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this is day w newsline from linda crunch time for britain's prime minister theresa may as she presents a draft breakfast deal to her senior ministers. greet the paper it's written on prime minister. will bring the later stuff from london also on the program. israel's hardline defense minister describes the latest truth of hamas as a surrender to terror and resigns when did he act from a chilly we'll take you live to jerusalem. and hopes of
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a diplomatic breakthrough in the yemen where war has pushed the country to stop facia and we'll go live in north of the country where people are trying to survive by eating leaves. unforgettable welcome to the program. british prime minister theresa may faces one of the most challenging days of her political career she's seeking cabinet backing for high draft deals for the u.k.'s departure from the european union but senior ministers and britain's parliament are deeply divided and last night still beats between the government and brussels he's facing criticism the prime minister faced m.p.'s in a rowdy parliamentary question and answer session and the leader of the oppositions was just one of the voices challenging mrs may over the do. you know the usually breaks it negotiates
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a report to be told the twenty seven european ambassadors the u.k. must align their rules but the e.u. will retrain all the controls is that a fair summary of the prime minister's deal prime minister can i say to the right honorable gentleman as i have said all along throughout these negotiations what we are doing is negotiation a good deal for the united kingdom we're going to see a. really good seating a deal that delivers on the face of the british people takes but control of our money towards the waters that he shows we leave the common fisheries policy we need a customs union we need to come in like a cultural policy we preach that we protect jobs we protect security and we protect the integrity of the united kingdom. and give over the dollars they called research in london welcome nicolle so we have the opposition leader jeremy corbin accusing the prime minister of caving in to brussels what did we learn from mrs may in parliament today. well up next it wasn't
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a dominating discussion old zotero colvin and some author and peace had a few questions about it and manish to heat up the discussion in the room as we just soul jeremy coleman also wanted to know if that was progress on new trade deals for the u.k. or whether there would be any possibility of you need a lecture lead to withdraw from any possible backstop agreements at the irish border that also drew up another question but i know the m.p. who wanted to know it out of the northern northern island would get special treatment due to this new drop that nobody really has seen yet if that were to be the same for scotland so if they would get any benefits from it many more questions will come at the prime minister she didn't answer these on so very clearly now bosh wants the details of the trough to really known then i guess they will ask more about what ifs and buts and also about that they will probably ask about it once
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they know what the cabinet meeting is bringing now so the whole country including the prime minister's old policy is incredibly divided on this issue did mrs may look like she has her party behind though is not another battle she has to fight but it has been a very bumpy year for three some may as repeatedly some of the party members within the conservative party have shown that they don't really support we remember two very prominent examples x. for his secretary boris johnson walked out of the cabinet just in sama also david davies. to throw that for the u.k. walked out on her just because they didn't like the ideas that she had about how breaks it should be done and these are only two examples as it is in a division within her own party and each time it is some sort of rebellion from her own rose it will be more and more difficult for the prime is actually to game up
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against them. all right nicole reese in london thank you so much. thank you. just follow the directions to this deal that we still haven't actually seen yet let's get more on the british government reaction from doctors are honest alex forrest whites and welcome alex so what has been happening behind the scenes since the announcement of the deal was made last night well two reason mays currently holed up in downing street with company ministers trying to thrash out an agreement with them she has already had one to one meetings with all of them last night and this morning because there are some key bricks it is within her own cabinet within those own ministers who are very pro bricks that they do not want to compromise that is the possibility that we could see some resignations off to this meeting today we have the international development secretary penny morton who we know is very pro brits in concert and we have estimates based the work and pensions
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secretary so we are now just waiting to see whether the cabinet is behind her or whether some may well quit now that the biggest stumbling block in this process has been what to do about the border between northern ireland which is obviously part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is a separate country and will remain in the u. we don't know the full details of the deal but what have we learned about visits you know on this well obviously they're trying to avoid a hard border between the two and it looks like the way around this is to keep the whole of the u.k. in a temporary customs union and to try to make sure that northern ireland has to agree to certain regulations of the use now this is it worrying to those unionist m.p.'s there are ten d. u.p.a. m.p.'s within northern ireland to approaching up to reason may's minority government they have made it very clear that they are not happy if they are treated
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differently from the rest of the u.k. and they are concerned that this temporary arrangement may last for a very long time and they have a lot of support within. those bricks it is the jacob riis logs and all those who are also very concerned about it and they have expressed that already on the other hand island itself the republic of ireland the prime minister that has has come as trying to reach out to those unionists today. has promised that dublin will respect the territorial integrity of the u.k. but whether that will be enough to secure agreement from those unionist m.p.'s remains to be seen ok so kind of to the left of the cottage to the right if mrs may defies the odds and gets ministers to back this deal what's next well first of all it goes to an emergency summit within the e.u. and it looks like that's going to be held on the twenty fifth of november then it goes to parliament in westminster and that is the big problem we've already had jeremy corbin's labor party that's the main opposition party in the case are not
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likely to support this deal she has those bricks a tear m.p.'s who hate any compromise the former foreign secretary boris johnson i've already mentioned jacob three small the form of bricks that secretary david de fit david davis plus there are those m.p.'s who do not want to see bricks it will i think it's going to be very difficult for to raise the may and of course the clock is ticking i think for slicing thank you so much we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world because political crisis has intensified after lawmakers voted out the country's newly appointed prime minister the decision was arrived at during a heated session and followed a ruling by the country's top court to suspend a presidential order to dissolve parliament and hold fresh elections rajapaksa was appointed prime minister last month after the president removed its pretty fast.
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your spies president mike pence has told been mass leader there is no excuse for the violence that has caused hundreds of thousands of ranger to flee the country depends met suchi on the sidelines of a regional summit where he also pressed for the release of two jailed voices journalists. firefighters in california have been battling a new flare up in a huge fog burning outside los angeles the blaze centers on ventura county it's one of the largest to hit something california in recent memory weeks forty eight people have been confirmed dead in fires across the state exact number of missing is unclear. israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has resigned over the latest ceasefire with the palestinian militant group hamas the truce was agreed to and a deadly escalation in cross border violence that followed an israeli writing gaza at least eight palestinians were killed in fighting over the weekend after dawn leader wood was one of the most hawkish members of the israeli government and had
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demanded a much tougher response to palestinian rocket fire. much more loss of the cease fire combined with a deal with hamas is a surrender to terror. there's no other way of defining it no other meaning but a surrender to terror. mr lieberman's resignation has rocked israeli politics and now there are doubts about whether the ceasefire itself will hold the correspondent in jerusalem is time your credit or welcome time we're just hearing from gaza that a man has been killed by israeli fire obviously since these things was announced what more can you tell us. well palestinian house officials are saying it's a twenty year old man he is a fisherman and some conflicting reports whether you was killed at sea near the
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fence to israel the israeli army says he was approaching the fence music keen this is near the beach and despite giving out warning shots as i said he was being shot as according to their rules off and gauge him and it doesn't seem at the moment at least that this would derail this. tense calm you have to say of course it's always tends in a few days off to what happened in the past couple of days but hamas and other militant groups at the moment a more preoccupied of saying that they having set new rules of engagement they are seeing this also as a victory having fired over four hundred rockets into israeli communities and they even go as far as saying that they brought down the defense minister and possibly even the cabinets of course this is deflecting a bit from their own question also under a lot of criticism in gaza what this latest round of escalation has brought for the people in gaza to tell us more about either door leave and this departing defense
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minister who described this latest ceasefire with hamas as a surrender to terror. well he is the head of the israeli between a party they have five or heads five seized in this coalition government he was known as a very hawkish very populous an extremist politician is very right wing views and he was not the classic defense minister because his security. credentials were not so impressive as you usually would expect so it was morsi when he was appointed two and a half years ago as a political appointment by a crimes and yahoo and some people say no in any case he was never this strong because security is always in the hands of at prime minister next and now netanyahu so what you know commentators here of pointing out is that he's trying to reposition himself and himself has called now for it for early elections for new elections and he wants to get back to his hardline stance ok so that brings us to
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the big question now where where i don't lieberman's resignation leaves benyamin netanyahu his coalition government. well i mean he basically dropped a bombshell on netanyahu it leaves netanyahu very vulnerable you know it's now it's a coalition government with very many small parties in israel so he's leaving him now with a one seat majority sixty one seats out of one hundred and twenty and the street we understand another and all eyes are now in another part to his home party another next national grid it's just and very settler friendly party and its leader. bennett who has kind of given an ultimatum to netanyahu saying i want to be the next defense minister because now netanyahu has that i'm holding this post so myself he's not only the prime minister you is also already foreign minister and are you with the also defense minister left that has says we want to get this part
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for you and then set to discuss this within the party and if you what are you doing and then we'll make a decision if they make the decision to leave the coalition. for. it comes not and . i guess i was last in line to the time you come in jerusalem but we got the gist thank you very much for that. if you want to yemen that report sat in the country saudi backed army has ordered its forces to suspend an offensive on the rebel held port city of data this after the united nations called for peace talks with iran backed factions fighting in the civil war the data is crucial to supplying millions of starving yemenis with that shipments of food and other aid since the battle for the port began and those shipments have slowed things in what the u.n. says is the world's worst humanitarian crisis i was on the stand still travels to the northern region of a job where people are so desperate for food every salted to eating leaves.
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these people are harvesting their lunch. leaves from the role of plant and nothing else no bread no rice no noodles the dear family have to fend for themselves i'm thinking i am mama we haven't had help from any organization. time and again if they could help the families suffering because of the war. the dear family fled the military offensive by the saudi coalition against hooty rebels and ended up in the remote region of hunter perjurer is not far from the yemeni capital sanaa only two hundred twenty kilometers but the mountains here are more than two thousand meters high the saudi air force destroyed and damaged many roads so getting relief aid to this area is very difficult
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that's why the dear family are eating leaves for lunch the meager food source does not satisfy their nutritional needs the children are weak and often fall ill. and i know one when my husband still had a job we could buy all sorts of things rice fish chicken milk juice anything yeah. i leave i see. the dear family are not alone. in. the central hospital and treats many malnourished children when they're able to reach a. local pediatrician say transportation is the main problem. many people are sick but just can't get to the hospital and had. no organization
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exists that helps people get to the hospital and that's why the death rate has risen. the children that do receive treatment at least have a chance of surviving. but for some the treatment comes too late. many end up dying at the hospitals. yet they're being i did a number of malnourished children so far this year is already higher than it was in twenty seventeen did it on bosh. any m. and a child dies unnecessarily every ten minutes according to the aid organization unicef almost two million children are seriously malnourished due to the war in yemen a lack of medical supplies aggravate an already dramatic humanitarian crisis the
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doctors cannot treat everyone and have to set priorities as much money and as many children experienced this firsthand at the harder refugee camp. now have you had a living conditions are very bad for children always getting sick but when we take them to the doctors they don't receive any treatment because only the very serious cases are accepted. money son meets up with his friends. here in the mountains of hunger football as one of the boys a few pleasures. yes friends and i hope we can go to school again. now we only played football i was in the third grade when my family and i have a home now we displaced. it is the children in yemen who have been most damaged by the war many have lost years of both
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physical and intellectual development. tom are killer losses phone the aid agency save the children he's the country director for yemen and joins us on the line from the capital sana'a welcome to date up the we'll talk about a job just a moment where but we are just hearing about the saudi government army has now suspended its offensive on the data i guess this is a development that you would welcome. of course any kind of deescalation right now to the edge of this critical what will you feel she will minson the children the got one hundred fifty thousand children in charter schools for great or a lot of practical char but also for the other children or the would be five to four who had to drop it. owns destructed howard or close no pursue the cologne transmission suppose for a consulate it's good to know how often is owed to transfer out there is tension in
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propped only children people around them for home. and go party to follow a low house or so those of numb and holds. all international who consultation confessions so there are now talking about the conflict as being the worst humanitarian disaster in history have outlined to us some of the obstacles facing aid agencies in getting aid to places like job just so that people are resorting to using leaves . well number one listeners to scale marking two of the conscience of society for rules. and mentoring process are. the logistics of being able to recruit two variables are in this course politically sweeney's. one closer to the list who still wants to be able to to trigger
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one of course we do have issues about also of incorporation sometimes all through the lobby will be to function properly and we have to briefly groups of friends into the country because it's about communications a whole range of things from the government is quite large country to draft country on some of the tunes really difficult for him to write so this is all about a civil war albeit with powerful x. the back of a given that is essentially yemenis fighting each other do you have any sense that people trapped in this suffering this policy and both starvation seventy says they believe that this war is just all that it's worth the suffering. from what we've seen and the people to create suffering or majority to agree with the problem of. hundreds of children thousands of children who come to her interest
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from war to return to. loose you know to the lucky which when school or when she farms will look who is coming from or isn't the reporter who is watching to use. largely from the lemons example very simple people. who recently with a gram was an escalation in the fight to work through resilience restructuring to work which. was ok we thank you for joining us that time a careless from save the children in. this is now the first contraction for europe's economic engine for more than three years this contest but it's right the german economy bill shrank by zero point two percent in the third quarter that's more than expected growth was stifled by global trade disputes and problems and germany's car industry analysts say the data was another
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wake up call that stable growth is by no means a given. exports were down and imports up in the third quarter that's trouble for an economy built on strong exports a major part of the problem has been a bottleneck in car deliveries by german automakers the result of new more rigorous emissions rules but there are other issues political ones global trade disputes are threatening the bottom lines of german companies both b.m.w. and dime were cited trade uncertainty in their latest earnings reports breaks it is also threatening a chunk of german business with the u.k. analysts still believe the german economy will grow this year but the news figures show that the country's political stability and low unemployment with a weak euro currency don't guarantee a strong economy like few other nations the german economy relies on overseas consumption at a time of growing uncertainty it only makes sense that it's feeling the pinch. so the economy here contracting for the first time in years that doesn't come as
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a surprise for those who've been keeping a close eye on the german economy is one of them he's the chief of germany's most prestigious economic think tank evil and he tells us that german business has been worried for a while. kompany service companies feel growing uncertainty this is related to brag that this is related to the trade conflict with the us and to the italian situation which may lead us into a financial crisis possibly so there is growing uncertainty the economy is cooling down but we are not falling into recession and i think that would be exaggerated. when europe the italian government is determined to stick to its big spending budget plan rome did not meet a deadline set by the european commission to present a revised budget plan last night while that would be in line with the e.u. stability rules the international monetary fund board that italy's heavy spending carried substantial wrists and market turmoil brussels rejected rome's initial plan
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result of deficit spending at two point four percent of g.d.p. its lee has the second highest debt to g.d.p. ratio in the eurozone and now the bowl seems to be at the use course and it looks like a nasty battle has just begun after italy's populist government stated on tuesday that it's sticking with its controversial two point four percent budget deficit plans in response to the demands for changes analysts are predicting tough reactions on the side of the e.u. . i think we are approaching sanctions from the european union because i think that the telling government unfortunately has chosen a conflict in course with the european union so i expect a very tough reaction because europe has accepted this challenge and in a way it is relaunching it franco says the current italian budget crisis would have
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a negative effect on italian savings and is mostly due to an internal political battle between the two majority parties the league and the five star movement. financial markets in italy fell by over one percent at the wednesday opening a negative reaction to the government's announcement of the night before. the italian cabinet plans to raise cash through the sale of secondary real estate which officials say would reduce italy stubbornly high public debt. it's currently around one hundred thirty percent of g.d.p. far above the e.u. limit of sixty percent and the second highest in europe after greece. that's all your business have a full update for you in the next hour thoughts time phil thank you just before we go some good news for sports fans in ballin as the city has been awarded the right to host the special olympics and twenty twenty three bid organizers in the capital
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were celebrating their selection late on tuesday night edged out moscow for the rights to stage was being called the world's largest inclusive sporting event for people with intellectual disabilities. i'm to a reminder of the top stories we're following for you british prime minister theresa may he's holding eye to eye meeting with cabinet ministers as she seeks crucial backing for her draft deal. she's facing stiff opposition on several fronts fronts as the deal takes pretty significantly closer to delivering what people voted in the twenty six sixteen referendum. situ up to date small at the top of the hour of course iraq the clock on the website a state called i'm going to. move.
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to. africa. more. just how egalitarianism germany. is well compensated family. and who decides how much it's worth. showing with the focus on. productivities. pay. and the pressure from living in an increasingly on school society. made in germany next d.w. . entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful.
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subir is pushing ahead with luiz join the european union but brussels is so far unimpressed with the. reform my guest this week visiting the serbian prime minister on the burn that bridge. why so little progress oh so many key issues. conflict. in sixty minutes p.w. . continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers its true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their vision successes and day to day business.
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history in every one. of the conference commission. digital africa starts december twelfth on w. . it seems the only thing that counts these days is performance there's constant pressure on the job and sports even in the family do your job and do it well but every really determined but up to fullness achievement results really what counts and how do we measure achievement oh important is it is it really.


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