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this is deja vu news live from berlin britain braces for another day of term or less theresa may have vowed to push through her controversial break that plan may says it's the best deal the country can get but the growing calls for her to quit from within her own party critics ask if the prime minister will be able to stay the course. also coming up nearly forty years after the crimes were committed to leaders of the brutal marilou sure found guilty on genocide the two men were on trial in connection with the deaths of nearly two million people during the regime's reign of terror in the one nine hundred seventy s.
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. and three months after racist violence exploded on the streets of cabinets in eastern germany chance wrong americal are said to visit the city but people there want to know why it's taken her so long. i'm sumi so much kind of thank you for joining us british prime minister theresa may stepping up efforts to defend her controversial brags that deal today may have said the country will be plunged into a deep and grave on certainty if the draft plan is abandoned this follows a tumultuous day on thursday when several cabinet members resigned including the brights that secretary dominic robb may is also facing a backlash from her own party with hardline brought to tears seeking to challenge her leadership. basell is following all the latest developments on bragg's it for us in london hi barbara good to see you such
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recently has just been grilled on live radio talk radio in london what were the main takeaways there. the main takeaways were that she could survive that rather easily because the host of the talk show who is generally feared as being rather fierce sort of gave her a lot of soft soap he let her get away was defending her breaks a deal rather easily and people who might have ranted and raved for over the telephone we're obviously screened out she talked about the n.h.s. about her own diabetes and of course she was asked rule michael gove the agriculture minister who is one of the stabilizing forces in her cabinet will he stay or will he go and she said of course i'm always very sorry if somebody feels that he has to leave cabinet i would love him to stay on but that is his to this decision and he hasn't come out here yet to talk in front of the t.v. cameras and say what she's going to do so we don't know yet whether her cabinet
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will see further turmel and further resignations during the course of the day and what we also don't know is whether the have lined tories have reached the this threshold of forty eight letters to be sent into their chairman in order to trigger in internal sort of no confidence vote within the tory party against reason may well barbara with so much the turmoil there in london we sent our reporter out onto the street to get we actions from wonders last night let's take a look. chaos and confusion not just inside punishment but on the streets of london as well for the people here outside westminster the bracks a drama is anything but it done deal i mean are you going to. remove. him and must
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agree and i will try to go back to the country give them a choice do you want this deal the compass negotiated. or do you want to remain within your opinion. is just ridiculous as a willing to kill. for the opinions and your opinion state definitely say the original vote was made without all the information that people needed really to make the decision people's vote no. across the city it's all i saw in the case politicians and their heated cracks a chair down and it's not just remain us who don't like the deal thanks to tears on happy to. the politicians. and. some of them in the middle of the end of the day the referendum was a binary choice was winston churchill said the majority of is in off.
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by you voted to leave i'm not going to lie but right now i would stay we need to fight the threat that. the difficult compromises haven't united the two sides have to be paid on the country great citizen remain assumed to be further apart than ever but on one thing they do agree this is not the deal they want for their country. harper nobody seems to be happy with the steel what exactly do people there say is the problem with this agreement. it is the conundrum at the core of breck's it really for the cheers who want to clean break was the european union who want out and cut all ties and be completely independent it's a brick city enough because it ties britain for years to come it to the rules of the european union's for the remainders of course they say now come on folks this is worse than the deal we have now as being members of the european union why should we do this there is no purpose to it does hold pro checked so those two
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sides are standing there in it is not three com so i little the difference between them because the deal of course is to reason may emphasize over and over again it is the best deal she could get in brussels and it is of course already a compromise botched people do still find it in palatable unpalatable and that goes for both sides of the political divide all right barbara vessel for us in london barbara thank you very much now it's been called cambodia has nuremberg moment in the last few hours two leaders of the khmer rouge regime have been found guilty of genocide by a un backed tribunals the court and non pen ruled that to some and were responsible for the murder and slave meant torture and persecution of nearly two million cambodians between one nine hundred seventy five and one nine hundred seventy nine it's considered one of the worst atrocities of the twentieth century the verdict is
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the first official acknowledgement that what the camaro rouge regime did was genocide as to find under international law. we can talk to our southeast asia correspondent boston heartache who is following the story for us hi boston what more can you tell us about these two men. well so me there are the two most senior figures of the career regime who are still alive being the right hand man of pol pot pol pot of course the former leader of the khmer rouge who died in one nine hundred ninety eight and was head of state under the khmer rouge so they are really top tier and they were both already serving life sentences for crimes against other crimes against humanity that they were convicted of in a previous trial and they both denied responsibilities for these crimes however and they weren't the only two who were indicted in this trial they were two other
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senior figures but because the trial dragged on for so long and it happened quite late remember that it's almost been forty years since the end of the commit regime those two other figures have since passed away so they're these are these two are the ones that the only ones that the court can still convict in this case to me how significant is this verdict. well you mentioned it what observers are saying is that it's significant in the way that it acknowledges for the first time that what happened under the khmer rouge was in fact genocide now this could also have implications for other countries take me in march for example where the un is saying that what's happening there what happened there with the road in western me and mar that is also genocide so should there ever be a trial this could be basically a role this could function as a role model now it's also important for the many survivors of the c'mere regime
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you can see that if you look at the numbers over the course of this trial some eighty three thousand people came from all parts of the country just to spend a day in the courtroom and to see justice being served and many are saying that it's very important to them to see that happening and that these crimes don't go unpunished even if it's just the top tier of the career rouge regime who are who have to stand or who had to stand trial here soon. our south-east asia correspondent bussin heartache speaking to us earlier now to some other stories making news around the world japan's prime minister shinzo are they house aide and historic visit to the australian city of darwin avi and his australian counterpart scott morrison laid a wreath at the darwin center tower obvious the first japanese leader to visit the city since it was bombed by the japanese army in world war two. north korean leader kim jong un has allegedly visited the test site of a new tactical weapon it was the state media first mention in months of
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a new development in the country's weapons program and it's likely to put a strain on relations with south korea and the united states. the number of people missing in california's devastating wildfires has doubled to more than six hundred local authorities say the death toll now stands at sixty three search and rescue workers are looking for remains as firefighters are still battling wildfires across the state. and iconic swimming pool painted by british legend david hockney has sold for ninety point three million dollars in new york the winning bid at christie's auction house the new record for a living artist hockney painter the work called portrait of an artist who with two figures in one nine hundred seventy two. german chancellor angela merkel is due to visit the city of chemist's today her trip to the eastern german city comes nearly three months after a series of far right demonstrations and counter protests and scenes of right wing extremists chasing migrants through the streets the demonstrations and in suing
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violence came after a man was stabbed to death allegedly by two asylum seekers many residents of candidates held days of rallies in support of the extremists michael has been criticized for not visiting the city sooner a city that remains deeply divided. it's difficult for roller salai to watch these images. on the twenty sixth of august a right wing mob rampage through the streets of kenneth chanting this is our city later that evening they attacked people they took for foreigners and a group of social democratic politicians roloson late stood up to them. i. cut that out so fast i was completely beside myself i i cried so much because it was so emotional afterwards i really had to find my.
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role is sally is a social worker seventeen years ago she fled from lebanon to germany now she gives advice and support to young refugees who have just arrived in germany for many of them racist hostilities are part of everyday life is i can give worst of them say nasty words or leave this is our country our candidates why the states don't live in syria the mood in chemist's has changed many refugees and migrants living here say that on fridays they're too scared to leave the house. it's on fridays that the right wing populist proclaim that alliance holds their weekly rally around a thousand people gather to spread fear and hate. tabar is not so i know i'm afraid that i'll be attacked or raped by some migrants if i go out on the streets alone at night. it's good to score nothing's gotten better because everything is so expensive and those dock is get the money it's unbelievable one side most of them
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vote for the far right a.f.d. which became the second strongest force in chemist's in the bundestag elections like many others rolo sell a is worried about social peace in the city the division in chemist's is growing. i mean it's easy to add strong seeing that some people in chemists fear migrants and some migrants fear the people of ten minutes there are a lot of discussions on the matter i lead some of them personally i've been speaking with muslims in towns people i always ask what's the problem when. the altar. wants to encourage those who for main silent to take action as a sign of solidarity against the right wingers of this mindset that this is my city that i will be forced out that i continue my fight against racism and discrimination in the. a would have liked chancellor angela merkel to visit earlier
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she says people in kemet should feel that their fears are being taken seriously. ok we have one sports item for you the struggling german national football team got three goals in a dominant win last night over russia germany fielded a young and relatively inexperienced side for the friendly in leipsic and it was twenty two year old lee roy sunday who were grabbed the first goal in the eighth minute of the match the put the hosts and right through to follow that up by scoring the twenty fifth minute surging not very added the third goal next up germany face the netherlands in the european nations league on monday. are mine are not our top story at this hour british prime minister theresa may is stepping up efforts to promote her controversial break the deal despite facing a backlash from within her own party may says it is the best deal the country can get from the e.u. and that the country will be plunged into uncertainty if the draft is
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a ban. thank you for watching the news terry mark will have an update on your headlines at the top the hour. what we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship.


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