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can stay in the single markets why not scotland prime minister there the scottish government have published compromise documents calling for justice the scottish parliament has affirmed that position why does the prime minister ignore the democratically express position of the scottish government what has happened to the claim of a partnership of equals or why are the desires of scotland been ignored when we know that a definition settlement can be delivered why does the prime minister stand in the face of the legitimate demands of the scottish government and the scottish parliament well you know the prime minister can shake our heads but it's a matter of fact is a matter of reality show some respect to the whole thank. you can be and you can show you can you can talk about it being that i had that why was
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a scottish government not consulted just as to put all term woes before the prime minister away to cabinet is. mr speaker the phrase scotland would be forced to pay is far too high with lost jobs household income slashed and or any share is under strict no is the time to get realistic and put sensible options back on the table such as remaining in the single market mr speaker the only credible compromise for which the s.n.p. has consistently made the case for this deal is dead in the water it is no clear that that is not image or t. for this deal or in no deal the prime minister must go back to brussels and extend article fifty and tell brussels that we must remain in the single market and the customs union or anything else mr speaker will lead to economic cayle. yes and
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crisis prime minister. do the right thing and we will work with you i think. the start because of the and go back to but also. prime minister can i just pick up two key points that my son wouldn't make first of all he made a reference to scotland's n.h.s. being under threat and in fact scotland's n.h.s. depends on the scottish government the s.n.p. government to turn in the money is no it's it's no good him pointing he's no good in pointing his finger at me we ensured that in the n.h.s. settlement the bonnet i said look means more money comes to scotland to chose not to spend it on their n.h.s. that's an that's an s. and p. decision just to otoh i so i protected the right on the quite properly i'm a member garry when he was being brave that you know i'm seemly manner but having
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asked the question let me say to members of the special body they must hear the prime minister's reply we've got to see don't worry everybody will get a chance but the prime minister's response is must be heard with a basic care to see and respect the prime minister thank you i think mr speaker i was then going to pick up the points that he made in relation to northern ireland northern ireland is not staying in the single market what has what is within the documents is that in order to ensure the friction is trade across the border between north and on and on and northern ireland will be meeting those regulations specifically in the goods part of the that's the key but it is not staying as a member of the single market and he talks about scotland being given the same treatment as northern ireland northern ireland has a very particular set of circumstances it is the only part of the united kingdom that will have a land border with a country that is continuing to cement. of the european union and that is why that
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is why together with our commitments in the belfast agreement that is why northern ireland is dealt with is dealt with separately in the withdrawal agreement and then finally he complained much of his statement was a complaint that scotland was not specifically mentioned in these documents scotland is not specifically mentioned scotland is a part of the united states. mr duncan smith. but. can i say that i have always wished well to my right although friend and my question is in this light to say that deep deep misgivings on reading much of this overnight there is a real issue with the way that we will be treated in with the backstop and i say to her that when you read this you realize that we are locking ourselves in to an
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arrangement from which we seem unable therefore to have the sovereign right to withdraw that seems to me to be the biggest single issue here which strips away the one thing that we said when we wanted to vote for leaving was that we took back control so can i say to my right elbow friend my concern is that we have the sovereign right when we want to leave the un we have the sovereign right when we want to leave nato we have even the sovereign right when we want to leave the e.u. but we do not have the sovereign right to leave this arrangement. prime minister my rational friend his and he says that the references to the back stop do read some difficult issues and i fully accept that they race in difficult issues and i fully accept that across the house there are concerns in relation to the backstop indeed i share some of those concerns these have not been easy decisions to take it has been necessary as i explained and it would be necessary. in any sense in any deal
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that we were striking for our future partnership with the european union to agree with all agreement and it has been clear and we wanted to commit to ensure that we delivered no hard border between north and on and on and it has been clear that that withdrawal agreement needed to include this insurance policy but if i may say to my rational noble friend first of all he talks about being held in the backstop first of all the backstop is not necessarily what will happen because we want to ensure that the future relationship is in place before the backstop is necessary secondly it will be a choice as to whether we were to go in that circumstance where there was a temporary an interim period needed before the future relationship came into place we would be able to choose the preference between the backstop and the extension of the implementation period there are pros and cons on both of those sides of the arguments and there will be honorable members who have a. belief that one is better than the other the reason. a mechanism for coming
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out of the backstop is the backstop is in place coming out of the protocol that is a mechanism that does and he's right it does require our mutual consent it is for both sides to agree that it is it is and i won't make any. make any bones about that but it does enable that backstop to be replaced in a number of circumstances firstly of course crucially if the future relationship supersedes it used to be the case it was the case of breach originally that that was the only point at which it could be superceded it is now the case that alternative arrangements could replace it but i repeat i repeat what i have always said which is that it is my intention to work to ensure that such an arrangement is not necessary and we are able to go into our future relationship when we come out of the implementation period so very soon kerry bowl very prime minister rudd clear . search stood there are two alternatives to have prime new deal and no but. the
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government is investing considerably in contingency planning for new deal what contingency planning issued doing from the wrecks including for example a vising the commission your talks a good fifteen may have to be withdrawn on the show yourself retiring from the facts however much he hates the power may instruct to carry out to people. i say he asked me what plans were making for no breaks it will making no plans for no break. because this government is going to deliver on the bow to the british people. joan rivers if we took the best part of thirty nine trillion over the next couple of years and spent it on public services and tax cuts would not be a wonderful boost to our economy and the public. would not be a better way of spending the money for them by twenty one month order this is
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extremely discourteous the right honorable gentleman has a right to be heard without being shouted while he's speaking i invite the right honorable gentleman to begin his question again and to deliver it in full was to john redwood. mr speaker i was saying wouldn't it be a wonderful boost to our economy and our public services if we spend that money on ourselves rather than on twenty one months old did lay massive business uncertainty and something which would sour the political in the public mood for the whole time period. prime minister i say to my right on the friend as i said it's very early stage of these because the asians the united kingdom is a country which meets its legal obligation that says a great deal about the sort of country we are and the legal obligations as i said in my statement that sum of money that he's referred to is considerably less than the european union was. originally proposing we would be required to pay as part of
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the financial settlement but i read maine thermally of the view that this is a country that should ensure that we continue to meet legal obligations and we will do so much though no dogs mr speaker i could today stand here and take the prime minister through the list of promises and pledges that she made it to the stars and to us privately about the future of northern ireland in the near future relationship with me but i fear it would be a waste of time since she clearly doesn't listen and can i say today that this. was a clear choice and every member in it that this host of speech left in a position where the choices subjection to the rouge roles of others remain all of our interests at heart and for northern ireland and for our precious union five of those who resigned today have all talked about the threat to the integrity of the
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union and i congratulate them and praise them for what they have said and gone their strong actions and thirty nine billion has just been said for nothing the choice is in our clear we stand up for the united kingdom the whole of the united kingdom the integrity of the united kingdom over a vote for a vassal state with the breakup of the united i got to enjoy. prime minister of state. and i say. i will respond to the right honorable gentleman and he is wisely and i think that many discussions on this issue and i hope that we will continue to be able to have many discussions on this issue we have been ensuring throughout the negotiations that the issue of the border in northern ireland has been one of the key issues that we have been addressing here is first the commitments i made in terms of northern ireland in the future relationship those commitments remain. absolutely we are
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looking to ensure that we have that friction is trade across borders that both will enable not only us to deliver on our commitment for northern ireland but will also enable us to ensure that we have that friction is trade between the united kingdom and the european union as a whole of the rest of the european union as well i believe that and the remaining aspects of the deal that we have agreed that actually ensure that we are preserving the integrity of the united kingdom there has been a significant focus on the question of the backstop as i say the backstop isn't something which neither side neither the united kingdom nor the european union wish to ever see being exercised. and indeed in the circumstances as i've said where the needs to be a period before the future relationship is introduced there are alternative routes that can be taken but it's right on the gentleman says to me that he's concerned
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that we have not considered northern ireland throughout this process i can well i'm grateful to him that he says he's not said that because i have remained committed to delivering on two things in northern ireland both no hard border between northern ireland and arland sorry three things no hard call to northern ireland an island for us to be able to continue to maintain and respond to our obligations under the belfast agreement and to ensure that we protect the integrity of the united kingdom. very much mr speaker mr speaker and nobody but nobody can doubt the prime minister's absolute commitment and dedication to doing her duty and trying to do that yeah. referendum but the harsh cruel truth of the tapes is that this is not the promised deal the reason why the people of this country are so fed up he's because they've been made. so many promises none of
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which have been delivered upon because they culms be delivered to me i have karim with the prime minister we face three choices we either accept this agreement and i respectfully suggest there is now no maturity for it or we have no deal which would be profoundly irresponsible and catastrophic for our. all we have no brakes if we remain in the european union the best deal that we have with the european union and on that basis which at least today i undertake not to rule out taking this back to the british. prime minister. i'm afraid on that particular issue i will disappoint my right honorable friend i'm not going to change position i've taken in this house and indeed taken more widely i believe that it is the duty of members of this
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parliament to ensure that we deliver on the choice that was made by the british people a choice that this parliament overwhelmingly decided to give them that means that we will not be taking the option that she said of remaining in the european union but we will indeed be leaving the european union and that will happen on the twenty ninth of march next year. thank you very much mr speaker the prime minister has once again told the house that we will be leaving the customs union but the truth is that we will be remaining in the customs union both in the transition and in the backstop arrangement which can only be ended with the agreement of the e.u. and the truth is also that the only way to protect jobs investment and an open border in northern ireland in the long term is to remain within it will the prime minister now look the british people in the eye and make that remaining in the customs union is in our national economic interest because without it we will be.


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