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you know when i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. this is deja vu news live from berlin risking jail for freedom pro-democracy leaders going on trial in hong kong past their charge for their roles in the umbrella protest that the five china brought that city to a standstill in two thousand and fourteen one of the defendants tells t w he'll continue to fight even if it means prison this is the time to be
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a friend also to defend our existing freedom. and our right to also coming up. british prime minister theresa may intensifies her efforts to sell her brakes a deal at home she tells business leaders that e.u. citizens in the future will not be allowed to jump the queue. and in tennis the new kid on the court the twenty one year old german alexanders farah wins the a.t.p. finals for the first time to be world number one novak djokovic will bring you the highlights from a dramatic match. i'm brian thomas welcome and thanks so much for joining us the leaders of hong kong's pro-democracy movement have gone on trial for their roles and a mass protest there in two thousand and four. game if convicted they face seven
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years in prison all have pleaded not guilty more than one hundred pro-democracy activists gathered outside the courthouse to show their support for the defendants carrying the umbrellas the den to fight with those protests now four years ago tens of thousands took to the streets for nearly three months to protest interference by china in hong kong's elections. spoke to one of the activists ahead of the trial. john king mon keeps running while he still has the chance he took up the sport when it became clear that he was due to stand trial the social you professor and activist faces three counts of what authorities call inciting public nuisance i think it is my priority nod to do on that i think it is important to cheer myself and my fellow support up. why i guess this is the important thing a good spirits when we are facing the trial. he expects to be sentenced to seven
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years in jail john is considered one of the masterminds of the umbrella protests of twenty fourteen. the umbrellas are a symbol for passive resistance to the hong kong police during a seventy nine day sit in demanding free or elections. however the protests failed since then the political sands have shifted in the city. the government is now taking more action against unwelcome views human rights groups call it a campaign of intimidation by the chinese authorities. and they're sending a clear signal that the. that the space for civil society to raise sensitive questions about hong kong's future in hong is kong is. trink the public prosecutor's office refused to
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speak to doit chevelle about chance upcoming trial. john himself is pessimistic more protest events have been cancelled and a foreign journalist has also been expelled i don't see any future arliss in the near future that we could get democracy this is time to be friends i'll sell to defend our existing freedom and our rights and we need to strengthen our civil society. john kinman expects to be convicted but for now he runs while he's still free. but for how much longer we have with us now tom grundy he's editor in chief of the hong kong free press that was set up in response to the crackdown on press freedom in hong kong tom thanks so much for being with us now the official charge in this trial is inciting a public nuisance but it's really about far more than that isn't well yes the organizers of
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a thing one count of conspiracy to call public nuisance infighting of the calls of nick news and. most confusing the in-fighting people to incite others to called public nuisance and these charges carry a maximum of seven years behind all the colonial era go over to you in a lot of other explanation of them as critics say it's powerful defense. u.k. m.p. the. begun a bigger thumb with international call them chilling but both on trial today they see it as part of the tradition of civil disobedience and they told us that they are very ready to go to prison for. a time the hong kong free press that you co-founded is an independent news source how much is the situation for you and for your colleagues changed over the past few months. well we were formed in twenty fifteen of the fiftieth birthday crowd funded media outlets as
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a direct response to waning us freedom from the city for years hong kong has been diving in international press freedom industries that as you say it's been event for just a few weeks in hong kong for free expression freedom of speech the city refute that there would be the victim at the financial times journalists three weeks ago after he chad talk with a pro independent soccer activist and just a couple of weeks ago i'm sorry support that we have to cancel a political takes a bushel off of the author if himself was threatened by chinese will follow through . and just this year the government has been warning all sectors including journalists to respect its red line which appears to refer to independence but many feel is expanding to encompass all kinds of opposition and i've directly asked the chief executive here what that means for the media can we interview print opponents
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advocate for instance when she tells us that we can't tell you how to do your job and we've. got some outlets that may lead to self-censorship having these but the red line so it's been a trouble some few weeks of civil liberties and freedoms in what is meant to be the freest city in china tom drum the editor in chief of the hong kong free press thank you so much for your comments this morning and good luck to you in your efforts there in hong kong. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today eighteen saudi arabian citizens are to be banned from entering europe shang in zone because of their suspected involvement in the killing of journalist jamal to shock she the german foreign minister heiko ma said berlin issued the ban after consultation with france and britain saying there were still more questions than answers about the case. yemen's hooty rebels say they will hold drone and missile attacks on the saudi led military coalition if the saudis and their allies also agree to
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a ceasefire tens of thousands of yemenis have died violence disease and starvation since fighting broke out in two thousand and fifteen. and unmanned russian cargo vessel has successfully docked with the international space station carrying much needed fuel water and oxygen this is the first delivery to the i assess since the aborted launch of a manned flight last month another mission carrying a crew of three is planned for early next month. it's to britain now where prime minister theresa may is under mounting pressure over breakfast with reports that opposition from within her own conservative party is intensifying may has urged her party critics to put their differences aside saying the future of the nation is at stake she's been making the case for her withdrawal deal to a conference of business leaders she told them that britain would regain controls on immigration. once we've left you we will be fully in control of
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who comes here it will no longer be the case that nationals regardless of the skills or experience they have to offer can jump the queue ahead as engineers from sydney or software developers from delhi instead of a system based on where a person is from we would have one that is built around the talents and skills a person has to offer. well and in brussels the e.u.'s chief negotiator michel barnier spent the morning getting approval for the deal from ministers of the twenty seven e.u. member states you had this to say after that meeting we are in fact at the decisive moment in this process no one no one should lose sight of the process the progress that we have been achieved in dressers and even london. i am pretty that ministers to this report the overall package in particular member states through
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port of the draft we have the right riemann and do you side we will still need to determine the internal procedures of the union for agreeing to extend the transition but globally speaking to deal is fair and balanced. the is chief negotiator there michel barnier. let's go straight to a brussels and get some more from our correspondent there mathis what did you make of what michel barnier had to say. brian rashad when you can now harvest the fruits. he has planted over weeks and months negotiating with the british side waiting that they would take a position waiting that they would move from the red lines and finally now he has this over five hundred pages documents the divorce deal on the table and been approved today by the twenty seven e.u.
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ministers it will be if you ask me rubber stamped by the leaders on this special summit on the weekend and then it is up to the u.k. parliament to make the next step and so mr bunny when asked point personally how he feels in that particular situation he said you know i'm not comfortable it's too sad an occasion but of course he's glad to see that things move forward towards an orderly brecht's that ok gary qualls of mass with us in london very good in london a number of conservative party rebels is growing raising the chances of a leadership challenge against a reason is she going to be prime minister by the end of this week. it's really an extraordinary situation for the reason they we're here at the c.b.i. press club annual conference where she has been making the case for business and she has had a quite positive warm reception i would say whereas if you kilometers down the ten's we know that m.p.'s of her own party are plotting to get rid of her so we
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really don't know what's going to happen it's sort of a day by day scenario they are scrambling to get the necessary signatures which they need in the conservative party to trigger a leadership contest are not happy with the deal but then here we are at the employer's conference and business is desperate to get the deal three so that really reflects also the mood of the country there are some people are really incensed to think this is the wrong way and others want nothing more than some sort of orderly transition in this process what kind of sense did you get from other business leaders where where you are what kind of reception did they give theresa may and her plan for withdrawing from the. it was a warm reception there was one gentleman who was a critical question but he received boos from the old in the audience he was alluding to other trade deals with other countries far away countries and and the
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mood here on the conference floor i think was that trade deals and a close relationship with the e.u. at least in the short term future is what counts for businesses because there are many here who have have really intertwined production processes and they really fear disruption at the end of march two thousand and nineteen so here yes a warm and positive reception for to reason they bought it is. not the same over in westminster where we know that there is quite different mood towards the reason may and the deal ok came a close eye on developments and was mr gore back here in brussels where you mentioned this bracks and summit coming up before the end of the week to officially sign off on all this how confident are you diplomats right now that that summit will even go ahead they want to not only breaks it until they hold that it will make sense to have that summit probably they will have it in many cases because it
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sends a signal to london and sends the signal that the hand is stretched out that the e.u. is keen to get the u.k. a deal maybe not the bespoke tailor made suit they would wish for but to get a deal that will deliver an orderly breck's it ok some kind of suit no matter how it fits care about this for us there in brussels thanks very much and to get mass for us in london as well thanks to both of you. it's a tennis now and germany has a new star out on the court alexander is vera of beat world number one of our joke of edge last night to win the season ending a.t.p. final style at mccambridge from did every sports here to talk to us about that and how big was this one absolutely huge alex on his arm just twenty one years old silver at the a.t.p. finals with a victory against world number one djokovic has just said no it probably is worth mentioning at the a.t.p. finals on a grand slam but they are held in
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a similar regard to a grand slam a lot of people still on officially call them the fifth grand slam so a huge step in the right direction in his fledgling career so let's take a look now at how he achieved that. alexander serve was high on confidence and it showed in the opening stages. after breaking novak djokovic to serve thread of silver six full victory in the all important first set. her third. he turned on the stall in the second set with a delightful right of shots. with saving his best for last. night of my. mom believe you have it it's obviously a big shadow that lovable one first of all i want to congratulate your book or great week again not only this week but you know how you play the second of this
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year we maybe never seen you before when you barely lost a match i'm actually very thankful you lost one to me today of the doubt that highlights of sarah's fledgling career but one he may eclipse in twenty nineteen. and serves just twenty one years old what can we expect from them do you think one thing everybody is expecting huge things from this kid is absolutely fantastic news the first german since boris becker twenty three years ago to an a.t.p. foster before he was even born and it's quite telling that joke of it actually came out after the fetus there and said you know despite his tender age you know this kid could be brilliant he's not just to be participating in the grandson thinks he's among the favorites according to the world number one but it is probably also worth preaching a little bit of caution because last year's a.t.p. final surprise winner dimitrov actually went on to have a miserable twenty eighteen so what he does next is important if you don't want to win a grand slam next year this is a very exciting time johnson ok and the comparison with boris becker certainly
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would be putting a little bit of pressure on. djokovic so he is a great player you know he's beaten but but he's had a very good year actually boys had a remarkable year specially given his situation coming into twenty eighteen he was ranked twenty second in the world after an injury ravaged twenty seven saying he's for its way all the way up to world number one by two championships he won wimbledon and the u.s. open so it really has been a fantastic year now going into this final was very if he'd won thirty five of his last thirty seven matches so he's in hot form which only makes various victory all the more astonishing and like it's a really exciting time for german male tennis cambridge thanks so much for being with us and thanks for the insights. now a humorous sounding name for a very serious issue it's world toilet day and the u.n. says more than half the world's population do not have access to a hygenic toilet the situation especially bad in nigeria but as we hear from did obvious injury increase some are cashing in on the crisis you can see them
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everywhere in lagos people relieving themselves outdoors in the open one of every four nigerians has no access to a proper toilet. it's been sued the courts force what you do is you go to the. extras ourselves. by the way they release themselves is disturbing to those of us living here because out in the open everyone can see them the government should at least build a cover so we can see them. fight. it's very difficult for us we have to go to the river to some woman who inside the brackets and then poured into the river it's not good. twenty million people live in this overcrowded mega city bad hygiene and the lack of sufficient toilets and danger in people's health in the poorer districts ironically more people have access to mobile phones than to toilets these kind of warnings can be found all
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over lagos yet so many people are ignoring it because there's no i turn to tips but the lack of toilets is also an opportunity for some business people near a bus station jeremiah jerry installed some porta potties now he makes about thirty euros a day number one costs ten cents number two will cost you twenty five cents is a good business because. you where you came here you want to use yourself you want to drain it in you to receive you from. disagrees you really need to say my j.c. something to most of the time you see them are sad really see ladies here are just your can let me just like to use my safe hear that message for imagine more if you begin to feel it gradually gradually you reach your kid to this place this is where jarius toilets are produced learn reckon while this company is the only one
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in the jury that will smoke by the toilets it employs thirty one people and business is booming with a population of almost two hundred. million nigeria provides a huge market for his product still troubled by the current situation and says the government alone is not to blame we need to begin to change the mentality of people because even. people know that if. it's going to do that it. doesn't and which is no good for us to us is down just a. strict measures to stop. dedication and sanitation the governments did scrape an emergency plan but up until now almost nothing has changed the toilet crisis in lagos obviously remains
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a problem that needs an argentine solution scare a business of market now a star among auto industry c.e.o.'s has been taken in for questioning yeah you're talking about this on chairman carlos golden he is to be removed from his post after the company set an internal investigation found under reported his income by millions of dollars and engaged in other quote significant misconduct the japanese broadcaster and h.k. reported that tokyo prosecutors rested go on today shares in the comic dropped on the news. ladies and gentlemen carlos ghosn is regarded as one of the most dazzling managers in the automotive business after all he has the partnership of redeye mitsubishi amnesty summoned to his belt. but he's been under investigation for months now. the japanese carmaker says an internal investigation shows going under reported his income for several years. ago and is also said to have used company
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money privately nissen's board of directors now needs to decide whether it will dismiss him as the head of the japanese carmaker. according to the japanese newspaper asahi going is cooperating with authorities and has already been questioned he was arrested on monday going has been called look cost killer since his time at the top of renault and some credit him with bringing missiles vehicles back on the road to success after years of high losses and debts. so was the financial world making of this a scandal of pakistan brooks joins us now from the frankfurt stock exchange how we already heard that this on share stropped what's the overall reaction. yeah the news came after the tokyo stock exchange closed but still it was a very big shock there as well as here in europe in france renault shares of which
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are going as the c.e.o. dropped thirteen percent there now at. minus ten here in frankfurt as well and that's of course because he is the key player in the charismatic face of the of this whole alliance i've met him a couple of times personally and he just exerts this extreme confidence he's a very very confident man and now it looks like he may have been a little too confident he can get away with things that aren't exactly following the rules the son is having none of that it wants to remove him and it's already apologized to really to all shareholders and stakeholders now how will this go to reflect on needs to be she how will it impact the comic and. very very badly going to sort of a super hero of the alliance there's even a comics' about him and. with him gone this entire alliance is really called into question because what's going to happen now where is this where is this the
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airlines going to go and especially after both the nissan and the mitsubishi brands are struggling with their own problems right now from various scandals nissan was meddling with with data. going back to possibly twenty years ago. in its final testing for cars and also emissions data and a similar case popped up in two thousand and seventeen for mitsubishi so it's a very very bad time for these brands that are already hurting to now lose this key player really in their alliance right now christine let's there from the front the stock exchange thank you so much for this. well a war of words between u.s. vice president mike pence and to china teaching paying for etan's to offset any chance of resolving the trade row between the u.s. and china any time soon and the asian economic summit in pop or new guinea pence
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was mocking beijing's regional ambitions while she hit out america first protectionist agenda as a result of the apec gathering ended without a final communique for the first time in its history. the seed apec stands for cooperation but in papua new guinea it appears to stand instead for confrontation it may be smiles all around but accusations have been flying between china and the us regarding their ongoing trade dispute on full display here at apec the host remained diplomatic so very fruitful discussions. exchange a very frank feels about the important issues about the visit is a fiction and the challenges the region continues to face for the first time since a pic was established no final statements were made the us want to the text to condemn unfair trade practices china rejected this the u.s.
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is also unhappy about china's plans for its own trade route dubbed the new silk road u.s. vice president mike pence laid out what he sees as the two nations key differences they begin with trade practices with tariffs and quotas and. force technology transfers the theft of intellectual property but it goes beyond that to freedom of navigation in the season concerns about about human rights chinese president xi jinping says his country is not pursuing a hidden political agenda he warned the us not to close off its trade borders and reiterated that in a trade war there were no winners the chinese american dispute will once again be on display when president xi and u.s. president trump meet at the g. twenty summit in argentina later this month. the french government is standing its ground to despite massive protests it will continue raising taxes on gasoline
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and diesel on french television prime minister defended the tax hike as an environmental protection the protests called yellow vests continued on sunday demonstrators blocked streets and crossings at many locations one woman died and more than four hundred. were injured almost half a million protesters took part. apple c.e.o. tim cook says it's only a matter of time now before the take companies face a raft of new regulations to protect their customers cook said that's he was not a fan of regulation but that if the free market is not working regulation is inevitable his comments come after an exposé in the new york times about how facebook worked to downplay the impact and extent of russian meddling on its platform and hired p.r. companies to discredit its critics. this is due to the news live from berlin thanks for watching.
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on. the me too movement and its impact on me art's. w's global media. culture media influential figures from three continents discuss conditions will female politicians and changing construct judge world. views milestones need to
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visions successes and day to day business to present. its entire history in everyone's to school. system now after completion of eyes. and. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . today and on its twenty one special. women say times are. news maestra need to end the global consequences how has women's protest changed the arts. are we at the verge of an insight guys.


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