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tv   Kick off - Goals and Glory - Claudio Pizarro  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2018 8:30am-9:01am CET

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or if you think. the move. from a service i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i got my license to work as a swimming instructor. and now our two children one hundred dollars just robbed us of just. what's your story take part charity on info migrants dot net. thirty years young and the pumas legal legend and he's not done yet in braman as in
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munich clouding of his sorrow has made an indelible mark the league's all time top scoring known german player you can also. see that. in his peruvian homeland where he learned the tools of his trade he's a national icon. and sees no one cheap as are all made the move to the bundesliga twenty years on he's acquired a stupendous goal tally and an all star cast of equally fun loving friends. said gentleman. he loves american football i'm a seattle seahawks in particular and has an attitude longstanding passion for golf to. the young the kind of clout the other has an aura do you owner of success image you know about is pure pleasure watching him play when he comes on board he's a huge asset for them. this is a bundesliga tale of goals and glory a remarkable career. a remarkable man.
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introducing cloudy all his sorrow the very definition of laid back and not just while out on the golf course pursuing any other favorite pastime. and as to the matter of being a professional footballer at forty well it's all relative. it is a lifetime of us you know and last year forty one next year is just a number i feel the same as i did three weeks ago for. and it shows put a ball anywhere within range of cloudy of his darling he says energised as ever. design has scored over one hundred ninety goals in the bundesliga to date he's won
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the domestic league cup six times each plus the champions league. he returned to braman in the summer for his fourth stint at the club a man with nothing more to prove just happy with a chance to make another contribution to fairness history he will suck done against wolves work two days after turning forty. i. am living legend strange dream lights flashing a bizarre. and bizarro did not disappoint doing what he's been doing best for the past twenty years in the bundesliga to the on going to line of those who love the beautiful game. it's clear. that this time all the players get out of the search that i cut gets a cut above the fold here robert. you still have
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the map she. told you on the cloud you know has his own aura if you order of success but it's pure pleasure watching him play when he comes on board he's a huge asset for not least through the experience he's passing on to the team and it's critical votes short of the problems with the consummate touch and timing for the team cars the beneficiary here down south your highness and it's time twenty years young just like pizarro when he first joined braman. in one thousand nine hundred nine began through being helpful to the transatlantic leap from lima to germany's north coast to a struggling club in transition look at new coach at the helm. the more i know he's got a good scoring record or to hopefully he can help us hit the net ourselves on torture using at that point thomas shaft only neal because are all from video
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footage the mission for the first pictures i saw of him really grabbed me in a way i don't think i've ever experienced again within the last. good bye bye i think. it was the club's then chairman who spotted pizarro on a business trip in south america and you're going born saw the young striker in action for peru sprang into action himself. early and always trained behind closed doors but i wanted another look at him and i found a small opening in the stadium. but what if i might have had to acknowledge it slightly to get through that but i was really overweight even then. i hid behind a couple of seats high in the standard i watched him school maybe six of the ten goals in a training match was incredible. pinning feehan for the breaks of the bone growth. worked his contacts and arranged a meeting with the stars father. and struck
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a deal despite an existing preliminary agreement with spanish club rail basis. that by. very near and played their part as well. as father was very approachable and we soon bonded. he told me that's only a pre-contract. you know that's what happened. but i heard about it. and bring him in haiti is a stroke of luck for his new employers as he promptly set about demonstrating in only his second outing against concerts loud sounds bizarre i've got a glorious bundesliga sporting career up and running. we soon realised he was a great footballer the complete package complete. he was in a big hurry to achieve things in that sense. simply loves playing for. england. caps coming ten in his maiden campaign alongside told
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puerile brazilian and fresh faced peruvian prospect their partnership joint nicknamed pizza tony. was a really big help even the east german was news good at the time. he told me a lot about the city and the people. who could forget this character not the force of course but it's ryder. now back in brazil he remains a close friend of pizarro and has fond memories of their turn together. we got on well because we both like to have fun. but we had a lot of fun at private and managed to carry that on to the pitch it worked but i don't even slightly change the way the team played with. the darkness. duo put on
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quite a show if one didn't score the other more than likely would in tandem jump unpredictable and dangerous away from the pitch i also sometimes reluctantly assumes the role of the senior partner. to become a shutout where the one who got on my nerves was always having to foot the bill if we were out somewhere together. when he first arrived i was picking up the restaurant tab every time we did eventually a brevard bit. one place i always go when i'm in the prime and. you can still get a pizza tell me they're. gone. so many stories so many memories which they continue to share to this day. friendship means a lot to me he's a fantastic guy i really like him as a person it's important we stay in touch and. i'll turn has no shortage of memorabilia around the house but of course nothing beats a real live hookup. here is that we always meet when he visits braman and have
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a nice chat about the good old days. the place of the list now this is not all play all that's one show you for the better. in his second go to sleep a season has are really started motoring nineteen goals and none better than this bit of liquid football again shall i now put balls heavy hitters were inevitably taking a serious interest in what this you know you always have this incredible potential . techniques amazing. i used to joke about it i think if i could had the ball and you had your technique i'd be the best player in the world. far and mean it came calling with an offer he couldn't refuse after two years proving his credentials in the green and white of brain when it was time for pizarro to move definitively center stage. i don't want to i was twenty one and with the
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world at my feet i mean what i wanted a fresh challenge and a big club. moving to buy and i could stay in the bin this leg i'm playing for a team i'd always been fascinated by calls it watching them on t.v. as a youngster finished with in the making probably ordinary i mean the feeling that. his debut for prior to the goal with his third touch of the ball his arms deceptively insouciance style is founded on a relentless will to succeed and the discipline instilled of an early age by his father. you know being in the navy discipline was always important for me i probably sometimes when i was a top i was always giving cloud you advice constantly talking to me i want to move . and vice that admittedly paid off it was at this training complex in the sprawling port city of kajal that young cloudy zero zero to skills one of perusing
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top youth academies bizzaro junior is its most revered graduate to this day. in munich he immediately made himself a right at home the but there ian way of life evidently much to his taste off the pitch and on it i might cut cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut. petty days in munich approaches are all and his wife carla byers he also has the company of a few other south american colleagues become a distance feel i think that's always important for us how many of the south american players of the club but it is something we need to consult with something he needed he played since he was twelve and the sport became a welcomed way of switching off. his old buddies had long since hung up their boots but sometimes they still show. in munich for the october fest fun caring teams now
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as that. would decide we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. whether we'd had a good game or a bad game or just won a title but we always managed to have a lot of. it's my country markets felt there was more joy as bizarre closed in on a long held dream. of six feet by two thousand and three bundesliga winner with fire in his first major title. it would prove the first of many bizarre as first into a pattern served up three point just league titles the second of them in two thousand and five and another the following year times it seemed like one long six year party in munich on off and occasionally beyond the call of duty. it was clearly as birthday and i said c'mon let's celebrate saturday october first. found
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out we being here and the following weekend he told us if we didn't score or play well we have to pay a fine what is the stuff but fortunately i scored twice and so do cloudier and the other guy says that those two visit the reason whenever they want to be. his are could be counted on to hit the net regularly in his own elegant fashion a striker who celebrate every goal like it was his first. he backed up seventy one in the league for buyers the first time around. on the way to becoming a star of the world's game captain of peru and a sporting idol in his homeland as he still is. oh please allow me. he's very proud to be described in the media as peru's most successful football the world wide proud to be representing his country that was news one that we also as a. real spills and celebrations galore it was
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a great time all round in munich. some incredibly happy memories. was a great striker because a very clinical with excellent tech me. a player you can rely on you pretty much knew he wasn't going to lose through all the others i mean. in two thousand and seven it was time for another new challenge from munich to london and english premier league heavyweights and chelsea. the prospect of working with shows a marine you know had been a big factor in the move but marina left soon after he arrived and pizarro found himself marginalized in an otherwise forgettable football year he did discover his love for the american variation and the seattle seahawks during a chelsea training camp. now he had the chance to see his favorites in action live
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in london against the oakland raiders pizarro on this occasion just another fan with his kids among the eighty five thousand crowd at wembley for the n.f.l. international series meeting this was a different kind of sporting highlight to savor. it's one of the best feelings ever i never thought i'd be here like this out on the pitch so close to my team it's a very special moment it was a little bit of a. superstar pizarro soon recognized by the fans. but on this occasion he was just another why god fan himself was soaking up the first time flavor of his n.f.l. heroes in full competition mode. it's brilliant i'm more excited than my kids is something really special for me i watch every seahawks game and to be here today is just increase. an occasion to frame and hang on the
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wall and one his beloved seahawks rose to in style with an imperious display of a twenty seven three victory over the outgunned oakland raiders. a man of the match performance from the stars own favorite player quarterback russell wilson. after a year in london because our return to the bundesliga and the club where it all began bravely and welcomes back its prodigal son with open arms. because for me it was an honor to play alongside him a lot of respect to him for everything is. broken because. he's just the same now as he was when he first arrived in germany was also trying to come. i think i the frustration accumulated during his
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time at chelsea gone in an instant back in the bundesliga as he turned thirty this sounded seventeen goals for brave men over the course of the campaign it was like he'd never been away. i have this natural magnetism you really encounter in life thanks god given. and now he was making history overtaking his friend giovani elba as the league's all time top scoring non german player. such as the man that placed just such that i was done i feel that i desire the history of his brother diego twelve years younger plays professionally for time to allow the club where claudio did his apprenticeship i mean i'm really proud to have someone like him in the family as a brother. it's a real source of pride. he's a role model is
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a football and the person basically just a great role model for the whole family. but i mean for you. and other four years at raymond another sixty one to sleep good goals for the collection but one great dream remained unfulfilled pumping his beloved green whites become champions of germany is one major triumph there came in the d.f.t. cup and it's one that means a lot to him. to feel a lot because i didn't get a chance to win anything in my first spell with bad form but we got the cup in two thousand and nine and also reached the final of the u.i. for. the modest silverware haul is perhaps the only blemish on his brain and career when it comes to golf bazaars no less ambitious. we've played the old rounds and he's very handy with other small on the road as well.
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thirty three years old fighting fit and in fine fettle all round and back on duty for buyer and a well timed richard twenty twelve thirteen was destined to be a historic campaign for the musical stars bizzaro included come the finished coach you find his head still with them to their first ever travel bundesliga d.f.e. cup and the icing on the cake champions of europe the next milestone in his remarkable career. much of that was an incredibly good team and one of the best years of my career i have to say winning the champions league was fantastic. yeah. forty all of them took over the house on the fire bizarrely still seeing a lot of action off the bench still scoring and still flaunting its trademark silky smooth stock. i i think.
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i was just like oh i think my clothes that i like these are your bizarre is a very very good player. i've learned something from every coach but for me i think pat was the best just to fill the. fire and that's the local fan base ensures their top stars are in high demand wherever they roll off among them at the time of all that love and offspring freshly signed from dortmund and more than willing to learn from the old master much like. he was karate it's always carmen with amazing technique. you always knew what he was going to do with the ball i picked up a lot just from watching him get exactly. how it is but in. his heart of the man for all manner of memorable moments like his for gold silva in a ninety demolition that had brought in all he scored five hat tricks and because
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they got back to brace no fewer than twenty eight times. he was always focused on scoring goals setting them up that made for a great career here not forgetting some classic contests with teammate thomas miller on the golf course at the box lock he's got some drive on him he can hit the ball two hundred fifty metres for sure. i think there are so many anecdotes obviously i can repeat the best ones here. in twenty fifteen percent are took his leave the buy in for the second time is presumably. the final tally in munich six ponderously good titles five d.s. becomes the champions league and eighty seven top flight goals aren't taking the opportunity to say thank you to somebody who over the years has served the lord like this curtain call was an emotional affair the departure of an idol a model professional and for many friends at almost thirty seven percent or was
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surely now heading into well earned to retirement. well not yet in september twenty fifth when he returned to brave and complete with the number fourteen shirt the one he'd always wore to byron per you and chelsea for starters this time he came off the bench to lay on and truly just when it gets hot and hot. as before it was a memorable year so the wrong reasons we were near the top down at the bottom and that generates a totally different kind of nervous tension. but fortunately we hold ourselves clear in the end. i want to come and get a shot thanks in think part to his goals when it mattered most. is that i got to see. some of. you cannot do
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any better than that that's the man with the number four team hit the net fourteen times he became friends all time but just like a top scorer against full support with his hundred second goal one for the archives and much more. common to come up with the remark when people talk about celebrate him and want to know about the top players he's always going to be up with the best of the buy something he set some when he reckons. is not going to be forgotten. by summer twenty seventeen his. running total was one hundred four league goals for bradman into hundred six appearances a phenomenal goal scoring record. at the moment but if he'd stayed in prime and knows how many goals it is cold here . he's someone we certainly won't forget in
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a hurry. bizarros contract wasn't renewed but he was still marked down with wonderfully good football. a new season a new challenge with cologne the cheery vibe didn't last long though his arm was one hundred ninety second fundus leagues goal meant he'd scored twenty calendar years running in germany's top flight another record but that was it the only time he netted for a cologne side spiraling towards relegation a career first he could have done without. nothing in the off the after being relegated chasing after that yeah maybe it's time to call it day to day something else. i then again you're thinking about another no you can't really finish on that note. just.
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rolling back the years still going strong at forty still looking the part on the pitch and club the opus are all still has unfinished business with graeme and. amended even i basically have the idea that i started anything with me and this is where i want to finish the club but i think that's just past but it's a fact not least with graeme in on the up again europe in their sights and so far so good with his arms talismanic qualities back in the mix believe so for in terms of being how he got a few. he's a guy who's happy with life and legacy he's going to be positive outlook and keep himself in good shape that's why i can still play at forty five. he's one of the all fled his footballing ambition remains undamaged to come and it's crazy what he's doing at the bundesliga this actually feel close to your class charm vim and
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vigor and ensuring bundesliga legend pat. it's hard to imagine him most of all playing pensioner bodies yes very much i'll always have that football connection for a big move but i don't think coaching saw me at all with me and there's still a record to break come a prole as the league's oldest ever born outfield player whether pitching on the green or delighting on the pitch cloudy open song always delivers oh.
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oh oh ma. form going to sing for good. every ten minutes child dies in yemen. starvation malnutrition. and there's no end in sight to the fighting. is there any hope at all for these children. three thousand
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and thirty nine d. w. . look closely. to see carefully. don't look too soon to be nice to be a good. match. to discover the ultimate. outcome. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. read the real trial it resides. i come from there lots of people in
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fact more than a billion it is a blood not just democracy that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the two finishing the book is righteous in the name after the fall of the sun in one and i remember thinking at the time if the battle in vulcan forward into the past and to seek to come together and unite for a goal. but i do the news i often confronted difficult situations more conflicts between disaster i see the spot my job to confront floods pleaded. on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most congo the food security question national nicely since. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is on mcclatchy and i work in t w.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin anger grows in a mexican border city over the arrival there of more than three thousand migrants as tensions rise in tijuana on the u.s. border did have you ask protesters why they think the margins should be made to lead and we hear from our grounds who fear for the logs also coming up to me and she's just a small child and has to carry so much weight it could break her back on the line
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and it's hard for her that i pointed out she should be at least thirty.


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