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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2018 12:02am-12:16am CET

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all the months of deadlock the u.k. and a you would agree on the terms of the brig's it divorce sending the pound soaring against the euro meanwhile the crunch cabinet meeting awaits british prime minister theresa may as her colleagues is set to consider the plans which will make waves for economies on both sides of the channel also coming up once the apple of wall street's i now couple shares to drag down the markets dropping five percent in one day and made in europe germany says it wants europe to produce a third of the world's electric car backstreets wrestling market dominance away from asia. this is your business update on how the home frame but glad you could join me here a peon union and britain have struck a draw for a deal on the terms of a briggs it withdrawn agreement the withdraw an agreement includes how to guarantee
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there will be no physical border checks reintroduced in northern ireland a major sticking point in recent weeks british prime minister isa may scheduled a crunch cabinet meeting wednesday that faces stiff opposition from some of her colleagues. and e.u. ministers will be meeting as well to greenlight the latest for exit proposals businesses in both island and northern ireland are awaiting terms of the agreement with bated breath. cabin in taylor has worked at warrenpoint harbor for more than thirty years he's used to stress but now briggs it is bringing northern ireland second largest harbor to its biggest test yet. the operations manager needs only to take a few steps towards the pier to see the problem. where they stand in the u.k. who are looking to get a cost up out and all they can do is remember when there was
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a hard border before. and then it was that the lorries how do we have to get across the border the how to queue up to get their cut their people were cleared we don't know ourselves was going to how we're here between this country and that country what sort of border we're going to talk. about half of the free to riding at warrenpoint continues by land into the republic of ireland thanks to open borders roughly three hundred thousand vehicles pass through warrenpoint annually now brigs it is threatening what's become a critical part of many supply chains harder workers have little good to say about the london government the majority of northern ireland voted against briggs it is all there for stockton the harbor bloody year more. on the road is a year or two from of. the war and by the dublin they're also there that's already your money to link all the ports together so feeble as it was approaching trouble. even the harbor boss normally one to keep her poise says the hours later the
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uncertainty has become poisonous for all stakeholders but especially for northern ireland. i even think of a days done we'll still need a longer transition period because twenty one months is just very very short to put in so the seismic changes to supply teens in our thought that we're talking about home today in new systems. residents of warrenpoint are also concerned. the harbor is the heart of the regional economy. many business is located themselves here precisely for its proximity to the border the era of ira terror long past. shipping firms dread new bureaucratic hurdles which create new costs and deter customers. while at the moment no one is telling me what criteria we have to meet so it's almost like someone saying this is a new game that we are creating but we can't give you the rules yet. around eighty
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percent of all freight in warrenpoint comes from the u.k. the big question now is whether the regional harbor will survive brigs it or whether shipping routes between the two islands will be fundamentally altered. apple says tank's five percent in the united states dragging on the tech shares down all over the world on tuesday supplies of mobile phone parts it said that the largest customer widely believed to be out of office the couldn't to materially reduce shipments when investors now fear that apple's i phone is not selling as well as it had on the pasta apple's already under pressure off to posting disappointing earnings this month back then up will said that it would no longer report sales numbers for eight flagship smartphone investors criticized the decision fearing a lack of transparency in the company's bookkeeping. i want to bring in a financial course want to say fisherman skin now in new york sophie if you want to
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sell success as apple does he need those big numbers i phone sales all dwindling so how does the company win back that key investor confidence. well whatever they have been trying to do has been on order to get back their investors and cost them a confidence it isn't working very well the stock saw a huge decline earlier this week and while consumers asso buying the more expensive i phone says buying less of them and this became clear after apple reported earnings so the solution that apple seems to be thinking about is less transparency and opel diversifying and moving away from the flagship product i phone and roll the service business for example i think the trick here would be to become less dependent on i phone revenue and this is turning into an urgent matter because now supply is like lament some are saying a big client has asked to reduce shipments laments of this not mention apple by
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name but they did say that its guidance is due to a request from one of our largest customer. service months before us in new york so he can keep. germany has him on one billion euros to support an alliance of companies looking to produce bunch resells for electric cars now the measure has announced fine economy minister paid to outsmart the design to reduce the dependence of german call makers on asian resupplies says europe should aim to produce a third of world wide battery supplies by twenty thirty. the future of the automobile sector is electric a message that is finally hitting home in germany the country now has fifty four thousand electric cars on the road that's not many but twenty thousand more than just a year ago more and more german carmakers are producing electrochemical books wagon
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has announced a total sales target for all of its brands of three million units per year by twenty twenty five. but to meet those goals manufacturers need huge amounts of battery cells and there are not enough of them in germany the largest battery producers are in japan china and south korea and so far they have the market effectively cornered but that's all set to change the federal government now wants to invest a billion euros to promote battery cell production by twenty twenty one people. we want to put our horse power on the road we no longer want to simply finance research and talk about applications we want to set a tangible course for battery production on a large scale in europe. several companies are teaming up to build their own production facilities in germany up to now carmakers have shied away from the huge investments needed for battery cell production preferring instead to focus on
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meeting the costs of new electric and self driving models and stricter emission standards well here in germany buses are also struggling to read into action in the mobility market there are almost no my new factories all the lecture buses in germany and launch the pla is remain reluctant to enter the market that's making it hard to see he has to clean up emissions and things of very different in the chinese city of sense that. most drivers are doing appreciates the quiet drive and her electric bus she doesn't miss the old diesel model a bit. that's a toll that this cause is easy to operate so work is now more relaxed and it's very good for the environment. chansons fleet of sixteen thousand buses is now completely electric that's unique for a city of its size the high tech metropolis made the switch in just three years the public transport systems control center keeps an eye out to ensure everything runs smoothly it also tracks charge levels and the batteries of every vehicle they're
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charging depos in different parts of the city it takes them around four hours to charge of buses batteries completely then they have a range of around two hundred fifty kilometers and overnight charges sufficient to keep the big vehicles rolling all day on most routes the drive to make the switch came from policymakers and i don't see without subsidies it never would have happened this fast because initial investment is much higher and a lot of companies wouldn't have been able to handle it. most of the buses were built by b y d a shuns and based manufacturers specialized in electric vehicles each bus was subsidized to the tune of one hundred twenty thousand euros about two thirds of the purchase price china wants to cut pollution in its urban centers and gain a leg up in the field at the same time demand is rising. she says what i'm at first we had to convince customers but now they all see the advantages of collect
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from ability and they're coming here from all over the country from the big metropolises but also from small cities in the provinces in the windows. b. y. d. is also selling buses to cities abroad london as a customer other new projects are also being tested engines and like a mono rail and the city is aiming to be a pioneer in the transport again soon it's seeking to make the entire fleet of taxis electric by the end of twenty eighteen. and finally a seventy year old grandfather in polk among go fund has gone viral off the he attached fifteen phones days by scotti catchable shyness and yuan first learned about the game from his grandson who's been playing it since twenty sixty a massive set up he built to catch the rarest of the virtual creatures on the streets of taiwan cost eighty five thousand dollars. is the world's biggest or vented reality gaming hates and in its animated creature is
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a pale and device screens in real occasions. that's it for me the business team here in ballin thanks for your company and seems. odd. cut. cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut. cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut.
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