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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is day two of the news live from berlet signs of a breakthrough of bracks it's all eyes are on ten downing street after britain and the european union reportedly agreed a draft agreement for the u.k.'s withdrawal from the block of prime minister theresa may shed tools a crunch cabinet meeting for wednesday also on the program. a flicker of hope in the middle east as palestinian groups say they will hold cross border attacks if the israel does the same the announcement follows an upsurge in violence of the last two times seven and dad after israel launched airstrikes in response to miss
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ouster militants in the gaza strip. forty two to have been more than two hundred twenty missing california reels from the deadliest wildfires in its history a sole source is preparing to hunt for victims of. the democratic republic of congo faces its worst ever and both outbreak and international health chiefs want it will last another six months at least. i'm still going to welcome to the program the european union and britain have agreed a draft text of a withdrawal agreement which is prime minister theresa may will present it to her captors on wednesday but she's facing a stiff opposition to the terms from some of her senior ministers and it's far from clear whether she can get any deal approved by the british parliament rebuffed mr.
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mr crowley. so let's get more from barbara very rude those reports let's get more on this from barbara very well in strasburg mass in london welcome to you both and let's start with you barbara very so what do we know of what's been a great. careful careful we know that a draft text has been sent to the european from by the european union to london and that is the latest version of what the negotiators at the table in brussels could agree upon however at the e.u. site says there is no political agreement yet because all twenty seven other member states have to sort of look at this latest text they still don't know what's in it they still don't know what this latest version means now what we have is basically about forty pages a very densely gilt text regulating the so-called divorce agreement that is the conditions and turns on which britain will be leaving the european union on march
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twenty ninth next year and there's some there are some questions remaining about the all important detail ok so just just to be clear i'm not agree with the search but just the latest version of the back and forth now of course that the irish border has been the big stumbling block a vis far what do we know about what has been said there barbara. we tentatively know phil that jury's in may might have given ground on the irish border question because the latest solution said that britain will remain after the transition period will remain in a sort of customs union was europe and it will not test a unilateral clause was which it could suddenly was draw from that customs union and sort of let ireland and the irish problem dangle that was very important to the e.u. and we don't know quite yet whether the british side will swallow that all this is
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still somehow up in the air but we do see the outline and that would mean that a reason may has in the end sort of given ground on this all important question. in london premiership depends on support from northern ireland's democratic unionists who are adamant that the north must be treated in exactly the same way as the rest of the u.k. how are very likely to respond to what we know of what's been a great. well it's all in the speculators israel at the moment the we don't have any official statement from the democratic unionist but we know what they're looking for they want to be like you said be treated exactly the way the main and they don't want any kind of water between northern ireland and the mainland u.k. because they don't want to be somehow different they feel very close to the rest of the the u.k. and they don't want to be on the and this is how consensus the same as the republic of ireland so that's what they're looking for and they also want to have the u.k.
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the final say when this any possible backstop would come into place which barbara has eluded on which would mean that there is a temporary staying of the u.k. within the customs union that that could be time and they said by the case and not by the e.u. bought by the case so this is really what they had looking for so even if i'm agreement this is just the start of a fresh set of nightmares for the by the british prime minister because he then has to submit to cabinet to parliament. and as we understand this sort of to reason may as the big saleswoman has already started we understand that she's already seeing some cabinet ministers today and there is a form of that has been officially. published there's going to be a formal cabinet meeting tomorrow afternoon when the cabinet will either
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a sign off over the world sign off the deal so it's going to be an interesting night to see whether there might be any cabinet ministers who say that they call and live with this we know for example boris johnson he's been cited in british media that he said he would venture the in parliament against it of course he's not a cabinet minister anymore but that anything that keeps the u.k. very close to the e.u. such as staying in the customs union even if this is only as a backstop as a sort of last resort that this would be the worst of all worlds and that he would vote against it and he's not the only one who thinks like that there are other cabinet ministers and also many in the conservative party who have doubts about this very strong doubts that moment back at mass in london barbara faisal in strasbourg thank you. now to the middle east pilots militant palestinian factions in the gaza strip say they will hold cross border attacks if israel does the same the statement comes after the most serious upsurge in violence
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between israel and the palestinians since twenty fourteen israeli military has stepped up its deployment along gaza's border but house and mobilized its reserve force. correspondent tony kraemer has just returned to israel from gaza welcome tanya what's happening in gaza now. well for that we're getting his report states these are still unconfirmed reports set apparently a cease fire survives the say a calm has been reached with the mediation off egypt the u.n. and other countries between palestinian factions and israel this is still on concern because palestinians factions have basically said we would hold of it also israel would stop its tie and is very usually in these cases says they would reserve the right to respond to any impression we have seen. over the afternoon
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rocket attacks on southern israel as well as strikes in gaza so the situation is still very fluid and we have to wait and see whether this translates into an extra calm over the next hours but we're talking about what is effectively the biggest flare up in violence for four years is this really all about sunday's botched israeli special forces right. i think it's a combination of factors i mean you have to see that there has been a lot of pressure on gaza on all levels of the economic level of the central situation and the humanitarian situation but also it seems that hamas and other militant and political factions in gaza have been under the impression that they are. finding some understandings and mehdi ated by egypt again and by the u.n. with israel for a longer term if not a truce but then a longer term period of calm and this incident on sunday evening actually broke all
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of that it went against all these red lines and so they felt compelled to respond and that probably led also to this very hour to this escalation of violence you're back in jerusalem now much later than you do a ridgeley intended what happened. well i mean it goes they always have to expect the unexpected and as i said i mean do you think thinking you're going into a period of more calm but then this incident happened on sunday and it's always very difficult in restricted to go in and out of gaza as a foreigner at least but of course sometimes the border then in those. times is closed in this case hamas prevented foreign journalists for a certain time to leave the gaza strip because of the incident on sunday having said that i have to stress that it's much much more difficult also for gazans to actually ever leave gaza they're very restricted in their movements even in times
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of such as collations and also in times of war. when you cover a reporter and monitor some of the other stories making news around the world libyan leaders discussing the united nations plans to stabilize the country after seven years of turmoil it's the first time representatives of the country's rival governments and factions have met since may talks are being hosted by italy and come a week after the u.n. abandon plans to hold elections there in december. an australian man has been found guilty of murdering six people and recklessly endangering the lives of dozens more than a vehicle attack in melbourne last year the jury took less than an hour to deliver its verdict james gaga so last will be sentenced on in january. news network c.n.n. he's suing the trump administration of the revoked press credentials of one of its reporters the white house barred jim acosta from the press briefings after a heated exchange with president trump last week c.n.n. says the move violates the freedom of the press in triumph in the u.s.
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constitution. forty two people have been confirmed dead in northern california in the deadliest wildfires in the state's history the death toll is expected to climb the difficult task of recovering victims begins in the devastated town of paradise . the eerie off the mark of california's deadliest fires. coroners have been searching for bodies in the destroyed town of paradise the death toll is expected to rise. wildlife tentatively returns but the fires are far from over. fresh blazes continue to appear as firefighters attempt to bring the blazes under control. wildfires in california are getting worse year on year i've been doing this job for thirty one years and probably in the last by maybe seven years every year
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seems to get worse a lot of that has to do with the recent drought and the drought that we're still going through and with that drought killed a lot of vegetation and so that dead to taste and is prone to burning obviously climate change has made california extremely dry there are high winds every year and shorter bursts of heavier rain during the winter mean vegetation grows quickly but then dries out becoming perfect in different temperatures soar and the winds return but weather isn't the only factor over eighty percent of forest fires start due to human activity as opposed to say lightning strikes and faulty power lines are a big culprit california's main electricity company p.g. and e. is under scrutiny. the community of malibu where over four hundred structures were destroyed is barely visible from the air and additional factor is population pressure that leads to construction of homes in high fire risk areas what
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california needs most right now is rain but there's none for cost and a lot of people are interested in when the next rain event will be. we are not seeing any indication of precipitation in the next week and possibly through thanksgiving fine print conditions are here to stay californians for now can only try to adapt to what that governor is calling the new abnormal. germany's chancellor has addressed the european parliament in strasburg gliding her vision of a future europe i'm going to. lead us to reject what she called a national ngo ism and repeated her calls for a company yorkin approach to migration policy she went on to tell lawmakers that as far as far as i'm security policies go europe has to take its fate into its own hands. we should be working on the idea of one day creating a real european army.
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i. saw this then song your guy has shown claude young said four years ago a united european army would show the world that there will never be another war between european countries. it would not be an army against nato so i mean really going out of time rather it could serve as a useful complementary force to nato and no one intends to question the classic alliances i enjoy it limited but did have his box hoffman is out the european parliament in strasburg welcome max so we saw that and
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heard enthusiastic applause and heckling for this idea of a european army it's not a new idea so why the extreme reactions. it's not a new idea but it's the first time that the german chancellor put her weight fully behind it but you know we should talk to somebody who's really involved with this and that's david mcallister who's standing next to me who is also the head of the foreign affairs committee of the european parliament and of course a member of the european peoples party which is the party of angela merkel still mr mcallister were you surprised that i'm going to put her full weight behind european army here no i wasn't surprised i would like to commend the chance to have to say today because she made very clear that she supports our policy in the european parliament that we are calling for a closer cooperation on foreign affairs on security and on defense and that the way forward is to eventually create a european defense union and this includes of course european armed forces what did
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you make of the booing i mean there was applause standing ovations at the end but there was pronounced doing from i guess the right wing populists of the parliament were you surprised. the chancellor got a huge majority of support today in the european parliament across party lines colleagues stood up and applauded for this great speech but yes there was some occasional booing from the far right i don't think this behavior is appropriate is it is inappropriate when the head of government comes to be up in parliament but we have to regretfully accept this behavior these right wing radicals are the real enemies of you know don't we have to get used to this because some polls are projecting even more right wing populists in the parliament after next year's election well the next u.p.a. lectures are going to be tough but it's clear and we are seeing that from the far right the radicals against europe starting bet big march against this european parliament the best recipe against these right wing populace is
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a high turnout and to always argue fact based because these right wing populists are always giving very simple very simplistic answers to very complex questions i still believe that the huge the silent. geraghty in europe will stand up and say no to these radicals did you have a feeling that i get a makeover today as the german chancellor was a lame duck because of what is happening at home she's no longer going to be the head of the c.d.u. or did you really have the feeling you had a powerful chancellor who can shape the future of your. think are colleagues of european parliament today so once again a very powerful german chance to discussing the important issues we are dealing with in the european union and also with a clear vision and do it. cool will remain chance after she gives up as a part of the day in germany until the end of this election period in germany what was your main takeaway of her speech my main take of her speech was she was
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addressing all the main issues we're discussing in the european union from a german point of view and i really would like to commend a call for a close of cooperation on phone of security and defense on the one hand and i also like that she was very clear when it comes to the rule of law that she make the of the european union is a union of common values and this includes democracy the rule of law just to name two david mcallister talking to us thank you very much and phil with that we go back to you to berlin. and strasburg fact here. this is years from. now and a stern warning for it's only coming from none other than the international monetary fund it's warned. off budget twenty nineteen say it heavy its heavy spending rather carried substantial risks and could lead to market more oil well the comments came hours before an e.u. imposed deadline for its need to submit a new draft budget brussels rejected very initial plan which would deficit spending
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at two point four percent of the country's g.d.p. italy is so fossett it will not change its plans arguing it must bend to pray state's economy invest a consensus of the showdown have led to a rise in borrowing costs. well our own going conflict between rome and brussels is a big concern because italy is not just any economy is the euro zone's third largest and whether it's mean machines like fed adi's and measure artie's old fashion labels like money gucci dutch and gabbana brands like the stand for each release economic power but despite a strong industrial base italy punches below its weight in several key areas for example economic growth although it's launched a number of programs in recent in the last decade rather to help kick start investment the southern european country remains stubbornly below average compared to the average of the european union now its new government wants to radically cut
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taxes to help spur growth but that could eventually lead to even higher levels of debt and ultimately end up breaking budgetary rules implemented by the european union so as ali and leaders have to submit a amended budget by midnight if they don't well they're setting up a clash that will probably end up rippling into markets. rome issued new bonds on tuesday a clear test of investor confidence uncertain buyers demand more return for the risk potentially costing the country more yet bond yields remain stable a sign that buyers still have faith in italian bonds but borrowing costs for rome have risen during the budget fight ratings agencies are partly responsible fitch and s. and p. downgraded their outlook on italian debt to negative moody's cut their rating to just about junk the fear is that italy's debt could get too expensive throwing the country into a fiscal crisis and indeed the budget dispute is about politics more than finance italy's populist coalition won office by decrying brussels involvement and lauding
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self governance echoes of which are still heard on italian streets. are we not a sovereign state are we not three to decide our own destiny of this you know what i mean defections of certainly being part of the european union and being one of the founding countries of the european union's italy has to respect certain restrictions and certain rules but i also think it's right that italy has a certain autonomy to try to solve local problems from which the e.u. keeps its distance i mean that while the might of the past and mr euro zone members are meanwhile standing with brussels fearful that italy's teetering debt load will make it the next greece if not far worse under its new budget powers the e.u. can find italy for budget deficit breaches but the bloc would need months to sanction a member state by then the markets will probably have to live at their own verdict . germany has earmarked one billion euros to support an alliance of companies
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looking to produce battery cells for electric cars the meshes announced today by economy minister. designed to reduce the dependence of german comic has on asian battery supply is says europe should aim to produce the foot of wild wide battery supplies by twenty thirty. the future of the automobile sector is electric a message that is finally hitting home in germany the country now has fifty four thousand electric cars on the road that's not many but twenty thousand more than just a year ago. more and more german car makers are producing a lecture. vokes wagon has announced a total sales target for all of its brands of three million units per year by twenty twenty five but to meet those goals manufacturers need huge amounts of battery cells and there are not enough of them in germany the largest battery producers are in japan china and south korea and so far they have the market effect
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of the cornered but that's all set to change the federal government now wants to invest a billion euros to promote battery so production by twenty twenty one it will. we want to put our horsepower on the road we no longer want to simply finance research and talk about applications we want to set a tangible course for battery production on a large scale in new york. several companies are teaming up to build their own production facilities in germany up to now carmakers have shied away from the huge investments needed for battery cell production prefer instead to focus on meeting the costs of new electric and cell driving models and stricter emission standards. german cabin crew at ryanair have now approved a proposed labor agreement with management that is according to the german verity union no the influential union said members voted by a large majority to back
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a deal struck with the budget airline last week the agreement ends months of deadlock in strikes for better pay and working conditions according to the deal basic cabin crew salaries will go up by six hundred euros a month along with other pay increases and guaranteed working hours the agreement does not extend to ryanair pilots who belong to germany's cockpit union. now seventy year old grandfather and poke a moan go fan has gone viral off to hear touch fifteen phones to his bicycle to catch him all while chen san yuan first learned about the game from his grandson he's been playing it since twenty sixty you know this massive set up he built to catch the rarest of the virtual creatures on the streets of taiwan set him back eighty five thousand dollars pokemon go is the world's biggest minted reality gaming hates it it animated creatures of pay on device screens in real locations.
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it's better to film now for a look at a very complex about outbreak in d.l.c. thank you yes the democratic republic of congo is facing its worst outbreak of ebola on the world health organization says it could last at least another six months the w h o's emergency spokesman raise concerns that some cases have been misdiagnosed as malaria because early symptoms are almost identical. to the one of the lucky ones. they have survived the deadly virus and are free to return home. many others here may never leave. this treatment center was set up by a french medical charity that has a number of isolation tents to treat the most serious cases. ebola is highly contagious. and this footage was filmed by
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a camera attached to a doctor's protective helmet he is seeing a young woman who has just been admitted. i'm pregnant. you're pregnant. how many months. five months five months ok we will find out how to help you or. this little girl's mother died of ebola now she is ill herself. those suspected of having the disease instantly become outcasts. don't get crazy we have prison us i can't move we have to stay here people fear us at home and when you have to live here no one comes to visit your local water that i won. last week the democratic republic of congo health minister declared that this ebola outbreak is the worst the country has ever seen
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there have been over three hundred twenty new cases and more than two hundred people have died of the disease since the epidemic began in august the treatment center is struggling to cope. effectively we are under a lot of pressure every day we received a number of suspected cases and three confirmed cases today we need more space we hope the team will find a solution for us. there is a vaccine against ebola to stop the disease from spreading twenty eight thousand congolese have received it so far but for people here at the treatment center the vaccination program comes too late. so she did a billion years of life from baghdad still to come one of the year's first anticipated books that space shuttles a former first lady michelle obama's memoirs are now on sale i'm convinced i must many other things she takes aim at president trump. so within not
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assuming through that i will live perhaps more bass on me that day so world games are in just about. scar's cover and forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression. where putin's petri arche lines today women's rights were already gaining traction one hundred years ago but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality under the skin shows women in forty five. state by
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state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany by state. on w dot com i think fighting for the face take you seriously in the world of what appears this coming out women's tour. for your. smart dogs smart station alleging rain freezing rain dangerous time for w. and for my. continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their vision successes and day to day business
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the difference. in history in the everyone. seems to matter to fish and the fish eyes. digital africa starts december twelfth on t w. this is the that we resign from voting on the galleys right top stories at the european union on britain of a greater draft text that withdrawal agreement british prime minister theresa may well not presented to her captors on wednesday she's facing stiff opposition to her terms for some often seen him he's. a former u.s. first lady michelle obama's refeeding he was a biography out today called becoming it includes a very personal revelations about life in the white house on lots of people in the
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obama's a hometown of chicago couldn't quite get their hands on a copy. lived in she cuddles high park for those first in line it's a moment of joy. michelle obama's old a biography becoming is finally on sale time for her fans to celebrate in her once favorite bookstore. becoming the former first lady tells the story of her life and many in her old neighborhood are proud of what she achieved. she is the go like greatest of all the time and she is a sitcom known woman just like me grew up a chicago girl sounds so for me she. she's like whoa personified she is someone definitely to look up to for little girls for young women my age makes you feel like you can do anything and often she is a real person and is
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a real real human being so i just excited to get this book. for the first time you shell obama opened up about details of her life that she kept secret for years her marriage and her time in the white house but she also writes about the obstacles she had to overcome as an african american she was accused of being unpatriotic i think i did what a lot of black folks were doing we were afraid to hope because it's hard to believe that the country that oppressed you could one day be led by. and they didn't think the country was ready and so my attitude was a reflection of that skepticism michel duster went to school with michelle obama and also became friends with her husband and later president barack obama a college professor she published a book about the former first lady and argues that we shall obama is an ambassador for the african american community. so i think for
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a lot of women they felt like wow you know i'm visible. because michelle obama is visible and accepted and adored i. can walk into a and b. be treated with respect. i could still bomb a story that this community and she coddle believes in. but with the man who succeeded him in the wind tunnels many here think there are chief moons are in danger. straits washington there where we join data because for them to marsh way to welcome. michelle obama has taken a pretty direct shot to donald trump in this book you know these are definitely the parts of the books that have been getting the most attention and she straight up calls him a massage honest says that she'll never forgive him for promoting this what's known as the birth or conspiracy which was a conspiracy about where barack obama was actually born that he was not actually
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born in the united states and again this is then what stirred up the most controversy prior to this book of course is a lot more in the book aside just her hitting on trump and there's been a lot of attacks coming from the right wing saying well this is what she was paid to do as she's cashing in trump by making these allegations even though there's a lot more to the book of and just these hits which we saw in the report that the admiration for michelle obama the hometown of chicago how is the book being received across the country. well it's gotten one of the biggest openings of any book recently shot to number one on amazon we should say long before it actually came out which i think was according to my notes this is one of the biggest opening sense june of two thousand and fifteen when the sequel to. to kill a mockingbird was released as we saw in chicago people they really they feel with
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her they feel like she's one of theirs they're mentally proud of her and if you're someone who's a member of the left wing in the u.s. she really is an icon and people have very much been looking forward to hearing the inside account of what her life was like something that she kept a very closely guarded during their time in the white house. as well as america's first block first lady michelle obama has faced in times public scrutiny she have a message for women. well as we saw in the in the report there phil women really look up to her especially african-american women in the u.s. and she represents the top of what someone can potentially achieve an american life and as someone who is descended from slaves it really was stunning to see someone like her in the white house and women across the u.s.
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not just african-american women really value her for her her vulnerability her willingness to be open to her her roots in the south side of chicago which is traditionally a very depressed area she really is someone who has universal appeal much greater in washington thank you. so we're looking at here some of the super heroes of the marvel comics the creations of stan the lady who died on monday he was on to his age ninety five not he spent his entire working life in the comic book business and eventually became the publisher of mom comics. let's get more from rob in maryland today's culture is that welcomed robin stanley is being talked about as a bit of a superhero himself what is it i mean as you said he spent his entire life i mean he started at the age of seventeen making the coffee for a company that eventually became awful comics he became the publisher and editor in
7:37 pm
chief and what's important about him use really hands on on the artistic side as well because he co-created a lot of favorite superheroes to you your favorite spot about why does what. i did already fix part of my the great he the incredible hulk the x.-men black panther more recently a many more and it's very significant about his super superheroes is that they will perfect they argued among. themselves some of them were vain bad tempered. despite about was trying to impress the go this made all of human qualities that made it much easier for the fans to relate to i think anyway lets him more about the man himself mr stan marvelous league. there. he was the man who revolutionized comic books stanley superhero of the marvel universe helped create
7:38 pm
iconic characters that have gripped generations incredibly sad like he's he's kind of one and taught me how to read a little bit you know alls like. one of the greatest of all times before the comic books while at marvel lee helped reshape the comic book world he's superheroes will complex characters complete with flows like. human strength. like a ball and. black panther. and the incredible hulk. but stanley's most famous character almost didn't come to be his lee recalling the time he pitched the idea of spider-man a troubled teenager to marvel my publisher said stan you've watched it he said first of all nobody knew i'd spidery so you can call it heroes by them and secondly
7:39 pm
a teenager can be a hero we can only be a sidekick and layers be said you say he's got all kind of problems don't you understand and he's a hero heroes don't add problems at troy very roads in their job but i know. lee knew what his fans wanted and his relationship with them remains an important part of his legacy. i'm what what's what they start elisa big fans also know is that he even appeared in some of these movies he did even after the company was sold to disney in two thousand and nine you remain the sort of unofficial figurehead of malvo and as disney brilliantly exploited the new superheroes that there quads lots of movies being made since then he appeared and here he is actually he must be ninety two. right here he's appearing as a mailman in captain america twenty fifteen he's also
7:40 pm
possibly a mailman this is him in fantastic four in two thousand and five and then he's trying to mow the lawn on water is god successfully next man the last stand and then inspired about three with tobey maguire is again he appeared in loads actually and he really a man synonymous with superheroes because and because they were flawed they broke the barrier between the audience and the artist so very very well and his contribution actually to pop culture is just enormous. robinetta thank you so much remember talking about stanley who has died in los angeles i ninety five. rocco in the struggle to prevent how response and violence against women think country basically imposed tougher penalties for bright domestic abuse and criminalized sexual harassment but critics say the measures don't go far enough now activists of launch the social media campaign aimed at enabling women to confront
7:41 pm
her response in a very public way and it's staring debate on and off the streets. blowing the whistle on sexual harassment in morocco activists from the misc it to she or i will not keep silent movement want to create noise around street harassment in their country literally they are urging women to use whistles in response to their harassers. and the hashtag is if he does not respect the whistle it means a man has no right to harass you if you disrespect you you whistle to break the will of silence and to document that you've been harassed at a certain time and place. to have this since the campaign is spreading online but dividing opinions. one user said great idea but others question the effectiveness of the group's methods this user said this was a won't help with anything will the police then come and save us i've racked my brain thinking about it and found no answer on the street where the campaigners
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have been distributing whistles to passers by the initiative has also sparked debate among men. a woman's clothing is what protects her because she is responsible for what she's wearing. leave is the. whistling is so childish we should simply respect the women in our society there are sisters. to see how women should dress decently so people don't harass or have you ever seen a woman with a headscarf get harassed. to touch you but the campaigners insist their initiative is aimed at empowering women and giving them the confidence to stand up against street harassment. and german foreign minister heiko mass has been holding talks with his chinese counterpart wang he despite warnings from beijing against interfering in domestic chinese affairs of mr nuss is expected to convey german concerns about china's treatment of its muslim week of minority u.n.
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experts say there are credible reports that china is holding up to a million we just in the last determined internment camps omer is now safe in istanbul far away from china's reeducation camps he's already seen one from the inside that was after authorities arrested him one morning they interrogated him and asked him if he was a radical islamist or if it helped other muslims flee the country. they sent me on a chair and questioned me. they tied up my hands and feet. then they took a stick and used it to beat me on my legs arms and feet for four days because. the chinese government calls the camps training centers state t.v. has repeatedly shown videos of what it claims are happy grateful citizens in classrooms. the students are mainly weekers and other minorities of turkey
7:44 pm
origin should all china accuses them of spreading terrorism and pursuing independence. experience has shown that the training centers are useful in fighting terrorism and extremism and for providing stability in. the shitty these centers are located in the northwest of china in the remote province of chin's yang over the past few months human rights activists have identified at least sixty camps we travel to the city of cars car on the streets police are everywhere the government monitors all activities two cars follow us plainclothes state security are with us every step of the way as soon as we turn our cameras on we are reminded of the rules no one is allowed to talk to us and critical material must be a raised we use a hidden camera and tried to enter a camp but were stopped. but
7:45 pm
instead of when they first arrested us we were not told why no explanation in the camp itself there were no windows and no fresh air and we were not allowed to shower. boomer was released after eight months he fled to kazakhstan where he was reunited with his wife and children his mother father and sister are all being held in the camp. he says they're being punished for his alleged crimes the chinese government he says operates on fear requiring absolute obedience from its citizens . when i was in the reeducation camp in prison i met other weekers they were businessmen teachers doctors and engineers not all of them were muslims some were not religious at all. that despite the government stated aim of cracking down on radical islam ism many
7:46 pm
people inching jang are living under a cloud of suspicion careful of any behavior that could see them jailed that includes visiting casares mosques which you can only do now if you are a tourist. or business news now from one hundred free on to more free trade in asia that's the idea of course at a time when the trade conflict with the united states when china is becoming increasingly problematic all the more important then for china is the idea of a new free trade zone of its own that encompasses most of southeast asia and our stations have been going on for years and the issue is high on the agenda because ozzy and meeting taking place in singapore. although china's economy is strictly controlled by the ruling communist party it's increasingly appearing on the world stage as a defender of free trade at the conference in singapore chinese premier leaky kyung
7:47 pm
trying to provide fresh impetus to the idea of a free trade zone for the region. if we. but it will be this will not only benefit the people of this region for free but also send a strong signal to the world the way i hope that we will stand up for free trade and push for free trade charlie this known as the regional comprehensive economic partnership or our sept the zone would include the ten asean nations as well as china japan india australia and new zealand it would encompass half the world's population and represent a third of global trade the sixteen countries involved agree that the partnership is a good thing in principle it wouldn't only spur trade within the bloc but also draw investors from outside it but for that to happen the conditions have to be right. stuff but i am new to innovation so in order to further encourage the participation
7:48 pm
of companies or investors we need to set up rules such as intellectual property protection ensuring free data transmission across borders and prohibiting host countries demands to transfer technology. from. a demand clearly aimed at china other thorny issues include the questions of how far tariffs should fall and what markets should be thrown open india in particular has little desire to open the floodgates to even more chinese products so there's a lot left to negotiate but if all goes according to plan the our set free trade agreement could be signed as early as the end of twenty nineteen. so vote way has no choice but to embark on painful reforms those all the words of the country's president and us in one god go on the country is currently in deep economic turmoil off to years of mismanagement under robert mugabe which plunged many into poverty
7:49 pm
now for a cheeto that one method of survival was mushroom farming has success stories helping other vulnerable young women go from strength strength to. agricultural waste like these concordes can be used in the production of organic mushrooms and chito governors future of open farm young girls receive training to become self sustainable mushroom farmers but one year old has a passion for helping young office was one house elf i really learned to the importance of empowering young goes with these skills so they can be able to take care of themselves the young girls who are often close the old mothers who all we do is they are the ones who carry the responsibility of the family and most of the crimes they have limited opportunities they have limited access to land and then have access to resources and with mushrooms you are utilizing other cultural life that is the interval in abundance holds
7:50 pm
a post in the bugs so that the mushrooms can grow out of the sites the biomass in the plastic sacks is a mixture of soil conquer powder and mushroom seeds and are stored in a dark room two weeks later the mushroom can be harvested young farmers have to carefully handle the delicate our stomachs room's only high quality products suitable for commercial cells so far she has trained one thousand women in communities across and by we are not a pos of africa alina took a we became we do twenty two years ago she does mushroom projects help our escape poverty today she grows her own mushrooms and can feed hockey and pay their school fees she still pays half almost student a visit and gives useful advise for selling how much shrooms on the market at the bus is a cup but i was helped to be self sustainable through the strain in the bounty chito this is what we are doing farming mushrooms sags that. this is
7:51 pm
a knowledge so we stop hard for so many years when i was used to seeing others selling musharraf's. he will one day sure we do works tirelessly to train women in order to help set them up for a better life johnson be just plans for these girls she wants to create a new business called hope food to help our mushroom farming community secure sustainable market for their produce which will allow them to have a stable income. so this is marion ackerman who's a general director of the trust and state collections receiving a prize i know cultural brand awards in ballet on tuesday this is europe's most important awards in the cultural market to get more from robert in the matter of both a robin i don't know these awards tell us more about well that they're very different to most of those in the movie stars or t.v. stars they're not for film directors and office green rights is really about the
7:52 pm
people behind the scenes if you like there for people institutions or even sponsors who support the arts here in europe there's an award for instance for best cultural manager the best cultural investor the best education program in the arts and so on and so as i say these these are the sort of unsung heroes really who don't appear in the media so much and the top prize as we saw just that is the european cultural brand of the year and it went to a museum actually a group of museums here in germany full of cultural riches as you're about to see i know you're about to get on the train to dresden because it's the dresden state collections have a lot of this. defeat the needy and the towns the dresden state connections based most to pieces from around the world.
7:53 pm
there in magnitude to islam they drew more than eighty million visitors every year . and you walk in here and you're just like. this is. the most crazy stuff i see before i see that this is one of the richest collections in your place as a resident of dresden it's important to enjoy this from time time to. to get an idea of what the tourists like so much about our city that thing. among the huge range of works are some of the most famous in the world. for example rafael's sistine madonna with its iconic angels. all the throne of the great mogul all rang z.b. by your hand many here are dealing with some five thousand eight hundred die in the general director marian i came on presided over the collections new more recognizable corporate design behavior affect. the marketing process was
7:54 pm
perhaps more important than the graphic design so once again we have to decide together what connects all of us and how we can benefit from each other. and the profiteer. working together is the main tenement of the network it's responsible for the museum's exceptional diversity the dresden state art collections have been in existence for more than four hundred fifty years and their international reputation continues to grow. ok and a special award this year for the director of the berlin film festival yet dietz across lake has run the berlin film festival since two thousand and one and next year in february twenty ninth he will be his last he's retiring from the festival and he's been given a lifetime achievement award for what he has well achieved with the festival he's launched new sections the first feeling clude ing one promoting young german
7:55 pm
filmmakers but i think he's biggest achievement is that he's made internationally famous by bringing the stars of the big blockbuster movies that you know some people don't like that they think they criticize him for not you know concentrated more on the artistic side i would say in his defense he's made it a big big festival one of the big three indeed we can in vienna and venice sorry and you know the small films benefit from that because they get shown belinelli as well and they can go away and said we will show the bird in film festival i think it you know it has a knock on effect so i actually i think it is an award well deserved by him for well well to. get that has the robin merrill stamp of approval. on the website absolutely did you don't slash culture probably going to thank you. set you up today tomorrow at the top of the hour of course they are around the clock on the
7:56 pm
website at state w dot com i haven't. the among.
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the law. the law the law the law. the law. the mob. the be. scars cover and forget women in russia have to live with the elements sexism depression i'm good we're freakin speech rooms today women's rights for already gained traction hundred years ago but there are women home want to instigate. every day life for justice and equality under the skin shows women fifteen.
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mos. please. listen carefully to. discover. the big. city. documentary on you tube. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the first it's worthless for the rich but for many people because first they're from a chance of survival africa is among the most unequal regions in the world. could
7:59 pm
be lunch for today just like. our reporters travel to nairobi and new york and many people know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy that's been completely ignored by the financial markets but what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class walking the response to that statement should be yes we are starting to as we walk here because we're tired. and actually disrupt an economy the blame the rich. and the trust an exclusive report starts november seventeenth team w.
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this is d w news not from signs of a breakthrough of brecht's it's all eyes on ten downing street after britain of the european union agree a draft text from you case withdrawal from the book the prime minister's resume shettles a cabinet meeting for wednesday. also on the program a flicker of hope in the middle east as palestinian groups say they will hold cross border attacks if israel does the same denouncement follows an upsurge in violence over the last ten days seven are dead after israel launched as strikes in response to missiles from militant.


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