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tv   Europe in Concert - Tim Bendzko Germany  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2018 4:15pm-5:00pm CET

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so we're watching data on the news coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site at g.w. dot com i'm rebecca ridges in bell and thanks for watching. what you want what you want to. up to date. extraordinary. decide what's on the fund all more ahead w. more. the food. in.
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cancun some may. sleep kind of in some manner. be nice cold some kinds in some a. train of events hi i'm a heart. he caught. me and slow. in some ways my belief pot. was old mrs field dr. steve was. sore. for me old fart. was old i was fair the doctor. prescribed me to see scum does seem low beam training smoothly she still believes
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for the most part. was old man possibly. my listening. heart. the killing. a police ha. ha ha. ha. ha. was the atmosphere it's awesome. you gave. me more fire. was
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a. big something. streak china.
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the money my parking space can all be my feelings when a foul moon the fog moves. to steve's. two feet a room. for the musician. but i. just love to see me. but i teach me. it is going to. be. the be the first place see the flames closer to a missing plane has been. placed the
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flame play the bass player the flame the book the flame.
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thank . you both in the insulin offense so comes to. me ah that's why i told him i knew from the stage. i knew on the mightiest my mind i was even in the stance of. the be easing up on this president. i was defining human. rights is decent following them getting switched to.
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those who go. the bottom up. strangled. the bone spurs. come. movies let's just start. small good. good let's move sunni arab.
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players son told. me this. possible. muslim the been. playing up lol lol lol. lol comes cause. the boy seems to give. the but still. stevie you. can't come. bowling league. let. me. observe. cause my
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soul. bowl. flip flops absorb. the beat. playing the bowling alley. the beat the blah blah blah blah blah blah blah seek. the law. to san. francisco miscopied surely. this cop. had come to leave. this job we'd solution. made sure. to tune.
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in. to. the. same. song.
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thank you you thank . this stuff. also speeds up quite. a mixture he says what's. really nice things on the.
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list to enhance the puns michigan listen to this my. most cold steve. song leaking something. long term so the. company has called me a song in the same mold. we. speak i'll play. even if it means. anything. means all the. time cough up. the food. science or the business school. the clothing the show. it's also for good news not good news all my
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young. locals. with. the food nothing to say. listen to me and the book has it's own me the assume loathing. will not mean anything. places you. know the bought the plane the good. looks good on. you. know looks to the boat. loads.
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of. good. taste of. summer. long. since. the. smaller planes.
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the boozer. no. live. live. live close. election. live. leg.
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length. lens live. live live. thanks. glenn.
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good. balsam minus five hundred. hits usually gives off. a load ensuring the ball. on the last is coming this long losing but it's just me and a good even five. piece come associations who gave my money giving on my new big push bet. filipe was a copy of all seeming to. be its rules on buses for smooth hold the ball to me live ball to me the panel ball. moving the ball to how deep. was a shrewd spin on a monsoon feeling any. kind of going to.
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walk some lunch block looping. sticks you shoulda zone. you give me some line of sight it's a fair ball. on the buses. come close to aim to stand sliced for transitions on the emo was in. my split dr phillips closest be so kind of you could say the old madeline gave. him the. most food has been on the ball to me live all to me some kind of fault with me. never being a boss who's the boss of. bosses street bemoaning. been any name of. this team. is
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good. sun is saying the stream of talk.
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talk. can leave call to. get the message should.
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leave. spillovers. leave. the planet to. the bolts of. spinning. believe. this planet.
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so let's move along to see. some. sun some other. polling the movie but the sums of. money would.
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come. the toast. leaves. the big bang soul of the song played most of the substance of the song played the song and saw i saw a place. a little easier to debug something i'm still. able to. follow. this. place solo player to play a. player
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struggling on their. clothes playing. the song. that's close. to. the belief. the ok the most players are playing. long love playing play the bass .
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solo. oh. man.
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thank. you.
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thank you you.
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. ah. the. clock. lol. lol. lol lol lol.
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. live live live . live
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thanks. she's a. thirty minute.
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there are digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one mission the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and violence lead to close the powers of social media. their messages are spreading like wildfire social media spectacle is critical to the boat and thousands of hours on the columns online on the streets and the women who were changing the world to. digital. stories from a twenty foot long to w. .
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this is it data will be news live from berlin the cia concludes the order to kill jamal khashoggi shock she came from the top of the saudi establishment the us intelligence agency reportedly pains the dissident journalists death on powerful saudi crown prince mohamed bin selma's this as washington mourns will hold his killers accountable but also coming up. protests in france turned deadly one woman dies and dozens others are injured as thousands blocked roads to demonstrate against rising fuel costs.


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