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the bridge to the trash explosive report starts nov seventeenth on d. w. . nothing to sqlite as it seems at hamburg's new. exhibits challenge our perceptions. and boggle the mind one look at these folk musicians. and if you're right. you're wrong. on the double. take off life. football is a simple game football a simple game now not really cut complete two majors a ball for ninety minutes. to mr cobb let's talk about the bonus luck there are
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a lot of the teams know how it's difficult to understand we will give you the answers every easter. that i just wish double waved. the baby or digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and pilots they deplore the powers of social media law the messages are spreading like wildfire and thousands of followers are now joining their cause long line down on the streets of. the old woman who are changing the law.
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he just. starts nov twenty sixth on the c.w. . i want to welcome to another edition of your max with me your host meghan lee as usual we are making our way around europe to all the cultural hotspots to the integrity of the u.k. after a hostile reception in parliament may heard the news that hard line breaks in here jacob riis mall have begun the process of bringing a no confidence vote to try to force her from office. yes some people say it goes from bad to worse for some reason may let's bring in our correspondents now barbara vai's or is in london and georg losses is in brussels and evening to both of you barbara let me start with you i mean suddenly
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getting this breaks a deal through parliament it looks like it's the least of to recent maze problems. indeed brant because it comes a bit later of the four that she has to deal with her cabinet have a ratcheting members with her own backbenchers stabbing her in the back and was bullets flying of course from the do you feel the northern irish unionist party that is propping up her government so yes she has her hands full and what we serve so early in the evening is that she decided to come out fighting and the starting thing about that is that i think stubbornness might be the main characteristic off trees and may once she's set on a course she will like it ceria just carry on and go on doing the same thing and saying the same thing over again until people just give up in desperation and it seems she's trying to wear them down by sheer stubbornness and determination to go
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ahead you're listening to listen to want the prime minister said just a few moments ago leadership is about making the right decisions not the easy ones as prime minister my job is to bring back a deal that delivers on the votes of the british people that does that by ending free movement all the things i raised in my statement ending free movement ensuring we're not sending vast annual sums to the e.u. any year any longer ending the jurisdiction of the european court of justice but also protects jobs and protect people's livelihoods protects our security protects the union and the united kingdom and i believe that this is a deal which does deliver that which is in the national interest and i'm i going to see this through yes so she says she's going to see it through georg she didn't say anything though that we haven't heard before what are britons in brussels what are
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they making of all of this. i would say the chief main takeaway here in brussels is finally to reason why after all this haggling on negotiating tables hundreds of hours that. spent with the u.k. side she has taken the position she has defended that deal now yes there are some member states here particularly for instance spain the netherlands france who have some issues with fishing rights that do not appear in this divorce deal that may appear later that is what you negotiate or soap to do appear later and in a final future deal with the u.k. but these are details the main thing is for the e.u. this is a way to achieve an orderly breck's it and to reason may appears to see that through and again is the nightmare now in brussels the scenario that maybe even as soon as tomorrow to resume a is no longer the prime minister maybe there they have to call the new new
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elections and all of this while the clock is ticking towards brics. look the chief spokesperson for the commission here made clear today that she is the main negotiating partner so of course or this deal is somehow tied to her political destiny on the other hand the commission knows very well the alternatives a cliff edge cracks it has no majority in the house of parliament whatever the successor of the reason they would be the other scenario is that that a people's vote no bracks it has also no majority and then finally renegotiating some things the route the wiggling room it's practically zero theresa may in our speech today said look we've really worked hard without a backstop we cannot get a deal with these other lines and that's the best deal we have on the table the alternatives to this deal are just too bad and one alternative would be to hold a second referendum on breaks in and barbara we solved tonight the prime minister
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is still standing there and saying there will be no second referendum how do you explain that i mean some people are saying it's just stubbornness plain. that is the inexplicably thing in her stands that she started out as a remainder it we have to remember that some years ago before she came into office and then she switched over into the camp of sort of medium soft break suit cheers and now as she is prime minister she said this is the task that i have been given and i will do it and this there seems to be a certain stubborn duty fullness in this is sort of carrying on and however if you look at if you look at the traction that the movement for a second referendum is gaining she might as well particularly after parliament has voted down the brics a deal maybe in early december she might as well have to give way and then if there
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is the so-called people's vote things might change completely in vatican polls show that public opinion really has shifted and breaks it and in the meantime what about her leadership and her ability to hold on to power what i mean one of the chances that to morrow we could see a vote of no confidence in parliament it's not going to move quite that quickly the brakes are tears on her back benches they're still trying to get their act together they're counting the numbers the point is they have to have forty eight letters give and give to the backbench committee and then they need in the vote that will follow a few weeks later one hundred fifty nine members of parliament voting against a reason may i would say at this point in time they don't have the numbers but they might as well in a week from now because if she's looking weak and losing authority from day to day they might find the point when they're ready to crowds yeah we already know the one
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member of parliament is speaking openly about it tonight or reveal in london to your bosses in brussels to both of you you thank. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the u.s. treasury has imposed sanctions on seventeen soldi officials for their alleged role in the killing of jim all. but washington stopped short of saying the government itself the journalist was killed last month after he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul today the saudi foreign minister said the crown prince mohammed bin selman had quote absolutely nothing to do with it. the death toll in california's wildfires nelson is at fifty six with authorities mourning that some one hundred thirty people are still missing thousands of firefighters are still battling the blazes in the north and south of the states of the authorities say they are slowly gaining the upper hand. seven united nations peacekeepers have been killed and ten
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wounded in the democratic republic of congo the peacekeepers were taking part in a joint operation against rebels close to the city of beni in north kivu province along with the country's armed forces. africa's fastest train line has just been opened in morocco by king and by french president emanuel. the two hundred kilometer stretch connects the country's two main commercial hubs tangier and casablanca and it was partly funded by the french government it will slash journey times from five hours to just over two. the european court of human rights has ruled against russia in a case brought by kremlin critic alexi the judges in strong berg sided with an evolving saying that his various imprisonment by russian authorities between twenty
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twelve and twenty fourteen were politically motivated the ruling is likely to strain already poor relations between russia and the court prompting russian officials to talk about the possibility of just quitting its jurisdiction. just a few days ago he had been temporarily barred from leaving russia but on thursday alexina valmy was present in the courtroom the european court ruled that russia's repeated arrests of him have been politically motivated and breach his human rights . we kind of open the road for the recognition for this article eighteen for the political motivation in the case especially for people in the regions especially people people who are living there much more pressure than me it's will be. important of course i'm a speck that russian government will neglect these decision and we'll explain in this issue decision by the political motivation of the of the european court of
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course as usual. the valley has spent nearly five months behind bars in the last year and a half for organizing what to thor or legal protests his supporters say those are the only kind possible. he is the most prominent russian opposition figure achieving notoriety with videos he says expose corruption at the core of russia's elite he was prohibited from running against vladimir putin in this year's presidential elections the crime and has refused to be drawn on the van these allegations it is also ignored the european rights court's rulings against it ny by deciding that novelli has been a victim of political persecution the court could hasten russia's departure from its jurisdiction. art hell no humphrey is here now and she's going to take a look at the immediate financial fallout from that sit divorce deal and we know that divorces can often be costly and yet very well british prime minister isa may
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may have presented have bragg's it divorce tale but business is a still waiting for what they need most which is some certainty here in effect in the real world so far has been on the british pound which has plunged almost one point seven percent against the dollar hitting a one month low when the beginning of the week when the brig's it breakthrough was announced it had risen to almost one dollar thirty but today the u.k. currency was pummeled as four ministers quite in protest against the e.u. exit today zero departures could put the brakes it deal at risk meeting traders to sell the british currency due to growing uncertainty about the future of the u.k. concerns which also shared by politicians and in parliament there was some fierce condemnation of the text the prime minister is desperate to huge and damaging for you deep deep misgivings they all seem to have a beef with teresa mayes draft breaks
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a plan. but business owners see it differently. it's going to be straightforward and simple if the deal on the deal goes a lot it's going to be some problems. those problems might look like this a long line of trucks good sitting still costing money in time a disaster for any firm but the current arrangement would give businesses time to adjust to the post briggs it landscape at least until the end of twenty twenty that's because the u.k. would remain in the e.u. customs union until a trade deal is in place and it would abide by e.u. regulations that means goods travelling across the border won't run up against tolls or inspections business will keep moving more business leaders are speaking out in favor of the draft including the c.e.o.'s of airbus and major trade groups their take questions remain but the draft appears better than a no deal. parts of the draft are still difficult for some to swallow the city of london will be limited to offering financial products and services already found in the e.u.
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it will still have access to the market but the same access as other countries but certainly at that does not appear to be anything within that three paragraphs that would appear to offer the u.k. financial services a better relationship with the perhaps the us and that's why many financial institutions have moved some of their operations to the continent. or briggs it isn't the only contentious issue that the european union is currently facing italy's budget dispute with the e.u. is growing more acute by the day and on wednesday she once again refused to cut down a cut down his proposed deficit spending something that european union had insisted on in light of italy's already huge debts pile now room is facing possible disciplinary action from brussels that could involve billions in penalties in the country's borrowing costs continue to search as tensions between the e.u. and italy rise so just the cost of italian borrowing investors in other words want
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more for their money it's no longer a surprise italy's borrowing costs its bond yields are first in steadily since its populist government was elected investors respond to uncertainty and growing has provided plenty trashing the euro currency and dismissing the country's massive pile of debt the new budget seems just as unconcerned about debt it more than triples deficit spending from the previous government's plan the e.u. says its growth projections are too optimistic credit rating agencies have weighted in lowering ratings and outlooks the gap between italian and german borrowing costs which is one measure of investor confidence continues to widen. the cherone based hume foundation says government and corporate bonds and italian stock exchange losses have totaled more than one hundred seventy five billion euros since the government took office in may this process is going to have a very bad effect on italy on the debt and so on italian
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savings italy's more than two trillion euro debt is already the highest in europe. now has a little history lesson for you when you're learning that the french presence in the eighteenth century had no bright queen at mary antoinette famously said of course let them eat cake now there's no actual hard evidence that she really said that what is on the speech today was the lavish lifestyle she led with the french moniker why am i telling you all of this her jewelry just went up for auction in geneva and fetched a dazzling amount of money fergie two million francs on my right with andrus world record for pull thirty two million francs so he gets. this pearl and diamond pendant triggered a bidding war that sent the price rocketing it completely out shown its estimated value of just two million euros twenty six. also under the hammer
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a diamond ring with marie antoinette's initials containing a lock of her hand a pearl and diamond necklace and various other all make pieces that demonstrated her wealth and power. even the auction house of the bees was surprised they put the success down to marion swan its fame and notorious death. but when it is i think together with cleopatra she is the most important queen of the whole history. marie antoinette's and her husband king louis the sixteenth were beheaded during the french revolution they were filed for the extravagant lifestyle they allegedly led while much of the country was starving the jewelry was smuggled abroad just before she was arrested for high treason for two hundred is it belong to the royal palm a family the pieces hadn't been seen since then they might never be seen in public
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again the bio wants to remain anonymous turning out to print a very emotional issue a mental health crisis essentially around the world that's right hell no we're going to turn now to a global problem that often goes under reported due to social stigma i'm talking about suicide the w.h.o. estimates that around eight hundred thousand people commit suicide worldwide each year now around three hundred thousand of those deaths are women and a new study says that in a warming number of women in india are taking their own lives the lancet medical journal says that women in india kill themselves at almost twice the global average in fact of all global female suicide deaths a third are in india the study's authors describe it as a public health crisis reports now from mumbai.
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she finds cooking therapeutic her life hasn't been easy after putting up with years of sexual abuse as a child sheet of tried to commit suicide and the teenager. the scars never really healed as she tried to sell a farm many years later studies of reveals attitudes diverts female sexuality in india and put sexual abuse survivors at a greater risk of targeting suicide. and in one woman's wort in this is the idea unfortunately that's nerves and it's come illegally did i have to buy the certification of chastity that is based stored upon her by the so-called you know keepers of of the model you know stated in standards of the society you're either a goddess on your tomato or your record. there is
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no in-between. she isn't alone off every four young women who die in india each year three teenagers who have committed suicide studies a show of the females you signed read in india is exceptionally high academic say that there are certain cultural reasons that make women in india particularly vulnerable just your side some of these reasons are gender based discrimination gender based violence sexual violence and also a culture of silence that on anything to do with mental health in this country. is a leading psychiatrist and a specialist in female psychiatric issues she says many of these social problems lead to them and wanting to end their lives. is sexual abuse that goes unnoticed at the well place you've been knocked you know that is still feeling
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which is that so that made get depressed as a result of which it is depression that also one of the problems which cause depression individual i notice tends to ignorance of our society and thanks to the stigma budget. but social problems are not the only difficulties indian women face and trenched cultural norms in a country that is changing rapidly to the pressure. you expect to do a lot of things it's a good big get to be in law if you're expected to go because when you're expected to go to children. and your husband and his knee and. the husband usually never barked takes any of it other than the beginning when you're home so that's the set up of the union or enough to fit. back in your apartment sheetal is busy with work she thanks her friends and therapy for helping uppal true she is one of the lucky ones. well the german chancellor angela merkel is due to visit the city
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of kim it's on friday her trip to the city comes nearly three months after far right extremists hounded migrants that after a man was stabbed to death allegedly by two asylum seekers many residents of given its held days of rallies in support of the extremists the situation remains difficult for foreigners and merkel has been widely criticized for not visiting the city sooner or correspondence sin as this report from camp. it's difficult for roller sally to watch these images. on the twenty sixth of august a right wing mob rampage through the streets of kenneth chanting this is our city later that evening they attacked people they took for foreigners and a group of social democratic politicians roloson late stood up to them.
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i. thought about i was half assed i was completely beside myself i i cried so much because it was so emotional afterwards i really had to finally. really sali is a social worker seventeen years ago she fled from lebanon to germany now she gives advice and support to young refugees who have just arrived in germany for many of them racist hostilities are part of everyday life says i can give worst of them say nasty words or leave this is our country our candidates why do you states like conceding the mood in chemist's has changed many refugees and migrants living here say that on fridays they're too scared to leave the house. it's on fridays that the right wing populist pro cam that's alliance holds their weekly rally around a thousand people gather to spread fear and hate. charms not so i know i'm afraid
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that i'll be attacked or raped by some migrants if i go out on the streets alone at night. it's good to another things get better because everything is so expensive and those dock is get the money it's unbelievable one aside most of them vote for the far right a.f.d. which became the second strongest force in chemist's in the bundestag elections like many others roloson lay is worried about social peace in the city the division in chemist's is growing. i mean it's easy to add strong we're seeing that some people in cannes next year migrants and some migrants fear the people of kenya it's there are a lot of discussions on the matter i lead some of them personally i've been speaking with muslims and townspeople i always ask what's the problem when. they are calling us in the altar relish sally wants to encourage those who for main silent to take action as a sign of solidarity against the right wingers at this moment that is that this is
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my city i will be forced out i'll continue my fight against racism and discrimination. rola sali would have liked chancellor angela merkel to visit earlier she says people in kemet should feel that their fears are being taken seriously. by some tennis news now in the a.t.p. vinyls where domini team claimed his first win of the week beating japan's khai and she corrie in straight sets kane issue corey had previously beaten six time champion roger federer at the age he's end of the season torment but japan's number one could replicate that form on thursday as dominic team easily dealt with his opponents serve. the first search ended six warner with machinery left frustrated. he rallied some was in the second set but team kept his nerve to edge him out six for the austrian retains a slim chance of
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a semi final spot but he'll need group rival kevin anderson to beat roger federer by a wide margin. here's a reminder the top stories that we're following for you after a turbulent day over the draft and breaks a deal britain's prime minister theresa may is promised to fight on to secure the deal with the e.u. but her chances of getting it through parliament are hanging by a thread. you're watching news back in just a moment. nico
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is in germany to learn german. and lodged in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to south africa the w e learning course nikos feet. up. quadriga international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week how can it be that the richest one percent of humanity owns more than older rights puts together the c.e.o. of a leading fashion retailer once more in the weeks of the bangladeshi seamstress and a lot of time to combat such injustice trying to shoulder one hundred.
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sixty minutes on. they are digital more years. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. courageous and determined they campaign for women's rights. and for peace. they mobilize against him a sign or compulsory fails. their messages are spreading like.
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social media is critical critical to the global. times a. mine and on the streets and our rights are not a mystery discussion. they are women who are changing the world reading. digital. starts november twenty fifth on t.w. . picked. in the british parliament today they spent hours telling her it will never work inside her government one by one they resigned and walked away prime minister theresa may and her bright said mab to leave the u.k. out of the european union she says her plan is the only plan but how much longer tonight the future of the prime minister as uncertain as briggs itself.


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