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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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bridge. and the track an exclusive report starts nov seventeenth w. this is the w. newsnight from berlin signs of a breakthrough on bret's it all eyes are on ten downing street after britain and the european union agree a draft text from you case withdrawal from the book the prime minister's resume shadows a cabinet meeting for wednesday. also on the program africa for in the middle east as palestinian groups and i will hold cross border attacks if israel does the same
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the announcement follows an upsurge in violence over the last two days seven are dead after israel launched air strikes in response to missiles from militants in the gaza strip. forty two dead and more than two hundred twenty missing california reels from the deadliest wildfires in its history so far as is prepared to search for victims. i'm phil gal welcome to the program of a european union and britain have a greater draft text of my breakfast with troll agreement but his prime minister theresa may will present it to her cabinet on wednesday but she has faced stiff opposition. from some of her senior ministers and it's far from clear whether she can get any deal approved by the british parliament. more on this from barbara very soul in strasbourg on picket mass in london welcome to both bob levey so what do we
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know what's been agreed. what we knew about the text is that it's forty pages long and contains all the legal details the terms and conditions on which britain is supposed to leave the european union and on the to the on march twenty ninth off next year and there are of course some particular stumbling blocks one and that was the last point that negotiators from both sides have really been talking about to end sort of wrangling over day and night since the weekend now is of course northern ireland and we don't know the details yet basically the agreement says that britain after the transition period where we have a legal status quo nothing changes after the transition period if then a new relationship was great it was great britain has not been agreed it will stay in the customs union in order not to have a hard border in ireland between northern ireland so that's the main thrust but of
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course the devil is in the details here as we know throughout these lengthy negotiations. mass and london what bob officials talking about there was this is this is become known as the the backstop now the big problem as far as theresa may is concerned is that her premiership depends on support from northern islands democratic unionist who are adamant that the north will be treated in exactly the same way as the rest of the u.k. as we speculate. just what we've heard of this deal sound like it will satisfy. the democratic unionist. i think as barbara says here as well the devil is in the detail what the democratic unionist don't want is any sort of food in between the u.k. main them and know that nod and so any set of stops and customs stops that
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separate northern ireland from the u.k. it's for them on acceptable they also want to have the right to withdraw from the backs of say you have the unilateral right to withdraw from what we speculate this might not be the case it looks like the reason they may have given in on this so in that case it would be unacceptable but we really have to wait until we see the full text and then to we have also official statements for from the d u p who are basically propping up series of maize government and really really does depend on a mass even if this is good news in as much as there is agreement this is just the start of a fresh set of headaches for britain's prime minister because she has to sell it now to cabinet many of whom will look at this scans and then to the parliament. yes and we've already had brett city as speculating a whole thing that cabin that ministers should resign over this and they really
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make they have that club that boris johnson for example he was of course the for a foreign secretaries a former foreign secretary if i said this looks like a vassalage to the e.u. says anything that keeps britain very close to the european union like the customs union where then britain's wouldn't be able to do its own traders around the world which is something that him and i was great city is hoping for that this could give britain a competitive advantage towards the e.u. anything that prohibits that is completely unacceptable and if this is to be the case in this deal then they will not go with it and the question where is all the cabinet ministers resigning over this and what's parliament going to say so the labor party also has made signs of them not going to vote this year so it's going to be a really really tough sell for to resume at home for bass in london very small in the strasburg thank you both. the middle east and now militant
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palestinian factions in the gaza strip say they will halt a cross border attacks if israel does the say the statement comes after the most serious upsurge in violence between israel and the palestinians since twenty fourteen israeli military has stepped up its deployment along gaza's border but hasn't mobilized its reserve force. people in gaza work to a scene of destruction. this was all that was left of the t.v. station run by hamas. the israeli military said it was a strategic target. it gave a warning that the strike was about to happen. but the attack still caused panic among local residents. as soon as we saw the rockets we ran away from the house we are civilians we don't have weapons and rockets so soon as we heard the shelling we escaped. here also on the israeli side of the border. most
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of hamas rockets were intercepted by israel's defense system but some missiles have hit residential buildings including this one in the southern israeli town of ashkelon one palestinian laborer was killed here people in the city are afraid. and we have been living here in adversity in a southern neighborhood for many years through at least four rounds of warfare the buildings are very old the building where i live has no protection no protected area no shelter no protected stack case. last night's flare up of violence between the two sides is the worst in more than four years. and threatens to derail recent peace moves. the united nations and other countries in the region are urging both israel and hamas to refrain from repeated exchanges of fire.
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and israeli tanks and troops gathered close to the gaza border there are signs the two sides are willing to pull back from the brink of all out war but for now there's a tense standoff. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world to germany's chancellor has outlined her vision for europe's future to the european parliament in strasbourg americal told lawmakers that the bloc must take its fate into its own hands on foreign and security policy and call for the creation of a real european army. libyan leaders are discussing again i said nations plans to stabilize the country after seven hears of turmoil it's the first time representatives of the country's rival governments and factions have met since may talks about hosted by italy to come a week after the you had abandoned plans to hold elections there in december. russian opposition leader alexei in the valley says he has been banned from leaving the country in a message recorded at
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a moscow airport the kremlin critic claimed he has been prevented from traveling to the european court of human rights which is due to issue a ruling over his detentions just admit in the valleys of twenty eight days in prison last month organizing anti kremlin protests. news network c n n is to save the trump administration of the revoked press credentials of one of its reporters the white house barred jim acosta from the press briefings after a heated exchange the president from last week c.n.n. says the move violates the freedom of the press enshrined in the u.s. constitution why did you hear forty two people have been confirmed dead in northern california in the deadliest wildfires in the state's history and the death toll is expected to climb as the difficult task of recovering victims begins in the almost in the devastated town of paradise. the eerie off the mark of california's deadliest fires. coroners have been searching for bodies in the
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destroyed town of paradise the death toll is expected to rise. wildlife tentatively returns but the fires are far from over. fresh places continue to appear as firefighters attempt to bring the blazes under control. wildfires in california are getting worse year on year i've been doing this job for thirty one years and probably in the last by maybe seven years we every year seems to get worse a lot of that has to do with the recent drought and the drought that we're still going through and with that drought killed a lot of vegetation and so that dead to taste and is prone to burning obviously climate change has made california extremely dry there are high winds every year and shorter bursts of heavier rain during the winter mean vegetation grows quickly
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but then dries out becoming perfect in different temperatures soar and the winds return. but weather isn't the only factor over eighty percent of forest fires start due to human activity as opposed to say lightning strikes and faulty power lines are a big culprit california's main electricity company p.g. and e. is under scrutiny. the community of malibu where over four hundred structures were destroyed is barely visible from the air an additional factor is population pressure that leads to construction of homes in high fire risk areas what california needs most right now is rain but there's none for cost. i know a lot of people are interested in when the next rain event will be. we are not seeing any indication of precipitation in the next week and possibly through thanksgiving the fine print conditions are here to stay californians for now can
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only try to adapt to what that governor is calling the new abnormal. for the democratic republic of congo is facing its worst outbreak of ebola the world health organization says it could last at least another six months for the w h o's emergencies a spokesman raise concerns that some cases have been misdiagnosed as malaria because early symptoms are almost identical despite this treatment centers during. the one of the lucky ones they have survived the deadly virus and are free to return home because. many others here may never leave. this treatment center was set up by a french medical charity that has a number of isolation tents to treat the most serious cases. ebola is highly contagious. this footage was filmed by
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a camera attached to a doctor's protective helmet he is seeing a young woman who has just been admitted i'm pregnant. you are pregnant. how many months. five months five months ok we will find out how to help you. this little girl's mother died of ebola now she is ill herself. those suspected of having the disease instantly become outcasts. don't get crazy we have prison us i can't move we have to stay here people fear us at home and when you have to live here no one comes to visit your local water that i won. last week the democratic republic of congo health
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minister declared that this ebola outbreak is the worst the country has ever seen there have been over three hundred twenty new cases and more than two hundred people have died of the disease since the epidemic began in august the treatment center is struggling to cope. effectively we are under a lot of pressure every day we received a number of suspected cases and three confirmed cases today we need more space we hope the team will find a solution for us. there is a vaccine against ebola to stop the disease from spreading twenty eight thousand congolese have received it so far but for people here at the treatment center the vaccination program comes too late. as a reminder the top story at this hour the european union and britain have a great of a draft text of withdrawal agreement british prime minister treason mabel presented to seem even if there's
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a wednesday but she's facing stiff opposition. from updates more at the top of a half hour and of course around the clock on the website the state of utah comes out of the day. but. we make up oh but we watch as a hospice and that's because we are the civil service and. they want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa in charge.


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