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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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the nine hour test is life defining for many in south korea a prestigious university on one's resume is important for securing a place in limited corporate chops. you're watching d.w. still to come the british pound takes up pounding and bags of turmoil in london we'll look at that some of the impact for the business world. cared alford's we'll have that for you coming right in business. because. they are digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and
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violence need to deal with the powers of social media. their messages of more security like wildfire and thousands of followers are joining their. own money on the streets of. the old women who are changing the. digital lives starts november twenty fifth on the thing w. . you need. to get to the. mall briggs's turbulences a key minister and several other members of the british government resign raising fresh fear is that a break the deal could unravel only hours after it was announced. on g.p.s. helps people and i'm stumped find out whether stolen bikes went bust kind of bring them back. business d w business as welcome
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the pound has been tumbling following the. resignation of several members of terrorism is cabinet including the break that secretary raising questions about whether a deal to leave the e.u. announced only last night was unraveling the market's response to dominic robb's departure was swift sterling is currently don more than one hour percent against the dollar reversing the gains that it made after last night's deal with announced the british currency already lost ten percent against the dollar and the euro since the break that referendum two years ago. so let's cross right over to london to michael hewson is the chief market analyst at c.m.c. markets michael you've probably listened to the debate in parliament this lunchtime what was your impression is this the break that we're going to see. i think really that still considered by i mean one of the things that i think campaigns have been
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very good at has been telling people what they don't want to say but ultimately it doesn't change the options in front of them and ultimately they all this deal that was negotiated by prime minister and i no deal all staying in the new the calculus hasn't changed it's old so an awful lot of they say is politics now the big question is a thing you talked about the day on reveling there doesn't appear to be any support in the parliament for this deal going through the labor party opposition have also said that they will vote against it. in essence that gives them pays a very difficult problem does not it is sort of it points to an impasse in a in a way does that make you a no deal breaker more likely you think. well i think that is the calculus if you look at the market reaction but i don't think that there is any majority in the house of commons for a no deal breaks it up but the big question is what will we get instead so i think
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for all of this noise and all of the challenge and all of a possible leadership challenge to the u.k. prime minister we still have two to three weeks before this deal as it is gets to place it in the house of commons so at the moment you're saying i think an awful lot of what i would call hot air in the aftermath of this deal people are letting off steam telling people this is this is not what we voted for but it is not immediately clear what the viable alternatives are all so i think it's too soon to draw any tangible conclusions from this and i think we'll have to wait and see whether or not the e.u. summit on the twenty fifth of november takes place and then they're off to what the political landscape looks like in the next two or three days. wouldn't you say that the pound has taken a bit of a beating but when you say that market reactions were actually quite muted. yes and i think this is part of the calculus if you look at the business community they've come out broadly in favor of this deal and that's not surprising given the options
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on the table it's the best available option and i think markets are looking at this and saying well actually there is no majority in the house of commons for no deal breaks it so for all of the political noise and all of the on the certainty ultimately and pays will come together and coalesce around a solution that isn't a no deal breaks it unfortunately i don't think we're there quite yet do you think the i mean the c.b.i. has said well come tourism off of maize draft agreement what will these business lobby groups now be looking for i think they'll be doubling down to try and convince and pays and ministers that this is the only viable alternative it does give them a transition period a standstill transition period until twenty twenty two on out some of the wrinkles but given the alternatives this is the best available option unless obviously the e.u. agrees to extend the article fifteen notification period and that doesn't look very
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likely michael thank you very much for this analysis. thank you. briggs it is the only contentious issue that is b. you is currently facing italy's budget dispute with the u.s. growing more acute by the day on wednesday italy once again refused to come down on its proposed deficit spending something the european union had insisted on in light of italy's already huge debt load now rome is facing possible discipline or disciplinary measures from brussels that could involve billions in penalties and the country's borrowing costs continue to judge. as tensions between the e.u. and italy rise so just the cost of italian borrowing investors in other words want more for their money it's no longer a surprise italy's borrowing costs its bond yields have first been steadily since its populist government was elected investors respond partly to uncertainty and
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grown has provided plenty trashing the euro currency and dismissing the country's massive pile of debt the new budget seems just as i'm concerned about debt more than trickles deficit spending from the previous government's plan the e.u. says its growth projections are too optimistic credit rating agencies have weighed in lowering ratings and outlooks the gap between italian and german borrowing costs which is one measure of investor confidence continues to widen the chairman based hume foundation says government and corporate bonds and italian stock exchange losses have totaled more than one hundred seventy five billion euros since the government took office in may this process is going to have a very bad effect on italy on the debt and so on to mobility and since he's not even the latest electric technology can beat bicycles and it's really the only way to go round but people that know bikes have one major drawback
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they're very easy to steal and here to technology complaints. every place you call can be stolen no matter how well it is looked up but in amsterdam a city in which there are more bikes than residents a group of people has come up with a unique business idea for road bike theft is the biggest problem here so we came up with this idea of martha system with which you can track your own bike when it has been stolen if it's going to truck or a fix. built into the bicycle frame or a battery a sim card and an antenna. if the bike is stolen it makes this noise for five minutes. then it immediately sends an s.m.s. to the company headquarters giving its location via g.p.s. that's when the team gets to work they call themselves the bike come to. company
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promises to return stolen bikes to their owners within two weeks or to replace them with new ones. in berlin decided to try out the new service paying an annual fee of eighty euros his bike was soon stolen and he tried to locate it himself with the help of the company's up. i registered the bike stolen early in the morning by the afternoon i had received a message from the manufacturer and one day my bike had been taken from germany all the way to ukraine. the hunters document their progress online and report what they find. tracking technology isn't exact to see the new they came close to the bike but failed to find it they inform the police of everything they knew. is not about catching individual thieves we don't want to play police we would like to see an organisation that would make it easier to solve cases of bicycle theft across europe or even around the world.
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police in the netherlands are currently experimenting with a similar system but of course they can't go chasing stolen bikes around the globe until that changes it pays to remember the better a bike is locked up the more likely it is that the thief will move on to an easier score. now i have a little history lesson for you when she was told that the french peasants in the eighteenth century had no braves to eat queen marie antoinette famously said well let them eat cake that there's no hard evidence that she really said that what is on the run is huge though is the lavish lifestyle she led and with the french king why am i telling you all this well jewelry just went up for auction in geneva and fetched dazzling amount of money of thirty two million francs on my right with andrus world record for thirty two million francs.
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this poland diamond pendant triggered a bidding war that sent the price skyrocketing it completely out shown its estimated value of just two million euros twenty six. also under the hammer a diamond ring with mary and when its initials containing a lock of her hair a pearl and diamond necklace and various other ornate pieces that demonstrated how wealth and power. even the auction house saw the piece was surprised they put the success down to marry internets fame and notorious death. but when it is i think together with cleopatra she is the most important queen of the whole history. marie antoinette's and her husband king louis the sixteenth were beheaded during the french revolution they were filed for the extravagant lifestyle they allegedly led while much of the country was starving her jewelry was smuggled abroad just
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before she was arrested for high treason for two hundred years it belonged to the royal bourbon parma family the pieces hadn't been seen since then they might never be seen in public again the buyer wants to remain anonymous. a be ashame and that's it for me and the business team here and berlin will have an update for you in the next stop your amassed is next before that he has a full time check on global markets at this hour thank you very much for watching business bob i.
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way he told transmitted to the troops. men in the grass mom much and i will. veto. it. if. i run a welcome to another edition of your macs with me in your house meghan late today we are going to relive the past here's a look at what's coming up. standstill in trying to recruit fire caracciolo. listen up the voice band colonel is a head in honor just a lot.


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