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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is state of the news live from britain saw a lot tonight as the prime minister prepares to make them live statements in the next few minutes that's worrisome and has suffered a tempestuous there in which she lost several members of her government over the draft aggressive deal with the a you will be covering with that statement live. i'm still going to welcome to the program all eyes in the u.k. are on the prime minister's residence they say think there is a maze expected to come out of downing street ten downing street a very shortly notice to make a public statement today has been a bruising day for us starting with the resignation of five ministers in protest at
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the draft deal that was announced on monday said mr dominic robb was the first to go describing the agreement as a very real threat to the integrity of the u.k. this is may very went on to present the deal to a hostile parliament and then learn that a hard line here from our own party has begun the process to try to bring a no confidence vote and force from office that move against the prime minister's being spearheaded by jacob research mog. conservative party referendum on which almost all conservative m.p.'s said specifically that we would leave the customs union it did not have any small print saying oh unless we decide to have a backstop that is a permanent customs union that is harder to leave the leaving your opinion fifty. on the say. the british prime minister is due to make a statement in the next few minutes when she does we'll bring it to you live at of that let's get an assist from barbara faisal in london. brussels welcome both.
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suddenly getting this deal through parliament looks like the very least of teresa mayes problems. the worst of her problems at the moment phil is the civil war in her own party because now she's being shot at from all sides not only from the opposition and parliament as was to go it was to be expected also from the northern irish unionist party the d u p from scotland and various parties there bought also from with in her own party we heard jake apres smug he is the leader of the spokes person probably off the hard line the ultra brecht satiric those figures in the tory party who really want a heart to lean and fast break was the european union they absolutely opposed the solution that britain is supposed to stay in a customs union for two years or even more maybe and to stick to european rules
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during that time they see this as treason and they denounce to reason mase deal as something that goes against this spirit of brics that it's bret's it in name only as they call it and they are ready to mount a leadership a formal leadership challenge against her so she is really beleaguered from all sides and nobody absolutely nobody wants to step into her shoes at the moment which which makes this whole notion of a leadership challenge all the more intriguing if nobody wants the job why try to take out the one person who is in the job at the moment. exactly full that's the conundrum at the heart of it and that is what somehow seems to slow the tare rebels down of course a few names have been named by jake a priest monk who always insists that no absolutely no never would he ever step up himself but for instance boris johnson or david davis the franks administered
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before. who also stepped down from office already earlier in the summer and they would make great leaders and some of them. names for instance the home minister are being named but of course all this is tentative because none of them has really come out and said ok i will do it if you give me your votes and the of course this threshold is relatively high what happens is that forty eight letters needs to be put to the chairman of a tory committee the so-called nine hundred twenty two committee and then at a later point it's going to be a vote on that and one hundred fifty nine tory m.p.'s are needed to vote against a reason may to sort of make it official and to really sort of create this leadership challenge to make it real and so we're not clear whether the figures are there and the tories are hesitant at the moment but there is a lot of pressure and
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a lot of talk ok so the knives are out they just can't decide what to do with them at the moment let's go to brussels that matters that e.u. leaders have been aware of how bitter this this whole issue of it has been in the u. k. if may goes how is that likely to affect the deal that we currently have on the table. let me speculate here on breaks into that it's the big question you know is of course any successor of to recent may if he or she would be voted what for find him or herself in the same situation the problem is there is no majority for a people's vote so for no practice there is no majority for a heartbreaks it's over a cliff edge breaks it a no deal scenario and that is exactly the situation that address the maze facing that's the situation that any successor would face and even politicians my
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impression is are fully aware of this is there room for more negotiations i think the reason may has pushed the limits year the us made very clear what the red lines are and yet the e.u. keeps preparing things it's a bit like the scenario here in brussels preparations move forward for the summit on the sa on sunday ambassadors will be briefed so wedding preparations if you want are keep moving forward even though it's unclear if grew up right your choice phil would u.k. will be if they actually show up for that wedding. and still country without the whole notion the e.u. has stood foursquare behind their lead negotiator michel barnier may. well regardless of what happens in the u.k. when this enormous document is actually looked at by the e.u. twenty seven leaders will be there for presume it will just get noted through by them and by the european parliament. well that's exactly what's also what's
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happening now the member states and any piece from the european parliament are looking are sifting through that document and expect member states to zero in on those last minute compromises that have made that paper those five hundred eighty five pages possible so they will look exactly will any of this to the backstop opportunity of the backstop solution rather will that if for instance the u.k. a comparative advantage this has been an interest driven process from the side of the you they have always made sure that their interests are protected in this and that is what member states will do so so don't expect them to rubber stamp that process although having said that it's very clear that michele by a has enjoyed the the trust of the twenty seven and he's negotiated fully within their interests. both available this keeps happening to
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theresa may she came up with her checkers plan she got her cabinet to back it over the weekend and then the next day there was resignation after resignation after resignation same thing here you get a deal approved from brussels she locked them all in a room she said ok what do we think of as they are getting through this morning and last night or this morning they said yes the cabinet now has collective responsibility and then there were resignations is this a problem of the issue being so toxic or is to resubmit perhaps just not up to the job. both but also there might be a third issue here phil because it seems that there is a particular kind of dishonesty or let's say lack off honesty within this cabinet and within probably the tory party and maybe even within the wider of british pop.
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except the moment because yes breck's it is such a toxic issue as it has become so incredibly device's divisive people are just yelling and shouting at each other all the time just take a look at twitter it is quite incredible the way people are sort of as is throwing insults at each other and so the whole climate has been so poisoned that it seems the dynamics are that to use a maze you set locks people into a room she says ok back me now this is the deal and nobody really dares i mean there is grumbling there's even maybe some yelling and shouting but then nobody really dares to stand up and say ok i don't want to say i think this is stupid let's not do it bot they go home and sort of think about it overnight and then the next day of course we see what is happening at this is really history repeating itself we saw it in the summer after checkered checkers and we have seen it last night and there is a particularly dynamic then then people of the next morning say no impossible in
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the cool light of the day i can't support this and then they step down and this is particularly corrosive because it makes like every political move not real in a way the next declaration we hear will we know whether it will stand up so it's it increases mistrust in british politics which is a big and essential problem at this point in time. you want to be doubly news live from berlin on the day the british prime minister presented her bracks it's a deal to parliament this is after five of her cabinet ministers resigned and then there has been a leadership challenge with the beginning of a leadership challenge she is due to make a statement from inside of ten downing street and as soon as she begins to speak we will carry that to you live meantime we're speaking to a barber of asal in london and gail mathis in brussels gad let's come to you the issue at the heart of it this five hundred eighty page document what have been the
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reactions from the twenty seven leaders so far so what they have read of it. overall through i would say they were positive reactions on the side of the unit was always clear it's a lose lose situation breaks it will never deliver anything positive but at least now there is something on the table that would avoid a cliff that something on the table that provides a solution for northern ireland which is a concern and a genuine concern i would say for the twenty seven that no hard fought or. northern island emerges and so there were a number of leaders including on the americal the german chancellor who said this is a positive step there's also some who have entered interpreted donald talks on the analysis of this that there is some hope that maybe there will be no brakes it at all when he said that prepared he's prepared for no deal scenario but so the use
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prepared for a no deal scenario but of course we're best prepared for a no brecht's that scenario but that is of course interpretation what from the side of the you is this is a deal as good as it gets and it's they now wait for the u.k. to sign it telling that to barbara faisal in london amongst the raised voices amongst british parliamentarians about this deal and people are paying particular attention to northern ireland do you party there this is the party that is propping up to recent amaze government what we've been hearing from them. yeah they do you said there will be consequences and that's an ominous threat of course coming from arlene foster the party chief off the d. u.p. the northern ireland unionists because what they wanted was not to be singled out they did not want to be treated any differently from the rest of the u.k. but in the end of course we see if we look at the divorce treaty that the brics
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a deal there will be some differences it's not not not two not too grave but there will be some differences because the northern island is supposed to be kept close to european regulation so that on the irish isle there will be no need for border controls off to break that and already that which is not just a bit just like they have it in a bit deeper within european regulation already that sort of rages them and the do you piece says we cannot possibly condone this deal be cannot vote forty two current plans they can vote it down and then she will not have the numbers it's ten seats that they do you p. has and she will not have the numbers to push this through parliament so it's life threatening for two reasons made to reserve may's government at that point get that's completely clear. barbara i'm looking at the list of resignations that
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happened today and i'm reminded of the words of oscar wilde's lose to lose one pressing said secretary may be unfortunate to lose two looks like carelessness amongst these five dominic rob the bread success rate has gone as the mcveigh was a significant person within the u.k. but the all the rest at all significant. now of course in the summer earlier when after the checkers meeting at david davis the first bricks of minister stepped down he was one of the so-called big beasts off the tory parties and that was significant and all the others we have seen step down now are sort of from the second or even third row bought it is a signal that she is with in her party hemorrhaging support and so every of course every n.p.c. may he may he be as back bench as you like it counts because in the end one man one woman one m.p.
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one vote in parliament and that's sort of where her majority is going to come from and if she looks at it she sees us with different eyes than you and i because she sees that her own support is sort of bleeding away and for her that is a clear signal of danger of course. proviso in london matters in brussels for now we thank you we'll come back to you as soon as we hear from series tonight in london and i say thanks let's move on to the rest of the day's news right into refugees in bangladesh protested against attempts to send them back.


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