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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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ready. to. start nov twenty fifth on double. digits. this is deja news live from berlin and a u.s. court deals a blow to president trump's asylum bad as thousands of central american migrants headed toward california a federal judge says that under current law trump cannot deny them the right to seek asylum even if they enter the country illegally also coming up to me and she's
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just a smooth child and has to carry so much weight that it could break her back up and that one it's hard for her. we need eight year old sumaiya she escaped the threat of an islamic state terror and now she is forced to work to feed her family a fate shared by thousands of syrian refugee children in lebanon and children bearing the brunt in yemen to every day innocent geminis are starving and dying because of a conflict that is entirely manmade could the latest calls for a cease fire at the united nations bring change. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program a judge in the united states has temporarily barred president trump from denying asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally through mexico trump issue. a
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proclamation earlier this month that anyone who did not go to official ports of entry would be ineligible for asylum the judge's ruling comes as around three thousand migrants from central america are currently waiting in the mexican city of tijuana to apply for asylum in the u.s. thousands more are still making their way through mexico. and in his ruling the judge said that trump's order to block asylum claims represented quote an extreme departure from previous practice. he wrote the following whatever the scope of the president's authority he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that congress has expressively forbid him now the temporary restraining order will remain in place until there is a permanent legal ruling and we will be going live to tijuana shortly where do you correspondent stefan's iman's has been following that story that's coming up in just a few minutes time but first let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world. at least forty
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three people have been killed in a blast in the afghan capital kabul officials say that more than eighty others have been wounded that's after a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside of the hall where islamic scholars had gathered president. said on wednesday or rather that wednesday will be a national day of mourning. u.s. president donald trump says that america intends to remain a steadfast partner of saudi arabia despite saying that its crown prince may have known about the plan to kill journalist jamal khashoggi in a statement trump said that canceling military contracts with riyadh would be foolish and only benefit russia and china. german prosecutors have begun an investigation into donations received by alice vital the parliamentary leader of the far right alternative for germany party it concerns the alleged use of foreign donations to pay for internet campaigning the party reportedly received
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a large sums from donors and switzerland and belgium which would breach germany's strict party spending laws. let's get more now on our top story we have correspondent stefan zyman standing by for us from tijuana stefan what is the situation there at the moment. well we actually change locations in the last hour says it be less so we were at the shelter in downtown to one about now we are actually at the so-called. here is where anybody who wants to get alex off to one has to go through and everybody wants to get into one has to go through and that's why we're here because they're expecting about nine hundred more migrants coming today actually in just a few minutes from now the first cohort so to speak making its way through this here. and then to the border to apply for asylum legally where legal way or
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to make a dash for it and go to the border and go and make their way to the u.s. without applying on the legal way for asylum and has the court ruling that was handed down today has it given the migrants there any fresh hope. yes and no there's two there's two groups of migrants there are those migrants who are absolutely determined those central american migrants caris so-called karen my is absolutely determined to make the united states they try their out of germany and will try to get to the u.s. one way or another and they will try to cross illegally and then ask for asylum and yes they probably will welcome this we haven't had the chance to talk to anybody of those people now we have talked to the people who are now in the shelter actually. and those guys are and those people are in a quite dire situation i think their first and foremost concern is right now to
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have actually enough water enough food enough toiletries and necessities for their babies and then the second step is for them they're quite willing to do the legal way and then apply for asylum within the united states their challenge though is to prove or to give at least reasonable evidence that they are victims to violence or some kind of trouble in their home countries and not just economic economically challenged where they come from and tell us of them because we know the president has referred to these migrants the ones who you are describing as a threat to national security and he has deployed thousands of troops to the border but we've now also heard that these troops are being sent home in the coming weeks and what's the story there. yeah well the troops the u.s. troops who were sent by president trump the us remember this was before the midterm elections when trump every campaign stop made a point about. that this the people which are now here in the shell chain to one
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are a threat to national security and that the gates will open and all those people will be streaming in a that didn't happen and b. the troops were sent when he said this now the situation changed the majority of the of the central american migrants occurring migrants are now in california at the california border into one another in mexico california border not in texas and not in arizona so the us army in the us troops will be shifted towards california and i would bet that a lot of them will actually even go home as secretary of defense matters said just about a week ago as their original mission was to give some some moral support for the customs and border police which are still the only agency who are in charge with asylum seekers and people who try to cross the border not the army stefan's humans in t. i want to thank you so much. well
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today is universal children's day data stablished by the united nations aimed at highlighting the needs of children around the globe refugee children are among the worst off in the world in lebanon some one hundred eighty thousand refugee children are forced to work long hours for little pay just to put food on the table for their families no place has a higher concentration of syrian refugees than lebanon's bekaa valley. traveled to a camp there and has been looking at one family's plight that is similar to many others it is six in the morning in lebanon's bekaa valley eight year old so my i just woke up a splash of cold water in the face and she is ready for work. her family fled syria to escape i asked her now they're in lebanon where they can't always afford breakfast so my issue is this tiny makeshift bed with three of her
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six siblings. she doesn't go to school there are no schools in the camp where would she go to school so why is mother is sick and cannot go to work her older siblings also work but so my is still needs to pitch in to help the family make ends meet so instead of getting on a school bus so mayor gets on the strike every morning where she is the only child among many adults. for two dollars a day some air collects whatever crop is ready for harvest in the bekaa valley. today it is onions and her hands are too little for the gloves the adults around her where. i came here from home today can collect the onions but i would rather have toys to play with. three quarters of syrian refugees in lebanon live under the
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poverty line according to unicef an estimated one hundred eighty thousand syrian refugee children. have been forced into child labor in the country so a lot more to do i don't know when she goes to work and i stay at home of course i'm not happy with that she's just a small child and has to carry so much weight it could break her back it's hard for her that she should be at least thirteen or fourteen to do work like that. there were many refugee families in lebanon rely on their children to pay the bills and the resources of aid agencies are overstretched it's unlikely that so many will be able to start working anytime soon. and meantime in yemen fighting has again flared between who the rebels and the saudi led coalition despite calls for a truce earlier the two sides had signaled a willingness to halt military operations after more than four years of conflict in
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a few hours the un security council is due to debate a resolution aimed at bringing about an immediate cease fire if adopted it would set it to meet deadline for both sides to remove all barriers to humanitarian aid more than half of all yemenis are on the brink of starvation. and joining us now is liza grand day she is the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen and is talking to us from the jordanian capital amman these a welcome to the program and i'd like to begin by asking you because saudi arabia and the united arab emirates now say that they will jointly contribute five hundred million dollars to a new aid program for yemen can the u.n. ensure that this money will actually reach the people in need were. there and rights and now is that they will be contributing and five hundred million dollars to secure food for millions of gauging it's this contribution. right.
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single united nations is seeking more than eight million we estimate because the country is on the room that we need to reach an additional for that twelve million people that will be this contribution or possible on the ground we've heard reports that there just aren't enough facilities though to cope with malnourished children what is the u.n. able to do there at the moment. there's seven million in these right now are malnourished and then nearly two million children who are moderately acutely nine years they are severely acutely malnourished who are providing support to all these children through whole foods and specialist subjects were reaching hundreds of thousands of children the contributions that receiving from don'ts will help us to reach more we're very worried that the list we're able to collect that we will that
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the famine that we could see hundreds of thousands more change in the exactly the same situation it's heartbreaking to see these children and we want to point is that all of us i'd like to talk a little bit more about that warning about a looming famine that you mentioned there if there is no break in the fighting is this inevitable what does this picture look like i think that's right i think if we don't see and into this tragic war that this earth fact will be literally half the population even will be on the periphery of starvation is a completely unacceptable situation and this is why humanitarians everybody are saying enough is enough this more has to stop we have to help the people who gave back on their feet we have to open the sand. leave the ground day un humanitarian coordinator in yemen thank you so much for joining us to share your insight. you're
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watching news a quick reminder of the top stories that we have been following for you here on day w. as thousands of central american migrants head toward the united states a judge has temporarily barred president trump from denying asylum to those entering the country illegally the president had wanted to restrict their ability to claim asylum on american soil. and don't forget you can always get it of you news on the go you can just download our app from global player from the apple store it will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use the app to send us news appropriate photos and videos and you can watch this program on life stream. and with that you're up to date now on d.w. i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us have a great day. we'll
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