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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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the answer here in calgary was no. the no here from calgary max another low point for the future of the olympic games popular support is shrinking but she leaves the bidding process to those countries willing to host the games you don't play with or without the democratic support of the population. and situation up to date i'm going to. bring to me. not everyone who wants books has to go insane. d.w. literature list one hundred human must reads. earth home to millions of species go home we're saving. google ideas tell stories of
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creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action google ideas the environment series of google three thousand on t.w. and online. worries about germany is it can all make boom for the first time in years the economy is shrinking but is it just a blip or a sign of a real slowdown. meanwhile germany is falling behind when it comes to artificial intelligence potentially costing the country. off europe's. state of the business some god awful. the german economy shrank by zero point two percent in the third course are more than expected the first contraction for
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europe's economic engine in more than three years growth was stifled by global trade disputes some problems in germany's car industry let's say the data is another wake up call that stable growth is by no means a given. exports were down and imports up in the third quarter that's trouble for an economy built on strong exports a major part of the problem has been a bottleneck in car deliveries by german automakers the result of new more rigorous emissions rules but there are other issues political ones global trade disputes are threatening the bottom lines of german companies both b.m.w. and di miller cited trade uncertainty in their latest earnings reports brags it is also threatening a chunk of german business with the u.k. analysts still believe the german economy will grow this year but the news figures show that the country's political stability and low unemployment with a weak euro currency don't guarantee a strong economy. like few other nations the german economy relies on overseas
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consumption at a time of growing uncertainty it only makes sense that it's feeling the pinch you see how the markets have reacted to this piece of news on the buying frenzy done here how boring are these signs for investors. hard even though many have said that the big boom seems to be a little bit over i do have the feeling that investors are kind of playing these numbers a little bit down at the moment italy and breck's are two topics which are keeping investors more busy here at the moment they are calling the latest g.d.p. figures a sort of one off and are optimistic we also heard it in the report that growth is set to continue in two thousand and nineteen as a result we also don't really see a negative impact here at the markets of day the blue chip index x. was at some point down but that was more related to brecht's it in italy and then in the last hours recovered so we are actually here in the green at the moment. is this just news for the german economy or do these figures of why that is.
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what i do feel we really have to talk a little bit more about the wider impact of this situation germany is still strong enough that even though those g.d.p. figures when they are down at the moment also not dramatically down they are geopolitical reasons behind this analysts are telling us that germany's export figures have been going down mostly because of this ongoing trade tension with the united states with and talking lately more about the trade war between china and the u.s. but we also have to keep in mind that the u.s. president donald trump has has really attacked europe and also drew many as well and this has been slowing down the economy so exports numbers went down consumer spending as well while at the same time imports from of brought went out. dannielle hope in frankfurt thank you very much for this analysis. and we stand germany where people are traditionally skeptical when it comes to new technology the country has
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great research labs but it can take a long time before new technologies become part of daily life now the german government to set aside around three billion euros for research and development of artificial intelligence it's part of an initiative to close the digital gap between germany and the u.s. and china a low everyone in an english artificial intelligence this is my is this the news show of the future last week china unveiled the world's first artificially intelligent news anchor the robot was modeled on a human newsreader using special intelligence software it's part of a major push by china to advance its prowess in ai technology many chinese tech companies are working on a new ai developments and beijing will invest massively between now and twenty twenty five. the p w c consultancy recently estimated that artificial intelligence will contribute some sixteen trillion dollars to the world economy by
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twenty thirty. the greatest gains would be seen in china where the economy would grow by more than a quarter thanks to ai while north america's growth potential is nearly fifteen percent. its contribution to germany's g.d.p. would amount to about eleven percent. the parts of the economy that will experience the biggest transformation include the automobile manufacturing and health sectors . but even farming will be affected in one project at the west coast university of applied science in northern germany a robot is learning how to distinguish carrot plants from leeds. experts at the german research institute for artificial intelligence say germany is doing well in ai research but lagging behind other countries when it comes to turning you know how into products we're going to put it in the political parties agree that we have to digitalize and that is a motive for progress the population remains skeptical and that has to do with
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fears of job losses fears about data protection maybe also with a generally skeptical attitude towards technology those are problems in germany i think that's why no one is really prepared to fund it properly yet. for the experts the solution is more information showing the public the advantages of artificial intelligence applications such as smart homes where our time is driving where they say the prevailing skepticism must be overcome if germany is to catch up internationally. and it's really the government is determined to stick to its big spending budget plan rome did not meet a deadline set by the european commission to present a revised budget plan by last night's on that would be in line with the use stability rules the international monetary fund now wants that italy's heavy spending carried substantial risks and coats of time all brussels rejected rome's initial plan which saw deficit spending two point four percent of g.d.p.
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it's only has the second highest debt to g.d.p. ratio in the eurozone and now the ball is in the e.u.'s course as it seems and it looks like a nasty battle has just begun. after italy's populist government stated on tuesday that it's sticking with its controversial two point four percent budget deficit plans in response to the demands for changes analysts are predicting tough reactions on the side of the e.u. . i think we are approaching sanctions from the european union because i think that the italian government unfortunately has chosen the conflicting course with the european union so i expect a very tough reaction because europe has accepted this challenge and in a way it is relaunching it franco says the current italian budget crisis would have a negative effect on italian savings and is mostly due to an internal political
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battle between the two majority parties the league and the five star movement. financial markets in italy fell by over one percent at the wednesday opening a negative reaction to the government's announcement of the night before. the italian cabinet plans to raise cash through the sale of secondary real estate which officials say would reduce italy stubbornly high public debt. it's currently around one hundred thirty percent of g.d.p. far above the e.u. limit of sixty percent and the second highest in europe after greece. shopping then assess its effects some and still fun for all of us but it can be a struggle for people with disabilities ninety percent of stole a stock of the number in the u.k. lack the infrastructure to serve the disabled that's why british consumer advocates have launched purple tuesday companion to raise awareness and make life a little easier for people with disabilities. millie rose old and maneuver so
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wheelchair with ease she's as agile as others on the sidewalk and often faster and yet all too often she can't reach her destination a simple doorstep poses a major problem for wheelchair users and there are other problems too this is quite a good example there is a bus in here to ring for assistance by finally the lot of the times when there is a bus i can ring in and no one answers there so what happens then most of the time i'm just left outside and i can go in and buy the clothes i want to buy but it's not just steps steers and store furniture that frustrates disabled people it turns out some barriers are less visible than others where i was christmas shopping last year we did a nonscientific exercise and i went into twenty seven shops in the shopping center and in twenty three of. the front office. or they only talked to my
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partner and that was this an anticipated unintentional fear of saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing so the individual the conversation will together we want start to feel compelled to come over and sigh hello can i help you and start that conversation. it's a conversation that could pay off for retailers there are more than twelve million disabled people in the u.k. but the combined spending power of more than two hundred fifty billion euros. today is all about business is that there are potentially missing out. money. like new business is not getting the right thing that business is going to makes good business sense some large protests retailers have already started to make some changes but the purple campaign knows it's a long road to equality. european
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union. from. me and the business. stay with.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. subir is pushing ahead with moves join the european union but brussels who so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting violin is the serbian foreign minister i'm now for the beach. why so little progress oh so many keep issues. conflicts so folks next on d w.
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there are digital more years. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom dignity. courageous and determined they campaign for women's rights. and for peace. they mobilize against femicide for compulsory veils. their messages are spreading like iraq's. social media is critical critical to the job and the phones are going to cost
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amman and out on the streets on our rights are not i'm pretty special. they are women the more changing the world i'm reading. digital. starts nov twenty fifth on the c.w. . serve beer is pushing ahead with moves to join the european union but brussels is so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting beilin is the serbian prime minister and not burn that bitch why so little progress on so many key issues. prime minister and a question of which welcome to contacts on and.


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