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i am. i am. i am i am me. this is that every news line from berlin a last minute scramble to finalize the terms of the u.k.'s bricks and deal british prime minister theresa may war is parliament that rejecting the agreement will only bring more uncertainty for next stop brussels where she shoring up support ahead of a summit of european leaders also on the program standoff the e.u. tells it at least is sleepwalking into instability that's as it rejects the rooms latest budget but italy's will go france is digging in his heels setting the stage
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for a showdown. plus it's been more than a year since the iraqi city of mosul was liberated from islamic state but the danger is still not over our reporter travels to the former extremist stronghold where u.n. experts are risking their lives trying to clear thousands of suicide belts bombs and booby traps lying hidden the need for blooms and a concentration camp in northern germany the world for gox aside from a small memorial there's no marsh left to mark the site of the local market cap one of the last survivors has been talking to w. news about life there. being more money. than. i am. a little harder to have you along every one well we begin our broadcast. britain's prime
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minister she is expected in brussels any time now to try and finalize an agreement on the u.k.'s exit from the european union theresa may face is mounting pressure to return with a final brigs a deal that the british parliament will approve or draft agreement was met with heavy criticism in the u.k. with two senior ministers resigning and almost prompting a leadership challenge while the prime minister's critics accuse her of giving in to the e.u. and if negotiating a deal that is not in the interest of great britain. all right i'd like to take you now to our man in brussels the d.w. correspondent again go for a much this and then just to reiterate to our viewers we are expecting to receive me to arrive in brussels any moment now georg in the meanwhile theresa may has to sell this divorce deal to the u.k. parliament i mean it's already been heavily criticized the british press describing
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her visit now as a desperate dash to brussels what are the chances you think that the e.u. chief girl will sweeten the deal for her. crunch time later here in brussels for this final breaths a divorce steel as the two of us speak here negotiators are still working on the political declaration of this divorce paper so you have five hundred eighty five pages of a divorce agreement and i thought my feeling is nobody wants to touch those pages negotiators have worked hours hundreds of hours little wriggle room there but when it comes to the political declaration there may be some room for for some compromises some room where jungle juncker could say look the reason may i will give you this and this will allow you to go back home draw a brighter picture of that future relationship a picture that makes this controversial backstop the guarantee that northern ireland remains aligned that there will be no hard border northern ireland. a
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little less unrealistic a little less likely because it depends all on that future relationship on the kind of future that the u. k. will have with the european union whether a backstop will ever come into play or not right so lots of red line still there garrick as you outline let's flesh this out for us if you will will we ever have clarity on the future relationship. i'd say not probably not in the next coming weeks i expect a declaration where the e.u. will try to make some points make it as clear as possible but without doubt it will contain fluffy elements it will not be what to reason they would like from it frictionless guarantee for a very close relationship maybe even the wording of of a free trade zone what she would in visage and it will also of from the e.u. side a most likely not include all the controversial points that are left for instance
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the question of the broader british territory close to spain something where spain has threatened to call off this entire deal or vision write something very close to the hearts of the dutch and the french so i think we will not find too many details in the political declarations while both sides are trying to push in things so they don't have to talk about them later now do we expect the e.u. leaders to sign off on this deal on that all important summit on sunday i mean is it for sure that the summit will go ahead on sunday i'd say that is my expectation because look from the e.u. side they always wanted to make clear in this new slue scenario we are keen to get an orderly breck's it so we will reach out our hand and say look grab our hand here's our deal this is what we've offered you this is what you've negotiated with us this is what the technical teams have agreed on so take the hand or don't take it but if you don't take it don't blame us and that was also something clear from
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the start where nobody here in brussels has doubts if ever bracks it delivers not the land of milk and honey as rex the cheers have promised throughout the campaign it surely will be blamed on the e.u. on the lack of cooperation and that is something that's a scenario which brussels would really like to avoid both sides pushing the process to their brain garrick modest reporting from brussels thank you. all right let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world police same kenya see gunmen have kidnapped in italian volunteer in an attack on a trading center in the coastal region of key leafy at least four people were injured in the shooting the attackers identity is unclear but somali based islamic militants have been blamed for a spate of kidnappings in the area. and of all secretary-general if you're going stark has that the nationality of the policing organizations your president does
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not affect its neutrality all this after in a poll elect of south korea kim jong un as its next president you want to guess that russian candidate alexander procope choke following warnings that moscow could use the role to target political opponents. of a claimed photographer show dual along has been released on bail from prison and by her dish he spent more than three months there after being arrested for making what authorities said were false and provocative statements about mass student protests while the case is widely seen as a test of free speech in the country. i'm back here in germany where charles the american has addressed parliament for the first time since announcing that she will not be seeking reelection the annual budget debate is usually a lively session and this time was no different responding to attacks from the opposition medical gave a forceful defense of her economic record and current policies. it was
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chancellor angela merkel's first parliamentary speech since announcing she would step down as party leader and she was unusually passionate she vigorously defended the un migration pact saying acting internationally was the only way to solve global problems. that she lives in on national interests you can prove the conditions for both refugees on the one hand and employment migration on the other . this was a budget debate traditionally a chance for the opposition to attack the government's policies but the largest opposition party the far right is and the pressure itself stung by a scandal over compain donations the eye of these parliamentary co-leader lashed out more violence so far at all most of you have no right to criticize us on moral grounds. that get it out whatever uncommon seat out of your glass house and
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stop throwing stones you'll only hit yourself in the end. stephanie america was unfaced. you know the nice thing about free debates is that everyone can talk about whatever they think is important to the country. small opposition parties took the government to tosk for quarrelling and in action. you referred to all the people are sick of the coalition with its bad compromises and impasses it's clearly incapable of solving people's real problems. i mean this coalition is like a self-help group. it's concerned only with itself and not with the needs of society so. after such unusually animated parliamentary exchanges politicians return to the rather dry a task of discussing next year's budget. are at it only remains meanwhile on a collision course with the european union was that all about who we are growing is
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insisting on higher deficit spending saying it's the only way to stimulate growth and bring down that the e.u. says italy needs to rein in spending to cut debt the european commission declaring today that the government is in breach of e.u. rules on that and inviting eurozone countries once more to examine its assessment in two weeks' time if they agree it will launch a special procedure that could result in fines. if push comes to shove and brussels begins an excessive deficit procedure or e.d.p. then italy could face a fine as high as three point five billion euros brussels is insisting the southern european country it hears to e.u. budget rules and it's turning up the pressure. even more.
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but so far italy is not changing course the government wants to deliver on campaign promises which include early retirement and increased spending on social services the problem is italy's debt as high as one hundred thirty percent of gross domestic product only greece has an even higher debt level e.u. regulations cap any country's debt at sixty percent of annual economic output financial markets are alarmed front pages warn of rising interest rates and banks are worried there are powerful players in any budget debate as they can close the spigot at any time and dry up the government spending on the streets the mood is tense. bitter because of the think they were discussing this with the appropriate seriousness we should brace for the worst. and there will be i think we're on the wrong track with governments made promises that can't be kept and now we're moving in the wrong direction and you know what. on wednesday both the government
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statistics office and the o.e.c.d. lowered their growth outlook. meanwhile consumption is down as people hold onto their money as do companies who seem unwilling to make any new investments all that hampers growth leading to falling tax revenues higher taxes and in the end even higher debt. venezuela's economic crisis continues to deepen and just today there's news again of corruption at a national level a former treasury admitting to receiving a billion dollars in bribes that as regular venezuelan struggled to find the money to pay for food meats for example has become a luxury item that only few can afford the scene here appears a delicate but these cows aren't grazing in a meadow they're locked into a courtyard in the venezuelan capital caracas. and sold on the black market in this neighborhood though resistance against the urban farmers is growing neighbors
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complain about the flies and have concerns about hygiene. i came to verify that what the neighbors were saying was true and it was at that time there were five i arrived at the site on monday and the complaints were from saturday we think several of the cows there had already been slaughtered and the meat was being sold there without any type of refrigeration and without sanitary measures. food is a daily battle and. meat is particularly scarce the cows have come a long way to the capital. and they are being butchered here in the city where well to do families can afford to pay the high black market rates with the economic crisis deepening. their meat for as much as ten times the government's rate for beef for many venezuelans that's half
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a month's rent. well they know when the end of. the distributors sell to us at a high price so we can't sell the meat at the government regulated price because we already buy a different camera and we buy it because otherwise we have to close shop. we don't sell what we can we'll have to close the business before that. the government of venezuela had long encouraged people to grow fruit and vegetables in the cities and even suggested rabbits to eat cows however were not part of the plan. i don't know babytalk that bad but now to a job that i couldn't imagine ever getting into now detonating ball salut it's very hazardous bret i think a lot of people are grateful that these experts are doing it someone's doing it because it's much needed better because when the so-called islamic state was driven out of iraq they left behind enormous quantities of deadly ammunitions and
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landmines many public buildings and buildings were booby trapped so before the huge task of reconstruction reconstruction of rebuilding the country to can take place the u.n. team is going through huge mounds of rubble trying to remove the dangers hidden in the rooms on the first nine months of this year alone u.n. demining experts have neutralized some sixteen thousand bombs rockets and hundreds more improvised explosive devices including seven hundred sixty suicide belts they've also deactivated up to three hundred fifty booby traps and earlier this year. it shal cut travel to i asked this former iraqi stronghold of mosul for a look at the danger beneath the rooms. this used to be a city shops homes this used to be western most of. the rubble is
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strewn with decaying bodies and unexploded bombs. that are to cut their lift through the fighting she and her family spent two weeks and the siege in their home directly opposite the famous a nori mosque that's where i as fighters hid from the international coalition the coalition bumped the city around her. nothing and no one was spared it was death and bombs and explosions everywhere it simply didn't stop it was awful i got out in the future. they fled but was no where else to stay they soon had to return back to their ruined neighborhoods to the two rooms of their house which were still intact now they rarely venture out fear of the munitions scattered all around them keeps their family it's hell out of here and there are still loads of shells lying around the house opposite was destroyed
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and they found something there a mortar grenade or something it had gone off here at. the top and. explosives expert mark while barton has been in many crisis regions but he says muscle is something you. they have found many bombs grenades mortars and thousands of traps that high as left on their retreat. they've been very well built but on an industrial scale it's not sort of just. a few people building them here in there this is being sort of an industry to build them to this scale and this amount this was as she thought hospital it was a modern clinic until i turned it into the headquarters for. the search and clearance team worked through it by hand piece for piece meter by meter the
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u.n. mine action service has sixty people in mosul it's nowhere near enough to shore but the are yes hidden explosives so well that if you're not extremely careful you don't see them but if someone goes in somewhere where we haven't been yet and doesn't look out very carefully they can get blown up your kid is the center for your body. as more people return it becomes more urgent to clear the deadly explosives still hidden in the debris or at least to mark which areas are safe but none of this is happening fast enough the remnants of the bitter fight for muscle are all over the place. because it was isis his final stand or what we have found here is a lot of suicide belt this is been without a doubt the sort of main threat here. this is what he's talking
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about is who said belt among the rubble. if you move around the corner if you tell everyone that way around the corner we move out of the danger zone in case of close up it's soon clear. the bed had to be packed with metal ball bearings to maximise damage he can clear a street one day but then we're going to go back the next day because people find things in their houses and shouldn't move them they do and then we have to really require them the u.n. estimates that the clean up of fest on muscle will take a decade but the residents don't want to wait that long they're eager to return to their homes. but every shuffled off rob the risk setting off a booby trap rebuilding their homes is fraught with hidden danger. sadness says she's happy that people are coming back to western mosul she hopes that each returning family increased the pressure on the international community to help them
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rebuild this city. there are reporting from mosul and i'd like to welcome now to the program mr parrot lord amr he is the head of the u.n. mine action program in iraq a very good evening sir. our son was hopes likely to become reality i think so it will it needs to be done bit by bit and it's important priorities it's important too to maintain and clear locations so that the critical infrastructure is cleared and also private houses of uncertainty so that people can understand it's going to take years of course it's going to take years of course a part of rebuilding that badly damaged demolished part of iraq is of course a clearing the mines just. sketch first what is the most difficult part of clearing these specific explosives that you find there that your team finds their specific
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lead in iraq i would mention two things and one of them is the amount of debris we estimate seven point six million tons of debris and rubble in mosul the next thing would be the complexity of the devices the fact that they are improvised explosives . devices so they don't look like what people would have seen on t.v. and in films it is pressure plate devices to lift devices even passive infrared device and what does that mean i mean how badly they triggered a passive infrared device would be pretty much what you have outside your garage when you're driving home in the evening but it's triggered by movement only so you don't need to touch it you don't need to lift anything it would be triggered by your presence at that so that is extremely dangerous. once the mine is cleared can people to safely return home yes they come once once it's been cleared by by one of our teams if it's critical infrastructure or if it's if it's a house yes absolutely the problem comes when when we're working with debris
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because with the might that one thought of their spoils of house on top of the surface and two thirds would be under the debris so once you start digging and moving through sifting through the rubble you'll find more explosive sounds like a mammoth task that still is ahead how long do you estimate this is going to take it's going to be several years i would say probably seven or eight more years until everything has been cleared in the solemnest i'm also maybe even longer looking at germany and europe following second world war you still find ammunition in germany . and that's going to be the same situation in iraq what's the difference between for instance clearing mines in mosul and in cost. so first of all in kosovo it was actually mines i was in kosovo and inuit vacuous not mines it's it's the improvised explosive devices i talked about already but also mentioned was fired but failed to function either fired by the coalition or by iraqi security forces or by by isis
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and we estimate at least tampa something that emanation would have failed to function so it's a big difference and also remembering the in the iraq we work in a much more urban environment mainly an urban environment with all that entails. as a conclusion the technology of clearing mines in these devices has improved of course vastly i mean how what's the difference between let's say when you started out in the business and now. not that much to be honest what has changed is the process how we do it how we prioritize and how we go about doing our work and one thing we do a lot in iraq is that we're using mechanical equipment we're using front end loaders excavators there are meant to protect the operator operator is being protected by being far off and then remotely controlling nicety in the vehicle but the cabin has been armored to protect the operator and that is something we're doing due to a great extent. all right thank you so very much carola dahmer head of the u.n.
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mine action program in iraq. now here and starting it's the concentration camps that the world has forgotten but one of its last survivors has been talking to did every news about her experiences there they occur mark camp north of berlin was built to punish teenage girls who fail to get in line with the nazi regime did abuse linda with luka metz excuse me with leukemia barbie coast scott crew was sent there from poland and then one morning there was a military roll call and they shouted what's your name we didn't know where they were taking us. they asked us what we had done and we said nothing so the laughter was just yeah they are moving it's stuck new to. the
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both of us the cards took me and my sister away but my mother was left alone it's too tough a concentration camp. that was the worst part. because memory remains very clear for certain events in her life she remembers exactly when aged fifteen years old she was separated from her mother in a concentration camp lutea was taken five hundred kilometers away to mark a special camp for girls. little remains today of her mark which is ninety minutes drive north of berlin one thousand two hundred young women and girls were forced to work here they suffered daily you merely a sion some what you can use to not see medical experiments they were sent to the camp for behavior deemed anti-social by the nazi regime.
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some. examples of this behavior were girls who had a relationship with a foreigner which was bond. or girls who were part of the jazz and swing group known as swing youth as it were part of other youth groups of to that opposed to have their youth under against the nazi regime. even after the war the social stigma surrounding their anti-social status weighed heavy on the women many remained quiet about their suffering for decades and there were no survivors associations set up and many have never received any compensation even today very little is known about. for decades to see about it because god never spoke about her experiences there just fifteen years ago and nearing eighty years old she found the. to tell her family about her time and who can mark the shame she felt despite being a political prisoner remained with her for all those silent years the mission of
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dear little kids for all those years we thought we can't feel like this forever at some point people had to find out what happened in the camps at some point we had to let go. now when boxers square off that way ends before brown say they're often tends to be some pushing and shoving but what happened when two of golf greatest names when i ball to eyeball well so mickelson and tiger once got up close and personal ahead of their much hyped golf duel on friday but they couldn't keep a straight face and end up giggling and hugging the fighters event in las vegas is no laughing matter though with the winner taking home get this a whopping nine million dollars. thank you so much for watching i'll be at the top of the hour.
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