critically especially political candidates people always ask questions like can she manage that party the s.p.d. already has a few teacher ones that for all parties. he's around at the situation in german politics after considering current developments i have come to the conclusion that we will only be able to achieve gender balance if we institute binding regulation ice in germany women have been allowed to vote for one hundred years but gender equality in politics doesn't and that as long as those in government continue to be mostly men germany is the fall off the mark when it comes
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to gender equality. chief political editor of the chancellor's speech you're welcome mikhail but so what does the chancellor merkel see as her role in bringing more women into politics well she said you can't really be described as being dummies feminist in chief despite being that for some thirteen years now but what she did say is that you take some credit for the fact that if a girl today says she wants become a minister or taunts that she will no longer be laughed at here and many in fact she said that sometimes the question does occur whether a man can become tonsil as well she says she didn't make that question up that is true yet her own c.d.u. party still has one of the lowest percentages of m.p.'s in the current parliament of around twenty percent and she admitted that there was a long way to go and speaking to the chance to speak to other lawmakers are indeed
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mail bomb makers why do they think this imbalance is so great for this many issues but most of them are structural women i spoke to m.p.'s from all parties i spoke to of the past week said that it was basically in the end up to parties to create conditions that attract women that means long night sessions making it more family friendly because there is still a long way to go for those individual battles that couples fight back at home on who takes charge of what but also that parties need to create conditions where women can probably bring in children or with simply fits into family life how much has this been the general political radar here in germany has this been the issue. well the whole struggle has been an issue it was very much noted that this current parliament has a lower percentage is just it's almost thirty one percent of women compared to some thirty six percent in the last time around so really it's
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a question and that has highlighted the fact that the right to vote and to be elected that germany is celebrating today one hundred years of is a continuing struggle and by no means a linear development in the sense of more women taking part quite the contrary one of the parties themselves of it are they doing anything to they have quotas or is that sort of frowned on well the green party of was the first part to introduce essentially a fifty fifty quota every second person on the party list has to be female that is something that the democrats are talking about now as well we heard the justice minister who is there's a democrat speak about that as a potential measure because there is evidence here that unless there is a quote so you don't really see much movement and that certainly is something that the chance of herself is against within her own party like the evidence. does appear to thank you.
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the countdown is on not for italy the government in rome has until tomorrow to come up with a budget for twenty nineteen which brussels agrees with the european commission has already kicked out the current one saying it flouts a commitment to reduce the country's debt and that debt is considerable the second highest in the eurozone as a proportion of g.d.p. brussel says if rome doesn't come up with the goods tomorrow it will start disciplinary steps against rome later this month. the italian government is not backing down over its budget despite the e.u. commission warnings to dress tickly reduce its budget deficit target after talks with euro group president mario same thing or italy's finance minister said it would be political suicide to cede to the e.u.'s demands they could at least be careful and i mean that we are going to reiterate our budget fundamental characteristics and rationale you know julia and we will continue to discuss ways
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of bringing our position in line with the european commission has now gotten all triples its you'll only see that we'll also take the worsening economic forecast for europe and italy into consideration and that only confirms that our budget proposal make souness. more debt for more growth the italian banks and convinced that deficit spending will end well a report says the country's five biggest banks are considering opening a two and three quarter billion euro credit line to the central bank's deposit protection fund the credit line would serve to strengthen support for weaken lenders in the event of a banking crisis. we spoke to german economist stokley c.b.s. former chief economist and i asked him what was likely to happen next here's what he told us. at a certain point in time there will be a show del the question is whether the italian government will hit the wall with the commission or other european institutions over the markets i personally expect
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that the you with situations will stand firm not a given at this stage at least second that rating downgrades will follow and credit spreads will widen further so in the end the italian government would have no choice than to soften its stance to soften its position and police to an extent to avoid the escalation of the financial crisis that chances of italy going bankrupt. yeah i hope that this can be avoided and this would be the first case. i hope that the signals coming from the european peers from other european euro area member states but also from other european institutions like the e.c.b. president draghi was very outspoken in his recent press conference that italy cannot expect any support coming from d.c. b. it is not in within the men date of the e.c.b.
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to finance the fiscal deficits so i think the the the messages coming from the piazza futilely pretty clear but i personally expect that markets going to behave. signal to italy that it is a dead end continuing this way of putting making. the former chief economist there of the e.c.b. stock now saudi arabia says it plans to cut oil production starting next month the world's largest export of oil will reduce production by five hundred thousand barrels a day that's according to the country's energy minister he was speaking at the opec summit in abu dhabi the reduction is the equivalent of around five percent of the country's current output and the move is intended to stop before in prices that began in early october back then a barrel of oil cost more than eighty five dollars but price has dropped to around seventy dollars a barrel right now. and more business news for you later in the program first it's
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back over to phil thank you so much you know what cold and wet but left millions of people feel warm and fuzzy allow me to refresh your memory it's not this smog it's the ice bucket challenge remember this was everywhere four years ago with everyone from world leaders to big name celebrities getting drenched in icy water to raise awareness i'm good money for a less rabid fatal neurological disease but the challenge is one of the biggest vital campaigns to date sweet critics dismissed it as little more than slight to visit a feel good father dressed up house to visit but. but it's not really all there was to it for the latest episode of d w facebook show what happened next we caught up with brian fed rick of the last association it was genuine and it wasn't something that was you know some sort of marketing stunt or anything it was a genuine organic groundswell of support you could watch the whole
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episode of what happened next on the w.'s facebook page hosted by these show who joins me now welcome liz so why was the ice bucket challenge such a big deal. well phil first of all it has to do with the massive participation so you had seventeen million videos that were uploaded showing people taking part in the challenge and this really helped to put the focus on this disease on ala so it's a disease that affects the nerves it affects the muscles and patients many of them they start losing the ability to use their hands then they can no longer walk and they lose their speech and so after a while they find themselves the that their bodies have been paralyzed completely and somebody was diagnosed normally their life expectancy is two to five years of from the diagnosis and there's no cure for this disease so the ice bucket challenge
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it raise awareness about the disease but also raise a lot of money as i was told by brian fredricka from b.l.s. association well here in the u.s. we raised about one hundred fifteen million dollars which was pretty impressive considering it was just over the course of six weeks so there was a period there for about a week where we were raising ten million dollars a day so it was really really unheard of in terms of the amount of money i think we had to made it globally with other organizations around the world that there was about two hundred twenty million dollars raised around the world. so let's show millions of dollars raised what the difference to date night well most of the money has been put into research so it's not yet clear exactly what causes a lesser research in this area is a vital and there already actually has been a breakthrough through. some scientists who are funded by the ice bucket challenge
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money they discovered a gene that is believed to be responsible for some cases ovalle less so definitely there already has been some success in that that area and of course our viewers can get the full episode of what happened next if they go to facebook page. cambodia has built the world's longest drug a boat made from wood it's more than eighty seven meters long and sinks and nearly one hundred eighty rows the previous guinness world record for a dragon boat was set by china two years ago come bodie have celebrated their victory with a traditional dance. this is deja news live from above and still to come nato chief young stoltenberg warns europe against undermining transatlantic taht is a lot of iraq will betray the president's trump and he tells d.w.p. he welcomes the european but not if it duplicates nato defense.
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could best mom be called goes next president the main opposition party is trying to unite behind mohsin for you look ahead of next month's election but the plan is already looking shaky. those stories more the days of world news business on sports on the way here on the w. . uranium the fuel for nuclear power is a hazard for humans in nature. in the united states nuclear waste is contaminating soil and water yet the trump administration is planning to open new mines. local people are fighting it tooth and nail you're
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a toxic magazine. so in forty five minutes. people make fun about the economic and political. in mozambique we say that you have so you don't write it's people call me think they do people. as a journalist i talk about these topics and that binds me to less helpful to you. i like to start my day by checking all those jokes finding out what people are talking about what. my father taught me how to ask questions about my country and about all that is what i keep doing to the state my name is fadi school and i work at. it.
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it's all happening don't you of. your link to the news from africa and the world. your link to inception stories and discussions pena one will come to do something program tonight from funny to me from the news of these eaves and i would say d w it comes from africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. this is d.w. news live from perth and i'm phil gale these are top stories this hour at least twenty nine people have been killed in wildfires in northern california more than two hundred people are missing to have died in fires in the south of the state. the palestinians have been burying their dead in the gaza following exchange the fire
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with israel in which almost a dozen people were killed it started with an israeli special forces operation into gaza in which on israeli soldiers died. in the democratic republic of congo by opposition parties to back one candidates in next month's presidential election it's been dealt a blow the biggest opposition party has been forced by it support us to pull out of a deal reached by the weekend according to the pattern little known business plan was to be the unity candidates. martin foley who is not widely known in the democratic republic of congo or d r c but after three days of talks in geneva the leaders of the seven main opposition groups chose him as their joint candidate for president they think he's got what it takes and mark agrees. what's in my qualities i'm an achiever i'm a man of results i'm someone who gives himself very high challenge and goals i'm
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someone with experience. was. his closest rival for the nomination was felix tisha keady the president of congo's largest opposition party but after the announcement pledged to support and to rally his supporters behind his campaign. i'm going to convince them they must agree there is no other way we want change in this change comes by supporting martin for use candidacy. but back in kinshasa the news was not welcomed by many tickets sheedy's party the union for democracy and social progress or you d.p.s. announced it was rejecting the seven leaders deal hundreds of party supporters took to the streets to protest. it's the run happy about the silliness the two place yesterday in geneva say we the u. d.p.'s space is shouting loud and clear that what happened in geneva yesterday does not concern us. with the presidential election looming political unity among
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opposition parties looks as elusive as ever in the city. where when the bashing from dado here africa about this welcome. what is it about martin so you know that this franchise opposition picked him who so many people haven't heard of. so didn't everyone. before to say anything we need to know them at f.a.a. you do have a strong political background in two thousand and eleven he was elected as a member of the sea in the ninety's he was already a position against move to and is really close to civil society movement. in france some people call him. because when there is demonstration for example like in two thousand and sixteen he was in the street people and he was really badly injured so matter for you know was according for some people do greatest
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candidate who was able to unify your position until the decision of today of course today's decision by the biggest opposition party says that they won't back in they want to own mom why is it so hard for the day osses opposition parties to unite. i think we have to look back in history and especially in history of every political movement for example if we take a piece of philly cheese steak at the it's a very huge party who exist since many years so i think it is she said katie and a member of the you do best knows that they can go to the elections by themselves and maybe if their nation these great people they can win them this is also the same case for someone like me or they from the u.n. see who thinks that for example you can win because you have the entire eastern part of the congo who can full vote for him this was the same also for someone like
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john p. have been wasn't allowed to vote but you knew that people from the for example can vote for him so the biggest question. the fact that all the opposition he did they rely on day of business according to region and it's really complicated for them to believe india this because they think that by themselves they can play solo and when they lections in december this is their problem to be so does have to be about has been in charge for almost two decades and this is a country that has not saying a peaceful transition of power since one thousand nine hundred sixty when it won independence from from belgium. the voters next month is it likely to be peaceful. i don't even know if today we can say that devoid of pin next month because because if we take for example the pictures of today if we freeze the political situation
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today evening in they did see i don't think that there will be opposition because there remain many shadow zones for example the credibility of the entire electorate process nobody believed today in the credibility of this process there is also a big issue according to opposition leader the voting machine no one believing the voting machine because they say that this is what could be the and people we used to cheat the elections and today we like it one month before did election nothing is going on today did election the opposition is blowing up and. and the f.c.c. is the main part of the majority dad just looking for what is acting and i think maybe the week we did ask that i don't think that we would have election at the moment when the basher from d.w. africa thank you thank you.
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so lewis hamilton has won the brazilian grand prix clinching the formula one constructors' championship for his team must say this the race had slipped out of his control until a dramatic incident took front from us for a stop and out of contention. here is how milton fought off an early attack from valtteri bottas and sebastian vettel to hold on to the lead heading into the first corner he kept his advantage until midway through the race by which time much for stop and had caught up to him the dutchman was flying around the track at this stage and he overtook hamilton to grab the lead which he held on to until disaster struck. has to stop and went to esteban on the force in the apollo failed to give way forcing this collision. icon's mistake ended what could have been a fight to the finish between for a stop in on hamilton to drive this champion continue to the line unopposed to win the race and clinch the constructors' championship famous eighty's fashion that's
7:38 pm
the devil right this is just what it was before the whole you know it one wakes up goes to work every day and tries to bring the best out himself everybody pulled together as a unit and the boys told you how much you want to is there to drive for them and today was like the best out there we could do it because we were struggling. hamilton celebrates his tenth race win of the season while a frustrated for stop a new do we could have been a haze. when he found okon at the post race scales the red bull driver made his feelings known. this is d w news life from the day and still to come more than a year ago the me too movement protesting against sexual abuse exploded out of hollywood now it's india's time. had a valve to hope for is back taking a look at the newcomer on the wind scene that's right phil thank you very much of
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course a good red wine can set you back hundreds maybe thousands of euros for one a bottle for three hundred dollars is expensive it isn't all that surprising whether why not from a largely unknown region this one is made in china and experts say can hold its own against competitors from other countries even france and and legendary luxury brands stands behind the bench. it's the location of the vineyard of our union is described and its name above the clouds it's not metaphorical these grapes grow at an altitude of twenty six hundred meters at the foot of the himalayas here the soil is rich and the climate is mild with moderate temperatures all year round the mekong river flows nearby for generations villagers here grew traditional food crops then the chinese government encouraged them to begin making wine instead
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operations got off to a slow start and tell me hennessy got involved the french luxury giant was impressed by the area and signed a thirty year lease but how did they believe connoisseurs will react to a chinese vintage. made in china doesn't deed have negative overtones but everything we do we do with passion. and we do it with the utmost precision to make the best wine possible to have the best wine possible. i believe we are one of the companies that will help revamp made in china label. to the region while the villagers have put in a lot of sweat pruning and harvesting the around three hundred plots and the collaboration is paying off. so. it's been quite surprising for our customers when they taste this wine most think
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it's a french bordeaux. but when they discover the bottle is from china all of them are excited they're quite surprised by the quality of the bottle. the ojo in label currently produces two thousand cases of wine a year even though the national appetite for the beverage has matured and the country's market is expected to grow to over seventy billion dollars the lion's share of the vineyards production is sold abroad the chinese as it turns out aren't that interested in local vintages consumption of imported wines continues to rise but demand for domestic wines has fallen five years in iraq. germany maybe your strongest economy with low unemployment in stable growth when it comes to digitalize ation the country lags behind say watch so that those depending on fast and reliable internet access increasingly and up turning their back on gemini that's heading to places like
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a starting at which they say is far ahead when it comes to digital infrastructure. for. prefers working high above the old town of tal that thirty five year old sells custom made health insurance policies he left his flat in germany and registered his company here in a stone since then he's been on the road as a digital nomad living in b. and b. rooms in conducting all his business by telephone or e-mail tell you feel like you know when i hear from mr and before that i was on cyprus for all month that means i always have a little bit of change sometimes i sit on the beach or somewhere in a cafe or i rent an office or a co-working space depending on what suits my work best bust. but those employees and partners live and work the same way they all make me. face to face four or five times a year in a space rented for the occasion where they connected trade favors where they go to when new customers face to face almost all other contact happens online or on the
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phone with a team distance vision all of our team is now made up of four people who work in very different places all over europe we use digital communication methods to coordinate so we do everything for us like e-mail or the phone. increasing numbers of people are attracted by the concept of the digital in berlin they even have their own event the digital nomads conference and it's growing in popularity organizer marcus moyer warns however that people who adopt a lifestyle should avoid burning bridges at home. you have to have a plan that require the necessary skills before hand for the journey can end quite abruptly but the trend is turning into a movement or event is getting bigger two years ago we had just five hundred people last year seven hundred this year over one thousand. but i can tell them shows us why is stony and has developed into a hotspot for digital nomads three years ago the government here launched what it
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calls its easy residency program under it anyone can become a digital resident and set up a company with just a few mouse clicks don't have to be physically present and estonia and there's no bureaucracy or paperwork the program has generated a fifteen million euros in this to us revenues but out of it only one half million comes from director and is from texas all the rest came from mexico if it's because when you become a resident you maintain that you may need to have a virtual face secretary. some business advice some. business consultants to lloyds forecast dystonia is digital population will generate revenues of one point eight billion euros by twenty twenty five addicts. source of potential growth for the innovative baltic nation. now is back over now to fill helen thank you so human rights organizations
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a company campaigning for the release of an activist in chechnya who's on trial for possession of drugs to tear has been documenting a human rights abuses in chechnya and overseeing humanitarian projects the trial of human rights activist or you have is underway in the town of charlie not far from the chechen capital grozny filming witness testimony is forbidden. sixty one year old tittie of has been in investigative custody for ten months authorities accuse him of drug possession which he denies foreign observers at the trial are skeptical because i have grave doubts about jew process in this trial have been hints that witnesses have been influenced that marijuana was squarely planted on mr tidd t.f. by the police and because of all that he doesn't have a fair chance to feel atrocities and for far all you have managed to grozny office
7:46 pm
of the human rights organization memorial for seven years during that time he challenged constitutional legality and advocated human rights he criticized the abuse of power by police and authorities in chechnya and would not be silenced by threats then he was arrested human rights organizations and russian opposition groups want western countries to put pressure on the chechen government. well we will of course like western countries to support our you have to support memorial because this is not just attack against the city of as an individual human rights defender this is attack against the moral human rights center against human rights going as asians who work in the region. the court could decide to simply release to have but it closely follows the government line which has taken a tough stance on human rights activists in recent years. t.f.
7:47 pm
supporters hope the trial will go quickly you sure you can refer to they arrested the man and thought that everything would go smoothly if they planted drugs on him but been during that process they made a lot of mistakes which they are now trying to cover up. if you wish you could do so in the end the trial was adjourned and will continue next week for the us. and nato secretary-general un stoltenberg says the a use efforts to build a stronger defense force should not undermine concert logic ties his words follow around between u.s. president trump and france's president emanuel mccraw who call for a european army w. asked mr stoltenberg if the french call was a signal that europeans feel they could no longer count on u.s. support for nato i think what we have learned. after two world wars and the cold war. is still important so the transatlantic. so we have to make sure that
7:48 pm
europe and north america stand together i welcome stronger e.u. efforts on the fence because i think that can strengthen. european defense capabilities provided to new capabilities and also more defense investments but i do not welcome not if that duplicate. nato efforts as so european defense efforts has to take place within the framework of nato strength in the european within nato and as long as it does start i welcome you a foot on the fence the u.s. has announced that it will withdraw from the i.m.f. treaty the intermediate range nuclear forces agreement with russia what needs to be done now to prevent a new nuclear as arms race. russia hostile ensure full compliance with the i.m.f. treaty or our us agreeing that and new russian missile system is of great concern
7:49 pm
this system puts the on its feet to in jeopardy and then you russian missiles are immobile hard to detect nuclear capable there you'd be reduce the whole of the use of nuclear weapons in the conflict they're able to reach european cities including in so therefore nato allies have expressed great concern about this new russian system for years it started with the obama administration calling on russia to ensure full compliance and we continue to call on russia to do so because no arms control agreement is effect if his own are respected by one part does nato in general need a new nuclear strategy. we have actually in our strategy significantly reduced the importance of nuclear weapons we have purchased for nuclear disarmament over decades and they too will say instrumental in reaching and
7:50 pm
on f. treaty back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four which bond all intermediate. weapons non-biased weapons and we have used the number of nuclear weapons in europe by ninety percent so we don't want a new arms race we don't want. the undermining only important to control agreements like that on their feet there. and that's why we call on rochelle to show full compliance with these very important trade agreement. the me too movement is a year old begetting in hollywood's a film industry it's spread quickly around the world and the workplace now revelations are appearing almost on a daily basis in india's film industry bollywood probably metal desk is here still to see this that wealth rabbit said tell us about these revelations and whether
7:51 pm
they're likely to change attitudes in italy is in big bollywood yeah well one hopes of i mean i think it's going to be more difficult that we have to remember bollywood or actually the indian film industry is the biggest in the world that includes bollywood they make about two thousand films year hollywood just to show the difference they make about half that now the large majority of the bollywood films have quite a sort of my songs in its view of the world and society and a lot of them are starring sort of strong powerful men with subservient women hit the sides of who adore them they dance together they looking lovingly into each other's eyes and i think there are some chaste cases but that's as far as it goes on screen off screen it seems to be a rather different story and it seems that it has been for quite a long time now though brave women as in hollywood now in bollywood are coming
7:52 pm
forward and standing up and i'm calling for a huge change in the film industry and in society in general. by here at the heart of the bollywood industry is where the debate kicked off actress term data accused a film director of sexually harassing her during a shoot although the incident occurred ten years ago it's only now become a scandal. there are going to be i have spoken about it all year old saw i spoke about it when it happened the system made people believe they could get away with it now she's being heard bollywood is in uproar the directors name has been removed from the credits of his new film and others have lost their jobs i wasn't surprised it was a bomb waiting to happen surely bourse and other female directors and producers are demanding that bollywood finally be made a safe workplace for women. the typical bollywood film still depicts women as
7:53 pm
sex objects as arm candy for a strong man. men in general are shorn of these very patriarchal you know dominating father and husbands who dictate everything now if you walk in men in that way that's negative because even if that the majority of men act in that we in the larger society there are many progressive meant so if you want to change things why don't you sure progressive man surely boss shows other kinds of men and other kinds of women in her film margarita with the straw two women one of whom is disabled fall in love it's a sign of the changing times in india along with me to a movement that's growing far beyond bollywood. but i suppose it would if we're looking at comparisons with me too we must presume that this is just the
7:54 pm
tip of the iceberg his film industry goes think it is something i suspect there's going to be a torrent of revelations coming out now that this is started maybe more so than elsewhere i mean if we can go back to the initial revelations from time to sherry. when she originally complained ten years ago the film company said they would sort it out and they would deal with it and they seemed to do quite the opposite and didn't take us seriously a told us she will now tell us. introduce the dance to which in which she has to feel so after i complained of his behavior and they assured me that they wanted to kyoto for it now they introduce a dance to it manufacture a dance step where he can basically more you live for you. i mean extraordinary that it's ridiculous to think that the initial reaction seemed to be to punish
7:55 pm
camera as it were about making a do a dance step where she had sort of touch and everything it really does reflect the cows lassitude towards harassment. and they told me to move and then it's growing as it yeah i mean absolutely and as you said it's the tip of the iceberg they're expected to grow a great deal that we've got a google search map actually which shows. a light coming on every time someone is searching for the me to movement around the world and if we go to india you see it's very brightly lit india at the moment with millions we're talking about millions of is and specifically if we go in and around the area of mumbai on the west coast that's where the bollywood film industry is so there's obviously a lot of people getting interested there i suspect there are quite a few sort of worried men in the industry. we need to talk outside the industry but we hear a lot of these moving and the movement being led by the film
7:56 pm
industry and spreading rapidly robin thank you so much for that i'm guessing there's more on the website absolutely dot com slash culture thank you very much that's your up to date i'm more. of a good. you're
7:57 pm
a me i'm the fuel for nuclear power is a hazard for humans in nature. in the united states nuclear waste is contaminating soil and water yet the trump administration is planning to open new mines the local people are fighting it tooth and nail you're a me i'm a toxic magazine. in fifteen minutes.
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