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tv   Kino - KINO Special TV Series  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 4:02am-4:15am CET

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and since it's transforming the. ratings for. the second season of our documentary series. join germantown. at least for. starts november twenty fourth w. . hello and welcome to a special and the series edition of keno we are mad about movies but we are also serious series junkies. small screen drama is booming with more serious than
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ever before being produced in countries all around the world many are finding global audiences germany has secured its slice of the cake that lavishly produced a bit on bowling is just one of a host of german shows enjoying international acclaim. the german capital berlin is being explored as a versatile location by a growing number of productions and it's not just the roaring twenty's the city's more recent past and its present are also being mined for series gold berlin is ready for its close up. seen as a magnet for a verse from all over the world and you series celebrates the city's infamous nightlife it's called beat which is also the name of the main character around in the series spence. techno clubs have given germany a brand new image when it says here minister to market one it's become
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a real selling point and for berlin the club scene is probably the main source of revenue after historical sites we have a very open liberal sexually permissive nightlife and club scene which is extremely liberal also when it comes to drugs. and the serious the clubs of the scene of all sorts of heinous crime murder illegal operations on refugees and organ trafficking. immediate recruit speech in a bid to fight organized crime series shows an ecstasy fueled dark side of the city to act on it to the south to the chasms that opened up in everyone a very very deep and that goes for all the people we meet in the series we always said this is the night and amelia is the day and i love the night very much until eleven o'clock in the evening i'm. a good two thirds of this series takes place at night not just for the color and the day is grey but it's doesn't get much sleep.
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blocks is a series set in a different island that follows gang land balsam drug lord tony hamadi and the lebanese clan he rules over in a multicultural district of north korean. video jets on the train i cannot control but. just series is pretty and realistic even start some real life locals some with criminal records of their own soldiers and an iconic machine which will. do. there's a range of. large london deutschen. four blocks exposes the inner workings of the klan and makes the city look like an older version of the bronx a broken down city where the authorities struggle to card. numbers forty second fight in this would. be clark to ask him if it so i never leaves languish
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and have to every time he says he kills for about. four blocks is one of us two frantic series on the market right now it's a brutal visually stunning and somewhat terrifying portrayal of life in a problem district of the capital. kathy in berlin also features indoor chant eighty six i think that's it and east german spy in exile in south africa. wants to go home with the two. hundred folks because palm print is left of the plant counted it and who can get it out but i'm pretty good. most are transferred to the ass and stuff so yes that in the first series concentrated on the german german conflict within the cold war even the most we now see more of the global dimension sameem. because it's an action packed series with east and west facing off. pullin behind the wall from the
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communist perspective and that's part of the party. there's a political. international that you live in the city and the script was written by an american citizen having a little distance from the subject may have helped and i'm talking. comics. and pop to. get us that's not on this long and i don't think it's far enough in the past yet for germany to approach the subject with this light touch torn that i wish to mankind. and this is what the looks like in the us production the city as a haven for whistle blowers and money gates pursued by a cia very at home on german soil nobody is safe you are going to sleep conditions come on the current. photo. modern day berlin as a hub for agent and diffidence alike perhaps this isn't so far from the truth.
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now to a series actor who has made the german capital his home when he's not jetting around the world on a variety of very different assignments tom fresh europe will be familiar to many due to a key role in the u.s. series game of thrones now he's starring in a new german series based on both pakistan's oscar nominated one nine hundred eighty one movie das but we caught up with the serious star in belin. cuse not too well known on the streets of berlin yes but tom blushes has already made a name for himself of the world he's played in no less than three u.s. productions to critical acclaim. now he's starring in a t.v. version of the classic film dust built set on the german submarine and world war two please please she is chilling as an s.s.
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officer. off in a few shots much less to produce a cohort of course. the actor loves playing baddies. does more does it a sebastian is it have to had this. pleasure of a writer or unfortunately i've experienced too often that the goodies a boring so i don't have anything against playing more ambivalent characters and be willing to concoct. and the most expensive series of all time scale of thrones place you can have a secretive killer a man without a face. he was might find he was no. if your. face is suffering only. you're still someone. is moxy into.
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my maternity sure to me because i really like series because you have the possibility to explore a character and a role in more detail and more depth so you're off you know for certain. whether in hollywood or germany tom daschle archives one hundred percent every time a series start on the way out. and finally a look behind the scenes of the international series world where all the new stories coming from and with increasingly intense competition between streaming services will it be continued boom or bust for the series we've got ten on a summit of series movers and shakers to try and find some answers. the european t.v. drama laugh in. a meeting place for independent produces television stations as well as so-called show runners to not only script series but direct as well.
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i'm a little girl romano carlson michael romanoff he said he was of ronald checking in for romanoff i'm from a lot more more series of flooding the market and networking has become. supreme liam potions in this overheated high caliber world which to balance both money and manpower. the biggest trend in american television is is just that there's a lot of it right now in twenty seven here in america there were four hundred maybe seven scripted television series which was last year at all time high is probably growing when i go for it loves it people used to look down on series so it wasn't so long ago that they reclaimed their status as the pinnacle of what t.v. can do. to them in europe started with nordic high quality crime drama from scandinavia which was dark and disturbing. sash and desolate landscapes nor that more focused on murders twisted characters
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broken families and human despair these are not became hugely popular around the world. we just told our stories from from the point of view that is very danish and they were true true we are a think we are still trying to find stories that comes from but in our country and for the in our nature of. southeastern europe the german remaining in co-production hackable centers on hackers and organized cybercrime across several european countries hackers and barely out of bed diapers but already hacking german banks. streaming sites compete to get the best european stories. the central european countries like poland for example have this huge deserve war of stories that were never told and i'm not political world historical topics but you know
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legend smith's also what's happening right now the transformation of life in eighty nine the u.s. of course still has stories to tell how deep that money is a fair appears to. treats returning soldiers homecoming and using a safe space here process your knowledge your experience and in fact. the latest amazon crew is a show with hollywood a lister julia roberts who was reluctant at first to do a series this year a number of series an amount of money involved means the market is under a lot of strain where you're seeing in america is a lot of consolidation some of the bit bigger companies are starting to merge and unify resources so i think the number of the big players may get smaller but i do think that will breed more independent studios in the prints and it's not on impossible to keep up with all the new series you do see tile flipping as are of course welcome back at cinemas for stories with satisfying endings.
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i. back to the movies well that wouldn't be too bad i thought that's it for the special join us next time till then happy binge watching with or without popcorn. choose. the. move. for student school. or first communion lunch. sure as grandma was arrives to leave the joiner ring and turn on her journey back to freedom. you know we're determined to documentary during the regular season returns home on d w don't come into. my first vice like i was
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a sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by the social influence of in something as simple as learning how to write a by psychos isn't. since i was a little good i wanted to have them by saying that all my home but it took me as the fight. finally they gave up and went on buying young guys like this but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreate forgoes than rising i'm biased as now i want to meet those women back home who are bones by the tinting and social norms and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is dave out of the go home and i wore adds to the.


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