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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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digital first starts nov twenty fifth on t w. this is deja vu news live from berlin risking jail for freedom pro-democracy leaders going on trial now in hong kong they're charged for their roles in the umbrella protests that defied china and brought that city to a standstill in two thousand and fourteen but one of the defendants tells d.w. he'll continue to fight even if it means prison. this is time to be
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a friend also to defend our existing freedom and our rights. also coming up on this program british prime minister theresa may intensifies her efforts to sell her brakes a deal at all she tells business leaders that each citizen is in the future will not be allowed to jump the queue. and japanese authorities arrest carlos goans the joint chairman of the song they're questioning him for allegedly underreporting millions of dollars of income. and in tennis the new kid on the court twenty one year old german alexanders writer of wins the a.t.p. finals for the first time he beat world number one novak djokovic edge will bring you all the highlights from a dramatic match. i brought. thomas welcome and thanks so much for joining us we begin in hong kong
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where the trial has started against the leaders of large scale pro-democracy protests now if convicted they face seven years in prison more than one hundred democracy activists gathered outside the court room to show their support for the defendants carrying the umbrellas a dent a fight with their protests four years ago tens of thousands took to the streets for nearly three months to protest against political interference by china in hong kong's elections. all the defendants have pleaded not guilty guilty the trial is set to last for about three weeks we met with one man who's could be spending years in prison before he went to court. john king mon keeps running while he still has the chance he took up the sport when it became clear that he was due to stand trial the socialist you professor and activist faces three counts of what authorities call inciting public nuisance i think it is my priority now to do i mean i think it
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is important to cheer myself and my fellow support up. why i guess this is the important thing a good spirits when we are facing the trial. he expects to be sentenced to seven years in jail john is considered one of the masterminds of the umbrella protests of twenty fourteen the umbrellas are a symbol for passive resistance to the hong kong police during a seventy nine day sit in demanding freer elections. however the protests failed since then the political sands have shifted in the city. the government is now taking more action against unwelcome views. human rights groups call it a campaign of intimidation by the chinese authorities. and they're sending a clear signal that the. that the space for civil society
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to raise sensitive questions about hong kong's future in hong kong is is. shrinking the public prosecutor's office refused to speak to doit chevelle about chance upcoming trial. john himself is pessimistic more protest events have been canceled and a foreign journalist has also been expelled i don't see any of this in the near future that we could get democracy this is the time to be fair and i'll sell to defend our existing freedom and our rights and we need to strengthen our civil society. john king minix specs to be convicted but for now he runs while he's still free. but for how much longer we have with us now tom grundy he's editor in chief of the hong kong free press that was set up in response to the
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crackdown on press freedom in hong kong tom thanks so much for being with us and now the official charge in this trial is inciting a public nuisance but it's really about far more than that isn't. well yes the organizers of a thing one count of conspiracy to cause public nuisance inciting others to cause public nuisance and perhaps most confusing the inciting people to incite others to call public nuisance and these charges carry a maximum of seven years behind all the colonial era of all the two of you in the lot of other explanation cohen is often as critics say to stifle dissent. u.k. and peeves of all the charges vague and ambiguous some of the international call them chilling but for those on trial today they see it as part of the tradition of civil disobedience and they told us that they are very much ready to go to prison for. a time the hong kong free press that you co-founded is an independent new
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sorts how much is the situation for you and for your colleagues changed over the past few months. well we were formed in twenty fifteen is the city of perth crowd funded media outlets as a direct response to waning less freedom from the city for years hong kong has been diving in international press freedom industries that as you say it's been eventful just a few weeks in hong kong for free expression freedom of speech the city refute because there would be he's a victim monitor financial find germans three weeks ago after he chav a talk with a pro independent soccer activates and just a couple of weeks ago i'm sorry support that we have city council a political arctics a bushel after the autistic self was threatened by chinese will follow through. and just this year the government has been warning all sectors including journalists to respect its red line which appears to refer to the independent but many feel is
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expanding to encompass all kinds of opposition and i've directly asked the chief executive here what that means for the media can we interview printed on inside because for instance she tells us that we can't tell you how to do your job and we've. got some outlets that may lead to self-censorship having these but the red line so it's been a trouble some few weeks of civil liberties and freedoms in what is meant to be the freest city in china tom drum the editor in chief of the hong kong free press thank you so much for your comments this morning and good luck to you in your efforts there in hong kong. in britain prime minister theresa may is under mounting pressure over breakfast with opposition from her own conservative members of parliament intensify may has urged her critics to put their differences aside saying the future of the nation is at stake she is making the case for
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a brac set and her withdrawal deal to a conference of business leaders she told them that britain would regain controls on immigration and like life there in once we've left the e.u. we will be fully in control of who comes here it will no longer be the case that a new nationals regardless of the skills or experience they have to offer can jump the queue ahead of engineers from sydney or software developers from delhi instead of a system based on where a person is from we will have one that is built around the talents and skills a person has to offer. and in brussels the use chief negotiator michel barnier spent the morning getting approval for the deal from ministers of the twenty seven member states he had this to say after that meeting we are in fact at the decisive moment in this process no one no one should lose sight of the process the progress that we have been achieved in brussels and you no longer i am pretty that
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ministers produce report to overall package in particular member states support of the draft with direct reman do you side we really do need to determine internal procedures of the union for agreeing to extend the transition. that gregory speaking to dealing fair and balanced. there so is it acceptable agreement any closer let's bring in our correspondents in london bigot mohsen in brussels eric massa's scared if we could start with you a key moment in brussels focus is now turning to the future of the trading relationship what kind of possible sticking points are emerging there the political declaration brian that ministers but also oficial syrian brussels and leaders on the weekend will be still be working on is fourteen page strong so far and it's
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quite a secret it's well guided because ambassadors over the weekend were not allowed to take copies away a number of things could potentially be sticking points you have for instance fishing rights where the french and the dutch have vested interests that these issues are clarified you have spain which is concerned about the status of the problem and then you have the british side of course that would like to see a tailor made be spoke trade agreement fixed already in that declaration that makes a backstop rather unlikely all of that i don't think we'll see in there i think we'll see one was it will not be a legally binding fourteen page document but you'll see some things that will point towards the incentive on both sides that they do want to see an orderly brecht's it ok we're still looking for clarity a number of issues and in brussels very good in london the number of conservative party rebels is growing raising the chances of a leadership challenge against a reason may if she's still going to be prime minister by the end of the week.
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your guess is as good as mine brian we are in an extraordinary situation to resume a he's just been here at the c.b.i. at the employers conference here in london and trying to sell her deal to britney spears news and she's had a woman positive response however if you kilometers up the thames we know that there are her own m.p.'s who are plotting against her and who really don't want to spread to do to go through a number of them think this is such a vertical it's better to crush out with no deal of course this is not what britain's business ones are going to give you false and on the type of response the nature of the response she got where you are at that c.b.i. conference. well it was interesting she ended her speech with determination and i think it was quite a lot of defiance in her words when she said i am determined to see this free but also acknowledging that there are people who are who don't want her to see this tree the business world is really very adamant that they need
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a deal for britain's employers for big businesses particularly for those that trade a lot with europe which are represented here at this conference they are adamant that they need a frictionless and orderly bret's it so they don't want to come to this position where there is a cliff edge at the end of march next year and they don't know what the relationship with the e.u. is so they have a very clear position and the reception of two reason may was very positive there was one gentleman was a critical question and was talking about trade deals with other countries rather i had not the e.u. if that was more important and he basically got boos so overall a lot of support for tourism a from business for your masters in london and the source in brussels thanks to both of you so very much. now for some of the other stories making the news today eighteen saudi citizens are to be banned from entering europe schengen zone because of their suspected involvement the killing of
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journalist jamal khashoggi the german foreign minister said that berlin issued the ban after consultations with france and with britain saying there were still more questions than answers about the case. as protesters have been rallying in the mexican border city of tijuana against the arrival of thousands of migrants from other central american states the demonstrators called the migrants caravan an invasion of their country they also voiced concerns that mess mexico will have to financials and financially support the new arrivals for months as they wait to apply for asylum in the u.s. . feed it and saudi arabia's king solomon has reiterated support for un efforts to end the war in yemen it comes as yemen's who the rebels say they will hold attacks on the saudi led military coalition if the saudis and their allies also agree to a cease fire. some sports and in tennis germany's alexander's vera has stunned world number one novak djokovic to win the season
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ending a.t.p. finals in london. was the favorite and had dropped a set in the entire tournament that was until sunday's final but it was no match for azhar of who became the first german to win this tournament since or specker in one thousand nine hundred five. alexander the third was high confidence and it showed in the opening stages. after breaking novak djokovic just serve threads still to six full victory in the all important first set. first. he turned on the saw in the second set with a delightful right of shots. saving his best for last. five. number leaving evidence obviously big shot a bit of a first of all i want to congratulate you. great week again not only this week but
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you know how you play the second of this year we maybe never seen it before and you barely lost a match i'm actually very thankful you last one to me today. the undoubted highlights of stress fledgling career the one he may eclipse in twenty nineteen. coming up just a bit of top auto industry c.e.o. taken in for questioning their heart more with the business on that. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word. rico is in germany to learn german why not simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy.
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answers transforming. is he ready for it.


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