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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2018 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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it's annoying that we gave away the lead at the end but i think we played well and just like in the three no friendly win over russia last week i think everyone can say that coach yogi live has a plan and that we assess it well on the field in training role highly motivated to come back stronger it's a call. that does it for us i will rock n roll and ben is up next with your business headlines don't go anywhere. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our farm and for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire each other. do it for the environment magazine. on d w every journey begins with the first
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step and every language with the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free stuff in w z e learning course nikos speak german meeting see. the. deal or no deal the brags that battle continues how will the u.k. fare outside the e.u. does the pm have a future and will the people get another say. goals for renault to replace it see cobblestones the rest over a ledge by natural misconduct. and cryptocurrency to continue their slide i talked to an economist about why investors assume. i'm going for gold and. let's do
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business the bank of england governor has given his backing to a break the deal struck by the u.k. and e.u. counting says it will help smooth the country's departure from the bloc but british lawmakers are still a lot of heads over the agreement with or without a deal the date of separation is drawing closer and young ex-pats a gaging how briggs it will impact them. coventry in the heart of england home to students and researchers from across the european union many of them originally came to the u.k. through the e.u.'s a rasmussen program but with briggs that looming exchange programs like these could be a thing of the past for british students the country's future outside the e.u. has also been the subject of heated debate here in berlin where many young brits had their first taste of studying abroad. i figure u.k. or at least. employees in the u.k. want to employ more local people now or at least see it as something that's going to be easier and more practical for them as i think that is something about that
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could definitely affect foreigners brits living in the e.u. are concerned about how freely they'll be able to move once britain leaves the european union. also just in terms of the friction of like moving from one place to another you know i don't know now but me back to the u.k. moving a truckload if i never see again is that going to be subject to some kind of you know is it basically to make things worse that's it for me either. but others maintain that britain is unlikely to burn all its bridges with europe which get f. and i was does minda so i think that in the long term they'll be at least an agreement for either members and citizens because otherwise britain would end up cutting itself off economically and i don't think that would make sense in the long term. relish. just as long as they don't have it with so many questions still unresolved young people are still unclear about whether they'll win or lose after briggs it. and i've got
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a few questions for books from university mr brooks how would you describe the deal that's on the table right now. well i would describe it as a very well the the best kind of compromise the prime minister could put together trying to please everyone but in fact pleasing no one she has the country had a bit of a customs arrangement for at least the short term perhaps to medium term that hasn't quite pleased her mainers who feel they're still taking rules from here without being at the table helping make them at the same time says that she's under a lot of commitments to for britain to leave the european in but not in the way it is fast and is full as a lot of those who wanted to leave the european union the lever's have wanted so it's a kind of a compromise that hasn't pleased anyone it is causing here a big headache in parliament but a compromise that stands survival. i doubt
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it it seems certain that it's going to loosen the reasons are simple theresa may has got a minority government so she does not have enough members of her own party to get things through she relies on the d u p in northern ireland where we know that the devi in northern ireland is not supporting her plan we know that a substantial minority in her party want to remove this leader let alone also who don't want this plan she might then try to rely on members of parliament in the opposition in the labor party for example and there are labor m.p.'s who campaigned for britain to leave european union but even they have come out against this plan because they see it as a as a messy compromise and not delivering on the rx it referendum and so she just isn't simply having the votes in parliament to get this deal through making a no deal scenario the most likely outcome if nothing else changes and so where do you put her survival at. well i think that she's got
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a very difficult task getting through this week if she can keep members of her own party from from deposing her i think that even if she can hang on to power at the moment it seems that she might be able to just playing on in her party i think it would be a devastating blow to her as prime minister if she couldn't get her deal the parliament i think that would be a real fatal thing and effectively if she can't get this deal passed then i think that what really has to happen is a referendum not quite what happened before on leaving or staying in principle but i think that to feel looking at either for her deal or staying in the european union that should be put for the people right now tom brokaw's thank you for your thoughts a pleasure france is urging renault to let cobblestone go there are fears the rest could damage the comic or n.d.p. rail its alliance with nissan it was accused of financial misconduct and of underreporting more than forty four million dollars of his income over several yes
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. at first glance it's just a normal day as the employees from nissan head into work but in reality it's the day after their boss carlos grown was arrested put in way up he thought then almost it could owns the rest is regrettable as he's the one who helped nissan turn around its business. loss i hope management can work hard to regain the public's trust most of it almost what i take to place a. trust that carlos ghosn is accused of abusing the superstar auto manager is said to have under reported his income for several years and to have misused company money from asia to europe the news has had a ripple effect groans alliance is a major force on the global automotive market. beyond any potential economic consequences many japanese say they've experienced a sense of betrayal after the revelations. we don't get it actually
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we also have a nissan car so i do feel deceived because essentially he was being dishonest. now a decision needs to be made about cohen's future on thursday nissan's board will determine its course of action. a rapid ascent of cryptocurrency eases in reverse value has been dropping for days with traders fearing long term instability because it is the oldest and best known digital currency it's lost about a third of its value in just a week the record high of a around twenty thousand dollars for one big call in about a year ago has fizzled to just above four thousand six hundred dollars a few minutes ago. so is the economist. joins us now what does this shop decline. actually make there's a lot of insecurity cryptosystem in the ecosystem to invest in secure and why it's debt tough because it can call and fail up aside as
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a lot of progress in the technical way like lightning p.p. a payment etc but as in security the cost of a fog. of crypto currency called cash and the two eccentric found us get into a fight and they decided to separate each other so now to separate to call ins and it's a lot of insecurity which. showed up in the ecosystem and the other thing is we might be a market for one year now and we need to find a depression we need to total capitulation for establish a bottom and we are right now and they have a bottom it's clear we're already in a bear market is that all it takes to squabble between two founders a fight between two founders that can send big plummeting and there was also last week announcement from the s.t.c. to fine two companies for not regulating. initial initial call an offering so and it was also a reason why the people got nervous into the system and actually it's because of
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the bear market as well that technical analyzes that you see that the market for too long in the in the doll want to trend and is now getting more aggressive brutal was this something i mean what did they do wrong what did these companies do wrong because there's been lots of i.p.o.'s that we've been warned about that. really following the rules yeah but the security tokens you know down with real estate or die in months or whatever and i did not not. so and this is breaking the law and that's why they had to pay the penalty do people still need to really be. what's going on in the critter currency market is good. you know that it's easy money it was the wild west last year and it was incredible hike in the prize and have a lot of people coming up it was actually criminals to rip off people and what's happened you know it's everybody was creative and if people get creative they get insecure and if they see ten percent of the prize at the end and they invest money
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and lose money of course as well you're an investor as well in because you worried no not at all actually not cause and fail it did not get banned or it did not get hacked or something and on the technical side you see a lot of progress was really really improving and makes me really optimistic in the long term this is a necessary shakeout for the weekends so i think in one to two years we see different price patterns so live lng ality is it finding. a realistic price basically because i mean we were talking about what twenty thousand dollars a year ago now it's down to four and a half thousand and that's a quarter of its value that's been lost it's a problem but we had like ninety percent loss in two thousand and thirteen to two thousand and sixteen you know it's like a tradition and the market that you have to shop declines but you have also bull runs which are incredible and they're just established for the next bull run you know we just have to wait to the next halting in two thousand and twenty and then
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we will see different prices again but what happens when currencies with eight hundred and so he billion and now suddenly just one hundred fifty billion dollars who's losing out their investors people lose money if you paid like twenty thousand bucks for one big con and you said an awful five thousand bucks you've lost fifteen thousand bucks it's mathematics it's really easy so people lost money of course thank you very much for coming in thanks for having me. and nice doing business with you i'll see you again very soon here on. the trunk.
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of. the truck. warms up innocent victims. every ten minutes child dying in yemen. starvation malnutrition parise. and there's no end in sight to the fighting. is there any hope at all for these children. three thousand next w. . war.
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digital more years. for women for internet activists. one mission. the battle for freedom dignity. courageous and determined a campaign for women's rights. for parents. they mobilize against femicide. compulsory veils. their messages are spreading like a. social media critical critical of the food deserts of. all mine
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and out on the streets our rights are not up for discussion. they are women the more changing the world to come ready. digital. starts november twenty fifth on the t.w. . welcome to global three thousand today we meet a young woman driving a chocolate revolution in indonesia. we had to yemen to witness how the war that is affecting children.


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