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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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digital. starting over. this is the news live from britain's prime minister under increasing pressure over ministers desert teresa mayes government in protest at a draft deal to exit the european union even had chances of getting it through parliament hanging by a thread now there's a move to force her from office. also on the program too frightened to return home . refugees in fact that she taps protest
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against a plan to send them back to me it was due to start today. government today saying they can't support the agreement between london and brussels when mrs may went to parliament to try and sell the deal to low because she told her hostile audience that the only alternatives to her plan was no deal or no press it one of the five ministers who quit was the minister responsible for bret's it's dominic robb describe the deal as a very real threat to the integrity of the u.k. now the hard line jacob reese mark has moved to try to force to resign my out of office through a no confidence vote reaction and analysis from london and brussels in just a moment first here is the prime minister defending that deal in parliament delivering bricks. it involves difficult choices for all of us we do not agree on
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all of those choices but i respect their views and i would like to thank them to see sincerely for all that they have time we were told that we had a binary choice between the model of norway or the model of canada that we could not have at the spoke deal which the outline political declaration sent thousand of arrangement that is better for our country than both of these a more ambitious free trade agreement than the e.u. has with any other country. well that's got the latest from barbara faisal in london max hoffman in brussels welcome both barbara let's start with you cannons to the left condoms to the right does it look like mrs ray is going to get this deal through parliament. it seems that theresa may has really set off a civil war in her own party that is the first thing that is happening and that is what we are seeing today here in london because the brakes cheers are now in full
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battle mode against a reason may you just mentioned very smart who've said i was throwing down the gauntlet against her leadership we will have a leadership contest it is not quite yet clear when that is going to happen bought it bodes ill for it to resume a and so she really is surrounded by enemies and as you said there are cannons being fired from all sides so a tough day for the prime minister first they went after her deal now it looks like they're coming after her let's hear from jacob riis mark. the conservative party referendum on which almost all conservative m.p.'s stood so specifically but we would leave the customs union it did not have any small print saying oh unless we decide to have a backstop it is a permanent customs union that is harder to leave the leaving your opinion on the offical fifty above proposal in london it's important to remember that this is
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a man from her own side her own conservatives and to tell us who is jacob riis mark jacob free smart is one of the leading figure off the hard line breaks it cheers he very early on recognized that this was a cause that he could galvanize the the anti europeans and the tory party with us and he has been all of us to sort of been a figure on the back benches who never really put himself out into the limelight never said i want to be a leader i want to do anything but always been sniping from the back and bought his popularity within the tory party has been consistently hiding in some of it all of us have said he could be our next leader and then of course there are those who say you have to help us let that not happen so he is really is somebody who is very divisive fight he is smart he's a good strategist and he has now seen the point in time where he can finally pounds
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and move against a tourism a something that has been months in the making the top one in brussels a you leaders have been aware of the bitterness of base fights in the u.k. parliament if may go is this deal likely to stand. it really depends who comes afterwards if you talk to the social democrats for example in the city there is there is reborn hope here that there might even be a second referendum and then that referendum wouldn't be in favor of the remainder or so that there is no brags it at all in the end but of course it's really hard to save somebody like jacob riis mog becomes the next prime minister of the united kingdom that's probably not going to be the case so the overall strategy at the moment is to stay the course keep calm carry on meaning that there is a withdrawal agreement and that the us taking all the necessary steps to prepare that you brags that some of that is scheduled for the twenty fifth of november meaning they're getting the feedback the analysis now from the different capitals
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of the member states on the withdrawal agreement also at the same time preparing the political agreement that's supposed to hint at what the future relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. is going to look like is it going to be a free trade area is it going to be a customs union so a lot of work to be done a lot of questions to be solved until that summit and really the next step is in the u.k. so they can't really do anything else but wait what's going to happen in london the a you of course has stood foursquare behind that lead negotiator michelle abani i so when the summit happens does it mean that this enormous document will just get not it through by heads of government and indeed by the european parliament. surprising unity absolutely right phil something that not many would have expected because you know one of the troubles in the e.u. you have a lot more you have a lot more problems but it's the first time maybe that we're hearing about some criticism not of mission on you directly but of that document of five hundred eighty five pages we're hearing that the french led some criticism of it in the
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most likely was about the fact that fishery is not included in the document of course that's an industry that's very important to the french but will it lead to that document being radically changed or big changes at least made to it not very likely what we're hearing there might be some changes here and there but we expect that unity to hold up also at the brags that summit if it really happens depending on what the developments are in london of angel if there's no confidence move against prime the british prime minister does have one of the timescales and likely to be if she loses when when would she go. that is the big question that everybody is asking here because i have told earlier it might happen fairly quickly now reason marx said in the meantime it could be a matter of weeks not of months of course because he knows that all this is moving forward very quickly on the on the other stage in brussels and internationally but
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it could be a matter of weeks so we have to wait for when the hardline tories are staging this revolt against a reason may and we have to wait for the result trees mongers are also put out some names very well known names mostly as future possible leaders boris johnson of course david davis the big beasts of for exit and of course dominic robb who just stepped down as for exit minutes or so if these are the people who are going to follow what mark said is of course completely right the soul deal needs to be binned because they're not going to get to go through with it but all this is still up in the air and the tory party the hardliners in the tory party haven't yet said we will do this on that and that day we have to wait for that bought the move move things are very dynamic here and they seem to move in stream really quickly a reversal in london macsoftware in brussels thank you both. let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a top saudi prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for five people charged in connection with the murder of the journalist. saudi arabia's public prosecutor denied that crown prince mohammed bin salmond was involved in the plot turkey has attacked the findings of the saudi investigation is to construct it was killed last month after he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul. the death toll in california's wildfires now stands at fifty six with authorities warning that something like one hundred thirty people are still missing thousands of firefighters are still battling blazes in the north and south of the state over with or to say they are slowly and gaining the upper hand. lawmakers in sri lanka as problems of exchange blows and leaving want to spin lies to it's the latest escalation of the political turmoil that's left the country without a prime minister or cabinet the fighting started when the prime minister claimed the speaker had no authority to remove him from office. the european court of human
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rights ruled against russia in a case brought by opposition activist alexei navalny judges in strasburg sided with mr valley and said his various jailings by russian authorities between twenty twelve and twenty fourteen were politically motivated is to develop as a fierce critic of president putin has found himself behind bars on numerous occasions that russia accuses him of organizing illegal demonstrations when detaining him. ranger refugees in bangladesh have protested against attempts to send them back to me and many fear for their safety the protest calls bangladesh your thoughts as to postpone the launch of repatriation plan agreed with me and now but opposed by the united nations refugee agency. the sheer scale of the refugee crisis in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of residents in muslims are living in squalid camps like this they fled to me and ma because of
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army led violence following a military crackdown but with agreement from me and mom today bangladesh begins the enormous task of trying to repatch reate them it's a move that's proving deeply unpopular for. the entire community leader told me that my number has been listed and i have to return to me a more my son and daughter were killed there i cannot pray there no one talks about our rights there we were sent away after being labelled bengali we will not go back there i don't know this family have fled the bangladeshi can't they called their home and are in hiding so fearful are they of returning to me and mom more well i do not they have tortured us so much there are no words to explain it we went through so much pain and if we go back again to face the same why should we go it's better to die here by taking poison. there will have to stay in camps were already
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in camps here i feel that i will die here so don't try to understand aid organizations and the un refugee agency at mit there are still concerns for the safety of those who do return but never the less the work to repatch reate one hundred fifty row hinge or a day is under way of this we're still talking to the working here refugees or people on the ground or working to encourage them to go back are associated organizations are also working on the matter life in camps like this is far from easy but for many ranger staying here is far better than being forced to return back home. oh hush cost falling over south korea today is more than half a million high school students a crucial exam are known as the sooner the test determines university and job placement even future marriage prospects the critics what if this ultra competitive test puts people at risk. don't mess up urges the
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crowd. after years of cramming it all comes down to today across the nation extraordinary measures to minimize stress played suspended to reduce noise motorbike rescues for those stuck in traffic. how do you think their lives depend on this exam so it's very important. a hug from dad. in tears from mom as the start time looms. to see them but i have been studying so hard for a year so i hope not to make any mistakes i was very nervous until the day before yesterday but i feel numb today i just hope i'll do well on. the grueling exam takes nine hours while seventy percent of students will attend university most teens aim for the nation's top three stepping stones to plum jobs fewer than two
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percent will get in. meanwhile their parents pray in special masses at christian churches. and buddhist temples for many hope turns to worry. oh she was hopeful i hope my son does well in the exam. even if it doesn't go as well as he expects. i just hope that he'll be happy. and not get hurt if it doesn't. the. critics of the exam say the intense competition can damage young people and parents are under pressure to pay for private tutoring they also point to the stark statistic suicide is the number one cause of death for people under thirty in south korea. and so quiet vigils across the nation on
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a day that could decide the future of so many young lives. well that's up today at the top of the. state. life. the most traditional. with a. take a tour of germany. dot com.


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