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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2018 9:00am-9:16am CET

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to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions like global warming to get the series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is e.w. news line from but it also receives in california now say more than one thousand people could be missing in the states while five. recovery teams press on that week the search for the remains of those missing it's even worse to blaze in the u.s. state's history to get the latest from one of the devastated communities also
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coming up more bad news for germany's national football team after its worst year ever squad is now relegated in the nation's leak will have more with our expert. on how to humphrey you could join me for is a growing that far more people may have died in california's raging wildfires that remains of more than seventy people have so far been identified but the list of those still missing has soared beyond one thousand names displaced residents are expecting a visit from president donald trump later today as california also struggles with toxic air. with the fire comes a new danger smoke. and it has reached san francisco where air pollution levels now rank among the highest in the world health warnings prompted widespread school
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closings even the city's main tourist attractions was shut. the smokes are jenna's some three hundred kilometers to the north the town of paradise has been reduced to ashes it's the epicenter of california's deadliest ever wildfire and the death toll is likely to rise. search and rescue workers are trying to find any sort of remains that could help identify those missing. where you've you feel terrible for these people it's been devastating for the play i couldn't imagine coming back here this is my home. your whole proof that we see if there are missing people we can find them and bring some closure to people that need. those affected are in desperate need of assistance some hope they announce a visit by u.s. president donald trump will increase attention to their plight. we're going to president bring to congress we're going to take
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a look at the. park or are you more employees are still going no time to relax if you want to understand what we're going through out here you got to be here and it's not something you can just see on t.v. you know others us get to kill off the president's intentions. i think is just showboating will come in and try to take credit for his insult to the firefighters . the police the military handicap women. the campfire is only one of several blazes still ravaging the state scientists believe the growing frequency and intensity of such wildfires is due to a prolonged drought which is symptomatic of climate change. well for more let's bring in journalist mike de walt he joins us from santa rosa an area ravaged by the wildfires mike the number of missing people's now soared to over a thousand of these people feared dead. there's
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a lot of uncertainty with that number and we saw a big jump in a tonight county sheriff mean announcement today telling residents not to get too tied to that number as it's very much a moving target some of those names could be duplicates some of them could have come from old nine one one calls and of course some of them may not just be reunited yet with their loved ones that said they're still very much some concern about that number as high as it is and the population in paradise dealing with mostly seniors over sixty five it could be disabled in mobile and that's really the trend we've seen in some of the names that they have in the seventy one names that they've released so far that they found might we understand that the the first residents are responding to their homes how are they coping with the off tomorrow the wildfires. there's really a sense of uncertainty in going back to your home. and taking stock of what you have or don't. you know residents have to go back and. see see what their
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living conditions are i mean some people may be returning to the only home on their block and that's becomes a very new reality for them and you know even those who made it through the fear that this could happen again still lives with you beyond that so it's really an uncertain time for those people who are coming back to their homes. meanwhile our fire fights is at the military hopeful that they'll be able to put out the remaining wildfires any time soon. we've really seen significant progress in the past twenty four hours. the spiders in southern california are just about taking care of northern california they reached fifty percent containment on the camp fire today fire crews are working mostly in areas that are uninhabited forest land areas now really trying to push the flames in that direction they will catch a break this week at a very high probability of
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a plane coming in on wednesday which all of californians are really wishing for and it's long overdue for this area absolutely everyone hoping for that might do all the aid in santa rosa california thank you very much indeed i felt it. and now some of the other stories making news around the world sources say the cia has concluded that saudi crown prince mohammed bin ordered the killing of genista man in istanbul last month u.s. vice president mike pence is vowing repercussions for anyone involved in his killing riyadh has repeatedly said the prince was not involved in his death. argentina's navy has found a missing submarine one year after it disappeared with forty four crew men on board the san juan seen here in archive footage was detected eight hundred meters deep in the atlantic in waters off patagonia north of. the u.n.
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envoy for yemen says the country's government and who's the rebels have agreed to meet in sweden the talks are aimed at ending the three year war that has pushed the poorest country in the arab world to the brink of famine. thousands of migrants from central america have begun arriving at the northern border of mexico hoping to make it to the united states resources are limited and local communities is struggling to cope with the new arrivals tensions between migrants and some local residents arising. kareena is exhausted but she and her five children have arrived in. the city shelters are already full so they have to sleep on the street. children are tired from all the walking we had to do. and because we didn't have anything to eat. we asked for someplace to stay
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but we ended up having to sleep on the street they said a place to stay would cost twenty pesos around of a day pass for. the first four hundred migrants who arrived in want to set up camp on the beach alongside the border fence they're happy to have reached their destination but are surprised by the walls height and the us police presence on the other side the migrants are waiting for the rest of the large group to arrive. they made the decision together and we will continue to stick together we can go it alone we set out together and if someone wants to resort to force then i have to leave our group we want harmony and peace. violence broke out the night before after some mexican locals threw stones at the migrants one of them claudia who's here with her granddaughter says they were only acting in self defense. a group of mexicans attacked us. they threw stones at us and insulted us.
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we told the police but they didn't do anything about it so. this is their country were in. we fled violence and now we're encountering more of it here. many fled to the sports stadium nearby that was being turned into a shelter for resting the heat on family were denied entry that evening and had to sleep outside. was horrible we had slept outside before but not like that under the open sky and in such cold weather and last night people who did not like us came to the beach nothing like that has ever happened to us before and when. the speed of the migrants progress the last two days clearly took the mexican authorities by surprise the stadium was not ready to accommodate them until thursday and processing at the entrance was slow. the provisions were also less
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than satisfying for many there was barely any food and water for people who've been marching for more than a month. german chancellor angela merkel faced a tough trip to the east of kenya on friday answering angry questions from residents the city was shaken by a spasm of racist violence back in august sparked by the fatal stabbing of a man allegedly by a migrant from syria macko was hoping that a meeting with chemist residents would disuse some of the tension but matters turned out differently. the first questioner played on merkel's famous saying we'll get through this in response to the massive influx of migrants in twenty fifty arkansas and the point was to find an answer to the chaos kids want us in germany when you said you will get through this and after two years you still said you didn't know what i haven't done wrong she did me a break. as a hollow. macko did her best to calm angry questioners. back then i said we've
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gotten through so much in germany we'll get through this to the. but what kind of a chancellor what i have been when faced with a challenge i didn't say that would piss off and that merkel's day began in far more relaxed fashion when she visited a successful local basketball team the intended message was that kennett's has a lot going for it but people out in the street questioned why it had taken merkel months after the killing of daniel h. to visit the city. i don't know what she wants for the christmas market it's too early and for what happened it's too late since that tragic incident far right groups have held regular demonstrations on the streets of chemists creating an atmosphere of intimidation and threats against foreigners. inside the q. and a session audience members were putting the chancellor to the test. by when are
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you going to resign one work up in your exact. i told you and all of germany said. that i had been elected for this legislative period what does it but i had been busy by the way we're both wearing a national colors. dirt and that's when i fall and i'm prepared to serve as a chancellor to a paid until the end of this legislative period of his counsel and also for in. far right groups called for protests outside the auditorium where the town meeting was held but crowds were small. and if it will the netherlands have returned to top form pleasantly surprising their founds on friday with a victory over world champions for all in the nations in league. one album school
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just before half time and memphis deep i converted a late penalty as the dutch dominated against the world champions the result means the netherlands can win the group if they draw in gets in khaki and against a germany squad that's now been relegated from the nation's leak. and from all we can bring in data is very own mark karr again mark while champions for all those beaten by the dutch to nail that result was having a big effect for germany right even though they won't play straight that means the relegated from nations league a this is a. slightly confusing inaugural compare competition in nations league so they're the relegated from the elite level to league beano which is obviously a bruised blow to the prestige especially after the in the world cup this summer with the group stage exit and football terms that means that the no longer have a chance to qualify for u. twenty twenty the playoff methods which is coming in at the start of twenty twenty
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. but in practical terms it probably doesn't mean much for germany or how much of a blow is it or how serious is it for germany and for that coach of course you're going to have well he's been under a lot of a lot of pressure since the world cup the buckle it's also been a very poor year a real honest look horrible as for germany their worst year ever actually in terms of defeat six defeats in a calendar year in terms of effects you'll be love probably won't affect them too much because he still has the opportunity to qualify for the european championships and via the normal route the traditional you for group stage you know should see then start to stumble and that is when he really will come under pressure but the d.f.t. have but they've given him a new contract and i don't think that he'll be able to much pressure in the meantime i mean it was also this a loss for the french know to a dutch team who didn't even qualify for the world cup yeah it was a fantastic night and wrote a lot of great to see hold and come back as
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a neutral and to see a great football nation come by and really give the french a bloody nose a surprise as well mark oregon from the sport thank you very much indeed. you're watching the w. news live from by name will have plenty more to you at the top of the hour of course you can always get the latest news on our website that stayed up and you dot com i'm headed on frame by then i will see you again very soon. they are digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one
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mission in the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and violence and they deplore the powers of social media.


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