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already. digital. storage twenty four billion dollars. this is due to the news live from berlin teresa mayes breaks a deal comes under intense pressure drags it secretary dominic robb resigned saying he cannot in good conscience support the agreement he's the second minister to put today casting doubt on may's equality to get the withdrawal deal through parliament .
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i'm sumi so it's got to thank you for joining us the u.k.'s brags that secretary dominic robb has resigned just a day after prime minister theresa may secured backing from her cabinet over a draft for exit deal now rob had only been in the job for four months in his resignation letter he said the proposal threaten the integrity of the united kingdom and he added that he couldn't support the deal in good conscience rob's departure further complicates may's efforts to get the deal through the british parliament she is due to address m.p. shortly having announced cabinet backing outside downing street last night. all right this is a fast developing story and thankfully we have our correspondents on the ground covering every angle for us barbara hazel is in london and max huffman is in brussels very good to see you both barbara let's start with you where are all the action is at the moment you know yesterday there was a lot of talk about possible cabinet resignations we saw this five hour marathon
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cabinet meeting and today we've seen now breaks that secretary dominic rob has resigned tell us more about his letter his reasoning what's behind this. what is behind is that dominick rob just needed a little bit more time after last night's cabinet meeting to make up his mind and inside is yesterday night after the reason they had come out in downing street and said this is the deal now take it or leave it or you will have no correct and i believe that this is the best that can be done when she came out and sort of seemed to have won the day of service here you said yes she won this particular small skirmish but she didn't win the battle and some of the ministers in her cabinet among the hard line breaks two years might well need more time to think about what happened and what really is on the table and this in fact then turned out to be dominic rob we saw earlier in the morning in was a resignation by the northern ireland secretary that was
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a minor not well known political figure she could well live with that bought the resignation of dominique robb one of the leading breck city years at the core of the whole brics a movement that is a whole different issue and this is really a stretch for her this is come as a surprise for her. not really because when i saw her come out of town in the street last night and sort of say yeah we've done that and my cabinet agrees with me and we carry this forward i thought it is a special series silent on the on the in the rose of the bricks the cheers because of course they had been in front of the t.v. cameras days beforehand and said no we don't want this this is treason this is not what we voted for and so on and so forth but of course the power lies at the moment with and cabinet and so people just took a little more time to to mull about it and doesn't crop said very very clearly that this is not what the city years had promised breaks it would bring their vision is
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off of britain totally on and cumbered by european rules doing sort of going out into the world making their own trade deals and being completely free nation with no close relationship to the european union anymore and what he now sees was would put was put on the table is something that will keep britain for instance in the customs union for years to come in all likelihood a totally different ball game and iraq has said we don't want it and there will be others who say within the tory parties among the brics of tears we cannot condone this part where we mention that we are expecting teresa a native speaker to have peace at some point this hour we're waiting then of course we'll listen into live to her but what do you think we're going to expect to hear from her. to reason may i mean we've been watching her for months now sort of weaving and wiggling in and out into around this hole for her so
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central breck's it issue i mean that's the only policy issue on the table in law and in london for a month which is a big problem for the country anyway because there are other things to talk about but she has completely concentrated on this and sort of stake show life and on that she could bring this deal home and now she has brought it end. she has no other option but to doggedly go ahead and that's what she's strong that in the face of resistance she just sort of plod so on and carries this stuff forward and she's always sort of challenging her opponents to sort of stand up against her but at this point in time they might well do that you know max i do want to come to you win for us in just a moment but barbara i do have to ask you we're just getting news here that the britain's work and pensions minister esther makes a has also quit teresa mayes cabinet this is not looking good for her at this time is that. it's looking like
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a hemorrhage estimate they actually had been expected to step down last night i offered the cabinet meeting there were reports from inside that there was a furious row between her and the backers of series of may her closest advisers and there was screaming and yelling and tears and stuff i mean the really the stuff of drama and she was all this on the edges she had beforehand said that she didn't like the way things were going so no surprise that she's stepping down and there might be one or the other to follow you all right drama unfolding there in london max let's come to you in brussels how are you seeing all of this over there. well it seems like the man who negotiated who helped negotiate the deal with five hundred eighty five pages just stepped down because of that deal and that is probably causing some confusion here in the back rooms of brussels because the timing couldn't be worse also for brussels just after the chief u.s.
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negotiator stepped in front of the cameras together with the e.u. council president to announce that there would be a u. brags that summit to finalize not only this withdrawal agreement ball but also the political agreement that is going to help figure out what the future relationship is going to be. they you have this this resigning wave that is now appears to be a wave especially of course of domenico rob i think what's happening now is the front line is completely in the u.k. and all that the e.u. institutions can do is wait and see how this is going to play out they have done their part they negotiated a withdrawal agreement that they can live with now it's up to theresa may hopefully theresa may from a european perspective here to figure out how you know this is going to play out all right next so they can only sit there and wait to see how this plays out but people there must be concerned that we could see this deal fall apart a day after treason a sense they got the cabinet backing that you need. the worry was always that this
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deal could fall apart at the latest in front of the u.k. parliament if they vote it down you know this is not worth the paper was written on and it's a lot of paper have i mentioned five hundred eighty five pages and you haven't read it. so bay would they would have thought even though the post hasn't read it all he said it was today at the press conference and came out late last night for the new investors who were briefed yesterday at the same time as the cabinet of theresa may have talked about this didn't see the text during that meeting they saw it later on so a lot of people are still reading the fine print is for us especially in the capitals but i think everybody expected this to hold up at least to the braggs at summit they knew that there would be resistance but as barbara said earlier after the cabinet meeting yesterday it looked like a victory a relative victory for three some may and yeah now they're just have to wait and see in the if this falls apart then all the can do is say we might be able to
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change one or two little things here but it's not going to be enough to suit the bracks a two years not in a million years i mean they have their made their position very clear and it just does not gel at all with any compromise the e.u. could make even if they were willing to go much farther nothing the e.u. does here will satisfy the brics a tears that has been the contradiction from the start that is unsolvable and that's why many thought. they would take this deal go to parliament and say listen this is the best i could get take it or leave it for them might not even come to that now if you look at what's happening in london yeah max if we look at what's been unfolding in london we should also say that there was a lot of important symbolism earlier in brussels taking place we saw the chief ranks of the go sheet in michel barnier handing over the draft agreement does that five hundred eighty five pages that you mentioned to donald trust the council president let's revisit that because michel barnier also had some words to say what we have agreed to negotiate to leave or. is fair and balanced
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takes into account the u.k.'s positions organizes their we rule into orderly fashion and ensure new border and i am divine and lays the groundwork for an ambitious new partnership with our rock is not finished we have a long road a long road ahead of us on both sides for my side the next few days we will all work on the text of the political decoration of the future. with the member states as well as we are european parliament and this work will be intense our goal is to finalize this particular mission with the u.k. force of the european council can undo orse it all right max so we're
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listening there to michele ban is words from earlier today you know he did say that there's a lot of work still to be done that being said we did hear some tons of optimism there from him you know from the ios perspective is this agreed the agreement that they wanted to get out of this. well they all they all continued to say that they were very sad to see the u.k. leave and that this wasn't at all the best option but that the best option is that the u.k. remain part of the european union so in any withdraw all agreement would have been a compromise in that light but i think what we heard from our sources they were quite happy with the outcome they really believe that this was a rather good compromise between what the u.k. wanted and what the e.u. wanted for example safeguarding the single market and the other hand not having a hard border between northern ireland and island and so. the question now is how they continue because the road map was pretty clear this morning you need to
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finalize this withdrawal agreement the capitals need to get their input because some of those parts are hard for them to swallow as well for example that fisheries is not included in there or how do ensure a level playing field for a customs union if ever there will be a customs union later as a backstop to ensure that there is no hard border between northern ireland and ireland and then after that the europe ministers and their share files so their helpers would have started to work on a political agreement because you always have to remember there's a withdrawal agreement this is the divorce agreement what we have right here that is the u.k. stepping out of the e.u. but after that you need an agreement to know what you're working towards what kind of relationship that they want to have after more years of negotiating a free trade agreement a customs union and that's something they wanted to finalize also before this summit that you break that summit on the twenty fifth of november now if this continues in london all this might be up in the air but knowing the e.u. they're just going to plod on with this until you know someone says otherwise and
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look forward to the twenty fifth of november max we also have a clip of that donald tusk speaking a little bit earlier in the day that council president as well let's listen to what he had to say. i took note of the prime minister made a statement yesterday of course i don't see the prime ministers and some of the such as the very beginning we have had no doubt that. the situation and that of a negotiation is all about damage control. we'll put a lot of trust in you and rightly so you have achieved our two most important objectives. first you and showed the limitation of that caused by bracket and second you will secure to fight the interest and principles of the twenty seven member states and of the european union
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as a whole if i weren't confident that to protect the interest of the seven. family i was a sense of the document i would not propose to form a life. ok max i want to come back to that very last point that we heard there from donald tusk i would not propose to formalize this deal can you explain there what he said what he's saying is that the condition to have this spreads that summit in november was always to have sufficient progress in the negotiations between the european union and the united kingdom before this technical agreement this draft agreement whatever you want to call it was made there was not sufficient progress but now with this accepted by the cabinet or at least what was three some means cabinet on wednesday sufficient progress has been made according to the assessment
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of the chief negotiator and so he said to be recommended to do or not to study that he hold this this summit which should own up to said yep i'm ready for this. all right well you know i want to come back to barbara now in london because as we've said that's where things have been moving you know barbara just listening to what max was saying bear he made a point that i want to ask you about he said that the feeling in the e.u. is that no deal that you could agree to with recent government or with teresa mayes herself would actually satisfy the tears is that true. that is the conundrum that is the first effect of breck's it really because brics it tears have been promising people a blue clouds ever lasting sunshine and cookies for everyone morning day and night and of course this would not come to pass what they've basically really promised people here and what now is more and more being openly talked about also among
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british people who seem to have understood what is happening here is that the cheers sold something that does not exist if you are in a club and let's say if it is club and it cost so much a year and you get to use all the facilities and you have a train and all the nice things and the office and you turn around and say i don't like this club anymore i am going to leave but i do like your swimming pool and yes i do like to have a yoga class is what that work and this is exactly the same it's a very basic moralistic seemingly silly proposition to say yes we can leave the club and we can keep all the advantages and that is what breaks the cheers and in front of them off course was a boris johnson who has a sort of all of us advocating this we can have the cake and eat it that was what they were selling and that was just fake that is the big problem at the heart of it . barbara we should just remind our viewers what we're talking about right now
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we've seen three cabinet ministers resign today the northern ireland minister also brags that minister dominic robin most recently mcveigh the work and pensions minister barbour there is some speculation that theresa may today could possibly be facing a no confidence vote within the tory party tell us what is behind this what can you tell us about that. that is the thing that is sort of an ancient mechanism within the tory party that the best ventures can gang up on whatever party leader and prime minister at the time and often letters of sort of against that person at the edge of particular committee that's called the nine hundred twenty two committee all this is kane and there sits a senior tory who collects these letters and when forty eight letters have arrived on his desk he then goes ahead and calls the party together and says i have here a leadership challenge and how are we going to go ahead then there is
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a vote and she can be brought down and then and this is the crucial point in this whole procedure then the body needs to be elected another person man or woman just needs to step up and say i want to be prime minister and the problem at the moment is we cannot see anybody nobody has really left the ranks and said i can do this better and we are still waiting for that and so this leadership challenge might be in the air people here are waiting for it more or less from our to our fact the point is that nobody really has stood up personally to challenge to reason made. and backs both of you i want to come to now to this deal itself because we keep talking about this deal these five hundred eighty five patients and what's exactly and you know the three issues that really have been the overarching issues that needed to get hammered out here were the question of money the divorce still what would happen with with the british an e.u. citizens and then of course the question of the border and the irish border have
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those issues really been resolved especially the last one max i'll put that question to you first. well the first two issues citizen e.u. citizens in the u.k. u.k. citizens in the e.u. has been resolved but that was one of the first parts to be mainly resolved financing was more difficult but apparently as far as i can read this year the the u.k. has more or less caved here that would also be more fodder of course for the brits the tears and the really the tough nut to crack here the real issue of course was to avoid a hard border between northern islands of survivor which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and the question there was of the backstop and i don't know if we have some time to kill but i can go for it you just stop me some more and the back stuff is sort of is the insurance the insurance making sure that whatever is negotiated in the future so during the transition period the transition period starts after the u.k.
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leaves the european union and that's the period where the negotiating the future relationship that's a free trade agreement a free trade area or a custom in this or whatever they come up with all right and during this period if they fail during this period they need the insurance and that's the backstop that there won't be a hard border between northern ireland and ireland and now there were a couple of models discussed. before that and they settled more or less with what was called the swimming pool theory and barbara you chip in if you see this differently because like i said five hundred eighty five pages but meaning that more than a it will be a customs union if they need the specs up a customs union where the whole of the u.k. is in this custom union with the european union so ensuring there is no hard border between northern ireland ireland but it's called the swimming pool approach because northern ireland would be a little bit deeper in this customs union than the rest of the u.k.
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so they're at the deep end of the swimming pool and the rest of the u.k. would be at the shallow end of the swimming pool and that's how they resolved it in this with all the agreement some people who are. very close look at this say it's actually not workable it won't work but it's not meant to work because they want to avoid having it just to give you an insider brags that they go shoot it's thanks max for explaining the swimming pool to us barbara coming to you know about that last point you know do you know what they're not islands party democratic unionist party props up teresa mayes government they have threatened to pull out over this deal what do we take away from that. that was clear from the beginning of the do you appease the northern ireland an irish unionist party has always said if we will be in this breaks that deal in any way different from the rest different and we have all rebuilt and now as we've heard explained the swimming pool they say we do not want to be in the deep end we don't want to be
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tied more closely to the european union just in order to avoid this infamous hard border that would have to spring up between the republic of ireland and all the island after we want to be exactly the same as britain is now if they really. will decide to vote against then of course theresa may doesn't have a majority in parliament and the whole thing is going to fall down in december when when the brics deal goes up for a vote that is the main main problem she has talked to all the in fosse the party head last night the enforcer emerged it was a thunderous face and so nothing good is expected on that front for to reason me. all right are just a reminder to our viewers joining us now we are following the latest brights developments what we've seen in london today is we've seen a two cabinet ministers resign including the brakes at minister dominic rob and
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a junior minister as well for northern ireland we've been talking to our correspondents barbara vessel in london and. in brussels on the very latest there we are waiting for theresa may to speak to m.p.'s there but. we're going to continue with this we're just waiting i'm just keeping an eye on ten downing street here to see you both know and we don't see theresa may just yet max and come back to you now. sorry just trying to clear things up here we're just going to come back to you know what kind of shock waves have these resignations sent in there and brussels i mean have we heard any reactions yet. i'm not aware of any reactions at the moment i think they're there waiting to see what plays out and indication for this is that we said are you when you spoke earlier today was very careful not to say anything wrong very diplomatic and in his press conference this morning and i think that that approach has not changed they don't want to give any criticism in
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the u.k. of what this withdrawal agreement represents for them any kind of ground and especially in the u.k. anything that you institutions or representatives of the e.u. institutions and here especially the e.u. commission says could be could be interpreted as interference in terminal matters something that might be counterproductive so i don't expect any official reactions until the fog here has cleared and until this has been sorted out in london and as barbara explained the situation there is so tense we really don't know what this day itself is going to bring maybe even the new prime minister not saying it's likely but it seems possible at this point so i think. you institutions are trying to play do this do this in the prudent way and you know keep out of it all right there's certainly a lot of fog a max that we're trying to pull through at the moment i'm coming to you we've just
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been looking at some live pictures from parliament and for our viewers who are joining us barbara you know we got past this hurdle with theresa may yesterday we saw her come out and say after this five hour marathon meeting with her cabinet that she was able to get their backing for her draft agreement for bragg said what about parliament because if she does stay in power as max said there are questions about whether she will remain in her position but if she does what are the big hurdles facing her there and getting disagreement through. the big hurdles are simply that she might not have the numbers it's as plain and simple as that sue me because she is with a minority guy she has a minority the tories in parliament they are being propped up by. parliamentarians of the do you know the irish unionist party now if they say we will never vote for this deal we'll vote it down this is not what we want then she doesn't have a majority labor has said they are going to vote against this deal because it's
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a bad deal it doesn't keep any of the promises that the bracks to cheers have made be that it would be good for jobs and international relations and all sorts of other wonders and labor says the deal is not delivering we will voted down now there is even massive discontent about the group of scottish tory tory m.p.'s which belong to her own party who say we really have been sold down the river here we do want to special relationship to the e.u. because to think it would be economically good for us and also of course the fishery problem which is much bigger than one might think it comes back up and scott say there are massively discontent they might sort of change sides and vote against it and i can carry on basically what it means is no at the point in time now she doesn't have a major majority she would have to do a massive selling job to sort of convince people that somehow this is good after
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all and i can really see at this point in time how she's going to do that all right our correspondents barbara vessel and max off and i'm going to give you both a little break but don't go anywhere will be coming right back to you of course for more commentary and analysis. we want to talk now with alex forrest waiting for my new stuff she's been following all the twists and turns of rex that for us alex you were just listening into barbara and max there and especially on that last point of our parliamentary approval you were kind of nodding and then shaking your head i mean what do you make of what he said it was just pacifically about scotland i mean that the key there is that you've got these scottish nationalist and pays so they're not tories they are the scottish nationalists and they are the ones who have always been against brics it they are very angry about the situation that they're finding the u.k. in and they of course are the ones who could vote but will vote against any deal that comes out from two reason may so if you put them in with the ten d p
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the unionist m.p.'s you've got labor as well i mean the numbers are looking very very very shaky for trees the main that will be a huge battle if she gets to that point and i'm just going to vote with teresa mayes the russian this is a good question those who are very loyal to her but we saw that actually don't rob lowe to her we thought estimate was was going to toe the line and they've decided today that they can't do that that may well be all those we could see a penny more than to use the international development secretary she could decide to walk today as well i think everything is on the table and we can't assume anything and we're also as both of them pointed out to keep barbara waiting to find out whether these forty eight letters are received by that committee to say that they want they want to leadership contest because they are not happy with two reason may and i do thing about number is edging up just remember that only yesterday we had the former form of former brits accepted secretary david davis
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calling on members of the cabinet to resign that is now happening today so we are in a complete state of flux as we're looking at live pictures of parliament here alex explained to us how this challenge to teresa mayes. ship in the tory party works well he so graham brady who is the head of this committee the one hundred twenty two committee receives letters he's been very very very quiet about how many he's received and keeps it a complete secret but it looks like that number is slowly edging up when he gets fifteen percent of tory members a tory m.p.'s that's forty eight lettice that is when this tory leadership contest will be triggered in this no vote no confidence vote in two reason may and then it's all to play for dominant robb's just resigned he could well be somebody who wants to go up against to resume a very a. we've already got boris johnson there are also many of these. former secretaries
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former ministers who are now pushing their you know putting their names forward it looks like to say that if something comes up they will be ready to stand against us i wouldn't be surprised if it is some of those names. theresa may you know embattled as you're saying do you think we're going to see a movement on whether she can sustain her position within the day. we could certainly find out about those letters i don't think that what we sent you won't get a new prime minister today because they have to then decide when to hold vote it does have to happen very quickly but i think to get it all done in one day is going to be pretty difficult but obviously she must be feeling very nervous at the moment she's a supposed to be about to make this statement to the commons and yet she's got her cabinet members of her cabinet walking away and saying that they can't and this is after that those five hours of talks she made it very clear that it has been tough
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