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this is news live from berlin u.k. prime minister theresa may has finally agreed on a break to deal with the e.u. negotiators. but as she has from ten downing street to parliament one question hangs in the air. temperature original prime minister if you take the minister still has not secured the backing off her own government shill discussed the deal with cabinet ministers that are crunch meeting this afternoon it's likely to be a tough sell. also coming up hopes of a diplomatic breakthrough in yemen where war has pushed the country to starvation
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we go to the north of the country where people are surviving on leaves. and authorities tackling california's worst wildfire disaster say they're starting to get the upper hand but the death toll is nearing fifty yes forensic teams step up the grim search for human remains. and new worries about germany's economic boom as the economy shrinks for the first time in years we'll tell you what's behind it because. i'm serious oh my god it's good to have you with us after nearly eighteen months of negotiations u.k. prime minister theresa may has reached a draft agreement with european union negotiators on the u.k.'s exit from the bloc no may is the answer to questions in parliament right now on the deal we have a live pictures of that taking place at the. and i believe we're going to listen in
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for just a moment socialism office. way was . there on my own i'm a friend is absolutely right the reference is yes to this because they showed more people in work than ever before they showed the female unemployment rate at a record level and he as he says the cost is wage growth in nearly a decade because can i say one of the friend that is also on top of thinkers last week that showed our economy growing three times faster than the euro south africa ha the share is jobs all no hourly pay at a record. and the number of children in workplace households to record but you only get that if you only get that i could conservative management i had my
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way yet i mean over and i hate was thank you mr speaker after the true year is over bungled negotiations from what we know of the from what we know the government's to you it's a failure and it. was it doesn't deliver outbreaks it for the whole country. preaching is. if necessary i'll say it again and again to members on both saw it so far house voices must be heard i happen to know the other of visitors from overseas and the gallery let's try to impress them all to no i mean any with. us but without to see mr jenner make coby in the it breaches the prime minister's own red lines it doesn't deliver a strong economic value all that supports jobs and industry and we know they have.
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prepared seriously for no deal so does the prime minister's still intend to put a false choice to parliament between who a botched jail or no jail right this. guy say to the right on which and one that he's wrong in the description that he set out because i also say to him time and time again he is going up in this house and complained and said that the government is making progress the government isn't anywhere close to a deal now where we're making progress and close to a daily second plane that. i just thank i think i think what clearly shows is that he and the labor party have only one intention that is to frustrate backstage and to try to thank you to me. mr speaker off to the other shambles of the last two years of negotiations and promises should look to herself in this jazz and managed to convince quite a lot of people behind thank you we'll miss
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thank the rial minister resigned last week saying to preserve the nation with a choice between two deeply unattractive outcomes vassalage and chaos is a failure british craft on a scale unseen since the su is crisis and that from a tory m.p. . you know you usually breaks it negotiates a report to be told to twenty seven european ambassadors the u.k. must align their rules but the e.u. will retrain all the controls is that a fair summary of the prime minister's deal prime minister can i say to right honorable gentleman as i have said all along throughout these negotiations what we are doing is negotiation a good deal for the united kingdom we've got thank you negotiating a deal that delivers on the face of the british people the takes but control of our money or of the waters. that he shows we leave the common fisheries policy we need
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a customs union we need to come out to cultural policy we preach that we protect jobs we protect security and we protect the integrity of the united kingdom and i mean this is figure under the prime minister's deal we're going to spend years with . laws for how our money is spent. and trade secretary said last week the decision to withdraw from any bike shop agreement could not be contracted to somebody else can the prime minister confirm whether under good deal it will be the solving right of the u.k. parliament to unilaterally withdraw from any backstop. and that is i say to the right on which we need to be a backstop is an insurance policy. that needs to be a backstop as an insurance policy but neither side actually wants us to be in the box store because we want to bring the future relationship into place at the end of
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december two thousand and twenty and i'm aware of the concerns of all that we don't want to be in a position where the european union would find it comfortable to keep the united kingdom in the banks don't put them at rates and that's why anybody stop has to be temporary here. is the exchange you're watching here is a prime minister's questions are saying theresa may take questions from labor leader germany corporon this is as theresa may is that trying to convey senior ministers to accept the draft divorce deal from the e.u. german club and they're saying this breaks all of the p.m.'s only red lines theresa may saying this is a good deal for the u.k. and that the labor simply want to frustrate brags that from the very beginning now lawmakers will also meet we have a say on the deal but right now there is one major drawback as it's showing here it's not clear if she her own government will actually back up she was due to hold an emergency cabinet meeting later today faces potential opposition to the deal from. both cabinet breaks at backers and ministers who would prefer to remain in
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the european union acceptable for members to review but you still missed a great thing one by one they were called for an audience with the prime minister to be out after months of stalled talks and false starts a moment of bragg's it truth. arriving in downing street to resume a chief enforcer said the end was near to be interesting some arms respect. we are getting closer to a deal he told reporters. as ministers filed out their white smiles but tight let. everything until now the main sticking point has been how to keep the u.k.'s only land border with the european union the irish border open after bragg's it early reports suggest the u.k. has agreed to stay in a temporary trading bloc with the european union. as the briefings were going on inside doning street the pressure was piling on from the outside this is highly
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unlikely to be the right deal for britain but we've made it clear throughout but if it doesn't satisfy our conditions will be voting against it inside parliament the deal took a hammer in from all sides of the political divide we're going to stay in the customs union we're going to stay fit to be in large parts of the of the single market and that means it's basson states we are going to for the first time in a thousand years this place this parliament will not have a say over the law that govern this country it is splitting families to just around the corner morris johnson's brother joe was making the case for a second referendum. hundreds turned out to hear former england football or gary lineker interviewed joe johnson on why he wants a so-called people's vote. in the end there where cheers in
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westminster last night just not for breaks and. let's bring in did have his nicole reese has been covering the latest developments for us in london hi nicole good to see you let's talk first about this deal hundreds of pages long what do we actually know about the details in the state to deal. well little do we know about that the details that are written in this drop what we have seen is that it is causing a lot of turmoil before we even know the details it's supposed to be five hundred pages long document that outlines the relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. and how it will look like in the future also covering one crucial point which is the issue of the north and. the border in northern ireland between northern on it and the republic of ireland now this has been on the table for quite a couple of months now and most only room is that the moment that that will be coming costs and agreements that cease that order checks will be avoided and that
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also could see some special provisions for northern ireland so that would be very interesting news indeed that's been on the table for some time now that's hard to call it really has been one of the main sticking points in keeping getting a deal going forward and where do things stand for theresa may we were just watching prime minister's questions she clearly is facing some opposition does she have the support she needs from her cabinet. that is indeed a good question i mean she's trying to get the support of a cabinet minister but she is even somebody yesterday she needed to be to put all would have plans and to get that backing if that is the case we will see today and it will prove difficult because there are always some pro bricks administered in her cabinet or someone else well us remain us who might not like the ideas of this drop if it goes full with though that she would need to pass it through her colleagues in brussels they would need to sign off this dropped as well and then
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there's still one more hurdle left that's the problem and now the party doesn't have the majority in this autumn and she would need to rely on partners such as the democratic unionist party from northern ireland who have always been critical of her but also labor is in the position and her own very own conservative colleagues so this still a lot of hurdles to take. your parliament does seem to be a big hurdle right now nicola as you said they don't have the majority how strong is the opposition with hardliners like boris johnson planning to derail this deal a forest johnson is always there when there is abuse of outbreaks and he was one of the biggest ones to pop up on t.v. yesterday to say that a cabinet minister should check out these plans that theresa may ask is also a labor party who always is likely to oppose her and ollivant and then again the democratic unionist party from northern ireland they always of fear that she might
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cause a division of the country which is something they want to avoid at any cost will rise in the reporting for us from london thank you nicole. now to some other stories making news around the world israel's defense minister says he is resigning over a cease fire agreement with palestinian militants in gaza after lieberman called the deal brokered by egypt a capitulation to terror his shock announcement significantly weakens prime minister benjamin netanyahu government of the cease fire follows a deadly escalation and cross border violence in the wake of an israeli raid in gaza over the weekend. political crisis has intensified after lawmakers voted out the country's newly appointed prime minister in a heated session the move follows a decision by the country's top court to suspend a presidential order to dissolve parliament and hold fresh elections my head there
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rajapaksa was appointed prime minister last month after the president kicked out his predecessor u.s. vice president mike pence has told me in mar leader aung san suu kyi there is no excuse for the violence that's caused hundreds of thousands of muslims to flee her country pence was meeting sochi on the sidelines of a regional summit he also pressed for the release of two jailed workers journalists . to yemen now where diplomatic efforts to end fighting around the key port of are intensifying that's what the united nations ratchets up calls for peace talks between the rival saudi and iran backed factions in the civil war the hard data is crucial to supplying millions of starving in menus with shipments of food and other aid since the battle for the port began those shipments have slowed adding to what the u.n. says is the world's worst humanitarian crisis aleksandr stenciled traveled to the northern region how people are so desperate for food they've resorted to eating leaves these people harvesting their lunch.
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leaves from the plant and a new bridge now runs. did you know we have to. one thing i am we haven't had help from any organization. i asked time and again if they could help the families suffering because of the war. the dear family fled the military offensive by the saudi coalition against hooty rebels and ended up in the remote region of hunter perjurer is not far from the yemeni capital sanaa only two hundred twenty kilometers but the mountains here are more than two thousand meters high the saudi air force destroyed and damaged many roads so getting relief aid to this area is very difficult that's why the
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dear family are eating leaves for lunch the meager food source does not satisfy their nutritional needs the children are weak and often fall ill. and i'm the one when my husband still had a job we could buy all sorts of things rice fish chicken milk juice anything. i leave i feel really high yet. the dear family are not alone. the central hospital and treats many malnourished children when they're able to reach it local pediatricians say transport haitian is the main problem. one of them after the many people are sick but just can't get to the hospital and had. no organization exists that helps people get to the hospital and that's why
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the death rate has risen. the children that do receive treatment at least have a chance of surviving. but for some the treatment comes too late. many end up dying at the hospitals. yet there be another the number of malnourished children so far this year is already higher than it was in twenty seventeen different from posh. any him and a child dies unnecessarily every ten minutes according to the aid organization unicef almost two million children are seriously malnourished due to the war in yemen a lack of medical supplies aggravates an already dramatic humanitarian crisis the doctors cannot treat everyone and have to set priorities. he and his many children
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experienced this firsthand at the hard refugee camp. now via a living conditions a very bad for children always getting sick but when we take them to the doctors they don't receive any treatment because only the very serious cases are accepted. among the son meets up with his friends. here in the mountains of howto football as one of the boys a few pleasures. i guess my friends and i hope we can go to school again. now we only play football i was in the third grade when my family and i have a home now we are displaced. as. it is the children in yemen who have been most damaged by the war many have lost years of both physical and intellectual development.
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thousands of firefighters are still battling to contain blazes across northern and southern california authorities say they are starting to gain the upper hand but the threat is far from over at least forty eight people have been killed in the worst fires in the state's history and hundreds are missing national guard troops have been dispatched to help search for human remains in the town of paradise. this is what's left of paradise in northern california the fire and gulf a town so quickly that many people have no time to escape now teams of forensic scientists are sifting through the rubble searching for human remains. they're finding the bodies of some victims in and around the wreckage of cars a grim reminder of last desperate efforts to free the flames. one person who made a narrow escape was nineteen year old patty saunders. everywhere we went it was
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fire all around all sides in front of and then we kept stopping we couldn't go to drop it would stop and then we finally got to a place where you couldn't go forward or backward but i looked up and i saw the fire department a big sign paradise and a beautiful angel farm there with a big goals and he was bringing everything he was making up ours cool off. nearly a quarter of a million people in california have been forced to leave their homes because of the fires in the last week. as firefighters appear to get a handle on the worst of the blazes and workers start repairing the damage to roads and other infrastructure thousands are now being allowed to return to their communities but of thora the state at the crisis is not yet over. we are not out of the woods yet we still have some incredibly tough conditions ahead of us please as has been said in the past please remain vigilant stay tuned to your local
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media outlets we will let you know of any changing conditions. this warning comes as one fire flared up again in the santa monica mountains in southern california. firefighters were eventually able to beat it back but they said the vegetation is so dry that you could catch it again at any time. monica's with us for business now in monaco we don't see this often but some worrying news for the german economy we were used to stella figures right but not so today it is in fact the first contraction for europe's power engine in more than three years the german economy shrank ciro point two percent in the third quarter more than expected growth was stifled by global trade disputes and problems with the auto industry analysts say the data is another wake up call that stable growth is by no means a given. exports were down and imports up in the third quarter that's trouble for
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an economy built on strong exports a major part of the problem has been a bottleneck in car deliveries by german automakers the result of new more rigorous you emissions rules but there are other issues political ones global trade disputes are threatening the bottom lines of german companies both b.m.w. and dime were cited trade uncertainty in their latest earnings reports briggs it is also threatening a chunk of german business with the u.k. analysts still believe the german economy will grow this year but the news figures show that the country's political stability and low unemployment with a weak euro currency don't guarantee a strong economy. like few other nations the german economy relies on overseas consumption at a time of growing uncertainty it only makes sense that it's feeling the pinch. from orange claimants who is president of the institute a likeness institute for economic research at the university of munich thank you so much for joining us the german economy contracting for the first time in years how
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serious is it. that it is quite clear that the economy is cooling down but we shouldn't overstate these numbers we shouldn't panic there is a special effect the car registrations about swine consumption has gone down this is a transitory effect so this will come back at the same time there are growing risks we see in our company surveys companies feel growing uncertainty this is related to brag that this is related to the trade conflict with the us and to the italian situation which may lead us into a financial crisis possibly so there is growing uncertainty the economy is cooling down but we are not falling into recession i think that would be exaggerated now you just mentioned italy you mentioned bracks it's you mentioned the global trade tensions they should be united states all of these outside factors how is germany how is industry supposed to deal with it. well there is little either
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industry or the government can do about that the influence is very limited of cause negotiating with the u.s. and so on is important at the same time industry can only adjust to the by looking for other markets to export too besides the us are changing production structures producing more locally but we shouldn't forget that the domestic economy is very strong at the moment we have a record levels of employment growing wages we have a booming construction will could reveal flaws in the finance sector and that there could even be a new financial crisis your thoughts on that. i don't think a new financial crisis will come out of the german banking sector at the same time we need to bear in mind there profitability is low in the banking sector more consolidation is probably needed in particular smaller banks are getting under pressure through regulation which is becoming ever more complicated so these are
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factors but i think if there is a national crisis on the horizon it will probably come from italy where banks are under pressure and where the government is under pressure that claim is that is the president of the evil institute likeness institute for economic research at the university of new nick thank you so much for your time thank you. ok from crisis to something beautiful and precious and very very costly a nineteen carriage pink diamond sold for forty four million euros at auction house christie's in the swiss city of geneva known as the pink legacy the jewels sized intense color and cut brought in a bid that smashed the previous record for prized carriage in the category large diamonds are extremely rare and high demand has led to stratospheric prices those the millers stones recently put up for sale.
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you could look into. and we'll wrap up now in russia where several pedestrian pranksters had a very creative way to get around some pesky regulations and cross a bridge that's closed to foot traffic but used onlookers filmed as the source of the hold up on of lot of all stocks vehicle only bridge came into view for people dressed as a makeshift yellow bus as a makeshift yellow bus didn't get very far before they were busted by a security guard it's not clear whether the stunt was a protestors were a prank there was public outcry in twenty fifteen when local authorities ruled the crossing would be off limits to pedestrians. and now a reminder of the top story we're following for you. u.k. prime minister the reason there has been answering questions in parliament out of
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the draft breaks that agreement reached with european union negotiators she is due to hold an emergency cabinet meeting later today and pastes potential opposition to the deal from both cabinet to bricks and backers and ministers who would prefer to remain in the e.u. this is the news don't forget you can get to use the go or just download it. the op a problem of how to play all from the uk a story that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the details of your app to send us photos and video if so. what did all the news thanks for joining.
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