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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a u.s. court deals a blow to president trunk's immigration policy as thousands of central american migrants head towards the u.s. the president wants to restrict their ability to claim asylum on american soil but a judge in california has now blocked a tromso order. also coming up every day innocent geminis are starving and dying because of a conflict that's entirely manmade all the latest calls for a cease fire as the united nations change anything and if not what will it take to end the suffering plus immediate she's just
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a small child in the house to carry so much weight that it could break her back because i don't want to it's hard for her that she should be at least thirteen or fourteen if you do act like. we need to maya and eight year old refugees from syria forced to work in the fields of love and on to help her family. i'm so mean so much kind of thank you for joining us a judge in the united states has temporarily barred president trump from denying asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally through mexico the ruling comes as the u.s. steps up security at its border with mexico over fears that migrants might try to overrun the checkpoints thousands of migrants from central america are currently waiting in the mexican city of tijuana to apply for asylum in the u.s. now in this ruling the judge said trump's order to block a site. lim claims represented quote an extreme departure from previous practice he
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says he said whatever the scope of the president's authority he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that congress has expressly forbidden now the temporary restraining order will remain in place until there's a permanent legal ruling let's get more on the story with robert from lancaster university he's a former journalist and author of several books on trump's rhetoric and his relationship with the media and he joins us to tell us more about the story hi robert good to see you so how much of a setback is this injunction for a president trump well donald trump has told us repeatedly that he doesn't feel. that he can't lose so i think we're going to see in this case. a decision about whether to continue to fight this in the courts which probably will happen but also . donald trump's going to start to find other ways to deal with what he considers
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to be an immigration crisis and that might mean to continuing to ramp up the military's ation local ice agents people who deal with immigration enforcement or other forms of sanctions against people who enter the country illegally as you said he sees immigration as a crisis robert and this is something that has become a cornerstone of his presidency changing immigration laws a tightening border security do you think we're going to see him continue to push this agenda in this way or changes to it because of this injunction. well i think you know if you sees this as at a loss he'll never ever tell us but we may see him slow down his rhetoric i mean certainly the intel immigration rhetoric was something he used in his campaign for the presidency and then a very strongly again with the use of military force or threats of military force here in the midterms and just end it so we're going to have to see what happens with further court cases related to this but going into the twenty twenty. where
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he's seeking another term so we have to see what's happening in the in the courts just certainly but also what new things he might concoct to to make into domestic and international affairs proper let's talk about the court system we have seen courts block president trumps immigration policies in the past for example on sanctuary cities or on the ban on muslims from some cunt countries entering the u.s. do you think we can expect to see more of that in the future. well i think a split congress has something to do with this and. i think if we see one side of congress being held by republicans and the others by democrats they're going to have to decide what issues they're going to going to fight and so how court systems fix these types of answers is going to be that dependent upon the types of approaches that congress itself is going to take so it's going to become kind of a battle field on capitol hill about. the degree to which federal judges get
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involved in discussions about policy continues to step federal judges in his favor as he's done for the supreme court so we're going to see this this sort of meddling by the courts as he would see it continue as things heat up on particular issues but again it's going to be up to congress also to see what types of strategies they're going to use to either fight donald trump or fight for donald trump especially over the next two years as they go into the next presidential bid all right proper former journalist and author from lancaster university joining us thank you very much. now some other stories making news around the world president trump's daughter and white house advisor ivanka trump is reported to have used her personal e-mail account for government business that's according to the washington post her lawyer says she sent the e-mails before she was properly briefed on the rules last year the f.b.i.
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investigated presidential candidate hillary clinton's use of her personal e-mail account when she was secretary of state. in the belgian capital brussels a policeman has been stabbed in front of the city's main police station his injuries were not life threatening but the attacker was seriously injured when he was shot by the officers colleague police say the motive is unclear. a commuter train as due railed outside the spanish city of barcelona killing one person and injuring dozens five of them seriously a landslide triggered the crash causing two of the carriages to jump the tracks of the rest of the one hundred thirty three passengers on board were on her. chinese president xi jinping is in the philippines on his first state visit to the country protesters rallied outside the chinese embassy in manila to protest against beijing's claims over most of the south china sea they say president. is turning a blind eye to the issue because he wants china to invest in the philippines.
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in yemen fighting has again flared up between who the rebels and the saudi led coalition despite calls for a truce earlier the two sides had signaled a willingness to halt military operations after more than four years of conflict in a few hours the un security council is due to debate a resolution aiming at bringing about an immediate cease fire between the warring parties. for yemenis young and old the ceasefire can't come soon enough. as many as eighteen million people more than half the country are close to starvation. four years of conflict have brought yemen to its knees. we have nothing we don't even have water our children are sick. doctors just can't keep up with the number of malnourished patients.
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we receive twenty five malnutrition cases every single week our capacity here is very limited and marcus ahead. of us if they get it renewed fighting flared up in the port city of her days again on tuesday but the u.n. is pushing ahead with his efforts to broker peace talks between the warring parties . the yemeni government has said it would send a delegation to talks. that came after the rebels said they'd stop missile attacks on saudi arabia the yemeni government's major backer but as ever in this conflict skepticism remains. i believe this is just a way for the saudi led coalition to establish an excuse for themselves and abandon their obligations the coalition will not stop the aggression. the aggressors do not usually stop and they see these sorts of cease fire agreements as a sign of weakness of. the u.n.
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hopes the suspicions of proved wrong and that fighting around the key battleground of data is soon stopped for good. beyond that yemen needs a long term plan for peace. even with all sides at the table that will be a major challenge. now to lebanon where refugee families who have escaped jihadists are being forced to hire out their children as day laborers to make ends meet some one hundred eighty thousand refugee children in lebanon are working long hours for little pay no place has a higher concentration of syrian refugees than lebanon's bekaa valley. where him travel to a u.n. camp there and has been looking at one family's plight is similar to many others it is six in the morning in lebanon's bekaa valley year old so my i just woke up a splash of cold water in the face and she is ready for work.
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her family fled syria to escape i asked her now they're in lebanon where they can't always afford breakfast so my issue is this tiny makeshift bed with three of her six siblings. she doesn't go to school there are no schools in the camp where would she go to school. so my is mother is sick and cannot go to work her older siblings also work but so may still needs to pitch in to help the family make ends meet so instead of getting on a school bus so mayor gets on the strike every morning where she is the only child among many adults. for two dollars a day some are collect whatever crop is ready for harvest in the bekaa valley. today it is onions and her hands are too little for the gloves the adults around her where. i came here from home today can collect the onions but i would rather
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have toys to play with three quarters of syrian refugees in lebanon live under the poverty line according to unicef an estimated one hundred eighty thousand syrian refugee children. have been forced into child labor in the country so a lot more to go i don't know when she goes to work and i stay at home of course i'm not happy with that she's just a small child and has to carry so much weight it could break her back it's hard for her that she should be at least thirteen or fourteen to do work like that. here so many refugee families in lebanon rely on their children to pay the bills and the resources of aid agencies are overstretched it's unlikely that so many will be able to start working anytime soon. a volcano in guatemala has begun erupting violently sending out dangerous flows of lava and ash
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and putting thousands of lives at risk the volcano of fire as it's called killed some two hundred people and destroyed several villages when it erupted in june thousands of people have been evacuated from vulnerable areas. pillars of lava a thousand meters high lit the night above volcano a fire a towering display that made the danger from before you go volcano plain for all to see. the mountain has been sending bursts of lava hot rock and ash rushing down its slopes areas to the west have been bombarded with ash and flaming rocks thousands of people have heeded the call to evacuate. make it that. you have to find a way out as soon as you can when that's it. because when
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the lava arrives you barely have time to leave. even if you run because it comes down really fast. many people in this area are still traumatized by an eruption earlier this year in june some two hundred people were killed when the mountain exploded sending out flows of ash mud and debris that buried entire villages back then authorities were harshly criticized for not ordering evacuations this time they're taking no chances. it's likely this won't be the last time people in the area will need to seek safety the wake of all can know is the most active in central america and will remain a hulking danger for the people who live here. to football now and in the final match of a frustrating twenty eighteen a youthful germany side blew a two goal lead to draw with the netherlands in the nation's league the point means the dutch qualify for june's final four vanno opened at the scoring at just after
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after just nine minutes rather before fellow forward leroy sohn they doubled the lead inside the first half germany looked on course for a positive result to end a pretty terrible year but quincy promise struck back late in the second half and then now the winds captain virgil van dyke and equalized in injury time. sunday said he is pleased with the side's progress since their world cup debacle despite monday's result. sure it's a bit annoying that we gave away the lead at the end but i think we played well and just like in the three no friendly win over russia last week and i think everyone can see that coach has a plan and that we assess it well on the field and in training role highly motivated to come back stronger it's of course. all right you're watching the news still to come trouble in cryptocurrency land as the coin drops to below five thousand dollars. ben says owen has that story for you coming up in business stay
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with us. and germany which. any time any place. news.


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