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starts nov twenty fourth w. . you. are and. this is the w.'s live from but a man you and i call edges a european revival to prove that prevent global chaos. to the french president closer cooperation with ballenger and ceremonies marking germany stay all remembrance he said to take steps in that direction in talks with german chancellor angela merkel we'll have live coverage also coming up in the
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total devastation and that is how donald trump describes areas of california off to the states was just as a wildfire as the u.s. president the rescue workers and victims promising full support also origins now say every hundred thirteen hundred people a missing. person t. for all action to you know the government confirms a submarine that went missing a year ago imploded at sea turning everyone on board for the crew's families many questions remain unanswered. and with the survey suggesting most people in britain would now choose to stay in the e.u. we'll take you to a town where they leave boat was amongst the strongest and why salmon now switching sides.
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i'm helena home free welcome to this special program marking germany's remembrance day ceremonies hey in berlin when germany's borders targa special service has taken place to honor the victims of war and violent pressure during the twentieth century european conflict twice turned into world wars with hundreds of millions of lives lost and destroyed in both world war one and world war two france and germany forts on opposite sides and earlier french president emanuel to michael addressed adamant as cyclists are a strength all real strength. is our unity. and it does not mean you know most or uniform. in order to progress we have to accept that our rhythms and circles are different that some larger project the corporation which was the case pushing on of the euro but we always need to
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remain open to everybody and keep in mind and in our hearts the interest of a unified europe that was our strength must also become our sovereignty if you want to govern a fellow countryman that we are going to be able to protect them from the numerous and to choose our future then we need to be more sovereign as europeans to embody a good. french president there emmanuelle my camo with me in the studio is d w political correspondent peter craven we're also joined by kate brady who's joining us from outside the. pieces first lady we've just heard from the french president who gave his address in the wind is talk tell us more about the message that he to live it a message of profound gratitude to the german people for inviting him because he knows that france and germany have been arch enemies in the past it's been a very painful relationship and they're inviting the french president obviously
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brings back memories of the pain involved there but he said the germany he praised germany for doing what he sees obviously is a good job in trying to confront the darkest chapters of its history francois. manuel mccrone profoundly committed to europe profoundly committed to german friendship a german frank french friendship to the german french tandem he believes that can lead us to lead europe into what he called a new stage a new phase in its development he said we must pull our capacities we must pool our politics even our taxation more consolidated europe russia no solutions were being provided by the euro the anglo german the franco german town them the question is though how much support does not turn to really have he's calling for more europe as a solution to all the ills that europe is facing and i'm not sure how many countries around europe how many people around europe have a real stomach for more europe his old us city and his leap of faith it's remarkable absolutely it was sent me a very optimistic message there from the french president let's go to kate and kate
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i want to ask you and about the significance of the day off remember and. take us through some of the highlights. well of course this is a very important day for germany every year but unfortunately we've heard a lot actually here across media today there is as is a case in many other european countries less. in less interest among citizens and local events every year the numbers of people attending these events has been dwindling but at least here in berlin there has been there was a visit earlier today and wreaths were laid there by chancellor angela merkel and emanuel mcconnell and as we saw just now the french president then gave a very optimistic speech reflecting on the past and his previous words in your at
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a moving forward and how europe can become stronger we saw that here in the bonus talk and now the french president and merkel the german chancellor will be meeting here behind me in the german chancellor rhee and we're expecting to hear statements from them again reflecting on proposed e.u. reforms of course as peace was mentioned this is a new stage for europe on many levels of course there are new challenges which were also mentioned by the french president manuel michel on him in his speech challenges that were never before seen in modern challenges well that's artificial intelligence climate change migration policy these are all huge challenges which europe is going to have to face and find solutions to and of course with the planned exit of the united kingdom from the european union. looming at the end of march of course europe is going to face yet another wave of he will and of course
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as we heard again from him on well michael he believes that the best thing for europe right now is more unity absolutely challenges on every play in a vote there in that speech from the french president peter from from your point of view i mean we of course understand president back on chancellor angela merkel going to meet for talks at the chancellery what do you expect to dominate in those discussions between the two well there's been a lot of talk this week of course on. americal appeared in front of the european parliament in strasburg on choose day and committed herself or appeared to commit herself at least in principle to a european army one of the cool proposals from crum but there was a waiver. because she said she said i commit to the idea in principle that it could happen and maybe should happen one day so she did it off into the long grass and there's also talk about a year. shared budget for the europe for the eurozone and there
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too i'm going to medical appears to have committed herself to the project but has said that it needs to be negotiated within the overall e.u. budget which means it has to be negotiated with all twenty seven nations which means it could take years so she's saying yes to see a marker on but at the same time remaining lukewarm and that has led to considerable irritation and friction between the french and the germans in recent times drumin of the finance minister came out just last week and said he viewed germany's yes but no sort of approach to all this is a breach of faith so the mood is not all good although between the body language is good between micro merkel both where it's going to take the french project that the president across has been designing it's very unclear so the body language is good the rhetoric is certainly a positive it's optimistic do you think the any pragmatic solutions are likely to come out of these talks at a time when europe you know even the french president said himself you know there's
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a fragmentation of the wild going on right now well and i mean the speech you gave and bundestag was extremely philosophical now they're going away for a miracle and mokoena going to the chances office for a working meeting i think they're going to be talking much more about the nitty gritty of the common budget of the common army of a common of a shared you finance minister these kind of ideas and we'll be getting an idea perhaps of where that might go and how firm the commitments are on to him decide when we get these statements are they going to give albeit before the meeting. but then after the meeting what i can say is that tomorrow the german finance minister the for and finance minister all of shorts in britain america are going to be. progress so any progress that they have might have the proposals that they have first showed you are european budget to finance ministers to european finance ministers in brussels so we've been trying to see what they've got in their pockets what sort of deal is being negotiated absolutely i'd like to just go over to you kate because she's been following all of the events of the remembrance day and we
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understand that the french president whilst his speech was very much the centerpiece of the remembrance day today he's also been taking part in many other activities in the german capital just bring us up to speed with those kate is. just after the speech he gave here in the bundestag he is now meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and so that will indeed and then we are expecting to his statements from them shortly during his visit here now as he said today this is what he was showed a lot of gratitude as well the fact that he was actually invited to the german capital on this day of remembrance. kate brady in berlin for us and peter craven here with me in the studio thank you very much so you both for your analysis and for joining us well as we just mentioned the german chancellor
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the french president all due to speak to the media in berlin shortly and we'll have live coverage of that birthday now we're going to turn to some other news around the world. or u.s. president donald trump has visited areas ravaged by california's wildfires coating what he saw a scene of total devastation firefighters the still trying to contain large parts of the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history with ortiz say at least seventy six people have been killed in weiss that one hundred a still unaccounted for. the president was greeted by the smell of smoke while making his way into town or what was left of it the city of paradise once home to twenty seven thousand people was incinerated by the blaze last week. whose initial response was criticized for its unfeeling tone pledged to help with the recovery
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see what's happened here. nobody would have ever thought this could happen. so the federal government has realized you were all the idea joe there is a rare show of unity between president and the democratic governor of california jerry brown had previously blamed the fires on poor forest management in california but fire experts and the governor argued the effects of climate change have driven the more intense blazes a theory the president didn't want to hear that decision to change your opinion at all understand the president don't have a strong opinion of what a climate is going to have there and we're going to have forests that are very safe . as we can go through this every year we go through this and we're going to have to say for sure. that that's happening as we speak. in the neighboring town of chico residents have taken matters into their own hands by collecting donations
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to provide essential is for those who have lost everything some of the people here may feel trumps visit gave them hope but many are disappointed that the president didn't meet with any of the survivors. i heard news of town earlier. but yeah you see. i'm sorry he's not going to get my vote next time i think is he living here is the show. i mean he was talking the coming here do we believe to make himself look better than what he really is. president trump promised to help the people of california and tackle the wildfire problem how exactly he would do this he didn't say. and now some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of central american migrants have reached the mexican city of t. juana on the u.s. border they plan to apply for asylum in the united states this is your authority
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say that unprepared to deal with the number of people expected to arrive in the coming months. the u.s. state department says the government has not yet concluded who ordered the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi u.s. media reported the cia had concluded that saudi crown prince mohammed the been a sound man personally gave the order for the murder. a peaceful protest in central athens turned violent on saturday police fired tear gas and stun grenades after demonstrators called petrol bombs and firecrackers the violence came at the end of a demonstration to mark the anniversary of a student uprising and nine hundred seventy three that helped topple greece's military junta. in chile thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the capital santiago demanding the legalization of same sex marriage in adoption since twenty fifteen same sex couples have been able to enter
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a civil union in the predominantly catholic country. british prime minister theresa may has said that she will not agree on a withdrawal agreement for the u.k. until they get the terms they want for the future relationship with the european union the focus of this week's talks but as breaks it begins to take shape many who voted to leave the e.u. don't like what they see surveys now suggest a significant number have changed their minds. this is one of britain's most euro skeptic communities here just to be east of london seventy percent of people voted to leave the e.u. many of them were young people after a week of drama at westminster but did the under thirty's think now what's the point believe in this is going to be a lot hassle we want to break we want to europe just set off far more of a benefit from levy and. i don't think we want to stop arguing and.
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young adults have been following the political show in london closely the result is that many are not sure whether leaving the you is the right thing to do after all. i was in favor of leaving and when i vote it's a leave i knew that there would be short term struggles all of the mess that is going on is has brought me to a point where i almost regret the decision to leave twenty four year old mitchell in the technology industry he had trusted british politicians to deliver on their promise to secure a good brakes a deal now he has doubts about whether bet it's possible to see how much of a mess everything's actually come into there's no structure and no one knows where it's going to go there's lots of uncertainty but the moment i feel that we should probably we should stay not far away soon connelly of the local conservative party is just as unhappy with a draft breaks a deal as mentioned but for her the answer cannot be to stay in the i think that with greyman this is rubbish basically it's not what we want it's not what we voted
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for we didn't vote for a load of idiots up in westminster. the whole deal they've made a total mess of the and the snow so we won't we will lay out we want out now. to connelly things the young people from are wrong and doubting their leaves out but back in the snooker club mitchell believes that britain's perhaps should. i have been asked to vote on the issue in the first place i want to kind of man the decision like this was something as complex as europe has been put in my hands because being honest i don't understand other thing the prime minister understands it so how we making the decisions. this is the thing everyone has an opinion but no one knows who should have them now with all of the unfolding uncertainty m.k. i was rampant young people i'm not sure that the breakthrough game can be won any more. for more i'm joined here in the studio by my colleague the reporter
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alex forrest whiting welcome. now british politicians from all across the political spectrum in fact all you know many of them are against this brigs divorce teresa mayes under tremendous pressure including from you know politicians who previously were with when it came to break that what do they want to see now from this divorce deal well i think that they are on happy that she has come about with this trough withdrawal agreement from the e.u. which basically says that while the fundamental issue is over this backstop backstop with northern ireland which she has said would be an insurance policy to make sure that there is no hope of water between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which will remain part of the e.u. so what they have put in place is this back stop saying that the whole of the u.k. if it if it comes to that would have to stay within the customs union for a limited amount of time and that northern ireland itself would have to abide by
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some new regulations to make sure everything works and many people particularly those bricks it is on her side on happy about that they say that that is effectively going to be a whomp order within the irish sea so separating northern ireland from the rest of the u.k. and that there's no guarantee that the u.k. can ever come out of it it would take twenty seven countries the e.u. countries to agree with them stopping the backstop and the u.k. and they are deeply deeply unhappy about that they're deeply unhappy. a thorny issue many people are amazed in fact that british prime minister theresa may has knowledge to hang on this long she's not out of danger yet there were she knows she's not a danger we've been waiting for this so-called coup to happen where we are waiting for forty eight conservative m.p.'s to write a letter saying that they want there to be a no confidence vote that hasn't happened yet we've had round about twenty five letters so she is still ok for now but certainly she's not out of the woods and
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there are many people even within her own cabinet so those ministers close to her who are very very pro breck's it they're staying with her because they think that she's still the best person to get this through that they do want to see her trying to get changes to this deal with the e.u. the even though they've been trying to thrash the south with the u.k. for almost two and a half years they're not going to suddenly change their red lines we may say see a little bit of compromise this week to resume is going to meet. in brussels and then there was this big meeting on sunday to try to to get this through but i don't think that the e.u. is is going to be able to get to give many more concessions and that is what is really unsettling for those people in her party and of course all the politicians as well who are unhappy with this deal today we also saw the leader of the labor party jeremy corbyn saying that they would not support a reason mase deal whatever she puts so wards parliament so the numbers are looking
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very very difficult for her to get it through absolutely with briggs it always seems to be a game of what if what next what then with that in mind let's say she does survive within her party let's say that she then manages to get this draft agreement signed off next sunday she's then go to get it through parliament can get it through parliament well let's just look at the numbers so we've got we've got jeremy corbyn now saying that labor are not going to support it we've got these ten. piece of these nola nolen unionist m.p.'s who prop up to raise a maze government they are very unlikely to support it we've got the scottish nationalists party was saying they won't support it we've got the liberal democrats who won't support it we've got these bricks it is who are very unhappy about it and of course we've got these people who want to stay within the e.u. both within her policy and within other parties who will not support it it is very very difficult the numbers do not look good for however let's just say she doesn't
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get it through them what happens to the u.k. economy i mean we could see the pound for lng we could see markets crushing and then maybe she would have to present it back to parliament and it would go through because everybody sees the chaos that is going to end in see you if it doesn't go through i mean everything is on the table at the moment and reason may actually still holds some very strong cards but the risk of that chaos has been given giving rise to call for another referendum a so-called people's vote i mean tell us more about that well there was a there was a big movement for a people's vote for a second referendum and certainly we had boris johnson who was the former foreign secretary his brother who was in the government quit not last week but the week before saying that he wanted there to be a second vote because he's not happy with this deal that so far been presented so there is there are more and more people who are coming round to the idea however today jeremy corbin the leader of the labor party said that he didn't think that
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that was an option for the moment so he is not backing it that it will be very disappointing to those people who want there to be a second referendum so we can we don't know what is going to happen nobody can say what is going to happen at the moment apart from that reason may will go to brussels this week she is going to have this meeting with a maybe she will get a few more compromises but really i think that this is the deal that they are going to have that she's going to have to put towards parliament and it's going to be back this do not get your bricks deal through and that is a big threat for those brick cities who have spent a lifetime trying to get the u.k. out of europe indeed alex forrest whiting d.w. reporter thank you very much indeed. argentina says it has no means to raise the wreck of a submarine that went missing a year ago with forty four crew members on board authorities have released the first images of the sun one which was found on friday nine hundred meters below the
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surface of the atlantic ocean off for his believe a water leak caused the german to implode the exact details of the tragedy remain unclear some say only a full examination of the hole would provide answers. grieving and angry. the relatives of the missing submariners have spent months putting pressure on the argentinean government to give them more information and tell them what happened to their loved ones. we were sitting at the dining table with my mom when the message from the submarine command force arrived seeing that an object that was detected yesterday was that our son. we couldn't believe it we turned on the television and media said it was our son one. of. the submarine
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was returning from a routine mission of argentina southernmost tip in november last year. it was ordered back to base after reporting an electrical breakdown but the crew was never heard from again or thirty's gave up hope of finding survivors just two weeks later but their relatives didn't. i'm disappointed disappointed because we still thought they had other information we get the illusion they would find them a life but hey unfortunately. on thursday argentina marked one year since the sun one went missing the next day the submarine was found. this have been three hundred sixty six very difficult days for all argentineans but especially for the families of the crew members of the submarine some one. now we are opening a new chapter of investigations to discover the whole truth the truth the draft
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been looking for from day one. of the year. for many families this promise holds little hope they might have certainty about what happened to their loved ones now but they are still left wondering why it happened at all. to tennis and a shock defeat for roger federer germany's number one alexanders that have beat federer to advance to the championship match at the a.t.p. finals in london that it is the first german to reach the final of the prestigious season and the sense forrest baca and nine hundred ninety six. in the turning point of the opening sets alexander sarath dynamic aggressive van's late goal robin in front of seventeen thousand fans in london the youngster stepped up
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to take the first blood above that of the battle of. securing the top break in the second set the crap she is turned to boos was set in a stop play off to the pool boy drops of bull cheering a rally. the umpire rightly replayed the point that the crowd were outraged about something that happened on board the oh i apologize to roger at the net already he told me to ring and that's ok you know it's obvious in the rules like i want to apologise to the crowd as well despite the hostile crowd sarah stayed focused until the death his work of the net through been decisive above all for about ninety minutes of sealed victory over his idol federer us becoming the first german to make the final since boris becker twenty two years ago voss thank god out of the germans rise in the tennis world continues for the victory on sunday
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would hand sarah the biggest success of his career or as. and we're awaiting now the statements from german chancellor angela merkel and french president. and i. continue. i think. wonderful commemoration ceremony and paris and the forum for peace and it's wonderful that you are our guest here today in germany and such an impressive speech that made it clear once again just how important german french cooperation and friendship is and just how important it is in new york and context in europe that has to stand the test of time in today's world you said we
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are at a crossroads and talked about the role that europe place in the world and i think that my thoughts are entirely with you there the way witnesses of the second world war the people who experience it first time soon we'll all be gone we're the ones born after the war we are responsible for learning the lessons of these difficult times and as you said yourself we're trying to find our feet find our way and many of these challenges but we want to do so together. now following this moving commemorative ceremony we have an opportunity to talk about our everyday work because in december and the european council we have a number of ambitious projects that we have if you think that the european elections are on the horizon just six months from now if you think about that you
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can imagine just what difficult challenges we have facing us talking about the future of europe which is why it's my conviction that we need to continue the maze of book work that we started there. and discuss issues. and come to conclusions with their european heads we're talking about the future of the eurozone here but also the question of how best to respond to the digital world in the area of cooperation in research and development but also the question of taxation here we finance ministers have some hard work ahead we have to look at how to deal with migratory flows as well there's the whole question of the pact for migration that we debated here in germany at the moment the united nations are grips with a difficult spirits and debates and basically either we come up with global solutions and we get there step by step or we won't it's about diff the defense of
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europe as well. and the question.


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