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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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the one first of all i want to congratulate no book coming great week again not only this week but you know how you play the second hour of this year we maybe never seen it before i mean you barely lost a match i'm actually very thankful you don't want to me today. the death of highlights of stress fledgling career but one he may eclipse in twenty nineteen. coming up just a bit a top auto industry c.e.o. taken in for questioning their heart's blood more with the business on that. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german and why not work with them simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos free german made easy. to make knowledge digital
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advances are transforming the moral. views humanity ready for. the second season of our documentary series the founders finally. joined german founders maybe just as leagues for our future. valley starts november twenty fourth v.w. . carlos gong to be celebrated automotive mileage under round ground zero in france and this time in japan has been arrested by authorities in tokyo suspected of underreporting as salary and other irregularities. by the federal between the us and china ways of asia pacific relation. for the first time in its history the apec
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summit ends without a joint leader state it's. also coming up italy stands firm on its budget plans but might be open to stop at least some wasteful spending. this is the the view of business. colors god is to be removed from his post after the company said internal investigation found under reported his income by millions of dollars and then gage did other quote significant misconduct japanese media reported that tokyo prosecutors arrested got today brazilian borgata lead a dramatic turnaround over the last two decades rescuing it from near bankruptcy. using john carlos ghosn is regarded as one of the most docile and manages in the automotive business after all he has the partnership of redeye mitsubishi i'm new son and his belt. but he's been under investigation for months now the japanese
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comic chemist on accuses down of tax evasion. on monday night sunset an internal investigation showed he has underestimated his income for several years ago and is also said to have used company money privately nissen's board of directors now needs to decide whether it will dismiss him as the head of the japanese comic. according to the japanese newspaper asahi gun is cooperating with authorities and has already been questioned he was arrested on monday go on has been caught in the cost killer since his time at the top of run i and some credit him with bringing back on the road to success after years of high losses and debts. quite an illustrious figure all across the automotive industry paul christian brits in frankfurt did the stock market react at all. yes of course there are that was
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quite a big shocker for the auto industry the news came after the tokyo stock exchange are closed but here in europe the shares of reno which go on has a c.e.o. dropped almost thirteen percent is now at minus ten in paris as well as here in frankfurt a big shocker because he is such a key player in these companies he's the charismatic face of this alliance i met him a couple times and in person he just excerpts such extreme confidence in everything he does not shy to use big words either he once said that a c.e.o. should have one hundred percent freedom and then take one hundred percent responsibilities for his actions now it looks like he may have taken this freedom a little bit too far this son is having none of that and apologized to all shareholders and stakeholders and wants to remove him. how serious is that for the company. it is really serious for the entire alliance
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because he is such a big figure it causing questions that we'll be alliance global alliance really so much so that the french president and the new other. sets of inside the french government as a shareholder and renault would have a very vigilant eye on the stability of this this alliance on top of that for a nissan and it's a vishy comes at a very bad time for the brands they're still struggling to recover from the faulty data. being reported on their emissions and also the final testing in their cars that surface last year so still struggling here very bad timing for those companies focused in with the phone thank you. so well this weekend's summit of the asia pacific ignore economic cooperation and pup a new guinea was marked by dispute united states and china. a squared off over trade security and who would be the better investment partner for the region u.s.
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vice president mike pence walked to beijing's regional ambitions while china ping hit out at trump's america first protectionist agenda as apec approaches its thirtieth anniversary the failure to agree on a communique for the first time in its history calls into question its relevance. the seed apex stands for cooperation but in papua new guinea it appears to stand instead for confrontation it may be smiles all around but accusations have been flying between china and the us regarding their ongoing trade dispute on full display here at apec the host remained diplomatic so very fruitful discussions ed exchanged very frank views about important issues about the that it is a fiction and the challenges the region continues to face for the first time since a pic was established no final statements were made the u.s.
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wanted the text to condemn unfair trade practices china rejected this the u.s. is also unhappy about chinese plans for its own trade route dubbed the new silk road u.s. vice president mike pence laid out what he sees as the two nations key differences they begin with trade practices with tariffs and quotas and. force technology transfers the theft of intellectual property but it goes beyond that to freedom of navigation in the season concerns about about human rights chinese president xi jinping says his country is not pursuing a hidden political agenda he warned the us not to close off its trade borders and reiterated that in a trade war there were no winners the chinese american dispute will once again be on display when president xi and u.s. president trump meet at the g. twenty summit in argentina later this month. talk about this
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a bit more of a finance correspondent of the. story joins us from singapore for that rather disappointing summit is a pick really all the way to becoming completely irrelevant. but that's a very valid question and it's a sentiment that many do share both delegates and critics of the summit what was once established in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine to facilitate trade do use the framework for treat future trade deals and agreements has for once in its twenty nine thirty years built to fulfill its function and the u.s. trade war is not the only thing in the spotlight to be blamed for this disagreement for this impasse it's also the issue of china's you political tussle that being discussed and at the heat of contention. the u.s. has implied that china. is more like soft bullying through infrastructure and trade
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deals region in fact actually survive without chinese money. oh well for less developed countries probably not my friends mentioned that the american indo-pacific plan. mentions that there are ways to help smaller countries borrow or use chinese money more prudently quote unquote or even maybe maybe even he rejects it but the truth is if china is not spending on these countries who will especially with trump and it's his protectionist policies if the u.s. is not spending on anyone but themselves at the moment who will but china. joining us from singapore thank you very much. we are ready to make major cuts on wasteful spending that's what italy's deputy prime minister luigi myo said in an interview over the weekend it's
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a signal that role might be ready for a dialogue with the european commission over its costly budget plan brussels had earlier rejected the budget saying more debt would put the stability of the whole euro zone into jeopardy the u.s. said to announce its next move led to this week. the italian government is holding its course but on the streets of rome people are nervous now that the ball is in the e.u.'s court many italians fear that brussels will have to crack down on the italian government to maintain credibility. i think that this almost personal war against europe will not enable us to free ourselves from the disadvantages we experience and will not help us enjoy the advantages of belonging to the e.u. . i feel uneasy very much so because we are in a very difficult situation and the people who represent us don't seem to understand
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the reality of the country my greatest fear is for the young people. at the bridge over what. i know that our financial situation has never been great i'm worried about the clash between italy and the e.u. i hope it will be solved in the best possible way. you know many of your mother will see even more. brussels could impose billions in fines on rome but italy's vice premier matteo salvini has stated that reprisals would do more harm to the e.u. than italy at the end of the day so the crisis continues to escalate. in france the protests against high fuel prices continue supporters of the movement yellow warning vests blocked highways and traffic junctions police counted more than one hundred protest actions throughout the country mainly directed against higher taxes on diesel and petrol one protester died and hundreds in civil actions over the weekend next saturday demonstrators planned to paralyze traffic in the
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capital. in the u.s. apple c.e.o. tim cook says it's only a matter of time before tech companies face a rock face a raft of new regulations to protect their customers cook said that he was not a fan of regulation but that if. it is not working properly regulation is inevitable it is called the anscombe offer an exposé in the new york times about how facebook worked to downplay the impact of the extent of russian meddling on its by phone and then hired p.r. companies to discredit its critics. and that's it for me of the business team here and i'll have an update for you in the next hour stay tuned to the dial because eco india is next thank you very much want to give up your business but i'm.
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going to. india. how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and the environment when there are do workers who look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india.
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history shows the story of the first one of the we're told from different perspectives by peter graves from the eastern european perspective from the conference room for scripts from the perspective to keep from the arab world. w dot com slash w w one. i'm not laughing at them but just sometimes i am amazed and nothing when for that reason you haven't think stevens or german culture of looking at the stereotype of quiet but if you think you see the country that i know not. yet you don't seem ridiculous gramma
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down to eat it's all about who am. i my job join me to meet the jetman from d.w. post wouldn't have been fighting for the fates to take you seriously in the world of what appears has come out women strong. women smart smart stayed in the gym or increasingly dangerous time was such a joke for my. book. hello welcome to. sustainability magazine where reading to do change me people like you and i well finding solutions to some of the most pressing problems in the world to. come.


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