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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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digital africa starts december twelfth on t w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin a course in cambodia makes it historic ruling forty years after their crimes were committed to leaders of the brutal camilla rouge are found guilty of genocide and two men are on trial in connection with the deaths of nearly two million people during the regimes reign of terror in the one nine hundred seventy s. . britain faces another day of turmoil as prime minister theresa may takes to the
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airwaves to try to save both her controversial rights to deal and her own political future. plus the number of missing after wildfires in california soars to more than six hundred more than sixty or conform to. a one time march and welcome to the program it's been nearly forty years since the camero rouge murdered nearly two million people in cambodia a quarter of the country's population but today for the first time a un by court in the capital phnom penh found two of the regimes leaders guilty of genocide the two defendants. are already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity. this is a long awaited moment to form
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a committee rouge leaders known share and kiff samphan are sentenced to life in prison for genocide by a un backed quote. from home. but the chamber has considered the gravity of the crimes including the scale of brutality the number and the vulnerability of the victims for which the accused have been convicted. these two old men the last surviving leaders of the committee rouge already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity but this new verdict is a landmark ruling for the first time it says that the crimes against cambodians vietnamese and cham minorities amounted to genocide delivery of the judgment today in phase two zero zero is in historic achievement in the work of the extraordinary chambers in the courts of. this court is once again demonstrated that he has the capacity to prosecute and try the most complex cases in accordance with
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international standards. the committee rouge under its leader pol pot sought to create a communist utopia by forcibly moving people from the cities to the countryside nearly two million cambodians died from overwork starvation a mass executions during its reign of terror from one thousand nine hundred five to nine hundred seventy nine plum pens museums and memorials detail the sheer horror of the past a past that lingers. for all they deserve to get the sentence because they committed such the crimes the rest of my family members were killed and the only child who survived that regime. this is an important moment for cambodia it's courts recognizing that what happened here was indeed genocide. bring in our south east asia correspondent and heartache in bangkok bastion what more can you tell us about the two men who've just been found guilty of committing
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genocide. well terry they were the two most senior figures of the camero regime who are still alive. is or was the deputy of the leader a former khmer rouge leader pol pot who died in one nine hundred ninety eight and. was the head of state under the khmer rouge they were both serving life sentences already for crimes against humanity that they were convicted of in an earlier trial but they deny any responsibility. for these for these crimes and they were indicted in this trial with along with two other senior figures of the clear regime but because this is already almost forty years after the end of that regime and the defendants are very old one hundred eighty seven and the other two have died when the trial was still in progress which took it took several took several years this
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trial so they were the last two that could have been or that that could be convicted in this trial. now these verdicts were a long time in coming the court's work has been controversial hasn't it. it has for one because it's been such a long time since the end of the rule cambodia from one hundred seventy five to nine hundred seventy nine so it's been almost forty years until these verdicts and also because there are critics who are saying this should go further that there should be more than more than these two or three people who were convicted of crimes against humanity during that time but cambodian prime minister who has been in power for thirty years and who is a former member of the khmer rouge himself he strongly opposes that he says that would destabilize the country and since he wields almost unlimited power in
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cambodia it's very unlikely that we're going to see more trials go ahead terry. thank you so much that was our correspondent talking to us from bangkok. british prime minister theresa may is stepping up efforts to defend her controversial breaks that deal today may has said the country will be plunged into a deep and great uncertainty if the drug plan is abandoned as well as a tumultuous day on thursday when several cabinet members resigned including breaks it secretary dominic rob may is also facing a back lash from her own party with hard line breaks and tears seeking to challenge earlier ship but in the last hour a key pro brags that boysen teresa mayes top ministerial team environment secretary michael gove has confirmed that he is staying in his post and says he has confidence in may yesterday he was reportedly offered a job as new brakes at secretary prime minister theresa may was tight lipped about
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that in a radio interview earlier but have you offered him the road trip now i don't talk about things they do with to do with the company company reshuffle and i happen to point to the new secretary at but always i'll be doing that over the course of the next year as i will remember if you are a busy man could i get on the book is and talk about how to michael gove who both now and i have to say the cover was made you can sort of root in my life i don't bet on anything to do with politics right i'd advise you not to i thought all right we'll have to we'll wait and see. ok let's bring in our correspondent in london barrett matias standing by there for us there get it was rumored that michael go would step down to in light of all the developments regarding the braggs it deal now he's confirmed that he's staying what does his support mean for the prime minister. i think it says something about the state of british politics when it's big news that somebody is not stepping down it says something about series of may's
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difficulties she had many ministers stepping down but now michael gave a crucial ally is staying he said he wants to bring the deal to a better place and i presume what do you means he wants to bring it to a better place in parliament here where we are this is where the dia finally has to be accepted after it's formally also agreed with the e.u. but then in parliament that's their presumption that there will be a vote in december at the moment it looks very very tight the very more looks like the reason may we'll have a hard time to get a tree but people like michael gove want to work on it and want to help her get it through parliament now the drug deal is being hotly discussed of course saw throughout the united kingdom our reporters were on the streets of london last night getting some reaction. chaos anger and confusion not just inside parliament but on the streets of london as well for the people here outside westminster the bracks a drama is anything but it done deal means no go. until
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recently. was a possibility it is now we. must agree now it's our time to go back to the country and give them a choice do you want this deal that the government's negotiated all deal on say to remain within the your opinion. is just ridiculous as a willing to kill. was the opinions and your opinion stay definitely say the original vote was made with all the information that people needed really to make the decision people's votes no. across the city it's all i saw in the case politicians and their heated bricks acho down and it's not just remain us who don't like the deal frank said tears on happy to. the politicians five foot. and. something in the middle well at the end of the day the
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referendum was a binary choice was winston churchill said a majority of is enough. i voted to leave i'm not going to lie but right now i would stay we need to fight the bricks that. the difficult compromises haven't united the two sides have to be paid on the country great citizen remain assumed to be further apart than ever but on one thing they do agree this is not the deal they want for their country. so the tears and remain are is both on a happy bear giteau what are the main problems that people have with the stress deal. well i would say a lot of people in the country actually really nothing to do with it anymore because for them it's really too complicated and they just want to get it on the and they don't want to hear about it anymore but underneath there is
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a lot of confusion in the country and a lot of anger like melissa described in her piece because for the breaks for the people who voted bricks a day a lot of them had these magic figures like three hundred fifty million more for the n.h.s. and now it looks like nothing like that will transpire or at least not in the very short future and for people who are desperate to remain in the u. any deal it's reason may is striking is not as good as e.u. membership so you know you've got these different expectations and it's very difficult with a compromise to get through a recent poll has come out and that said that forty percent of british people are now defining the themselves as very clearly either leave or remain so to change their attitudes will be quite challenging so it's really a big task for the m.p.'s and also if it's reason may to sort of bring the country to behind whatever she is going to end up agreeing with brussels very good thank
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you very much for now v.w. spirit must there in london. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today at least forty two people have been killed in a bus accident in zimbabwe twenty others were injured some with severe burns police have not given details but local media reporting a gas cylinder explosion may be the cause bus was reportedly travelling to neighboring south africa the incident paulo's another deadly bus accident in zimbabwe last week when fifty people were killed in a collision. japan's prime minister shinzo ave has paid a historic visit to the australian city of darwin ave on his australian counterpart scott morrison laid a wreath at the darwin center top of a is the first japanese leader to visit the city since it was bombed by the japanese army in world war two. and an iconic swimming pool painting by british artist david hockney has sold for ninety million dollars in new york the winning
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bid at christie's set a new record at auction for a living artist painted the work called portrait of an artist pool with two figures in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. the number of people still missing in california as wildfire has gone up to more than six hundred at least sixty are confirmed dead firefighters have managed to contain most of the blaze in the north of the states thousands have been returning to their communities but for some people there's nothing left. this is what it looks like to lose everything. ok i hope you and quick well that's all i can say. while my yosh words can't describe it. words can't describe it.
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and how can they when all you're left with is the clothes on your back everywhere signs of a life well lived now gone. this home one of more than six thousand destroyed in a town named paradise. the epicenter of california's deadliest ever wildfire for jonathan clark there's another reason to come back here his brother is missing. we're still trying or do whatever it takes is found. dead or alive that's just what clarksdale we look out for each other so. so many people here were caught by surprise when high winds fans the deadly flames through that town now authorities
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simply can't be sure how many human remains alive beneath the ash. machine of chaos of what's happened in neighborhoods like these distorting the numbers. i want you to stand that there are a lot of people displaced and we're finding that a lot of people don't know that we're looking for them and that is why we're publishing this list. firefighters are still trying to contain the camp fire one of three wildfires raging in california this one is said to be forty percent under control it will take two more weeks to put out completely. chancellor angela merkel is due to visit the city of kenneth's today her trip to the eastern german city comes nearly three months after a series of far right demonstrations and counter protests in rest in bold scenes of right wing extremists chasing migrants through the streets and then stray sions and
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in searing violence came after a man was stabbed to death allegedly by two asylum seekers many residents of candidates held days of rallies in support of the extremists merkel has been criticized for not visiting the city sooner city remains deeply divided. it's difficult for roller salai to watch these images. on the twenty sixth of august a right wing mob rampage through the streets of kenneth chanting this is our city later that evening they attacked people they took for foreigners and a group of social democratic politicians. stood up to them. i. know that but also fast i was completely beside myself i i cried so much because it was so emotional afterwards i really had to find my.
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role as sally is a social worker seventeen years ago she fled from lebanon to germany now she gives advice and support to young refugees who have just arrived in germany for many of them racist hostilities are part of everyday life says i've been gay for most of them say nasty words or leave this is our country our candidates why the states will live in syria the mood in chemist's has changed many refugees and migrants living here say that on fridays they're too scared to leave the house. it's on fridays that the right wing populist pro chemist's alliance holds their weekly rally around a thousand people gather to spread fear and hate. charms not so i know i'm afraid that i'll be attacked or raped by some migrants if i go out on the streets alone at night. it's good sitcom nothing's gotten better because everything is so expensive
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and those doc is get the money it's unbelievable one aside most of them vote for the far right a.f.d. which became the second strongest force in chemists in the bundestag elections like many others rolo sell a is worried about social peace in the city the division in chemists is growing. i mean it's easy to add strong we're seeing that some people in camden it's via migrants and some migrants fear the people of candidates there are a lot of discussions on the matter i lead some of them personally i've been speaking with muslims and townspeople i always ask what's the problem when. they are calling us in the altar really wants to encourage those who for main silent to take action as a sign of solidarity against the right wingers had in mind that this is my city i will be forced out i'll continue my fight against racism and discrimination. rule a sollie would have liked chancellor angela merkel to visit earlier she says people
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in chemist's should feel that their fears are being taken seriously. the struggling german national football team netted three goals in a dominant win over russia last night germany fielded a young and fairly inexperienced side for the friendly in leipsic it was twenty two year old nero sana who grabbed the first goal in the eight minute to put the hosts in front of the class soon if followed that up by scoring in the twenty fifth minute. can operate out of a third. on monday germany go on to face the netherlands in the european nations. now tennis great roger federer has won ninety nine titles in his era defining career and last night in london he brought himself closer to his one hundred federer guaranteed himself a place in the final four at the a.t.p.
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finals as he cruised past south african kevin anderson. less than a week ago federer was dealt a drubbing by cain issue cooling he's back on for now though as his pinpoint backhands test i it was kevin anderson who knocked federer out of wimbledon this year after a marathon quarter final but this one really looks like it would go the distance at four all in the first set federer broke the south african serve before holding his own to take the six six for. the thirty seven year old remains dominant a confident approach to the net leaving anderson no chance here i am soon enough the deal was sealed six four six three. federer is a six time champion here and he's not getting too worked up about the prospect of making it seven. for me i've always wanted to go out with a bang today and win the match if i go through great if i don't well i don't deserve to be through it it's ok to some i'm out of still alive and i hope i can
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play a good match on the day after more i'm not sure when i'm playing. that one hundredth korea title is weaving. over to gregg's or to get. food to break. and the break that debate is getting investors and businesses at least getting their attention you can say that at the pound has managed to regain half a percentage point against the dollar clawing back some of its losses off the substantial slide overnight traders have fit the political turmoil could see the u.k. crash out of the european union without a break the deal sterling's volatility is the highest since twenty sixteen it's lost around two percent against the dollar since tuesday and tourism may announce a draft brags that it remains business owners fear that without a deal in place supply chains my abruptly because when britain leaves the e.u.
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in. what is by the mounting opposition to may's proposal somebody companies see it as their best hope. the prime minister is desperate for a huge and damaging five year deep deep misgivings they all seem to have of the fourth teresa mayes draft breaks a plan. but business owners see it differently. it's going to be straightforward and simple if the deal once the deal goes along there's going to be some problems. those problems might look like this a long line of trucks good sitting still costing money in time a disaster for any firm but the current arrangement would give businesses time to adjust to the post breaks it landscape at least until the end of twenty twenty that's because the u.k. would remain in the e.u. customs union until a trade deal is in place and it would abide by e.u. regulations that means goods traveling across the border won't run up against tolls or inspections business will keep moving more business leaders are speaking out in
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favor of the draft including the c.e.o.'s of airbus and major trade groups their take questions remain but the draft appears better than no deal parts of the draft are still difficult for some to swallow the city of london will be limited to offering financial products and services already found in the e.u. it will still have access to the market but the same access as other countries but certainly at that does not appear to be anything within that three paragraphs that would appear to offer the u.k. financial services a better relationship with them perhaps to paddle the u.s. and that's why many financial institutions have moved some of their operations to the continent. let's see what the markets have calmed down and cross over to offer national correspondent don cope in frankfurt have investors the digested these tomatoes events in the u.k. now give us an update. well garrett investors are clearly monitoring what is happening right now in the u.k.
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i guess you can see it in the background we actually started here in the green but it seems that really the path off to reserve may in the next days could become even more difficult and as a result we are seeing shares tumbling here again at the blue chip index stocks are down here at the moment with about twenty five points and also when we're taking a look over to the footsie one hundred in london a similar situation there the footsie one hundred down with one percent and mostly the shares of banks are suffering r.b.s. for example is down at the moment with four percent you mentioning banks with the leaders of many financial institutions are currently gathered in frankfurt what do they make of the turmoil in london there what are you hearing well they have to prepare pretty much for every scenario i mean we have to remember that big banks and financial institutions have already moved in the last months and weeks hundreds of their employees from their headquarters in london over to other european cities
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also here to frankfurt so here they are also monitoring all of this what's happening over there with some concern donna koeppen frank thank you. in south africa schools are rushing to add computer programming and other high tech classes to the curriculum and as coding clubs become increasingly popular some youngsters have found their own way to find out who's got the best coding skills. it's two pm on a wednesday in the south african township of i report just a few kilometers from pretoria a few dozen fifth graders are back at school armed with basic coding blocks laptops and endless imagination competing against each other many of their ideas are inspired by problems they've experienced within their communities. we've heard in the news and in the newspapers that children most of the time i getting lost so he
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came with an idea of saying to stop this maybe we should come. and then she wanted to be able to keep the children safe and to keep the parents miss concerned about their children's safety i hope that that can be able to. help people. think. in. kids working to build an incubator the talent here is amazing and the government is catching on in september the south african ministry of education said it would get behind the concept of coding clubs after kenya and botswana have to validate similar ideas for now the high tech classes are mostly run by n.g.o.s. since education is changing. its course and. programming that we fought so we also need to be prepared to.
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move forward into the. education of the world economic forum estimates that more than half of all jobs in twenty twenty two will require new skills many of them related to technology coding specifically will be the foundation of careers in fields from science to engineering and financial services. for some of the kids and i report their local coding club could be a real door opener. business here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you when bucks tribunal in cambodia has found two leaders of the camaro rouge guilty of genocide the two defendants. long already serving life sentences for crimes against humans the regime presided over the deaths of nearly two million people in cambodia in the nineteenth. dogs in g.w. news live from berlin there's more news on the top of the video that's what drink
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than all the rest put together the accumulation of wealth in the hands of just a few comes at a high price for countless millions of others who toil.


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