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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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the show. starts november twenty fourth b.t.w. . this is d w news live from berlin a day to remember the wars that europe pledge to never to repeat the french president urges closer cooperation with berlin during ceremonies marking germany's day of remembrance he warns of future dangers that europe must face together also coming up. ahead of the european leaders meeting to discuss bragg's it decently you
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visit the one english town where the leave vote was among the strongest and where some people are now switching sides. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us we begin with a call for unity from french president a model mccrone as he addressed german lawmakers here in berlin his speech was part of germany's annual remember ins day which honors victims of war and oppression from a cron it was a chance to rally germany to his vision of a new era in europe. on a day of remembering war and division a strong show of unity. speaking to the german bundestag the french president said france and germany had overcome two hundred years of wars and now is the time to
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look to the future. with them. today we must find the courage together to open a new chapter. we all were to europe because we are not yet fully aware of the importance of the times we live in. mccomb made an impassioned call for france and germany to work together that only that way could europe tackle challenges from climate change to migration. that is why europe must be stronger that is why it must be more sovereign because it will not be able to play its role if it becomes the placing of the world's top powers if it doesn't take more responsibility for its defense and security and its content to play a secondary role on the world stage. as was met with applause also from the german chancellor with whom i call has been holding talks on the
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reforms this last week. it's wonderful that you are our guests here today and i'm sure many and such an impressive speech that made it clear once again just how important german french cooperation and friendship is and just how important it is in a peon context earlier on sunday america than my car laid wreaths at germany's central memorial for those killed in war their countries through time opposite sides and both world wars making the two leaders remembering together a strong symbol of reconsolidation and peace. and with me in the studio now is to belmont then he's a journalist from his they call paris tivo thanks for being with us so we heard micron there talking about greater european integration but at the same time we
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heard him speak quite a bit about sovereignty how do you reconcile these two somewhat different priorities well i think for michael the both go hand in hand what he promises to the french that is and is. to protect them and also to european citizens to protect them and sort of europeans over and he economy can political differential the only way to achieve that is being stronger together and more and what good is goes through more integration if you take the euro from spreads his conviction is. the euro will be stronger against the dollar that's called currency seventy if we don't how you was in the budget for instance a strong currency that's goes hand in hand for him but these are of course difficult times we have the u.k. poised to leave the european union there's quite a lot of euro skepticism elsewhere in europe how does micron think that greater you
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integration can be achieved i think that's precisely the point. michael but also america i think see those threats like the brics it or maybe the direction of the donald trump has one more argument to integrate the european union more than before of course you have this. force against integration we have the one i see a lot of us in the us not in france if they in germany it makes it more difficult to achieve more integration but exist some time this thread to make it more i think understandable for the other part of the population to to to make a stronger. hold to join forces together and now you're talking about these external threats but we have to mention internally micron and merkel also are facing quite a lot of pressure and do they have the necessary authority to get these e.u. reforms to happen briefly if you can yeah well we obviously we we've just seen this
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weekend has been quite difficult for michael his popularity is very low we have these demonstrations yesterday against the gasoline tax so his authority easy challenge and also medical authorities used his challenge but. i don't think i have any choice really all right journalist from this the cold paris many thanks indeed for your insights. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. after a manual recount for the u.s. senate race in the state of florida outgoing republican governor rick scott has been named the winner beating democrat incumbent bill nelson by about ten thousand votes scott's victory means that republicans lose their majority in the senate by at least one more seat. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says holding early elections would be irresponsible has called of his coalition partners not to
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bring down the government netanyahu has taken on the duties of defense minister after avi dora lieberman resigned in protest over a cease fire deal reached with hamas following a flare up of violence in gaza. police in madrid have arrested members of the feminist feminist group who were demonstrating against pro franco marchers some of whom attacked the women a far right rally was held to mark the anniversary of the spanish dictator's death . pope francis has held a lunch at the vatican with around fifteen hundred people living in poverty the pontiff is marking the catholic church's second world day of the tour at an earlier mass francis said the rich few were drowning out the voices of the needy. british prime minister to resign mays says the next seven days in the braves that process will be critical for britain in an interview she said she would not give
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her backing to a plan to leave the european union until the two sides agreed on what their future relationship will be european ministers are set to discuss that plan this week but as briggs it begins to take shape many who voted to leave the e.u. don't like what they see w. visited an english town where it seems a number of people have even changed their minds. this is one of britain's most years skeptic communities here just to be east of london seventy percent of people voted to leave the many of them were young people after a week of drama at westminster but did the under thirty's think now will support i believe in this is going to be a hassle we want to break we want to europe to set off far more benefit from leaving the state i don't think we want to stop and. young adults have been following the political show in london closely the result is that
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many are not sure whether leaving the e.u. is the right thing to do after all. i was in favor of leaving and when it's a leave. i knew that there would be struggles all of the mess that is going on is has brought me to a point where i almost regret the decision to leave twenty four year old mitchell in the technology industry he had trusted british politicians to deliver on that promise to secure a good brakes a deal now he has doubts about whether a bet is possible if you see how much of a mess things up as you come into there's no structural no one knows where it's going to go there's lots of uncertainty but the moment i feel that we should probably we should stay not far away suit connelly of the local conservative party is just as unhappy with the draft breaks a deal as mitchell but for her the answer cannot be. to stay in the i think that with green men. basically it's not what we want it's not what we foti
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for we didn't vote for a load of. up in westminster. total mess of the and you know the snow so we won't we will we will now. sue connelly things for young people from a wrong and doubting belief out but back in the snooker club mitchell believes that britons perhaps shouldn't have been asked to vote on the issue in the first place i want to kind of. a decision like this was something as complex as europe has been put in my hands because being honest i don't understand. the prime minister understands it so how are we making the decisions. this is a thing everyone has an opinion but no one knows what should happen now with all of the unfolding uncertainty and chaos young people i'm not sure that the bracks of game can be won any more. than joining us now from westminster is d.w. correspondent barbara vessel so barbara i think it's safe to say that he has had
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a rather difficult week she says so herself in a t.v. interview today and she also of course continued to defend her breaks the deal how does she come across. or she comes across as a woman who is signed it didn't determine to fight to call the last week for her rather difficult week of course is the understatement of the day it's been me it's been completed dr king used to divide to reason me to get this interview that she would not step away that she would push this deal through and she demanded from her opponents in that group so far enemy to follow her unless there was a stretch imply. let's hear what the prime minister has to say. you know change of leadership at this point isn't going to make
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a negotiations any easier and it's not going to change the parliamentary arithmetic what it will do what it will do is bring in a degree of uncertainty that's uncertainty for people. what it will do is mean that is a risk that actually we delay the considerations and that's a risk that wrecks it gets to lend or frustrations. what she telling us there it's quite obvious because she's telling our enemies and the whole gaggle off for opponents within her own party and of course on the opposition benches if you shoot me down things will get worse because then we might end up with no breaks at everybody and bridges seems to begin to understand what that means or you will get no bricks at all and then of course is directed at her enemies with in the tory party telling them if you still want to break this is your only and one chance. well there has been some talk of possibly renegotiating the draft deal or at least
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parts of it but barbara what is brussels likely to make of this. brussels of course is wringing their hands and tearing their hair for days because they watch the kaos in westminster and start to watch are they doing there you mean these mean negotiations have been dragging on from months and months and many late nights and now there is just cold to renegotiate however the spirit driesum a knows that it is not doable the bricks and deal the actual divorce agreement those five hundred eighty five pages of legal text they will not be true or not and they will not be reopened there is nothing going on there however what she can achieve and what she's trying to do at brussels in brussels is to put some more let's say a sweet language and a bit more love into these so called political declaration dealing with the future relationship between the united kingdom and the european union and that of course
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can still be achieved it means nothing legally but if the other leaders can help or to go to cross the virtual here they might do so. barbara vai's all reporting for us from westminster thank you. tennis news now and germany's alexander's there of has defeated world number one joke of edge to win the precipitous a.t.p. finals in london a day earlier shocked roger federer in the semifinals and on sunday he carried that form into the final to defeat djokovic and two sets winning six four six three it's the biggest success in the twenty one year old fledgling career. now extreme athletes have flocked to oman to compete in grueling desert conditions for a one hundred sixty five kilometer race over six days the mind desert marathon
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began saturday with a relatively short twenty one kilometer warmup aimed at allowing competitors to adjust to the oppressive conditions about one hundred fifty runners the start of the race which will be held completely on sand crossing the oman desert to the arabian sea. you're watching news coming to you from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour for another update american evan steen from all of us in berlin thanks for watching. you know your friends here could even take a chance on one. don't expect our pm to.
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