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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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business data we need live from. britain's prime minister i find. after a turbulent day of the draft a deal to resume says the agreement is the best way forward for britain and. chances of getting it through partners are hanging by a thread will bring you full analysis from london from brussels also on the program too frightened to return home. refugees in bangladesh you can
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protest against the plan to send them back to me and my reply was to you to start today. germany's national football team that goal school more goals but who will step up to help the team avoid relegation and you're. welcome to the program british prime minister theresa may has said that she will defend her agreement which she described as the best possible deal for great britain. at a press conference that this evening she described it in those terms and she said it was a decision that all of the votes of the british people and she was again ruled out another referendum on the issue of british members. of the european union
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a statement decade at the end of a bruising day that started with the resignation of five of ministers presidents of dominic robb was the first to go describing the draft that agreement as a very real threat to the integrity of the u.k. after facing a hostile reception in parliament and mrs may was confronted with the news that a hard line here from her own party had begun the process to try to bring a no confidence vote and force her from office. so let's bring in our correspondent in london and matter of second brussels are welcome both barbara i will start with you in london suddenly getting this deal or through parliament looks like the least of teresa mayes problems but it sounds like she's going to stick to it let's start by taking a listen to what she had to say in the press conference finished at the top of the hour leadership is about taking the right decisions not the easy ones as prime minister my job is to bring back
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a deal that delivers on the votes of the british people that does that by ending free movement all the things i raised in my statement ending free movement ensuring we're not sending vast annual sums to the e.u. any year any longer ending the jurisdiction of the european court of justice but also protects jobs and protect people's livelihoods protects our security protects the union of the united kingdom i believe that this is a deal which does deliver that which is in the national interest and i'm i going to see this through yes it's question. a little is nothing new in this what was the point. the point was of course phil that the reason may show that she can out fighting i mean you just mentioned already the dealership challenge from her own party from our own heart breaks to tears within the tories and she tells them was this public appearance as sort of free hashing all her
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favorite stock phrases we've heard them over and over again the national interest and this is the deal people voted for and so on and so forth she tells them i'm here if you want to fight was me come right out and step right up and be counted and don't just talk about it behind closed doors so she is challenging the challenge and so she tries to look like a strong leader even though her sorrow to you seems to have really trickled away is throughout this horrible day in london go back to some brussels one of the questions the prime minister was asked during a press conference was what would you say to britain's friends and allies abroad looking at this chaos sitting there in brussels what do you say. well she hasn't exactly answer that question like many of the questions as you've pointed out earlier. and interesting enough one of the questions
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she she avoided was the question whether rex it had something on the that wasn't actually on the menu and that certainly the perspective here here in brussels what ops of us here in brussels but also the member states the institutions will like to have heard is her acknowledgement that clip no deal scenario would have devastating consequences the second thing they would have liked to hear is the fact that she believes this is a good deal because there is not a lot more room for further concessions and she said in her speech there is no deal that does not require a backstop i.e. and sure i'm and a guarantee that there will be no hard border in ireland between the property of ireland northern ireland something the u.s. for really hard for and so that was the good news from brussels perspective but reversal the reason may also making quite clear reiterating her line that there will be no second referendum. that is the main point i
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mean she has been pressed from all sides from the opposition of course from the labor party from this very strong movement for a second referendum that really has been gaining traction throughout the last weeks and maybe like two months and that brought a run seven hundred thousand people out into the streets of london in october protesting against the brics it in itself she absolutely denies that she for her this does not exist and she repeats over and over again endlessly the british people have voted she means the referendum in two thousand and sixteen and now i am here to deliver what they voted for and it's her interpretation of course of what people wanted what they really wanted and what they really knew that they have though voting for that's a completely different question but that is really what she is sticking to what she
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is really has really grabbed with both hands and she pushes this through and there is just no movement she is not wavering this will only happen a second referendum as parliament votes down her breasts the deal and there is no other way out because not just brussels so we have we've seen that there is now at the beginning of the process of challenging cerise amazed that leadership of the conservative party and ultimately a premiership if she is not prime minister said on the twenty ninth of march where does that leave this steel. why it would leave at least her successor in exactly the same situation he or she would face either heartbreaks it cliff edge directs it he or she would face exactly the same negotiating circumstances and european union really united between behind chief
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negotiator michel barnier with very clear red lines to protect the internal market and the last scenario which would leave that potential successor if you want to speculate in that direction with the situation that a part of the country wants a people's vote something that which are there is no majority for in the house of parliament. i'm bugger of a is also the leadership challenge processor has begun what happens next. what happens now is that the e.r. gee this european research group is those hard line tory breaks to cheers call themselves will sort of how it all together and figure out whether they have the numbers because they need first forty eight letters to the chairman off this obscure backbench committee in the tory party and then if it comes to a vote which would take a couple of weeks they say here in london they would need one hundred fifty nine
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conservative m.p.'s to vote against to reason may now looking at it from this point in time that figure might not be there but it might still come because if the chaotic circumstances here in london cantin you if trees amaze cabinet continues to hammer the porridge and people are leaving and and the press we have seen an earlier in this press conference that we could watch now and in street that the press is really not mincing their words i mean to resume a was really openly attacked of being like in government but not in power if that carries on then she is slowly going to get two weeks and then the backbenchers and the tory bricks and cheers they might yet pounds it's going to take a couple of weeks the oddest thing that could possibly happen still is the following next week's sunday there will be the bricks that special summit in
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brussels to reserve may might appear there to sign off on the brakes a deal and then maybe a little week or two later she might be forced out of office right that would be a very odd result indeed above a very small and london matter say in brussels thanks for joining us. i take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world to stop a saudi prosecutor seeking the death penalty for five people charged in connection with the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi the official. denied the crown prince mohammed bin solomon was involved in any way turkey has attacked the findings of the saudi investigation because subject was killed last month after he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul. but the death toll encounters in california wildfires now stands at fifty six with both or it is a warning that one hundred thirty people are still missing thousands of firefighters are still battling blazes in the north and south of the state the
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authorities say they are slowly gaining the upper hand. now the european court of human rights has ruled against russia in a case brought by opposition activist alexei in the valley judges in strasbourg sided with mist in the valley and said that these various jailings by russian authorities between twenty twelve and twenty fourteen were politically motivated just as well he is a fierce critic of president putin has found himself behind bars on numerous occasions russia accuses him of organizing illegal demonstrations while in detention. german chancellor angela merkel is due to visit the city of camden sound friday trip to the eastern city comes nearly three months after far right extremists hounded migrants after a man was stabbed to death allegedly by two asylum seekers. the situation in the many residents of cabinets held the days of rallies in support of the extremists the situation remains difficult for foreigners and the chancellor has been widely
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criticized for not visiting the city center correspondents. have documented a census report from camus. it's difficult for me to watch these images. on the twenty sixth of august or right wing mopper rampaged through the streets of candidates chanting this is our city later that evening they attacked foreign looking people and a group of center left as the politicians. stood up to them. i . also i was completely beside myself i i cried so much because it was so emotional afterwards i really had to. pull out slowly is a social worker seventeen years ago she fled from lebanon to germany now she gives
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advice and support to young refugees who have just arrived in germany for many of them are racist hostilities a part of every day life says i can give with most of them say nasty words or leave this is our country our candidates why do you stay. if it's on fridays that the right wing populist for chemists alliance holds their weekly rally around a thousand people gather to spread fear and hate. not so i know i'm afraid that i'll be attacked or raped by migrant some. if i go out on the streets alone at night. it's good six cannot things get better because everything is so expensive and those dock is get the money it's unbelievable aside most of them vote for the right wing populist a.f.d. which became the second strongest force in cam that's in the in the stock elections like many others who leslie is worried about the social peace in the city the division and canute's is growing. the i me it's easy to add strong we're seeing
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that some people in chemists fear migrants and some migrants fear the people of kenya it's there are a lot of discussions on the matter i lead some of them personally i've been speaking with muslims in towns people i always ask what's the problem and where. they're calling for us in the altar. or less l.a. wants to encourage those who remain silent to take action as a sign of solidarity against the right wingers at this moment that this is my city that i will be forced out i'll continue my fight against racism and discrimination for all i would have liked chancellor angela merkel to visit. she says people and chemists should feel that their fears are being taken seriously. hundreds of central american migrants have arrived at the us mexico border town of tio water they belong to the first of a number of migrant caravan sort of travels about
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a thousand kilometers trying to escape poverty and violence and. they now hope to gain entry into the united states the u.s. government has sent thousands of troops to the border to stop them defense secretary it's a matter this has visit troops in texas on the border u.s. president donald trump is trying to close that border but the majority of the migrants are still pushing through mexico but if people there are showing solidarity but not all westminster council how they feel about this exodus. some bread a warm meal or even socks migrants are getting help from individuals and institutions like in this makeshift shelter in mexico city to be on a good cheer is one of those who turned out today she drove a van over loaded with clothes for women and children. that he went oh it's gratifying that a lot of people are helping that it brings out the humanity in us and pleases me to see the difference we are making up with apple yet we're all very proud to be
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mexican this is the seventy. mexico us in migrants heading north travel through the country per decades this is a chance for it to express solidarity with them. that is we have to deal with this acutely painful situation to reach out to people passing through it who are working on this so that. colombians and who are instinct that we reject them we have to support each other because we are all human beings and we feel for them. but the migrants have not been welcomed by everyone some mexicans have begun lashing out at them that they have no problems because they don't was if i come here to contribute than that welcome his seems not the having a day at the beach. or a throw away the food we give them but they keep their big. numbers that many of
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them are drunk you're amazing in public everywhere mexico cannot cope with receiving them in the hope that from now on officials check their papers and give them what they deserve and give us what we deserve their human rights are apparently worth more than ours and. some of the migrants have experienced these attitudes during their journey. but even so most in mexico has offered them good care. now one person in suiters we don't like that but i guess we have to accept it we are invading their country. mexico has received us very well we're very proud because it has given us all this support for you we have not liked or closing. mexico a country divided like so many others by migration writers other countries
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keepers of society so says the rights organization pen international which is marking the day of the imprisoned writer hands drawing attention to the cases of five individuals who it says and body the fates of many journalists and writers around the world here's a look at three. i rested. jailed murdered. three cases thousands of miles apart persecuted for their work. first all accents off he's known as russia's most famous prisoner. the ukrainian writer filmmaker and fierce critic of the kremlin is serving a twenty year jail time he's accused of plotting acts of terrorism charges he says are politically motivated. sally jewel an award winning photographer writer and activist he's been accused of making false and provocative statements
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during student protests and says he was beaten and pretrial detention alarm has just been granted bail the press freedom activists say there's a growing crackdown on dissent in bangladesh. according to reporters without borders one hundred seventy journalists are currently behind bars around the world activists say this number is growing at an alarming rate authoritarian governments are becoming increasingly emboldened and are targeting writers and journalists in ever greater numbers some are paying a heavy price for merely carrying out their work they will not be silenced. finally breach. the veteran crime and politics reporter who was shot dead in her car in mexico last year she'd been investigating mexican drug cartels and a note found next to her body read because he talked too much. pen international
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say they want to drill particular attention to her case in recognition of the extreme violence taking place violence that's claimed the lives of more than sixty journalists this year a line. rustam candy is a writer and activist who is himself imprisoned in iran now and now lives here in exile in germany welcome to the double thank you for having me what were you doing in iran that serves the authorities. i was doing what i was i had always been doing before but what happened was that i was in more than the organization of a conference for writers and political activists from a different political shades that was going to take place in berlin in germany in the year two thousand. so this was being organized by the. and. i did you know some of those friends who were going to take part in the
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conference were my friends or they knew me well and i knew them well. because i've been involved in writing translating for many years so. after the conference. there was a lot of noise in the come friends and. some people were arrested when they got back to iran and i was in iran myself i have been helping with the organization of the conference my contact in the people and going to them and talking to them you were arrested and jailed i was jailed yes i was what we charged with. the charges. almost always connected with acting against national security or spreading propaganda against the state. and
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they cited an article of the law the penal law in my case which meant that i had been involved in fighting god. it didn't say that directly but the article. was concerned with this issue so i don't know hi i forgot but that was that was the implication and you would tell how long i got that i got the sentence of eight years in prison in prison and to just serve eight years in exile internal exile that meant i i had to serve it in prison somebody in iran no i didn't serve with the german government got to move quite strongly because. at the time the green party was in power in the year two thousand and the official was the foreign minister and the german government did a lot a lot. to intervene they were really
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a tough he is this thing right when you are right when you're a political activist in a country like iran where you know this is a quite a repressive government why do you still do it when you know they're going to come after you. well why do you go why do you go to vote here i mean you got to vote here because it's your democratic jersey and no one's going to throw you in jail yet that's my my my duty to express my mind and my beliefs and also to give to fight for the right of other people to say what they believe peacefully peacefully to say peacefully and to take action peacefully. so if they are nothing more than violence why don't watch and this is a freedom of expression and it is it is enshrined in. in the universal declaration on human rights in the national covenant on. political and cultural
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rights and if you are so honest on this national law of human rights on this day of the imprisoned rights of what would be your message to journalists writers who are currently behind bars. who are behind bars yeah who who are currently in prison that they must have hope they must have hope that they will come out soon because lots of people get in gauged to work for them and to advocate for their rights and to bring to the international community's tension that these people are languishing in prison because they have been expressing their mind they have been stating their opinions peacefully and they have not done anything by violent means . or some kind of a thank you for joining data thank you very much. and what would be a good outcome when someone embarrasses and humiliates you for dancing have
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a look at this short of brian was dancing in a club in the u.k. when someone signee took pictures of him and used them to mock him online pictures caught the attention of a group of women rather than laughing at him they tracked him down and threw him a party their way of sending a message against cyber bullying overnight showing went from laughingstock to internet sensation no but dancing not go so how has his life turned out since that well we caught up with her for the latest episode of d w facebook show what happens next. if the so all the messages are called will go to law and all of the positivity and you buy from these sales one of buffy i mean it just gives me such a such a close feeling. well you can watch the entire episode of what happened next on the w.'s facebook page hosted by there's a show welcome the liz so the big party for show wasn't just about sean o'brien it was it was a bigger message. that's through
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a filter of the women who invited sean to l.a. and through the party for him there they also invited advocate for body positivity and also anti bullying activists. well if we truly do all only that he said it way to me but because of because of the story behind it we did say that trying to anybody who had to store we had been picked online nobody don't want of course a president who knows firsthand what it's like for our people in the public to just humiliate you and shame you and what a vice to short for people who face cyber bullying. well john had great advice especially for young victims of cyber bullying because there most of vulnerable citizens from the u.k. show that one out of four young people in the u.k. have received the hateful messages are racist comments online so he says the most important thing is for those people to really find somebody to talk to especially
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people who are close to you your family your friends and then focus on what those people think of you because you said somebody who has seen a video of you or a photo of you on the internet they don't really know who you are they don't know your story so focus on the people who really care about you know of course that viewers can get to the whole episode of what happened next facebook page went to the show thank you so much. you're watching. live from burden still to come. lots of stuff but we have got times to bring it here about every as you can always get the dublin years on the go just download it from google play well for me awful stuff i'll give you access to all the latest news sobs from around the world as well as push medications plenty of breaking news if it all seems that some justification is i'm very upset. because we'll have more of those old world sneers of business i'm spoiled almost.
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all that remains is rubbing her money in the syrian city of iraq. it was liberated from the islamic state in october twenty seventeen now the city's former residents will be coming back. to the city they once called home returning to the moon. forty five minutes. six first day in school in the jungle. or first climbing lesson and then sure as grand moment arrives. join the ring
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a chain on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interested documentary stories in a ranting returns home to monday w. don't come to tanks. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. say it's worthless for the rich but for many poor people it offers their own chance of survival. and i could be lunch for today just like the ones. our reporters tried. to nairobi and work and people know the true value which. it has created a rising paralleling. what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting players swarthy the response. yes we are starting to walk here because we're tired. actually destructing economy.
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bridge. detroit news report starts nov seventeenth on d w. this is the news live from berlin i'm phil gallo our top story this hour following a turbulent day trying to sell the draft deal to. parliamentary colleagues britain's prime minister koizumi as promised to fight on to secure the deal with the european union and the chances of getting it through parliament are one in five hundred. bangladesh has had a chaotic start to its controversial repatriation program for hinge refugees one hundred fifty ranjit were meant to cross back to me and not today not one of them turned up instead there were angry protests at the border under the thousands of most liberal hinges currently living in sprawling camps around the bangladeshi city of cox's bazar for huge the exodus began last august following
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a military crackdown to minimize rakhine state bangladesh has already made several unsuccessful attempts to send men just back to me and now despite repeated warnings that conditions are not safe the u.n. high commissioner for human rights michel basher like has urged dhaka to call off the program in a statement she said returning ranger refugees to me and this point effectively means throwing them back into the cycle of human rights violations that this community has been suffering for decades hence it's not fair that we sent back against their will most of the twenty two hundred people on a bangladeshi repatriation list reportedly got into hiding. the sheer scale of the refugee crisis in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of residents in muslims are living in squalid camps like this they fled to me and ma because of army led violence following a military crackdown but with agreement from me and ma today bangladesh begins the
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enormous task of trying to repatch reate them it's a move that's proving deeply unpopular. among the injured community leader told me that my number has been listed and i have to return to me on march my son and daughter were killed there i cannot pray there no one talks about our rights there we were sent away after being labelled bengali we will not go back there i don't know this family have fled the bangladeshi can't they called their home and are in hiding so fearful are they of returning to me and mom well more with the not they have tortured us so much there are no words to explain it we went through so much pain and if we go back again to face the same why should we go it's better to die here by taking poison. there will have to stay in camps were already in camps here i feel that i will die here so don't try to sunder stair age organizations in the un refugee agency at mit there are still concerns for the safety of those who do
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return but never the less the what to repatch rates one hundred fifty rohit injure a day is underway to this we're still talking to the work in jail refugees or people on the ground are working to encourage them to go back are associated organizations are also working on the matter. life in camps like this is far from easy but for many ranger staying here is far better than being forced to return back home. but a look now at a global problem often goes unreported because of social stigma talk about suicide it w.h.o. estimates that around eight hundred thousand people commit suicide across the world each year around three hundred thousand of those deaths are of women and a new study says an alarming number of women in india are taking their own lives the lives of medical journal says women in india kill themselves at almost twice the global average in fact of all global or female suicide deaths
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a third in india the study's authors describe it as a public health crisis in delhi reports from mumbai. sheetal upon finds cooking therapeutic her life hasn't been easy after putting up with years of sexual abuse as a child she thought tried to commit suicide in their teenage years the scars never really heal and as she tried to sell a farm many years later studies of revealed attitudes diverts female sexuality in india but sexual abuse survivors at a greater risk of targeting suicide. at the new woman's worth in this is the idea unfortunately that lives in it's come to lead needed a ved by the sort of occasion of just to be that is best stored upon her by these so-called you know keepers of of the modern mood you know stated in standards
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of the society you are either a goddess. on your tomato audio hawt. there is no in-between. she thought isn't alone off every four young women who die in india each year three teenagers who have committed suicide or studies a show of the female as you sign reads in india is exceptionally high academic say that there are certain cultural reasons that make women in india particularly vulnerable to suicide some of these reasons are gender based discrimination gender based violence sexual violence and also a culture of silence around anything to do with mental health in this country. is a leading psychiatrist and a specialist in female psychiatric issues she says many of these social problems lead to them in wanting to end their lives. is six you know views that goes
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unnoticed at the well place you've been knocked you know that is still feeling which is day so vivid can get pressed as a result of which it is depression that also a hard one and problems wish cause depression individual i know does takes to ignorance it as a society and thanks to the stigma about it going to a mental note of. that social problems are not the only difficulties indeed women face and trenched cultural norms in a country that is changing rapidly after the pressure. you are expected to do a lot of things it's a good big get to be in law if you're expected to go because when you're good to go with children. and your husband and his knee and. the husband usually never barked take so many over the beginning when you're home so that's the set up to be in the normal life the fetus back in her apartment she told is busy with work she
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thanks her friends and therapy for helping uppal true she is one of the lucky ones . oh hush fell over south korea today more than half a million high school students a crucial exam known as the soon nunky test determines university in job prospects and even future of marriage prospects but critics worry this ultra competitive test of puts young people at risk. don't mess up urges the crowd. after years of cramming it all comes down to today across the nation extraordinary measures to minimize stress flight suspended to reduce noise motorbike rescues for those stuck in traffic. how do you think their lives depend on this exam so it's very important. a hug from dad in
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tears from mom as the start time looms. to go but i have been studying so hard for a year so i hope not to make any mistakes i was very nervous until the day before yesterday but i feel numb today i just hope i'll do well on. the grueling exam takes nine hours while seventy percent of students will attend university most teens aim for the nation's top three stepping stones to plum jobs fewer than two percent will get in. meanwhile their parents pray in special masses at christian churches and buddhist temples for many hope turns to worry. it was helpful in that i hope my son does well in the exam. even if it doesn't go as well as he expects. i just hope that
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he'll be happy. and not get hurt if it doesn't could've. critics at the exam say the intense competition can damage young people and parents are under pressure to pay for private tutoring they also point to this stark statistic suicide is the number one cause of death for people under thirty in south korea. and so quiet digitals across the nation on a day that could decide the future of so many young lives. germany's national football team face russia tonight coach him love is likely to use the family to continue to test new ideas on the pitch his biggest concern is germany's lack of goal scoring and he's hoping to overcome that before monday when germany have a much that matters in the europe's nations league take two of the revenge
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germany go into the friendly against russia still seeking to regain their fans confidence following a disastrous world cup their recovery after that debacle hasn't gone well but they've lost their last two matches that might be the reason that there are still ten thousand unsold tickets for wednesday's game over the curtain. after the year we've had we can't exactly expect the fans to be queuing around the block. in the van and we have to ask ourselves some hard questions kids like. the one next week germany face the netherlands in the european nations league but they could be already relegated from the group by then if the netherlands beat france on thursday yohimbe lurve is remarkably relaxed about that danger. clar shows us i can like rough couldn't it's of our hands now whether we'll stay in the group or we have to wait and see benevolence frocks result in views on the getting from christ beat them as if we are in a lower group in twenty twenty so be it that's not the end of the world but we
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could always get promoted again when the gun the company over the. twenty eighteen has brought only disaster and disarray for the german national saud their upcoming fixtures of their final internationals of the year two last chances to end on a high. for the humphrey is here with your business update now starting with a look at the economic opportunities and challenges for the sa how region of africa fail thank you very much indeed while this the hell is west africa's poorest region but that also means that there are countless opportunities to build up infrastructure the private sector and the region's economy challenges have to be addressed including security and extremist attacks in the area between the kenya fast so money and asia have increased significantly in recent months and un financing to support a regional force fighting the insurgency is only less while it's less than half of
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what's needed well the so how is a vost semi arid region of africa separating this a hard desert to the north and tropical savannas to the south most people work in agriculture which accounts for around forty five percent of economies in the region but food insecurity climate change conflict gender inequality all make rapid development more challenging. i'm pleased to say that i'm joined in the studio now by mr ebro him chalo he is the united nations special advisor for the helm we really appreciate you joining us here at the studio this evening now as a special advisor force to how and mauritanian yourself you know the potential of the region and the opportunities for for investment where all these opportunities. just ahead is as much a land of challenges as it is a land of opportunity is. the opportunity is essentially a match for the source of. oil of god as minerals. the region is also very distant
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fisheries the coastline of west africa is very rich just the animals talk of the culture and the youth of this ahead of the democrats did the victim dividend is also important that this chair you you mention the fact that this is an area rich in natural resources when we talk about oil when we talk about gas for example foreign direct investment has increased in the region but is it not the case as well that these industries that often taking away some of these natural resources how much is that a problem that's right what we are advocating for the moment is for sad countries to be given the opportunity to actually exploit their sources and could transform them locally from local process and used to have devalued in these periods jobs and that is the only opportunity they have to actually keep the young. boy and girls at home so as to give them opportunities to grow and how can the united nations
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facilitate these investments through dialogues also advising governments to establish new policies but it is same time to build bridges between private investments as well as proof of that investment is that it's certainly unfortunately a complicated time for the region libya remains in chaos for example off to twenty twelve mali reeling off the islamist insurgency to the north nigeria battling boko haram can anything necessarily be solved on the economic playing field until this security situation is addressed. many. investments are possible it is true that some regions are in trouble but just decide it is actually safe you have talking about ten countries some of which have not seen any problems like the one you mentioned. but i think there is no place on earth where there is no risk so it is very important that we do not consider this a hell. of
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a system file i think some pockets of this i have absolutely come and have no difficulties and you also have to see that there are wonderful opportunities in the region where three hundred million people live in the ten countries where opportunity is also going to be built in the future in terms of the mobile image for example as an opportunity these are lives long term investments we depart as a good month and think. very important because when you just touch their own renewable energy we know that climate change is another issue which a century disproportionately affects the region i mean how can that be addressed because in the future people may have to leave some areas chichi the effects of climate change is correct that climate change is affecting because i have but at the same time the new opportunities are as well not let's talk about energy with the parties argument we will have to see how much force influence we can use and how much of a low ball has become us now if there is one place in on earth where the solar
7:46 pm
energy is absolutely irrationally profitable it is the health so it is a land of challenges but at the same time it is a lot of opportunities and we would like to invite or private investors that are interested to companies that have been discussed with governments and offered it to us so as to see these power stations of the world in terms of solar and if you missed it even to him a chair un special adviser for food is the health thank you very much for your insights we wish all the best for a peaceful and prosperous region thank you very much. for. well just said day off to british prime and more than expected the pound had just risen with the announcement of the deal with new developments stopped in its tracks the sudden resignations of three cabinet members quickly puts a recent may in a weaker position and that since the british currency south. at one point the sterling pound was down one point seven percent a sudden slide for the generally stable currency. villains in the acts of course i
7:47 pm
miss her and she is essentially the stock price of a country and if the quotation for the british pound falls but it has to be said that the u.k. loses in substance that's a known fact as well by economically speaking in a global environment that you can't subsist merely as an individual states those are the very basics that should be understood by every politician in the u.k. . investors appear to see it the same way they're selling british bonds even if the agreement were to survive parliament and break as it were to unfold orderly both seemingly unlikely at this point the economic outlook would remain negative. the city of london one of the most important financial centers in the world and the economic motor of the u.k. hoped for more while london would retain access to the e.u. single market it would only be able to offer financial products already regulated in the e.u. the same deal offered to countries like the us japan and singapore london banks have of course a larger european portfolio one reason why shares in barclays and the royal bank of
7:48 pm
scotland have also fallen. i am my paintings. by conservation. in mind asking too much of people i'd like to share my vision with people who can see what i see the way i see it as supply. because my vision is closer to the reality of the world i can make people feel what it's like . to be alive. that's a clip from the new biopic about dutch painter vincent van gogh for your film at eternity's gate they use in us there are some friday night stars u.s. actor william willem dafoe you don't lucozade editor michael korea give us a preview welcome michael there have been
7:49 pm
a lot of films about vincent van gogh is there anything special about this book well indeed first of all sides willing to him he has this is very special. first of all and the film is a portrait of the last years of the life of instant hunger it's journey into his mind perception is ultra also i'm a major theme would really different it's been done by another painted julian schnabel which is by the way a friend of william defoe and so while they still had a script some things were born out of ideas improvisation they came up with during filming the film doesn't really want to explain anything just wants us to show the world through photographs eyes his painting changed a lot in the last years you know it was also when he was most productive it became came at a price as we all know he had major mental problems but for him it wasn't only a source of pain it was also. a chance for art sorrow is more valuable
7:50 pm
than laughter he once wrote tragically his work wasn't recognized as lifetime at all but let's have a look at the trailer of this movie. some of it might say to a painter. because i'm not half the back. bone painter. yes. you know. because i can't do anything else and greet me have tried. i found myself as an exile. or something inside and i don't want to tell is. what i say nobody else is. a stranger to drink too much there's terkel out of control i don't want to calm down it's called be active thank you for
7:51 pm
a reason. to see that this pain unpleasant you told people has signed a petition against you they don't want you to come back i can't stay here vets and you're surrounded by stupid we kid ignorant people. to death recently you cut off your vision of the world it's quite frightening isn't it. time for you so far away from everything that think i'm losing my mind. sometimes they say i'm mad but. green madness is the best advice. of watching that willem dafoe he's so intense he even learned to paint in van gogh's style yes and he did really a cause not exactly to paint like the gulf because this guy was a genius and defoe is just
7:52 pm
a very very brilliant actor and i haven't seen any of his paintings. they seem to be quite good where they didn't just do all the usual research every actor has to do is so. reading everything about his life and his work and so on and so on and so on he went much more further learning about how. saw the world by learning to paint paint in the same style you know they shot the film in the original locations where func off lived in france and the director of the film julian schnabel as i said he's an actor to a painter to a tot's the photo there to paint things as they really are in terms of lights and callous but let's listen to default himself. i was going to paint and he was going to teach me and that was thrilling and that was the key because through the painting i really had it shift of how i see things and that was essential to him
7:53 pm
happening macare. this is not the first time they've worked together is it now it's not the first time you know they they know each other for a very long time they've been friends thing for more than thirty years and they've already worked together and he puts defoe in several films before but in this case julian schnabel really insists that the photo so the plight. of those there is a certain age gap and there usually it's in the movies the other way round young younger actors are playing older characters vincent tight at just thirty seven and sixty one but when you look at him and when you look at his friends. know he's really profit for the role i guess. i don't know julian schnabel he's his
7:54 pm
paintings. in museums around the world that not so many people know him but although he's very famous as an artist and a very multitalented he did so many different things for example. he created the caucus for lots of musicians like you read all the red hot chili peppers maybe you do remember those of us it was a bomb in new york city and a documentary was might about. your life which is are you do something you don't know what it is but you're propelled to do. i mean was this line. was his jury. was he told he was always drawing something. had talent. started to. julian had tremendous success in new york said he was a big sensation in the world so here we go he is
7:55 pm
a superstar as well in the world of oz who really is and as a film i kept bio pics of all the artists are his area of expertise and they're he's very interested in how the individual deals with society. yeah i'm someone who's really comfortable both and both watson painting and filmmaking hey can put everything together michael coogan you put it together nicely thank you very much just hard reminder about top story at this hour after a turbulent day of the draft to break that deal british prime minister theresa might has promised to fight all the to secure that deal with the chances of getting it through parliament on the hog in the aftermath. that's a joy up today more at the top of the hour.
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british prime minister theresa may pledging to fight on to secure a break sit deal while bakers is spent hours today criticizing teresa mayes brags that plan at the same time one by one members of her government resign so far mrs may appears unfazed but the chances of getting her breaks if planned through parliament are hanging by a thread will bring you full analysis from london and brussels also coming up at.


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