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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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exclusive report starts nov seventeenth w. this is huge every news luxembourg u.k. prime minister theresa may has finally agreed on a break to deal with the e.u. negotiators but as she has from ten downing street to parliament one question hangs in the. heart of hearts we're told the prime minister of the u.k. prime minister still has not secured the backing of her own government she'll
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discuss the deal with cabinet ministers at a crunch meeting this afternoon and it is likely to be a tough sell. also coming up preserving the diversity of life with natural habitats under threat worldwide climate change experts are gathering in egypt to push through an action plan for the next decade. and voters in the canadian city of calgary rejected a bid to host the twenty twenty six winter olympics that's despite widespread nostalgia over calgary's hosting of the games back in one nine hundred eighty eight . i'm sorry someone's got to welcome to the show after nearly eighteen months of negotiations u.k. prime minister theresa may has reached a draft agreement with the european union negotiated on the u.k.'s exit from the bloc she told parliament the u.k. was significantly closer to delivering on the result of. brags and vote but she
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faces opposition from m.p.'s on all sides without labor leader jeremy corbyn calling the deal a failure in its own terms lawmakers will ultimately have a say on the deal but first may is expected to face more opposition from her own cabinet ministers later today she's holding a crunch meeting will show try to win the ministers backing for the deal let's listen to some of the exchange in parliament earlier it doesn't deliver a strong economic do you all that supports jobs and industry and we know they haven't prepared seriously for no deal so does the prime minister's still intend to board a false choice to parliament between who a botched jail or no jail right. now and say to the right on which and one that he's wrong in the description that he set out because i also say to him time and time again you don't stop in this house and complained and said that the government is making progress the government isn't anywhere close to
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a deal no way we're making progress and close to a deal he's complaining about. it i just say i think i think but clearly shows he and the labor party have only one intention that is to frustrate brecht's it and try to. yes i mean. let's bring in nicole richie is covering the latest brags the developments for us in london hi nicole do we know more about what actually is in this deal. while i know little about this trough but as we could already hear right now the eat a song it has lots of turmoil of in london it is supposed to be a legal text of more than five hundred pages which outlines the future relationship between the u.k. and the u. and which touches on one of the most important issues in these discussions which is the irish border now we have heard in the pasco for weeks that actually ninety five percent of the want to as the two of them were negotiating all sorted bought the
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irish border so the lacking five percent are supposed to be in this document and convert in this document and if we if we remember both parties the e.u. and the u.k. want to avoid a hard order which we in the u.k. is northern ireland and the e.u. . is that. this might be right. and that there might be a customs arrangement for the whole of the u.k. which special treatment for. that would be very interesting indeed. already there was no recent reporting for us there in london and we apologize for the quality of that line. not some other stories making headlines around the world israel's defense minister says he is resigning over a cease fire agreement with palestinian militants in gaza have a door lieberman called the deal brokered by egypt
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a capitulation to terror his shock announcement significantly weakens prime minister benjamin netanyahu government now the ceasefire follows the deadly escalation and cross border violence in the wake of an israeli raid in gaza over the weekend. political crisis has intensified after lawmakers voted out the country's newly appointed prime minister in a heated session the move follows a decision by the country's top court to suspend a presidential order to dissolve parliament and hold fresh elections. that was appointed prime minister last month after the president kicked out his predecessor . u.s. vice president mike pence has told me in modern leader aung san suu kyi there is no excuse for the violence that's caused hundreds of thousands of poor hinshaw muslims to flee her country was meeting sochi on the sidelines of a regional summit he also pressed for the release of two jailed reuters journalists . thousands of firefighters are still battling to contain blazes across northern and southern california authorities say they are starting to gain the upper hand
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but the threat is far from over at least forty eight people have been killed in the worst fires in the state's history and hundreds are missing national guard troops have been dispatched to help search for human remains in the town of paradise. this is what's left of paradise in northern california defying go to town so quickly that many people have no time to escape. now teams of forensic scientists to sifting through the rubble searching for human remains. finding the bodies of some victims in and around the wreckage of cars a grim reminder of last desperate efforts to free the flames. one person who made a narrow escape was nineteen year old patty saunders. everywhere we went it was all around all sides in front of and then we kept stopping we couldn't go to traffic
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would stop and then we finally got to a place where you couldn't go forward or backward but had looked up and i saw the fire department a big sign paradise in a beautiful angel farm and with a big goals and he was bringing everything he was making up cool off. nearly a quarter of a million people in california have been forced to leave their homes because of the fires in the last week. as firefighters appear to get a handle on the worst of the blazes and workers start repairing the damage to roads and other infrastructure thousands are now being allowed to return to their communities but authorities say that the crisis is not yet over. we are not out of the woods yet we still have some incredibly tough conditions ahead of us please as has been said in the past please remain vigilant stay tuned to your local media outlets we will let you know of any changing conditions. this warning comes
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as one fire flared up again in the santa monica mountains in southern california. firefighters were eventually able to beat it back but they said the vegetation is so dry that you could catch it again at any time. delegates from around the world are gathering in egypt today to talk about progress on the u.n. convention on biodiversity it's a landmark agreement signatories have committed to targets for protecting the diversity of life on earth today plenty of initiatives are in place to help meet that goal they include an aqua farming project in madagascar that cultivates sea cucumber. only during the full moon or new moon is the tide low enough that's when the aquaculture farmers of time called obey head to their enclosures to take inventory workers from the n.g.o.s blue ventures monitor the animals growth this is the group that first proposed raising c.q.
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cumbers to the villagers ten years ago once the preachers reach four hundred grams their ready for sale yet. there are rules for maintaining the enclosure but exam we devised them with the famous for example no when me and another farmers enclosure without his or her permission and fishing of any kind is banned. crabs are the one exception they can be caught because otherwise that eat the sea cucumber as well these rules serve to protect the city. before aqua culture began here hardly any fish were left in this lagoon today there is a greater variety of fish snails and crabs that's because sea cucumber is act like natural filters by ingesting sand they purify it removing organic waste micro algae and bacteria. in a country where seventy percent of the population lives in poverty the village is
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experiencing some rare prosperity thanks to c.q. cumbers. said effie and kitty was one of the first aquaculture farmers here in two thousand and nine. before the sea cucumber farm started i had no way to raise my standard of living. he will heal since i got my own enclosure i've had enough money to send my two children to school and i've bought a few nice things for my house. and i have a herd of goats now the go to. feed. the farmers pay sixteen cents for the new born sea creatures but after nine months of eating their way through the sand the now mature sea cucumbers are worth a dollar thirty in asia and elsewhere dried c.-q. cumbers are a delicacy cultivating them benefits not only the farmers but the entire bay and
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all its marine life. to thailand now with the death of a child who had participated in the kick boxing matches sparked a debate over the country's national sport the boy was thirteen years old and that fought more than one hundred seventy matches when he died reportedly from a fatal brain hemorrhage it's common for children to start practicing thai boxing at a young age and organizers insist that things should stay the way they are. the so-called all out of eight games white toy is thailand's national sport where he started fighting a new church was just eight years old he was thirteen when he died of head injuries suffered during a fight his death has ignited a national debate about the rules and dangers of the sport with legislation being considered that would see under twelve's banned from competitive fighting a new uncle is a boxing coach himself and he believes it's time for regulation. he found that. for me i think it's important to have protective gear we should have protective gear
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for children under twelve. but those seemingly modest proposals face organized opposition from a lobby that believes regulation would destroy more time because this case an anomaly and says that fighters have to start young a new choose death has laid bare the dangers involved. voters in the canadian city of calgary have dealt a blow to the international olympic committee and its struggle to find host cities for future olympic games to say it's referendum there produced a solid victory for the no side as residents demanded the city withdraw a bid to host the twenty twenty six games calgary has hosted the winter olympics before back in one thousand nine hundred eight but this time worries about the cost of the event led fifty six percent of voters to reject the proposed bid. has a water as more of a non-binding vote that the city council is expected to follow its own internal six hour warmly welcome. it was
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a companion marked with joy fear and emotional debate with the yes side extremely well funded in comparison to the no complain that heard very little money. calgary's legacy was changed by hosting the hugely successful winter games in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the prospect of reviving the spiking twenty eighteen s polarized the people you know i've always dreamed of sharing on the podium singing the national anthem with the metal pipe to think that every twenty twenty six years here in calgary if there is an exact same situation i was standing on top of the forty zero zero national anthem is a very exciting prospect but at the polls not everyone was so positive i'm voting no today because i don't believe city council has presented us with a budget that is accurate and i'm worried that taxpayers are going to be paying for this for the next twenty to thirty years the i.o.c. has struggled a lot in recent years to find cities willing to spend billions to host the games
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recently they come up with a new plan the olympic agenda twenty twenty claiming to reduce costs for hosts they keep on telling people to keep on telling potential host cities that they've changed but there's no evidence that they've changed. ultimately the cost of over three billion euros was simply too high the answer calgary was no. the no here from calgary marks another low point for the future of the olympic games popular support is shrinking but she leaves the bidding process to those countries willing to host the games either way with or without the democratic support of the population. and just as calgary was turning down the chance to host the olympics bit organizers for the special olympics here in berlin were celebrating their selection to host the special olympic games in twenty twenty three berlin edged out moscow for the right to stage what's called the world's
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largest inclusive sporting event for people with intellectual disabilities. you're watching did n.p.r. news still to come is germany's economic boom in trouble the country's economy has shrunk for the first time in years so is it a temporary setback or part of a larger trend. gardell first we'll have that story for you coming right up in business. or digital more years. for women for internet activists one mission the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and violence they do called the powers of social media.
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their messages are spreading like wildfire social media for the.


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