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tv   Doc Film - Under the Skin - Russias Women  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2018 4:15pm-5:00pm CET

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the no here from calgary max another low point for the future of the olympic games popular support is shrinking but she leaves the bidding process to those. level we were. when we won it now eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship. and. we still mourning my dream was to sail around the world on ships. but our state
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thinks it has the right to decide where and how women should work it up with. the e.u. . but. probably still running out of our top manager told me privately that the rules of the game have changed but he told me my cheeks were too fast and my breasts were too big for international flights but i disagree new to this edition of the woman can't be a woman unless she has certain proportions.
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and i still feel sick but very many time in essex and russia are exposed to abuse from men on the internet they get messages from crazy men who threaten them write them disgusting stuff and humiliate them. yeah go out of those who say i can telling women i hope this is the last time you ever feel pain feels a bit and that something like this never happens again in the us most of the girls are for. their. guilt.
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in a city with over one million inhabitants in southwest russia. live . doesn't it should have a chance to look. back at all the really hot and you. hear. the women say zhenya makes them beautiful again she gives them hope free of charge . and i spoke as the mother of the woman nothing in our country works the way all through how do you fight that. everyone fights alone the way they safe it was junior fights in her own way. she works for a good cause this problem. they have come to support jenny and her project she tattoos women who have been abused by men tattoos that hide scars
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blemishes and bad memories. that showed no theater cut it was a story. i covered those scars with a tattoo to help them forget the scar. and the leave this in your mind every trauma every shock leaves its mark what jean your provides is not only beautification but also support the women tell her what they've been through and they feel supported by her. big numbers genius like a psychologist and the kids to know that you know what jenny's dream is to ride a motorcycle right across russia offering free tattoos to women who have experienced violence at the hands of man. what another woman that inspired me today. that my friends came out that there are people who support me but they're.
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the fundraising concert for jenea is a first step towards fulfilling her big dream. svetlana medvedev also has a dream she wants to be a ship's captain. she has been fighting for her goal in court for five years despite having trained as a captain with distinction she has been repeatedly rejected without any explanation . it would have been really hurt my feelings. because i had so many expectations so many dreams that i had all the necessary papers but they accepted the men's applications not mine. that was the real insult. i left the fleet and worked as a painter. in russia women are banned from working in more than four hundred fifty professions to become a captain spreta needs to have worked as
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a mechanic first and that is forbidden for women. not what they are allegedly due to concerns for women's safety but no exact explanation is given russia's very patriarchal a few men just sat down and put together this list of jobs that are forbidden for women and the prime minister simply signed it that. the town of samarra spreta sister always accompanies her to court although the family actually opposed spatters legal appeal then expects the verdict to come in a few days' time. back in january talks about her project. every monday she offers free tattoos to abused women. the women find jenea via the internet we sent her photos of vast scars and make an appointment with.
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what is in or just one was slashed with a knife multiple times. the guy assaulted her pressed her to the ground and hit her all she barely survived. stab wounds gunshot wounds. scars caused by men who pushed their girlfriends in front of a motorcycle poured boiling water over them or attacked them with an axe. today is monday and alia has arrived to get a tattoo. she has a long scar on her stomach. that is what jenny is going to conceal it with a lily. let's really badly i woke up every hour my general why probably because of my nerves at around one am i had to get up
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a drama. question are you afraid or are you feeling. it can't be worse than what i went through back then that's for sure. specter is now in a courtroom in samara this is the last stage in her long fight for equality for now she finally wants to be allowed to work as a captain and even has the united nations on her side they have called on russia to abolish the employment bans for women. we've been fighting for five years all we're asking for is one thing an admission that i was discriminated against. will the court accept this demand specter has written countless letters to the president to ministers and official bodies.
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this list legally excludes women from almost five hundred professions. the sole aim is to prevent them from competing with men. who. could create or. things are a bit different here in the air travel industry russia's state airline aeroflot warmly welcomed women on board provided they are young charming and attractive enough that is. if gainey magri know and iran or europe belong to a group of flight attendants who jokingly call themselves old fat and ugly they say russia is waging a new war against women in which they like hundreds of other female colleagues are the losers are the. management called me into have photos taken. only
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now do i realize how humiliating that was first a portrait. then a full body photo. i also had to stand at an angle then we were divided up like cattle and they decided which cattle was allowed to fly where the. aeroflot stated publicly that passengers wanted slender women and men on the other hand would remain free from conditions on their body size. in russia stewardesses a weirdly seen as models. yes models. women who put up with indecent behavior and who are supposed to look sexy but the whole purpose of an airline is just to get you safely from a to b. . where gania and the rena were demoted for not being slim enough they took an a flight to court and one now the airline is not allowed to prescribe a dress signs for female fight attendants or or for.
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food but after we won in court nothing changed they simply stopped using me as a senior stewardess but when you got the bill up it became unbearable psychologically it was terrible but the constant pressure they tried to turn our colleagues against us especially the younger ones. there was one laughter company the other is no longer allocated to the better paid international flights despite her twenty years professional experience discrimination against women appears to be par for the course in russia women are banned from more professions than any other country in the world a new law has been drafted on equal rights but parliament has been sitting on it for us. to take google when i spoke to the company's russian office it turned out that they had no one covering equal opportunities google has equality offices everywhere except in russia the concept has still to gain
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a foothold here but it seems russia remains reluctant to address equal opportunities. to two experts jenea says the country is not keen to talk openly about male violence either the man who caused only a scar was a distant relative she was seventeen when it happened he was drunk. he tried just. triangle be a he said either you sleep with me or i'll kill you. i was able to tell myself free and wanted to protect myself so i screamed i'll stab myself if you touch me he said you won't do that you're too scared to go on then he came towards me and i stabbed myself in the belly. the wound was deep bought her abuser
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kept her in prison for several more hours. he sat on me and held a knife to my throat he said you want to die fine. i was no longer afraid and said i said kill me. then he went to the door and threw the knife towards me. it landed on a cushion next to me but. it's estimated that every year over fourteen thousand women are killed in domestic violence in russia genya says the figure is actually much higher. younger mr. probably there more i think the problem is one of mentality. and the further away from the capital the higher the unemployment and the more alcoholics there are the worse it gets. all the hopes that the lily will bring her
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fertility she's not been able to become pregnant since the knife injury twelve years ago. some are are on the revolver. spared her looks at the river and her dream of captaining a ship. is making the plan you're always there for the put it. in the beginning i wanted to go to see. them and then i settled for the river. the river is good but it's not to see. it yet. now i have a family. but maybe i'll make it to the sea one day. and michael. specter is a qualified captain and a single mother her husband left her early on for another woman some men supporter in her struggle she says but others are asked only when she would finally quit her
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job. they say it's more difficult to work under a woman because we're a patriarchal country even if everyone talks about equality men find it hard to obey a woman really strong at the feet. of . the fountain of the seven girls into from according to legend they were kidnapped by cars i pried as and drowned in a lake as they fled from their tormentors. this is she's a sadist sadomasochist i mean. how else can you explain it. but instead of talking about more respect for women she insists that they should be spanked with
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a smile on their faces good luck recently to the court. the russian parliament including a number of arch conservative female m.p.'s has passed a new law in future men will no longer be prosecuted the first time they hit a woman the first offense is now only regarded as a misdemeanor. you know these women in parliament are not represent women on the street not at all. i represent the interests of russian women. because i see what happens when these female pilots three women they're all victims of violence have contacted genya requesting a tattoo. cartier once visited genya herself just what she had a scar on her hand inflicted by her ex-boyfriend. i'm not talking he pushed
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me yell or i fell into the balcony door and hurt myself pretty badly on the broken glass. it left a huge ugly scar. but don't want to just go they got worse and worse he kept on assaulting me until i found the strength to leave him my youngest lice you. had to assure. him to keep my bed few people in my life who are like cheney or she's good hearted helpful and selfless discourage snap so you know with. the thirteen hour drive to samarra to tattoo abused women for free. genya never imagine so many women from all over russia would contact our.
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domestic violence occurs in every second or third family here in russia. it's normal. that's what russian guys ally. or perhaps they become violent because they're disappointed with their lives or angry with the government or then they become violent in order to at least feel they're successful somewhere. i don't know how to explain it really. but i would just. say i'm a new school year begins strata is a single parent sister and her mother help out. the typical family
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here in russia where divorce rates are high and gender roles. so clearly defined. well not. really just written here it's very rare for a man to take care of the children a woman can go to work and do virtually everything men do but she looks after her children alone picks them up from kindergarten school does the housework and the cooking but also goes to work. women do everything in russia i. mention here but i seriously feel it's. in the soviet union families with children enjoyed round the clock support. yet today child benefits are so complicated to apply for that matter is given up. look at the state plays hardly any role in raising children just two hundred roubles in child benefit of the state simply doesn't take care of families. a village street party in parts
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west better lives. the court is expected to announce a verdict in a few days' time inspector could be able to start a new life as a captain on the volga. rather i support women who want to become captains we need women to be present everywhere and even be allowed to become president. other women call stretta a feminist for many people in russia. back on the stick that set our ways tells us her grandmother was a tractor driver a man that's just about everything. a little a woman is a woman and a woman should be an enigma and not an open book or captains a captain a public person. a woman can't do that she should be more modest in the way. it was growth in the gap with the media that that better to be with men is captains
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are always so real. liable and smart looking. at the rules and they have to be able to say catalytically with strength and willpower and a woman doesn't have them with the man is always the leader in life the head of the family he's stronger a woman well we're created from the river of man so we should step aside and not climb up the career ladder and be ahead of the man all the time we hear in the world wars the. specter is familiar with these prejudices her own family was against her career choice. when they couldn't do it all i don't care what people think this is my life and i lead it the way i choose which.
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the way i choose could also be a motto for lawyer nordic and all the shop of all of they challenge to booze in russian society and spray feminism or death on the war. a few men look on. feminism is seen as a western idea in russia. absolutely people here don't understand the meaning of feminism and those who do understand it reject it because of the patriarchal power structures in society now we're also being inoculated with religion soon women will have no say at all. the two d.j.'s and art students create their own fashion designs on that t. shirts they call for more openness on menstruation and pubic hair. they have underwear with logos such as welcome to the jungle or madonna's hit like a virgin promoting
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a woman's right to her own sexual desires talking about these issues they say is considered improper in russia. and that they were. on the one hand women are supposed to be super housewives faithful submissive gentle innocent eternally young and always at home in the kitchen on the other hand we have to be sexy where provocative dresses and high heels all dolled up. the proceeds from the carrier bag go to women's shelters it is estimated that every second woman in russia experiences sexual violence or harassment society the activists explained he's becoming increasingly sexist and at the same time increasingly conservative. i think burton is the patriarchate the patriarchy is putin's whole ideology. on international women's day march the eighth hootin visits the center for premier
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of babies. on this day tough men show their soft side and hand out flowers to women the tradition goes back to the soviet union where female workers were honored on women's day to day the holiday is a mix of mother's day and valentine's day women's rights are not an issue. with. women you build the world with your beauty and vital energy so you warm it with tenderness and your generous hearts so that you provide almost a city of joy and harmony you go to work. then there is the less innocent portrayal of femininity. the media and the advertising industry rejoice in sexism has seen in this ad for a drink or lace and this ad for an asian restaurant tells viewers who she is from some petersburg but she can do asian style too and satisfy my hunger anytime and anywhere. and here the quality of the internet is compared to the size of
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a woman's breasts internet two g. is like a seventy a cup because of that it hears this state television show made fun of the victims of hollywood producer harvey weinstein and expressed sympathy for him being used to widen the cuckoo yes. there were even pro weinstein demonstrations in front of the u.s. embassy in moscow posters bearing slogans like harvey excites me harvey come to russia . one gender researcher says russia is not ready for a discussion about sexism and bias. yet you're not but you won't write in a dish why is someone like weinstein defended here. because the whole western discussion about sexual harassment is very new for russia very unusual. there's this idea here that a woman is always a sexual object that provokes men that men are powerless to resist that it's in
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their name. women are said to seduce men not the other way around you all hear the stories reversed you know what i should so that if boy their. message to women from society is get yourself a map a video for a song by rock band leningrad satirize this obsession with searching for a partner. a woman's desperate efforts to enhance her looks some powers of seduction are from the poem by come up. on the way to summer on general talk about men and match ups raps the women let men get away with everything because in russia there are a few one man one women you. can be the. number at my mama. in the us take my mother for example.
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she has five children. my parents have been married for forty years. but my father drank for most of that time he isn't going to see me was never there when it came to family problems my mom my mother had to manage everything on her own someone she had several jobs so she could send us children to school. my father wasn't even interested that's normal here in russia. the lot of my. old upon whom you could this is a monument to the soviet family as it should be. a family in which husband and wife have equal rights and no disharmony in the corner but such family. is hardly exist
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in. the past spatters year long struggle for equality finally come to an end in russia many women work in physically demanding jobs so why not as a captives fatter wants to know. what is the female judges ruling based on the. russian law and its restrictive employment regulations. or international law. is that the court accept that santa has been discriminated against because she is not allowed to work as a captain in. a case that sets a precedent in russia you. know one thing here the player that this is definitely a victory. we've been fighting for so long for it to be seen as discrimination i'm so happy. but the court decision is only
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a victory on paper soon fetter will find out she didn't really win anything it was good. in summer a general is looking forward to meeting anton who is also a tattoo and sponsor he lets genya use his studio transformation project marches on . the first woman to arrive the speaker the thirty nine year old feels ashamed at work of the big scar on her hand. reka doesn't like being reminded how she got the scar. for most who moved my husband didn't do so i wanted to leave him alone then he locked me up is all humiliation me and cut me everywhere so that i belong to nobody
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else but him he cut me wherever he could on my face my hand was my body through you feel. weaker bandaged hand until she was able to escape doctors told her later that she had almost lost a hand. now a flower is blossoming over the scar. can go there now when i made it to the hospital the doctors called the police because they saw the knife. the police came . but i didn't press charges. since. weaker is over well but someone travelled several hundred miles from over to give her a tattoo. life can be so beautiful she says. it's
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not only about helping these women i also want to show people that it is possible to do something good that it is not difficult to do good. sailing on the volga spatter is in her element. she remains disappointed following the court ruling because shipping companies still have the right to turn down threatened because she is a woman. but she's determined to continue fighting by first going to the appeals court then to the constitutional court in challenging the official list banning women from hundreds of professions. that all work and yes it's going to be a long road we thought we'd made it but unfortunately we still have a really long way to go. she's putting on a brave face after five years of litigation.
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time to give up or keep on fighting specter says if she does give up we will see this through to the end. he said. that. on march the eighth one thousand nine hundred seventeen a group of female protesters sparked the russian revolution and the end of the czarist regime the event gave rise to international women's day russian women won the right to vote ahead of most western women they were also the first in the world to be allowed to have a legal abortion. feminism experienced a brief bloom in the soviet union the bolsheviks as tentatively gave women equal rights but did not let them rise to the very top in the soviet union the ideal
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woman was a working heroine and a perfect mother. after the second world war women earned superior college degree grades to man the state enabled them to become financially independent. in one thousand nine hundred sixty three valentino tarrasque over a factory seamstress became the first woman in space she would remain an exception for another two decades. since petersburg this exhibition at the museum of political history is dedicated to the first feminist of russia from one nine hundred seventeen it depicts a utopia with free love and the liberated woman as a communist ideal. today's feminist say the women back then had it better.
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the grandmother of today's politicians are once again talking about the special role of women when they say women are wise creatures who should envelop a man with love and bear children for the good of the family and the state. everywhere now you can see these courses aimed at teaching us women true femininity . and witnessed in the area. here for example at small naked federal in some petersburg during the czarist era it was home to a finishing school the young ladies learn to become good mothers and officers wives . now there is a girls' school here run along similar lines. the students are introduced to so-called female musical instruments such as the heart. moves and the good news that we focus above all on female qualities and hope that
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these girls will become good wives and mothers who raise their children in a good masterful manner it's a legacy of catherine the great only good enough that some mothers say that women lost their femininity in the soviet era. instanced instanced here they learn how to be a woman. women have lost their way these days they way genes have to work a lot. for me a woman must remain a woman. courses in history and french dance and etiquette including patience and humility are all in great demand. and just as popular as those courses where older russian women go to learn femininity the secret to this femininity is simple. the man has to be the head of the family. the woman instead to support him she's mainly
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a mother might. be. the one hundred years after the first women's march in russian history many modern day women want nothing more than to become princesses again. back in summer. today zhenya is catching a tattoo design on ritter. colleague anton wants to complete it now he likewise offers free tattoos for abused women. readers body has many scams the one on her stomach bothers her the most. one day when her ex-husband was drunk he took a knife and attacked her. he yelled to our daughter not to call anyone then he said i'm going to work now and you prepare a borscht for me once he was god will finally able to call the ambulance and they
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took me straight into surgery with a minute later would have been too late. what are. the. police any near as good as dead but they don't come to begin with because they just think a married couple can sort it out alone they've been together for years. and they know how it's done. to put. all of. the. goodwill. readers husband the school never went to prison years or well as they have been and i withdrew charges because. because of the children. i didn't want them to grow up with
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a father who was in prison. with the world. with. you that my main concern that this law will govern the women come and talk to us and then endure this painful tattooing. and that is the pain that helps them to forget about the past. and it's like being born again at the cost of. a worker's hostel outside samara jenny wants to see how because tattoo has healed. he says none of her colleagues believe that she got the tattoo for free she considers herself very lucky. she lives a quiet simple life and tries to avoid other people.
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to move. i have a lot of scars some are on my face here on my forehead and my nose has suffered a lot of damage to you and my hands my chest and my legs. one speaker did file a complaint with the police after suffering severe concussion but the state prosecutor didn't investigate. i suppose if i didn't did the dead it might have been enough for a criminal offense. because thoughts revolve around why she didn't leave her husband earlier. you know what were you going after the first time he gave me a concussion and after the second time i could have gone. i couldn't speak any more
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it took me a long time to recover i almost lost my mind i didn't go out for a year i was ashamed to look in the marrow i wore a scarf around my head so i couldn't see myself anymore even. the british now i feel different. i firmly believe my life will be completely different now. everything will be different. i can't say how happy i am. for a trained marine captain scatter at least one dream can come true she always wanted
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it she found out by the internet that tatoo artist was in samara and contacted her explains that her husband has left her for someone else. but now she is still experiencing something resembling a happy ending. i have a boyfriend he's also a sailor. and he gives me a lot of good advice. that means a lot to me he takes care of me and helps me with my job and yes that probably makes him the best man i've met so far. but there are few. genya heads.
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maybe one day she will get enough money together to be able to ride a motorcycle all across russia and to to abused women. another victim of violence has called her on a mobile phone she was shot by a man with a hunting rifle. i've been doing this for two years now and nothing changes all i see are more and more women coming to see me i don't know how to solve the problem there's no end in sight and.
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just how to get a terry in this journey. is work compensated fairly. and who decides how much it's worth. the focus on. and the pressure from living in an increasingly on society. made in germany in thirty minutes w. . they are digital more years. for women for internet activists one mission the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and violence lead to close the powers of social media.
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their messages are spreading like wildfire the social media spectacle is critical to the boat and thousands of. cars. on the streets they are women who are changing the moral to. digital. starts in october twenty fifth on t w. this is state of the news line from brooklyn to crunch time for britain's prime
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minister theresa may as she presents a draft breakfast deal to her senior ministers. who prefer the pay for its original prime minister. will bring a bit nicer stuff from london also on the program. israel's hardline defense minister describes the latest truth of hamas as a surrender to terror and resigns when did he.


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