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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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i think it's very telling that on that day devon you don't comes to ash doesn't land on facebook in the am still. lend gemini for free with devon you. this is the w line from berlin a last minute scramble to finalize the terms of the u.k. sprigs a deal british prime minister theresa may warns parliament that rejecting the deal will only bring more uncertainty are next on brussels where she needs to shore up support ahead of a summit of european leaders also on the program standoff think either tells italy it's sleepwalking into instability that's as it rejects rooms the latest budget but
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italy's new government is digging in this year setting the stage for showdown. iraq thank you so much for your company everyone brothers prime minister is on her way to brussels where she'll try and finalize an agreement on the u.k.'s exit from the european union theresa may is due to meet european commission president. as she tries to shore up support ahead of an e.u. summit this sunday mrs may is under pressure to return to the u.k. with a final gregg's a deal that her parliament can agree to she's facing heavy criticism at home from progress and pro e.u. lawmakers last week two of her senior ministers resigned over the draft for a draw. all deal she had negotiated with the european union and the following
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turmoil almost led to a leadership challenge the prime minister's the prime minister's critics accuse her of giving in to the e.u. and of negotiating a deal that is bad for great britain well however during prime minister's questions in the u.k. parliament the prime minister argues that the case for the kitten argued the case that the situation is the exact opposite of the package of the deal that we will be to we are negotiating with the european union has two parts to it this is leave in part which is the withdrawal agreement on this a future relationship which is what is currently being continuing to be negotiated with the european union they go together as a package yes the withdrawal agreement has been agreed in principle the whole package will be what is brought before this house will be will she is considered the european union council on sunday and we continue to negotiate on that future relationship to get the good deal that we believe is right for the united kingdom
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a good deal that protects jobs protects all you need to protect our security and that was the british prime minister theresa may there defending the draft brings a deal that she has to sell to the british parliament or she's on her way to brussels as we speak so let's bring in a did correspondent garrick much as he is at the e.u. h.q. on the story for us good to see you georg we'll see you chief sweeten the briggs's deal what sort of concessions is the european union likely to allow theresa may to take back to her parliament to help her seal the deal. you've heard the british prime minister here saying that the divorce part is agreed in principle and that's also the perception that the e.u. has of that deal so the eight hundred fifty eight pages of the divorce agreement i don't think anyone wants to touch those pages anymore when it comes to the political declaration that is part of the total divorce agreement i think there's
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some wiggle room there the e.u. has always set in a lose lose scenario and that's what bracks it is for the you there is no success element in it they are keen to guarantee an orderly breck's it and if a few more fluffy formulations in that in that few of the future relationship will help to reason may get that divorce deal through parliament then i'm sure that is something that can be done all right so nothing substantial expected all right garrick stay with us if you would as we wanted to look take a look now at another headache that's facing brussels where you are now in this time it's really the european commission has rejected the latest draft of the country's budget opening the door to disciplinary proceedings including significant fines for rome and a freeze on funding the country's populace government has been at loggerheads with brussels over its spending plans for months rome argues it needs to stimulate the
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economy and offer italians some perspire after years of austerity but brussels says italian spending is out of control and worries that the size of the country's proposed deficit could spark another debt crisis that could in gulf the entire your p. in the union. this is very serious we're talking about the third largest economy in the eurozone just how big a problem is this going to be for the commission going forward. a potentially it's a huge problem you name it third largest economy in the eurozone that means it's too big to fail too big to save as well and that's why a commission is today said to stick to those limits regarding debt unless you're sleep walking towards instability that's one commissioner was set another one said vulnerable to shocks and that vulnerability does not only affect italy it is
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a scenario in the worst case that could draw in the entire euro zone because and that's the picture that commission is used today we're all sitting in one boat so let's all play by the rules it's particularly important for countries in the north of the eurozone who want to emphasize who take italy as a showcase to say look we've got to stick to those rules otherwise we're all doomed . just reporting from brussels thank you so very much we'll check in with you later in the evening. now the italian government was elected on a promise to bring radical change to italy partially in the form of more generous welfare one of its flagship programs is the so-called citizen's wage for the poorest italians which brussels thinks is too expensive our correspondents at milan he out of credit bol went to center in italy to find out what people think about the program and italy's relationship with the e.u. . just south of naples twenty year old
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lawrence is on his way to the job center italy's new populist government has promised that this job seeker certificate could soon and him and millions of other poor talents and a generous income of up to seven hundred eighty euros a month but do it in such things it's unlikely he will ever see any of what's being called a citizen's wage is where you would use the baby and i think in the end just a little bunch of people are going to get its. citizens wage eagerly awaited by many italians will cost billions of euros it's the most expensive item in a budget which has raised concerns in the european union that italy could soon be sowing the seeds of a financial crisis. gordon so he's worried that it's an increasingly strained relationship with the e.u. could play a big part in breaking up the union. yeah i think i'm worried we would be be was the. us. is really
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doing. is really hard on the european union i'm worried about but lawrence is views put him in the minority here in the south with the wiring levels of youth unemployment most people support the government's hard stance towards the e.u. and have high hopes that the citizens wage could change their life the question is though can it really stimulate the country's economy or is it just a populist inefficient giveaway that neither italy nor the e.u. can really afford thirty two year old moto who has been without a job for four years has a clear answer he supports rome picking a fight with brussels. see i believe it's right to stand up to the european union. the most part of ns i think to comply and i've left italy behind.
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and all that i think the new government will change the situation for the better. but you are. not far away in front of another rundown drops and in the city more unemployed neapolitans are queuing to learn more about the citizens' wage they to support the new government. when i hope that something good could happen. i hope i hope so i trust this government i voted for the walk otherwise we complement. gordon so however if i'm convinced that this government or the citizens wage will in any way improve his situation maybe i just have to mow. s. where. it's not personally open for. to say and change something about it's getting harder and harder to fight the good you keep looking for a blank if not into me then somewhere else in the you could do
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a new going to go live it all right now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a claim photographer should do it along has been released on bail from prison in bangladesh he spent more than three months there after being arrested for making what authorities said were false and provocative statements about mass student protests the case is widely seen as a test of free speech in the country. indonesia's freed an australian woman who served thirteen years in prison for smuggling heroin were near lawrence is the first of the so-called ali nine to be released after the groups to ringleaders were executed and he just says lawrence will be deported to australia and banned from indonesia for life. and our poll has elected south korea's kim jong yang as its next president he replaces mang hong way at the head of the
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international police body that's after mr manning was arrested in september during a visit to china mr kim added to our russian front runner alexander pope kupchak whose land of deceit was strongly opposed by the united states and several european countries serving as its active. the president of the united states has said that he will not further punish saudi arabia for the murder of the journalists democracy like donald trump the economic advantages of good relations with the kingdom outweighed all other considerations several senators have challenged the president's stance saying that the u.s. should not lose its moral voice over the issue. of astronauts on board of the international space station have celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the vessel or german commander alexander guest and his crew work the
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event with a live video stream the i as s. is expected to stay in operation for another decade. are to germany now where chance the americal has addressed parliament for the first time since announcing that she will not be seeking reelection the annual budget debate is usually a lively session and this time was no different responding to attacks from the opposition the chancellor gave a forceful defense of her economic record and current policies. it was chancellor angela merkel's first parliamentary speech since announcing she would step down as party leader and she was unusually passionate she vigorously defended the un migration pact saying acting internationally was the only way to solve global problems they said this is only that soon it's in our national interests you can prove the conditions for both refugees on the one hand and employment migration on the other. this was a budget debate traditionally
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a chance for the opposition to attack the government's policies but the largest opposition party the far right is and the pressure itself stung by a scandal over compain donations the eye of these parliamentary co-leader lashed out more violence so far at all most of you have no right to criticize us on moral grounds. that get it out went out and uncommon out of your glass house and start throwing stones you'll only hit yourself in the end. they threaten america was unfaced see another nice thing about free debates is that everyone can talk about whatever they think is important to the country. small opposition parties took the government to task for quarrelling and in action. you know folks already plus sick of the coalition with its bad compromises and impasses it's clearly incapable of solving people's real problems. believe me this coalition is
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like a self-help group it's concerned only with itself and not with the needs of society it's all. after such unusually animated parliamentary exchanges politicians return to the rather drier task of discussing next year's budget. now when boxer square asset way ends before out there often tends to be some unsavory. pushing and shoving but what happens when two of the go of golf the greatest names when i ball to eyeball well phil mickelson and tiger woods got up close and personal ahead of their much hyped golf duel on friday but they couldn't keep a straight face and ended up going and going as you're about to see any moment now and there you go friday's event in las vegas is no laughing matter though with the winner taking home get this a whopping nine million dollars. that
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brings us to the end of this edition of the news bulletin just a reminder now of our main stories this hour british prime minister teresa mayes on her way to brussels where she'll try and finalize an agreement on the u.k. segues that from the european union speaking to parliament shortly before she warned lawmakers that rejecting the deal with only the.


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