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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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already. did you. start over. business d.w. news live from berlin a day to remember the wars that you were a pledge never to repeat the french president urges closer cooperation with berlin during ceremonies marking germany's date of remembrance he said to take steps in that direction and talks with chants on the americans will have full coverage also coming up ahead of a european leaders meeting to discuss brags that do w.
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visits one english town where the leave bowed was among the strongest and where some people are now switching sides. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us germany has been marking its annual remembrance day honoring victims of war and oppression as part of a special ceremony here in berlin french president tomorrow micron delivered his first ever speech to the german parliament the bundestag in both world war one and world war two france and germany fought on opposite sides well during his address to german lawmakers micron emphasized the importance of france germany and all european countries working together today. that is why europe must be
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stronger that is why it must be more sovereign because it will not be able to play its role if it becomes the plaything of the world's top powers if it doesn't take more responsibility for its defense and security and its content to play a secondary role on the world stage. and with me in the studio now is t.-bone milan he's a journalist from lizzy call paris tivo thanks for being with us so we heard micron there talking about greater european integration but at the same time we heard him speak quite a bit about sovereignty how do you reconcile these two somewhat different priorities well i think from my call to both go hand in hand what it promises to the french that is and is. to protect them and also to european citizens to protect them and sort of europeans over and the economy can political survival you know the
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only way to achieve that is being stronger together and more and what good is it goes through more integration if you take the euro from splits his conviction is . the euro won't be strong against the dollar that's called currency seventy if we don't how you was in the budget for instance a strong currency not goes hand in hand for him but these are of course difficult times we have the u.k. poised to leave the european union there's quite a lot of euro skepticism elsewhere in europe how does micron thank that greater integration can be achieved i think that's precisely the point. michael but also america i think see those threats like the brics it or maybe direction of the donald trump has one more argument to integrate the european union more than before of course you have this. force was against integration we
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have the one i see a lot of us in the us not in france if they're in germany. and it makes it more difficult to achieve more integration but at this time time these threats make it's more i think understandable for the other part of the population to to to make a strong effort to join forces to get. and now you're talking about these external threats but we have to mention internally micron and merkel also are facing quite a lot of pressure and do they have the necessary authority to get these e.u. reforms to happen briefly if you can you know well we obviously we we've just seen this weekend has been authorities to challenge but. i don't think they have any choice really all right journalist from liz they call paris many thanks indeed for your insights. well turning now to the united states where president donald trump has visited areas ravaged by california's wildfires
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firefighters are still trying to contain a large part of the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history authorities say at least seventy six people have been killed and nearly thirteen hundred are still unaccounted for. the president was greeted by the smell of smoke while making his way into town or what was left of it the city of paradise once home to twenty seven thousand people was incinerated by the blaze last week. whose initial response was criticized for its unfeeling tone pledged to help with the recovery. see what's happened here. nobody would have ever thought this could have. so the federal government is realized you were all the idea joe there is a rare show of unity between president and the democratic governor of california
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jerry brown had previously blamed the fires on poor forest management in california but fire experts and the governor argued the effects of climate change have driven the more intense blazes a theory the president didn't want to hear that is the solution here you know i'm going to change the president no no i have a strong opinion of what way find going to have that and we're going to have forests that are very safe as we can go through this every year we go through this and we're going to have safe for us and the and that's happening as we speak. in the neighboring town of chico residents have taken matters into their own hands by collecting donations to provide essential is for those who have lost everything some of the people here may feel trying to visit gave them hope but many are disappointed that the president didn't meet with any of the survivors. i heard years of town already left. yeah you see. i'm sorry you're
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not going to get my vote next time i think you keep moving here is the show. i mean he was talking to coming here illegally to make himself look better than what he really is president trump promised to help the people of california and tackle the wildfire problem how exactly he would do this he didn't say. now look at some of the other stories making news around the world. police in madrid have arrested members of the feminist feminist group who were demonstrating against pro franco marchers some of them attacked the women the far right rally was held to mark the anniversary of the spanish dictator's death. central american migrants traveling together through mexico have reached the city of tijuana on the u. was border they plan to apply for asylum in the u.s. but city authorities say they're unprepared to deal with the number of people
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expected to arrive in the coming months. pope francis has held a lunch at the vatican with around fifteen hundred people living in poverty and the pontiff is marking the catholic church's second world day of the poor at an earlier mass francis said the rich few were drowning out the voices of the needy. now british prime minister theresa may says the next seven days in the break that process will be critical for britain in an interview she said she would not give her backing to a plan to leave the european union until the two sides agreed on what their future relationship will be european ministers are set to discuss that plan this week but as bragg's it begins to take shape many who voted to leave the e.u. do not like what they see d.w. visited an english town where it seems a number of people have even changed their minds. this is one of britain's most
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years skeptic communities here just to be east of london seventy percent of people voted to leave the many of them were young people after a week of drama at westminster but did the under thirty's think now what's the point of leaving this is going to be a lot of hassle we want to see it we want to europe. are far more benefit from leaving state i don't think we want to stop arguing and. young adults have been following the political show in london closely the result is that many are not sure whether leaving the you is the right thing to do after all i was in favor of leaving and when i vote it's a leave. i knew that there would be short term struggles all of the mess that is going on is has brought me to a point where i almost regret the decision to leave twenty four year old mitchell in the technology industry he had trusted british politicians to deliver on their
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promise to secure a good brakes a deal now he has doubts about whether that is possible to see how much of a mess of things actually come into there's no structure and no one knows where it's going to go there's loads of uncertainty at the moment i feel that we should probably we should stay not far away suit connelly of the local conservative party is just as unhappy with the draft breaks a deal as mentioned but for her the answer cannot be to stay in the i think that with greyman this is rubbish basically it's not what we want it's not what we voted for we didn't vote for a load of this up in westminster. the whole deal they've made a total mess of the and that's not so we won't we will lay out we want to now. to connally things for young people from are wrong and doubting their lead vote but back in the snooker club mitchell oma believes that britons perhaps shouldn't have been asked to vote. the issue in the first place i want to kind of the disease
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unlike this was something as complex as europe has been put in my hands because being honest i don't understand. the prime minister understands it so how we making the decisions. this is the thing everyone has an opinion but no one knows what should happen now with all of the unfolding uncertainty and chaos from pigs young people i'm not sure that the bricks of game can be won anymore. we're joined now by correspondent barbara vessel who is standing by in westminster good evening to you barbara so theresa may has had a few very difficult days and today she gave a t.v. interview continuing to defend her braids the deal how did she come across. trying to keep her tricks deal life in that is. difficult. because her enemies are circling of course here in the story they have weakened and she has
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deferred to different groups of people who really want to bring her down no one to bring her deal so let's this is going to work the front had to say today you know change of leadership at this point isn't going to make the negotiations uneasy and it's not going to change the parliamentary arithmetic what it will do what it will do is bring in a degree of uncertainty that's uncertainty for people and what it will do is mean that is a risk that actually we delay the negotiations and that's a risk that wrecks it gets to lend frustrations. that is in fact a strength for this trip to the first is that you see what you get when you shoot me down and the six then zero four is that is the consequence from the first says there might in the end be no corrected at all if you sort of do this now if you
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oppose me and if you just chase me from office so that's what theresa may have to say to her and use to prove that the enemies but with that they will heed the warning that's a different question. from barbara what is brussels likely to make of britain's attempts to renegotiate the draft deal. in brussels of course they are wringing their hands and tearing their hair since they saw war than really if the harsh and suited hostile reception that wrecks a deal has come from last week and now they know and they've made quite clear that the bridge the dubois agreement cannot be opened this is those five hundred eighty five pages with all the terms and conditions are pretty leaving the e.u. are being put on paper and that is the legal document so no there is no opening of that war treason may just trying to temper is appease her opponents and say ok
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we'll talk about the future some more this is a bit of leeway in that because that's a political victory ration that could be just been said some later date in the future it's good wishes and a lot of good will that will be expressed there so she can probably get some goodies to these people and help but that's the best you can do. barbara faisal reporting from westminster many thanks indeed. well as winter ramps up in the northern hemisphere extreme athletes have flocked to oman to compete in grueling desert conditions for a six day marathon the desert marathon began on saturday with a relatively short twenty one kilometer warmup which is aimed at allowing competitors to adjust to the oppressive conditions about one hundred fifty runners start of the race which will be held completely on sand across the gulf of oman to
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the arabian sea over one hundred sixty five kilometers. you're up to date now on d w news we back again at the top of the hour omarion evans dean from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. climate change. waste. i'm going to turn for. africa projects that are changing the one parliament for the better. or for. b.t.w. .


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