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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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on t.w. . this is day to every news lot from berlin a crunch time for british prime minister theresa may actually presents a draft present deal to the senior ministers. conference principal prime minister. will bring you the latest from london also on the program . israel's hardline defense minister describes the latest truce with hamas as a surrender to terror and resigns.
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i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. british prime minister theresa may is in the midst of one of the most challenging days of her political career she's seeking cabinet backing for her draft deal for the u.k.'s departure from the european union but senior ministers and britain's parliaments are deeply divided last night said deal beats between the government and brussels is under criticism the prime minister faced and paste in a rowdy parliamentary question and answer session on the leader of the opposition's was just one of the voices challenging mrs may over the deal and the meeting is now under way and running over. last night the usually breaks it negotiates a report to be told the twenty seven european ambassadors the u.k. must align their rules but the e.u. will retrain all the controls is that
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a fair summary of the prime minister's deal prime minister can i say to the right honorable gentleman as i have said all along throughout these negotiations what we are doing is negotiation a good deal for the united kingdom we're not going to say. we're not going to see you know a deal that delivers on the face of the british people that takes but control of our money to warrant the orders that he shows we need for common fisheries policy we need a customs union we need to come in like a cultural policy we pretend that we protect jobs we protect security and we protect the integrity of the united kingdom you get more from berga to mass in london welcome back it was just the opposition leader jeremy corbett accusing the prime minister of caving in to brussels what sort of time did you have to prime minister's questions today. not surprisingly not a very easy time it's really difficult for the reason i was made to say any deal really with the e.u. because for those people in the house of commons who are advocating to remain
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within the e.u. any concession that's reserved made makes will not be as good as what britain has now basically staying within the e.u. and for those who are advocating for gretz as well they are very afraid if that's the reason may is negotiated we're in the process of negotiating something that's in their point of view too close to the e.u. that she makes to learn to come sanctions she could see it as she wants to avoid a really hard crash and no deal which would be terrible for the british economy and three's a maze under a lot of pressure from british business to avoid any cost so it's not an easy time at all in the house of commons and also not with the cabinet this talk about the cabinet she was having meetings with them across the night in the morning. meeting happening now and has run over what are we hearing. well i think we haven't had any resignation so far as far as i'm aware sue that's
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a positive sign for two reason may she will hope that she will have the cabinet on board one way of thinking about it is here in the u.k. that there is some speculation that maybe the cabinet is going to be behind reason may because they don't want to be seen you know us as the ones to thwart the deal and that they were maybe hoping that in parliament it could be over town so that it's not up to the cabinet to do the job and to work through anything into the span and really create enormous difficulty for tourism a but it's going to be in parliament that's one way of thinking and that's only speculation we are really awaiting for this cabinet meeting to be over and for to resume to make a statement just after that within the next hour of. course the biggest stumbling block in this process has been uncertainty over the border between north and the island which is part of the u.k. and therefore leaving the irish republic which is
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a separate country and remaining what do we learn about what this deal says about bode. well the border is really the crucial issue and we have to really wait for the details of what people in northern ireland are fearing mostly the people who is helping to these amaze government they are fearing that there would be a separate status for northern nodded and they didn't want to accept that whatsoever says they are already very skeptical the noises that we're hearing from them so that makes it more difficult to reason may what's reason may to sell this in parliament so a lot of skepticism in northern ireland but it would have to wait for the exact details to come out to get mass in london thank you. to israel now where the defense minister avigdor lieberman has resigned over the latest ceasefire with the palestinian militant group hamas the truce was agreed to
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end the deadly escalation in cross border violence that followed an israeli raid in gaza one israeli officer and seven palestinians were killed in the fighting over the weekend the fisherman in gaza was killed today avigdor lieberman was one of the most hawkish members of the israeli government and had demanded a much tougher response to palestinian rocket fire. mushfiqur. the cease fire combined with a deal with hamas is a surrender to terror. there's no other way of defining it no other meaning than to surrender to terror. now having to lieberman's resignation has rocked israeli politics i'm to could even trigger early elections now there is even doubt about whether the ceasefire will hold. in jerusalem tony kraemer updated us about reports that a fisherman had been killed by israeli fire today. well palestinian house officials
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are saying it's a twenty year old man he is a fisherman and some conflicting oppose whether you was killed at sea near the fence to israel the israeli army says he was approaching the fence music keen this is near the beach and despite giving out warning shots as they say here both being shot at according to their rules off and it doesn't seem at the moment at least at this would derail this calm tense calm you have to say of course it's always tense in a few days after what happened in the past couple of days but hamas and other militant groups at the moment are more preoccupied of saying that they having set new rules of engagement they are seeing this also as a victory having fired over four hundred rockets into israeli communities and they even go as far as saying that they brought down the defense minister and possibly even the cabinets of course this is deflecting
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a bit from their own question also under a lot of criticism in gaza or what this latest round of escalation has brought for the people in gaza you know because from the tiny crime in jerusalem now to some of the other stories making news around the world sri lanka's political crisis has intensified after lawmakers voted out the country's newly appointed prime minister the decision was arrived at during a heated session and followed a ruling by the country's top court to suspend presidential order to dissolve parliament and hold fresh elections rajapaksa was appointed prime minister last month after the president removed his predecessor. u.s. vice president mike pence has told me in ma's leader there is no excuse for the violence that has caused hundreds of thousands of ranger to flee a country it depends. on the sidelines of a regional summit where he also pressed for the release of two jailed voices journalists. of. u.s.
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security forces have begun to fortify a border crossing with mexico in preparation for the arrival of a large group of central american migrants to jump administration has dispatched troops of the southern border saying they will stop them from entering the the u.s. most of the migrants are still in central mexico. women across ireland have taken to the streets following a controversial trial that saw a twenty seven year old man acquitted of raping a teenage girl but protesters are complaining not about the accused man but his trial lawyer because of the evidence she asked the jury to consider during closing arguments defense lawyer elizabeth o'connell told the jury you have to look at the way the girl was dressed she was wearing a thong with a lace front following those that comments women flooded social media with pictures of thongs accompanied by the hash tag this is not consent protesting against the idea that the way a woman dresses can be used against her in
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a rape trial head of today's protests at the w. caught up with the susan taylor co-founder of the online protest movement and member of the social media group i believe i haven't she told us that a woman's choice of underwear has no bearing on sexual consent. it's been very upsetting and triggering for a lot of the. survivors on our page and it sends a message that they're somehow they're doing something that's bringing us up upon themselves and that they're sending a message and through their clothing or their interactions that it's telling their attacker it's ok to do what they've done and and i guess that's putting kills back on them and shame and blame and really hurt. the thousands of firefighters are still battling to contain blazes across northern and southern california authorities say they're starting to get in the upper one
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but the threat is far from over at least forty eight people have been killed in the worst fires in the state's history and hundreds a missing national guard troops have been dispatched to help search for human remains in the town of paradise. this is what's left of paradise in northern california the fire engulfed a town so quickly that many people had no time to escape now teams of forensic scientists of sifting through the rubble searching for human remains. they're finding the bodies of some victims in and around the wreckage of cars a grim reminder of last desperate efforts to free the flames. one person who made a narrow escape was nineteen year old patty saunders. everywhere we went there was fire all around all sides in front of him and we kept stopping we couldn't go to drop it would stop and then we finally get to
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a place where you couldn't go forward or backward but i looked up and i saw the fire department a big sign paradise in a beautiful angel farm with a big holes and he was bringing everything he was making our cars cool off. nearly a quarter of a million people in california have been forced to leave their homes because of the fires in the last week. as firefighters appear to get a handle on the worst of the blazes and workers start repairing the damage to roads and other infrastructure thousands are now being allowed to return to their communities but authorities say that the crisis is not yet over. we are not out of the woods yet we still have some incredibly tough conditions ahead of us please as has been said in the past please remain vigilant stay tuned to your local media outlets we will let you know of any changing conditions. this warning comes as one fire flared up again in the santa monica mountains in southern california.
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firefighters were eventually able to beat it back but they said the vegetation is so dry that it could catch light again at any time. the international olympic committee has struggled to find host cities for future olympic games of a setback overnight residents and the committees that have calgary rule themselves out of hosting the twenty twenty six games despite her sting winter olympics back in one nine hundred eighty eight u.w. correspondent to task. in calgary. trying to turn a six hour warmly welcome the. way volunteer it was a companion mark with joy fear and emotional debate with the yes side extremely well funded in comparison to the no complain that had very little money. calgary's legacy was changed by hosting the hugely successful winter games in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the prospect of reviving the spark in twenty eighteen has
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polarized the people i've always dreamed of shining on the podium singing the national at the battle by the big guys every twenty twenty six years here because we hear there was an exact same situation i was standing on top of the forty zero zero national anthem is a very exciting prospect but at the polls not everyone was so positive i'm voting no today because i don't believe city council has presented us with a budget that is accurate and i'm worried that taxpayers are going to be paying for this for the next twenty to thirty years the i.o.c. has struggled a lot in recent years to find cities willing to spend billions to host the games recently they come up with a new plan the olympic agenda twenty twenty claiming to reduce costs for hosts they keep on telling people to keep on telling potential host cities that they've changed but there's no evidence that they've changed. ultimately the cost of over
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three billion euros was simply too high the answer him calgary was no. the no here from calgary marks another low point for the future of the olympic games popular support is shrinking but she leaves the bidding process to those countries willing to host the games either way with or without the democratic support of the population. updates i'm going to. bring to me. not everyone who wants books has to go insane. d.w. literature list one hundred you must treat. earth.


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