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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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nine hundred eighty nine forgot w.'s november focus. this is g.w. newsline from berlin tonight california burning the u.s. states of the deadliest wildfires and claimed dozens of lives along with a town called paradise hundreds of people are still missing california's governor says this is the new normal also coming up tonight palestinians bury their dead in gaza after tit for tat attacks with israel which claimed a love in law and
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a hundred years after german women won the right to vote new figures show that they are still under represented in the court doors of power. in berlin it's good to have you with us we begin tonight at the gates of hell in california now that is how residents are describing wildfires in the north and south of the state one blaze sweeping through the city of paradise which is near sacramento has now killed at least twenty nine people that means the blaze is among the deadliest in the state's history the death toll statewide now stands at thirty one wins fanned the flames officials a warning that more than two hundred people remain unaccounted for. the los angeles county fire chief says that firefighters are doing everything possible to bring the
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blaze under control although we've lost over three hundred structures we can estimate if there were people down structures at risk that are still here today when the police. whether right now it's mentioned earlier respecting up a forty mile per hour winds through tuesday. our primary focus right now for foreign fighters and we're going to do is first my. property protection. line containing right now we have twenty pursuit one containing this fire we're going to be working on do you know night to try to increase reinforce containment. by journalist jason he is in los angeles good evening to you jason you are rather close to malibu it's one of those california coastal communities iconic known
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around the world how are people there coping with these fires. i'll be honest with you we're frustrated and a lot of people who live in the malibu in thousand oaks area this very affluent area they have been homeless for several days now and it's unclear when they're going to be able to get back into the area to see if they're all is nothing but a pile of lumber or if their home made it through the fires of fire response teams are saying that it's still too dangerous to get into those areas because it's really a tight community there is tight and narrow streets in that area so it's a flare up does happen fire crews won't be able to save anybody what are the plans of firefighters are they planning simply to try to the flames or are they hoping to contain them until the fires burn themselves out. right now containment is the number one priority they're using helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to drop fire
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retardant on a massive footprint around the malibu area about one hundred forty square miles worth of terrain is what they're trying to. to encompass into the footprint of the rules lea fire that is burning down here and everything that's inside that footprint if a flare up happens they'll get to it but as long as the fire stays within this containment line and they're making some progress but not much but as long as that fire sees within that line they're making progress according to the fire response team and we want our viewers to be aware that there are fires in the south where you are the south of california and also in northern california hundreds of people are still missing further north in butte county where the town of paradise used to be what's the latest from there. complete another devastation
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of people's homes cars power lines anything in the fire's path was chewed up and incinerated in moments the number of people missing is really hard for people to comprehend but people were sitting at home and law enforcement officials jumped in their cars they knocked on their doors and they said you've got to go and you've got to go now people don't have cell phones there's no cell service and people don't have identification because they had to get out at a moment's notice so it's extremely scary for those people up there. jason care but only our reporting tonight from los angeles jason thank you very much thank you. eleven people have been killed in an exchange of fire between israel and palestinians in gaza now it was sparked by an israeli forces special operation on sunday that reportedly left seven palestinians and an israeli officer dead now this
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was followed by israeli airstrikes and another one has been reported on a t.v. station run by the ruling hamas in just the last few hours that earlier fired a barrage of rockets into israel. the response from ham asses comes thick and fast the billowing black smoke a telltale sign of another mortar attack the israeli military says more than eighty rockets have been fired into its territory today one mortar reportedly struck a bus injuring a nineteen year old man. this is what's prompted the attacks according to israel sunday's operation was supposed to be covert but the remains of a car apparently used by israeli special forces point to a mission gone wrong. the math says the forces shot sat and killed a local commander both sides then exchanged fire the israeli soldiers were evacuated by air. eyesore explosions and lights and then isaura
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helicopter it came down in this area here it was only here for seven or eight minutes and then it took off again and left after it took off the israeli army struck the area they hit the car here and there explosions they struck the entire area. seven palestinians killed in the operation were buried on monday the procession attended by thousands a mix of grief and raw anger the mourners demanded revenge scenes like this don't bode well for fragile peace efforts in the increased crucial financial aid necessary to pay these people has been flowing in from qatar in recent weeks but israel controls the access the rich hands are under arrest could jeopardize that as well as talks with egypt and the u.n. . but this is an open battle between us and the zionist enemy only it is
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responsible for this crime and its ramifications. rocket fire is filling gaza and skies again israel maintains sunday's operation wasn't intended as an abduction or assassination or seven it was violence next to his return to the region. or earlier we spoke to our correspondent tanya kramer she's covering the story from gaza city and we asked her about the situation there on the ground well i can tell you that the situation there tends in the past hour has. been constant knock it is known that. here from. all of those are being turned in his fine motor coming out television is going has started heating target here. and in action has said earlier tonight that this is the republican response to the incident from sunday night and that they would escalate the range
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of rockets if further response was going and we asked tonya about the aim of the botched raid by israeli security forces. well i mean that's exactly what i mean according to the israeli army that focus session operation and intelligence mission but given the nature of go back to what they were doing here we are. seven is ready special forces and. fifty isn't counted hundred units with a car and they go from beginning and apparently they went. by members of hamas military wing because some brigades who guard the border area have an exchange of fire followed by months that there may be an strike. at least. in his among them a command of the military. and as a result that time rockets that fired them into southern israel. that was tanya kramer reporting from gaza city here's some of the other stories now that are
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making headlines around the world that several people are dead after a suicide bomber attacked a police checkpoint in the afghan capital kabul hundreds of people had gathered nearby to protest the government's failure to prevent attacks by the taliban the group has claimed responsibility for today's bombing amnesty international has withdrawn its most prestigious human rights prize from on song suchi the group accuses the me and more leader of perpetuating human rights abuses by keeping silent about violence against the rogue into muslim minority. stanley the man who created the x. men the of injures and black panther has died at the age of ninety five as the top writer at marvel comics and later its publisher lee was widely considered the architect of the contemporary comic book. for good spider-man and you're burning spider-man of colors today well if you're there on
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purpose. let's talk about italy i understand the countdown is on yet in fact that the government in rome has got until tomorrow to come up with a budget which will satisfy brussels that budget for twenty nineteen now the european commission's already kicked out the current budget saying it flouts a commitment to reduce the country's debt and that date is sizable the second highest in the eurozone as a proportion of g.d.p. and brussels says that if rome does not come up with the goods tomorrow it will start disciplinary steps against later this month. the italian government is not backing down over its budget despite e.u. commission warnings to dress tickly reduce its budget deficit target the talks with euro group president mario same thing no italy's finance minister said it would be political suicide to cede to the e.u.'s demands they could have to be careful and i mean. we are going to reiterate our budget fundamental characteristics and russia now julia and we will continue to discuss ways of bringing our position in line
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with the european commission she now knows her proceeds you'll need to see that we'll also take the worsening economic forecasts for europe and italy into consideration that only confirms that our budget proposal make sounds. more debt for more growth the italian banks on convinced that deficit spending will end well the report says the country's five biggest banks are considering opening a two and three quarter billion euro credit line to the central banks deposit protection fund the credit line would serve to strengthen support for weaker lenders in the event of a banking crisis. and earlier we spoke to your german economist you're going to start the seabees former chief economist and ask him what was likely to happen next take a listen to what he told us. but a certain point in time there will be a showdown the question is whether the government will hit the wall with the u.
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commission or other european institutions over the markets i personally expect that the you with situations will stand firm not a given at this stage at least second that rating downgrades will follow and credit spreads will widen further so in the end the italian government would have no choice than to soften its stance to soften its position. to police to an extent to avoid the escalation of the financial crisis that chances of italy going bankrupt. yeah i hope that this can be avoided and this would be the first case. i hope that the signals coming from the european peers from other european or euro area member states but also from other european institutions like the e.c.b. president draghi was very outspoken in his recent press conference that italy cannot expect any support coming from d.c. b.
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it is not in within the men date of the e.c.b. to finance the fiscal deficits so i think the the messages coming from the peers of italy pretty clear but i personally expect that markets will behave more fiercely and signal to italy that it is a dead end continuing this way of putting making. the view that all of you are going to shock the chief economist a former chief economist of the european central bank well in the croatian seaside city of to prof nick chuen a fishing nations a meeting to decide the fate of one of the us most valuable fish the big guy chewed a billion dollar catch that has been severely over a fish in recent years. scientists shocked many in the fishing industry last month when they warned that stocks of swimming big guy tuna could crash within a decade or two. bigeye to news prized for says she me in japan and
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canned for supermarket sales worldwide so it at current and current catch levels by within the next fifteen years that this stock is sixty times more likely to flee collapse then to recover and that is obviously very concerning and you know that the current cuts level the current allowable cuts would get us to that point a report in october showed that populations have fallen to less than twenty percent of historic levels this is partially due to the catching of young to know which depletes the stock before it can reproduce. husband a poor disappears and we believe that this is because you know the person has a catching a small a given amount in a big ites in a piece of the bus and affect the stock status experts calculate that cutting the total catch to fifty thousand tons per year would give big guy a seventy percent chance of recovery by twenty twenty eight. but some fishing
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countries are not party to any quotas and begun hauls last year topped eighty thousand tonnes high enough to drive the species to extinction. i get it right now for a while a day to celebrate and they'd have a think as well that's exactly what we're going to talk about one hundred years ago won the right to vote it wasn't me that's right one hundred years ago women here in germany won the right to vote and today germany's chancellor angela merkel she marked the centenary of women's suffrage here in berlin she paid tribute to the people who fault to change the law a century ago but today women are still under represented and not only in germany's parliament. at the ceremony women were for once over represented only a few men were on hand at the german historical museum to celebrate the centennial of the women's suffrage movement chancellor merkel was at the center of the
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celebrations she's the first woman in germany to hold the post of chancellor and today that fact how special importance. nina and left and you is no one laughs at a girl anymore when she says she wants to be a minister or chancellor. at the end of last year this. is those of us some were asking the question of whether a man should be allowed to do it. so i think it's all it's about i didn't make that out of this. however symbolically significant it may be to have a woman at the helm women are still under represented in german parliament and when it comes to the economy science and culture women count for hof the population but make up only thirty percent of the members of parliament within government there's growing demand for laws that would increase the number of women in parliament. then via phylum into and. also when we have
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a parliament and large committees that represent the people. when the fact is it isn't then it's a good goal to say that half of them should be women who did them as ag so it isn't that the population is fairly represented at. the present it. in the goal must be parity parity everywhere. germany still has a long way to go on that front. but chancellor merkel didn't want to be pinned down about how to get that amount. well joining me tonight here at the big table is stephanie low house she is from the european academy for women we're going to talk about how germany can reach that parity in just a moment let's start by listening to a little bit more of the german chancellor today what she had to say about parity. i think the saying is one swallow alone does not yet mean that summer. come a night is
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a real. good time so the fact that i'm around must not become an alibi. yeah i mean a lot of people around the world they look at the german chancellor and they think well germany has had a female chancellor for thirteen years how can it be then that parliament is so under represented when it comes to women and also other parts of society still don't have parity how is that possible well i think in order to become chancellor there we have a few different. reasons and one of them is also luck so the reason why she became tense that was of course because. strategic thinking but also because you know she was there at the right time but he was society was ready for her right well and they liked me when when i read every member watching. a moment when the media it was kind of certain that she was very you know a little bit in margin and whistles texas you know it gets her to the foreman that
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chance and i couldn't believe that he had a women woman sort of one you know and also what the media the media when they were there were more talking about her hair cut or how it fit her and so just exactly what she says you know just because she's there doesn't mean the structure has changed it's interesting you mention that because the german chancellor she has announced that she's leaving the latest would be three years when her term runs out and one of the men who would like to at least replace her as the head of her party friedrich merits he once was a rival of hers in the morning and it has also been reported that he has returned and that men want to return to the locus of power exactly exactly they want to go and i mean what america did is that she sort of a. she has she empowered women you know and leg very specifically her most
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important advise us a female you know and she she yes she tried she was never pro quo to our you know now she was really having a certain number of women yeah she was always you know but i think it had more to do with power politics paul place than what she actually really thought it was her speech and any yeah yeah but i want to speak as a man but you know her personal advisers are women and many members and her and her cabinet and women and also you know she's come come. to me she is the woman she wants to be her for programs or protege of all the you know she's female and stuff like this so she did something and it's really interesting that now the old boys' network sort of tries to push that away yeah i mean there is talk of there being a reflex that women come to power and then you know push back when that happens what about the the need for support for men for women to be put in
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positions of leadership well of course we need the support of everybody you know it's not like you are you have agenda and then you know prone leave agenda i mean this has to do with democracy in general it has to do with how we want to and what society you want to live and and of course everybody who who again sexism who wants to you know as supporting these sort of riots and. and also in the past i mean we wouldn't have. won this celebration if back at those days men have been supporting suffrage is that you know that's a very good point yeah it's a fascinating topic we could talk the entire show if we had time but we're fortunate we're out of time stephanie low how some of the your beauty cademy for women still house thank you you thank. the defense ministers of germany and france are in the west african state of mali tonight to shore up a peace accord in the troubled north of the country now germany contribute to
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around eight hundred fifty troops to a large un peacekeeping force in the region which has been buffeted by a jihadist revolt and ethnic violence large swathes of northern mali are beyond the government's control now the presidential palace in the capital bamako was a gift from the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi mali has no intention of following libya's lawless path but in a meeting with molly's prime minister. my guy german defense minister it was enough underlined warned that the government must take more initiative than. the government has to take complete responsibility it's not only about the fight against terror there are also many ethnic conflicts among various groups of the population as well as conflicts over resource distribution would you and it's only the government here which knows the situation that's in a position to take mediating action and it really has to do so now to.
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the defense minister visited the e.u. training mission nearby germany is taking over its rotating leadership with one hundred fifty bomb this vessel just the german military has trained more than twelve thousand members of mali's army over the past five years but the defense minister is shocked to learn that some mali and soldiers committed severe acts of violence against mali and civilians. via advantage we suspect the soldiers we're trained to be guardians of human rights are fully commit themselves to protecting the fallen i have can save this concern in no uncertain terms. even eight hundred fifty german troops operative supporting in the un smith mission which is responsible for maintaining peace in the rest of north despite patrols and extensive reconnaissance with drones the security situation has not improved the opposite is true now even areas of central mali are considered dangerous he cites
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the security problems in many parts of the country as a lack of political progress the two thousand and fifteen peace treaty has not been implemented yet if the money government refuses to pay more active the efforts of the international community will not show any results. mali. news know of germany's alexander won his opening match at the season ending a.t.p. finals in london as the youngest player in the a.t.p. top eight deed marking in straight sets the croatians poor run of form continues at the tournament he's now lost nine out of ten matches in his last four appearances alexander be chill it's in his debut at the a.t.p. finals last year but it was challenged that got off to a flying start this time around. the big hitting crowd stormed into an early three game late but spare of powered his way back and picked up his first set in
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a tie break with a trademark backhand winner. and in early second set both players dropped serve. neither could gain the upper hand and once again the set was decided in its hybrid. spare of dominated another back and when a down the line earned him five match points. the world number five sealed victory with his foot staff at. his fifty fifth match win of the year more than any other player on shore. cambodia the world's longest dragon boat there it is it's made out of wood it's more than eighty seven meters long and seems nearly one hundred eighty rowers the previous guinness
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world record for a dragon boat was set by china two years ago cambodians celebrated their victory with a traditional dance and a spin in the boat i heard. and here's a reminder the top stories that we're following for you at least thirty one people have been killed in wildfires in california twenty nine of them in a fire that destroyed the telnet paradise in northern california hundreds are unaccounted for two more people died in a fire in the south of the stick. you're watching news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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life in nairobi's slums is grim. godwin lives right next to the city's largest garbage dump and one where he works in for a very. even though kenya's economy is growing but where like many others lives a life of poverty. if you don't fight you will always stay poor.
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people three thousand and sixty minutes d.w. and. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. just gets results for the rich but for many people first their chance of survival africa is among the most unequal regions in the world. could be lunch for today just like. our reporters travel to nairobi and more people know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy that's been completely ignored by the financial markets . what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are
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static class war via the response to that state is to be yes we are starting to as we walk here because we're. actually disrupt an eco to. the rich. and to trust an exclusive report starts november seventeenth of g w. i'm. inside her car a woman prays for deliverance from the fires of paradise the town of paradise california a she and her husband they escaped just before the tale was engulfed tonight california burning at both ends hundreds of people are missing hundreds of thousands are evacuating foo.


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