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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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bridge. the truck losing report starts nov seventeenth on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin british prime minister theresa may comes under intense pressure ministers to search for government in protest over her draft deal to leave the european union the lawmakers in the house of commons also slammed the agreement leaving her chances of getting it through parliament hanging by a friend. also coming up to scared to return.
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brain go refugees in bangladesh she camps a protest against the plan to send them back to me and bar repatriation efforts opposed by the u.n. we're due to start today. i'm sorry so much got to thank you for joining us theresa may has told lawmakers that no deal or no brags that are the only alternatives to her draft plan for the u.k.'s departure from the european union the british prime minister defended the draft deal in the house of commons that he did session came this team members of may's cabinet resigned in protest over the draft plan for exit secretary dominic robb and others quit saying the agreement would trap britain in the blocks orbit for years let's listen to may's defense of the deal in parliament. delivering bricks it involves difficult choices for all of us we do not agree on all of those choices but i respect their views and i would like to thank them to sit sincerely
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for all that they have to we were told that we had a binary choice between the model of norway or the model of canada that we could not have a bespoke deal which the outline political declaration sense housing arrangement that is better for our country than both of these a more ambitious free trade agreement than the e.u. has with any other country. let's bring in our correspondents barbara vessel was in london max of money is in brussels good to see you both again barbara let's start with you we've seen a flurry of resignations today most notably the braggs it minister dominic robb what does this mean for theresa me. it means that she is in fact under tremendous pressure and that the hard line breaks tears in her own party might be leaving her and do searching her because a rumor has it that the r g y so-called european research group which is the
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organization so so to speak the club off their heartbreaks to cheers is just at this moment meeting in parliament and figuring out what they want to do and there's also rumor that jacob riis mark is ready to throw down the gauntlet stood to reason may and sort of say let me do it or at least do step aside so things are moving fast here and they are moving against the prime minister a lot of drama unfolding there in london today barbara no german chancellor here and america has commented on this deal this morning let's take a listen to what she had to say. the we must now check whether the twenty seven member states can support what's been wiped out. we have a great deal of faith in me said on you but there's lots of pages we'll have to analyze them and discuss them with our parliament but the work is ongoing but i'm
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glad we reached the stage yesterday all. sounding cautiously optimistic there max that brings us to you in brussels what does the way forward look like for the e.u. twenty seven now. what i'm going to just said is very typical of the approach that the e.u. seems to have keep calm and carry on but i'm going to michael also said this she said that she said this on no reason to renegotiate what they already had here because the british cabinet approved that and the e.u. approved it so this was an implicit reaction to what is happening in london but if you do keep calm and carry on then the plan is that the e.u. member states are going to back and said will now deal with this well analyze this we do know that not everybody will be happy with all of the parts that are in there for example the lack of the fisheries would probably not go down well with the french and then as of next week they will start preparing a political agreement that deals with the future relationship between the e.u.
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and the u.k. and all that works out after some frantic work then there will be e.u. bragg's it summit on the twenty fifth of november most likely here in brussels and after that it's up to the u.k. parliament we'll have to see if we get to those steps next because as we said theresa may facing a lot of opposition at home arch breaks a tear conservative party member take a priest was one of the m.p.'s who was challenging the prime minister in parliament in the house of commons let's listen to what he said earlier my role i don't have a friend and she's on question the owner said we would leave the customs union. the next two says otherwise my right on friend said that she would maintain the integrity of the united kingdom the whole procedure called says otherwise my right on the friend said we would be out of the jurisdiction of the orkin court of justice on school one hundred some to fall says otherwise i was on my right over
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the french was what i write only for dollars no longer match should i don't write to my right on befriend the member of. west. as we said jacob chief brags a tear there are you mentioned already that a senior euro skeptic conservative lawmakers are meeting right now we are seeing one report that jacob we smog might be putting in a letter of no confidence in the prime minister barbara we're seeing this leadership challenge ken theresa may hold on here. if her own party tells her that it doesn't want her anymore as a leader if the confidence is if she's voted down within her own party if there is a no confidence vote within the conservatives no i mean then she's gone and it's over for her and the question now is will reduce mons who sort of the leading figure of the hard line here is and who is somebody who'll can really kill
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political opponent was politeness as we have heard and will he sort of step up and say let me be the leader of the party for a long time four months or of the summer in particular he was sort of slated as being the man off the future who could sort of really galvanize the party and have support and many people in the public and many inside the party like him as a new leader of course the people who are the pro europeans and and those who are really who think that all this is going too far they're against three smart but he is certainly somebody who could try and put a temper as leadership challenge i would just have to wait whether it happens it's not going to last long till they emerge from palm and behind us and let us know what their plans are all right so cabinet ministers have resigned we could be seeing a leadership leadership challenge among the tories that max coming to you if this deal falls apart what does that you do next. that's
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a good question but i think the next steps are not necessarily here in brussels with the european union because if this deal falls apart most likely the reason may falls apart as well and then it depends who will be the next prime minister of the united kingdom what his or her position is and then we can see further i mean the e.u. has been known to put together last minute deals and make them work so they'd certainly be open for anything that the u.k. has to offer as long as it avoids a no deal scenario and as long as it keeps within the red lines of what the u. once for example the integrity of the european single market but that's where the problem is if you have somebody like rees mogg as the next prime minister he's certainly not going to care much for what reason may has negotiated earlier and then of course the scenario of no deal bragg's and so a crash in this case becomes pretty likely. our correspondent max housman and barbara basal again thank you both. now let's catch up on some
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other stories making headlines around the world a top saudi prosecutor is recommending the death penalty for five people charged in connection with the murder of jamal khashoggi the journalist was killed last month after he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul. lawmakers in sri lanka's parliament have exchanged blows leaving one m.p. hospitalized it is the latest escalation of the political turmoil that has left the country without a prime minister a cabinet the fighting started but the prime minister claimed the speaker had no with the order to remove him from office. the european court of human rights has ruled against russia in a case brought by opposition activists the lexan of only judges and straw sided with napoleon said his various jailings by russian authorities between two thousand and twelve and twenty fourteen were politically motivated involved he is a fierce critic of president vladimir putin and found himself behind bars on numerous occasions. some of organizing illegal demonstrations when detaining.
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the refugees in bangladesh have protested against attempts to send them back to me in mar with many of them fearing for their safety the protests caused bangladesh authorities to postpone the launch of a repatriation plan agreed with me and maher but opposed by the united nations refugee agency an estimated one million rohingya muslims are living in huge camps around the bangladeshi city of cox's bazar having side violence and persecution in . the sheer scale of the refugee crisis in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of muslims are living in squalid camps just like this they fled me on my arm because of army led violence following a military crackdown but with agreement from myanmar bangladesh is beginning the enormous task of trying to repatriate them and it's a move that is proving deeply unpopular. the ring
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a community leader told me that my number has been listed and i have to return to myanmar but my son and daughter were killed there i cannot pray there no one talks about our rights there we were sent away after being labelled as bengali we will not go back there. this family fled the bangladeshi camp they called their home and they are in hiding there fearful of returning to myanmar. they have tortured us so much there are no words to explain it we went through so much pain and if we go back again to face the same why should we go it's better to die here by taking poison. there will have to stay in camps were already in camps here i feel that i will die here so don't try to sunder stair. aid organizations and the un refugee agency admit there are still concerns for the safety of those who do return but nevertheless the work to repatriate one hundred fifty ringgit each day is underway. we're still talking to the ringer refugees
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people working on the grounds to encourage them to go back are associated organizations are also working. life in the camps is far from easy but for many were staying here still seems better than being forced to return back home. to california now where investigators are counting the dead from the state's worst ever wildfires at least fifty six people have been killed by the blazes so far with authorities warning that some one hundred thirty are still missing thousands of firefighters are still battling blazes in the north in the south of the state the authorities say they are slowly gaining the upper hand. the sierra fire is still burning outside san bernardino in something california fire crews are hard at work to tamp down the flames here to stop it from spreading again. further north in the destroyed town of paradise teams of forensic scientists sifting through the rubble
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searching for human remains. but finding the bodies of some victims in and around the wreckage of cars a grim reminder of last desperate efforts to flee the flames. one person who made a narrow escape was ninety year old patty saunders. everywhere we went all around also in front of and we kept stopping we couldn't go that. would stop and then we finally get to a place where you couldn't go forward. but i looked up and i saw the fire department a big sign paradise in that beautiful angel farm with a big goals and he was through everything he was making up. nearly a quarter of a million people across california have been forced to leave their homes in the last week. as firefighters begin to contain the blazes and workers start repairing
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the damage to roads and other infrastructure thousands are now being allowed to return to their communities. but the crisis is far from over. back in the south one blaze has flared up again in the santa monica mountains firefighters have been able to keep it away from residential areas so far. but the phage attention is so drawing that it could strike with disastrous consequences at any time. south korea has come to a standstill today in some cases literally it's because six hundred thousand students across the country are sitting for a college entrance exam that is so important even planes are grounded during the test. the. school makes gather to cheer on the test takers outside exam venue's in temples parents prayed that the many hours of study their children have put on in will pay off the nine hour test is life defining for
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many in south korea a prestigious university on one's resume is important for securing a place in limited corporate jobs. you're watching do you still to come the british pound takes up pounding and bags of turmoil in london we'll look at us some of the impact for the business world from. their hard alford's we'll have that for you coming right in business. they are digital warriors. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and
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violence they deploy the powers of social media.


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