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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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pretty. digital starts november twenty fifth on. this is d w news live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel presents her vision of europe's future and that includes a european army is she looking to build her legacy or is this a rebuke to u.s. president donald trump who has called such a suggestion insulting also coming up. to their hopes for
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a ceasefire after the worst upsurge in israeli palestinian violence in four years a mosque supporters are celebrations after militant groups in the gaza strip agreed to stop attacks if israel does the same we'll go live to tell of the for the latest also coming up more than forty dead hundreds still missing in northern california really from the deadliest wildfire in its history as authorities prepare to search for the big. bird go off it's going to have you with a common defense force for a united europe that is the vision that german chancellor angela merkel trying to drive home today when she addressed the european parliament in strasbourg france echoing her french colleague president. urged fellow e.u. leaders to reject what she calls national eager wisdom and she repeated her calls
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for a broad based european approach to migration. if there's any doubt thanks chancellor merkel was greeted by applause. thank you for joining her speech the atmosphere was emotionally charged was thank god thank you i've been that while i'm actually enjoying this that doesn't bother me i also come from a parliament that had been a major point of contention with some polman terry and merkel strong call for a true european army. you know. a common european army would show the world that there will never be war again among the european nations and that's nothing against nato you know me a gig come on ladies and gentlemen it's in addition to nato vote again and nobody wants to cut established time assuming. that raise doubts even among supporters
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of the plan which has not yet produced any concrete steps was action told small than words we have to decide to work together and then we will gradually get there but you know grab visions without putting your money where your mouth piece is pointless so often also high on medicals agenda another difficult issue of the reform of the european asylum process over missiles from the moon that we have to make the effort and find common ground for sensitive issues like asylum law and humanitarian responsibility otherwise we'll never solve the migration and refugee issue cuts from what was really tangible in the room was the deep appreciation for her leadership a very long standing ovation which also kind of felt like a bit of a goodbye salute mikkel also had words for those who did not applaud there are
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things i can see i hit the nail on the head because if you protest that's all right through even for a confident finish to a confident performance with the clock ticking down on her final term has stressed that she wants leadership in europe to be part of her legacy. to say it was legacy building that we saw all today to talk about that here at the big table and joined by cornelius on the bar he is with the german council on foreign relations for me it's good to see you again let me let me ask you what was going merkel doing today was she doing was it a first attempt at legacy building with this speech possibly of course she was invited to speak at the european power. and like other leaders have been invited before her there is a series of speeches now being given by current heads of state and government but obviously with around the circumstances that for her here in germany part of it was the expectation was that she would deliver a speech outlining her vision of europe she's never been so good at visions
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outlining visions but what she delivered here especially this point around the european army was unheard of before so maybe this is something that people took note of were you surprised that she came out so strongly and said i want a european army well that's definitely something she hasn't said before i would say we are in these times where president mccraw france he raised this issue last week just before the commemoration of the one hundred years and of the first world war i think this is also the senate races have probably left a mark on her she raised the army issue and said that this would be a sign that the europeans would never fight against one another so building an army means that you overcome even the possibility of going to war again so i think this is part of the strong symbolism that she has aligned with as it is that risk today of european countries going to war is it stronger today than it was twenty years ago i think twenty years ago it was thought to be near impossible these days some
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people with you know the european union becoming a little bit smaller the u.k. on its way out people hadn't thought about the idea that this that the trend of european integration could be reversed actually so maybe these days people are having a little more doubt i'm not saying that there is any reason for doubt but the world is. is a little bit uncertain around europe old alliances the transatlantic alliance isn't soul reliable anymore so people asking questions these days and you say that she was lending her support to emanuel mccrone by saying she wants this european army could another mode. evading factor have been double trouble he has been tweeting the last several days attacking micron's accusing france of trying to build an army that could fight against the united states which we know that's not what micron has said i was going to say that's bonkers and maybe she was. she's picked a fight with don from before it's nearly one and
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a half years since she said that in her own special way we conned always rely on our partners anymore and in that sense she hasn't given mccrone much when it comes to e.u. reforms that she was supporting him on this particular project and they've spent the weekend in this combination services so i would bill it as something where she she lends support on a case where she feels she can support them rather than the difficult issues of eurozone reform which accounted for you know maybe he was expecting a little bit more today but i guess maybe in paris tonight they're thinking something is better than nothing. the european union of britain have struck a draft deal on the terms of a brics it withdrawal agreement british prime minister to resign may summon the cabinet ministers for one to one talks to brief them on the terms of the deal she's
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a schedule a crunch cabinet meeting for wednesday but faces stiff opposition from some of her colleagues. are to the middle east now where militant palestinian groups in the gaza strip say that they will halt cross border attacks if israel does the same supporters took to the streets after militant factions agreed conditionally to an egypt brokered cease fire of this comes after the most serious upsurge of violence between israel and the palestinians since two thousand and fourteen. people in gaza worked to a scene of destruction. this was all that was left of the t.v. station run by hamas. the israeli military said it was a strategic target. it gave a warning that the strike was about to happen. but the attack still caused panic among local residents. as soon as we saw the rockets we ran away from the
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house we are civilians we don't have weapons and rockets so soon as we heard the shelling we escaped. here also on the israeli side of the border. most of hamas rockets were intercepted by israel's defense system but some missiles have hit residential buildings including this one in the southern israeli town of ashkelon one man a palestinian laborer was killed here people in the city are afraid. and we have been living here in adversity in a southern neighborhood for many years through at least four rounds of warfare the buildings are very old the building where i live has no protection no protected area no shelter no protected stack case the match up you know the last night's flare up of violence between the two sides is the worst in more than four years. and threatens to derail recent peace moves. the united nations and other countries
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in the region are urging both israel and hamas to refrain from repeated exchanges of fire. and as israeli tanks and troops gather close to the gaza border there are signs the two sides are willing to pull back from the brink of all out war but for now there's a tense standoff. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world c.n.n. is suing the trumpet ministration over the revoked press credentials of one of its reporters the white house barred jim acosta from press briefings after a heated exchange with president dropped last week c.n.n. says the move violates the freedom of the press in shrines in the u.s. constitution russian opposition leader alexina of all the says he's been banned from leaving the country in a message recorded at a moscow airport the kremlin critic claimed that he's been prevented from traveling to the european court of human rights which is due to issue
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a ruling over his detentions mystery of all these served twenty days in prison last month for organizing anti kremlin protests. fans in hollywood and around the world have been paying tribute to their heroes stand lead the man who created iconic comic book characters such as the avengers xman and spider-man lee died on monday at the age of ninety five he was widely considered the mastermind of the contemporary comic book. devastating wildfires are raging in northern and southern california the northern town of paradise has been hit particularly hard with more than forty people confirmed dead hundreds are missing. the area off the mouth of california's deadliest fire as. coroners have been searching for bodies in the destroyed town of paradise the death toll is expected to rise. wildlife tentatively pretends
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but the fire is a far from over. fresh blazes continue to appear as fire fights is attempt to bring the blazes under control. wildfires in california are getting worse year on year i've been doing this job for thirty one years and probably in the last by maybe seven years we every year seems to get worse a lot of the house to do with the recent drought and the drought that we're still going through and with that drought killed a lot of vegetation and so that dead to taste and is prone to burning obviously climate change has made california extremely dry there are high winds every year and shoot to bursts of heavy rain during the winter i mean vegetation grows quickly but then drones out becoming perfect in different temperatures soar and the winds return but with
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a isn't the only factor over eighty percent of forest fires start due to human activity as opposed to say lightning strikes and faulty power lines are a big culprits california's main electricity company p.g. and e. is on the scrutiny alley the community of malibu where over four hundred structures were destroyed is barely visible from the air an additional factor is population pressure that leads to construction of homes in high fire risk areas what california needs most right now is rain but there's none for cost and a lot of people are interested in when the next rain event will be. we are not seeing any indication of precipitation in the next week and possibly through thanksgiving fine print conditions are here to stay californians for now can only try to adapt to what that governor is calling the new abnormal. tennis news
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now the season ending a.t.p. finals continued with chi and she korey heading into his round robin clash against kevin anderson on the high the japanese world number nine a defeated roger federer in straight sets but he was in for a shock gives the south africa. kevin anderson is the only debutantes in the i.t. pay funnels bus hey staked his claim for the top so with a devastating display against cory. the thirty two year old was relentless as he dominated mischa cory from the start not showing up wins in the first eleven games. and mr corey did his best to hand in the sin victory dishing out an incredible twenty four unforced errors. anderson sealed a convincing six love six one win. the south africa now has one foot in the semifinals. all right you're watching e.w.
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news why but from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company see you again soon everybody. had a big gun because because well i is i know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on
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a trip to cuba i would not have put myself and my parents danger to the tips to even sleep with.


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