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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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this is d w news live from birth led to a critical moment in the u.k.'s brags that negotiations prime minister to receive a tells parliament and that she will do everything she can she deliver a divorce from the e.u. but adds that the next seventy two hours will be crucial european leaders that just signed off on the deal at a special summit on sunday. also coming up south america's migration crisis with no let up in the stream of refugees fleeing venezuela's economic crisis delegates are gathering in ecuador to discuss their response we'll speak with
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a member of the un's refugee agency who was at that meeting. and the board of nissan fires its chairman carlos ghosn that's after his shop arrest earlier this week over allegations of financial misconduct what is next for the japanese carmaker and its alliance with france's were no. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. british prime minister theresa may has been facing heavy criticism from lawmakers skeptical about a draft agreement on post brags that relations with brussels may has defended it as a good deal for the u.k. but she admits that this is a critical moment for the negotiations disputes over fishing rights travolta and the border between the u.k. and ireland are still to be resolved and with e.u.
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leaders hoping to sign off on bragg's it during a summit on sunday the clock is ticking. they're not exactly celebrating but e.u. leaders including chief breaks it negotiators join me chopin a have at least one reason to be cheerful the draft agreement on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the bloc should be signed off at a summit in brussels on sunday. british prime minister to resume a told parliament in london was a good deal for britain. it honors the coach of the british people by taking back control of our borders models and our money while protecting jobs security and the integrity of our precious united kingdom. free movement once and for all we will make our own rules in our own parliament and it means an end to sending vast sums of money to the e.u. opposition leader jeremy corbyn was not convinced the prime minister said nothing
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is agreed until everything is agreed it's clear from this document that indeed nothing is agreed to this is the blindfold bricks that we all feared a leap in the dark german chancellor angela merkel had threatened to boycott sunday's summit unless everything was hammered out in advance she now seems to be on board stuff even though i will do everything possible to get an exit agreement in. a disorderly breck's it would be the worst possible thing not just for the economy but for our future relationship. this week. also on thursday prime minister may had what she said was a friendly chat with the austrian chancellor sebastien courts getting the breaks a deal through her own parliament will be an altogether more hostile process. and for more we have d.w. correspondent there good master ending by in london max hoffman is in brussels
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where good i'd like to begin with you a spokesman saying that theresa may believe she can win a vote in parliament on this bragg's if where does this conference confidence come from and what's her plan b. well of course she has to exude sound how this confidence because her own future as a prime minister is really depending on getting this deal through but it's really everything that she will get through she had a lot of resistance there was a very heated debate and parliament several hours and it's also clear that there's still a lot of resistance against the deal and she has a plan b. which we presume we don't really know i think she will bank on the fact that she doesn't get it through to prod it to parliament the first time then the market crash and then it is likely that she will try and go back to brussels again and try and well somehow have some different wording baby and then she will hope that the
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parliamentarians don't want to see the same thing happening again and also that they want to avoid a cliff crash at the end of march and that britain then stands there with no deal whatsoever so she is banking on the fear of the parliamentarians so that's the view from london max you are in brussels if the e.u. does sign off on this brags it deal what happens next. it's likely that they will sign off in spite of some cracks that have appeared in the so united front of the european union is special with the topic of gibraltar and spain that one changes to the withdrawal agreement it doesn't look like this is going to happen at this point because all the other member states really say we do not touch the withdrawal agreement again so that limits here in brussels think it will go through on sunday and then of course it goes back to the house of commons it goes to those place that
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we saw in this report this very hostile environment and for brussels there's nothing left to do but to wait and see if it passes or doesn't pass theresa may also saying that there won't be a hard border between northern ireland and ireland and i'd just like to play what she had to say and then get your reaction this is speak of the text we have agreed is explicit about the determination of both sides to avoid the backstop altogether by getting the future relationship in place on the first of january twenty twenty one and in the unlikely event that we ever did need to start to ensure it is quickly superceded either by the future relationship or alternative arrangements as part of this there is an explicit commitment to consider facilitate the arrangements and technology which could afford to hold court on the item violent and this border issue i mean this is the crunch issue in the talks isn't it max. it is and it will remain so here's the good news for all people who care to another
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the brags that this topic hasn't been solved really it's been there can has been kicked down the road because this is all about the future relationship between the united kingdom and the european union that's it depends that what will happen with the border between northern ireland and ireland what we see you know the political agreement because that's what's new today this political agreement are the outlines of a free trade area of a free trade agreement between the u.k. and the european union but that doesn't solve the problem of the hard border so in this political agreement they're talking about maybe having some technical logical solution to have the border but not really feel the border that's what they've been talking about for the last two years without finding a solution so what we have for now is the guarantee that there will be no hard border and the so-called backstop which is the insurance policy to not have the hard border that's by the way what all the brits a two years hate so much about the withdrawal agreement but as for the future what
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happens with that border after we've been through the transition period after possibly we've seen the backstop come into force that's still up in the air and that uncertainty i mean it is really provoking i think it's fair to say anger bear get where you are did to resume a managed to reassure bragg's of tears who are really furious with her over the issue of the irish border. they all fear is because what they fear is that this will actually be it that this so-called backs of the boxes has explained it's not just a backstop and emergency but that this could be the future for the u.k. and the e.u. which would mean that the u.k. would not be free to choose their own free trade deals because they were tied to the e.u. so in the parliament today we've had really a lot of anger over this city is a new road in terms of may so conservative party have said that they need to take
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that she needs to go back to brussels and she needs to take it out and that it's basically a trap for the from the e.u. to tie the u.k. to the e.u. so a lot of anger still regarding this backstop max how about those fears that sunday's e.u. crunch summit could be called off are those fears receding we have been hearing that much anymore over the last two or three days it never was taken that seriously here in brussels and it appears it's not going to happen by the way even you know if there had been let's say one or two more topics open where the leaders really have to work on a little more i don't think it would have been called off in spite of that but if you have you know five or six points where the leaders really have to start working on the text that's not their role then they would have caught it up called it off pretty sure about that but we are not at that point so we're all assuming it will take place but we are almost at the point of bragg's it is just months away bear
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get remind us of the exact timing here. well it will be at the end of march snakes did this is at least what's what's agreed so far but there's also of the areas where the u.k. might try and stop the clock because if the situation is still so unclear that they could to go to brussels and beg for the whole process to be prolonged but we don't know yet at this point is at the end of march next year bigger mass in london max hope from an in brussels thank you to both of you. now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world a cord in israel has sentenced an american israeli man to ten years in jail after he was convicted of a string of hoax bomb threats against a jewish community center in the united states the court said that he had threatened some two thousand institutions before his arrest last year. iraqi prime minister ideal of death mahdi has met with kurdish leader must suit in baghdad it's
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a sign of a thaw in relations between the two sides tice soured after a failed kurdish bid for independence from baghdad last year. delegates from latin american countries are gathering in ecuador today to talk about how to deal with the around three million people who have now fled venice wella fleeing economic and political hardship the majority of refugees and migrants are spread across latin america and the caribbean colombia has taken in by far the most with more than a million people peru has taken in more than five hundred thousand ecuador two hundred thousand panama has granted ninety four thousand people entry so far. and now some governments and communities are struggling to cope with the rising numbers of newcomers to the use of failure harms reports from a migrant camp in colombia's capital bogota where hundreds of venezuelans are struggling to survive. dozens of venezuelans waiting
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for food many haven't eaten since the previous day when they were brought to this refugee camp in bogota. it's the first of its kind. the people here are angry they say the authorities haven't kept their promises the tents are cold and wet their few belongings were confiscated for hygenic reasons. carlos adriaan is here to take care of his grandmother who fled venezuela a few months ago he says they were better off when they were living on the street. corner or put it on water or so they offered as many things we've never received a decent bed we had our own mattresses that even on the floor were less called than what we have here where we virtually sleep on the ground it was so cold last night my bones were aching imagine how cold it was they took our blankets almost all of our stuff and food. now we're making a fire over there but we have nothing to cook because they took it all.
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and i like it that i'm going to quit taking the work the media isn't allowed inside the camp. after some refugees come out to talk to us the guards won't let them back in a little detail that you know it wasn't me that was out of the way you know picket though there are small children inside who've had nothing to eat they want to feed them with a single water we have no showers we're not animals there are no human rights activists or any other agencies here to tackle the problems i think i like that a lot i don't know i more talk but many colombians have helped us and we appreciate the help we got on the streets some came here last night it's so unfair they brought food for us but wanted out inside and we want allowed to go out and get the food for our kids they were inside crying because they're so hungry you write that i'm good i'm going to put out but it's not yet at the law so i did
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a few days later videos shot by neighbors overlooking the camp show some refugees stealing food or. shortly after the police arrived riots began. the authorities respond to the unrest saying they will deport fifteen venezuelans. are introducing the two key measures. the first is biometric identification. and that is on the start. now refugees will be identified not only by name and number. but also by a metric to. look. at those they want to think and we will boost security in the area in addition to the beefed up security measures
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we've already taken. but local say those steps don't go far enough. they fear for their security and their businesses. and we oppose the author and use decision as if they were arbitrary they've moved the venezuelan community to a camp with very bad conditions twelve bathrooms for four hundred eighty people. or entities can they give to people who have to leave their belongings and their children at home when they have to go to work. locals are worried that there are one hundred people who will go out to ask for food and money that yesterday there was an incident at the bakery they came in and asked for bread when they didn't get it they just grabbed it you got to know most venezuelans are grateful for the reception they've received in colombia they desperately want to settle down and start a new life outside the refugee camp. let's get more on this we are joined by u.n.h.c.r.
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spokesperson for latin america william spengler he is at the meeting of racial governments in quito welcome and good evening to you how well equipped are the countries in this region to cope with these new arrivals. the countries in latin america have been incredibly generous in the welcoming of almost three million. refugees and migrants from been a solo three million that are outside the country two point four are in this region and most of them are not in refugee camps as the one we have seen but in communities everybody else bought this communities are beginning to struggle and find if you christine bleakley if you call the number of people arriving we receive needs in countries in latin america is growing and this is putting increasing pressure on the communities today only get the country we think that the
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vaccines are running out because many of the children who are arriving from venezuela have not been vaccinated so they have to be vaccinated and so back to the local population have run out and the same thing is happening not only on health but on education schools are now busting at the seams because they have trouble for the communities that are receiving the oil and and aid organizations like yours the u.n.h.c.r. you're due to launch a plan for helping venezuelan refugees and migrants in december how do you see this improving the situation. well this is the thing to compliment the work the government civil society because we heard from your report a lot of the work that is being done to help the venezuelan is being done by local people by ordinary citizens by church groups by n.g.o.s or simply by people who feel sorry for that as well and there's a lot of sympathy for them and they are doing most of the work so what we are doing
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is like ours is to support the work that is being done because this we need to suffering the strain and we are beginning to see also scientists in the hobby or. generosity that welcoming the beginning to the and we are beginning to see some cases of local communities recenter the presence of the refugees and even some sort of attack. william spengler at the meeting of regional governments in quito joining us from the u.n. h.c.r. thank you so much. now stephen beardsley is here and we are talking about some big and very scandalous changes at least on threats or we're talking of course about carlos go in the influential and some would say indispensable leader of the renault nissan alliance now nissan voting today to fire him from their board go remains in jail on suspicion of falsifying financial reports the japanese carmakers french partner renault is meanwhile
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keeping him on as chief executive at least temporarily naming an interim c.e.o. just yesterday major rift is threatening to open between the company's endangering their profitable alliance the french and japanese economy ministers even met today over the matter. it was an equally weighted decision in tokyo and around the world for hours nissan's top executives held consultations with their c.e.o. hero to thank our then it became clear going must leave his position after chairman of news. site is expected to be his temporary successor. carstone has clones from the plush surroundings of his executive fleece to a spartan cell behind the walls of this tokyo jail rumors that time management was behind his fall from grace spread like wildfire. it's a source of coup de tat by nissan those who didn't like him tonight for him internally to make him full. carlos ghosn is one of the most
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successful also company bosses of all time in one thousand nine hundred six he began restructuring struggling french carmaker ran zero three years later he engineered the alliance with nissan he soon had this company back on the road to success as well but a no holds a forty three percent stake in nisanit giving the french a lot of power in the company through to even appointing minutes on board the japanese company has only a fifteen percent stake in reno leaving it with no effective vote or power in its french partner. a complete merger would have cemented nissen's possession as the weaker partner even though the company is performing better than ran over the as sting of goan could signify that the japanese automaker wants to expand its influence and its alliance with france's right now. it's complicated story to help us unravel this a bit further let's turn to andre spicer the cast business school in london andrea
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we heard french and japanese officials met today on the subject what do you imagine they're talking about. on the one hand you could imagine the french officials perhaps making a case for going he's a representative of all right now i represent of the french company and also i was turned around the company the japanese officials i could imagine are presenting the evidence which has been put to the knesset and bold about guns misuse of company and sit but also misreporting of pay this would probably raise logic questions about corporate governance in the group after all if a company cannot tell you how much exactly their chief executive is getting paid what can i tell you now you heard in the piece there that there's some speculation about what's really behind this or if there is something more to the story is there any reason to believe that the accusations presented by nissan are true well at this stage there is there's not that wall we have is the accusations which in
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essence has put forward clearly there's a clear interest on the part of newsstand the push for these allegations and and present them orally but on the other side you could argue that there's a clear interest on the part of renault to to cement and keep their position and try and keep together the alliance which if going indeed does go could begin to fall apart or at least be called into question. now both sides say that they want a profitable alliance to continue but obviously they face a lot of challenges maybe you can tell us about the. well the most the biggest challenge is some ways is the question about the equality between the different groups so we know that. nissen makes around about sixty percent more cars than what then does renault its partner bought renault holds forty three percent of control in sound so it means that
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a renault is the stronger controlling partner despite being in a weaker position there's also kind of questions about japanese corporate governance at stake here so japan has been through a kind of larger reform of corporate governance in the last few years this is boortz into the prospect that logic companies could from external companies could have a stake in the japanese economy and perhaps this is an example of some of these anxieties being expressed through this particular tussle obviously a lot of national interest at stake here two well known car companies with big histories where would this alliance be or would this alliance be where it is today without going considering all these complications. gone was the absolute lynchpin of this alliance is the kind of ideal they have also man some people have called him so it's spent his average month one week in france one week in japan then two weeks anywhere in between so he was clearly trying to bring together
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a global alliance now with him removed it's like removing the lynch pin which holds these companies together which then brings many analysts to question whether they're going to move towards closer integration such as some analysts was speculating a merger was on the cards or begin to kind of go their own separate ways and that would raise rather large questions for the actual future strategy of each three of these companies so plenty more to watch in the weeks ahead andrea spicer in london many thanks thank you. and we go back to syria now for some sports or just as a sport recess is good just because for it fair to say actually the world championship in chess is in thrall in fans around the world it turns out these days because defending champion magnus carlsen and his challenger fabiano caruana remain in a deadlock after nine matches with the tenth game currently ongoing the tight battle has seen a surge in popularity for the sport. this funnel is guaranteed to go
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down in the history books magnus carlsen and carolina have drawn old none of them much is sort of a world record carlsen the undisputed king of the chess world has been world champion since twenty thirteen boss this year he's facing his toughest challenge in quite some time is known for his aggressive openings and experts have noted his meticulous preparation if the wind doesn't emerge after twelve matches that's all i just saw at the top all that would hand the advantage to call someone who hasn't lost a tie break in thirteen years top right call not the world champion will be decided within the next week with the window receiving one million dollars in prize money. of today is an important anniversary for any fan of music it is exactly fifty years since the beatles were at least their white album.
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and with songs like black bird and while my guitar gently weeps the thirty track record is seen as one of the greatest of all time and it's back in the charts again in the united states in the united kingdom thanks to a great issue edition released for the anniversary. and we wish you the happy birthday finally before we go a popular russian rapper is facing two weeks in jail for performing in the street that is after officials reportedly canceled his concerts the twenty five year old known as husky is famous for raps mocking authorities and highlighting police brutality we leave you now with a video of him performing on top of a car in the southern russian city of krasnodar before being detained by police to the outrage of his fans i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching
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enjoy. ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha.
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quadriga the international talk show before journalists discuss the topic of the week it's a fateful week for britain as especially you summit looms prime minister theresa may is fighting to win domestic buy in for her breasts a deal could the u.k. crash out of the e.u. with out an agreement that's our topic on quadriga joined us. sixty minutes on.
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the technology digital it means it's more transformed. is he ready for it. the second season of our documentary series. join german founders. as least for our. starts november twenty fourth w. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their vision successes and day to day business. it's. history you know everyone. seems to. be pushing
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the. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . showdown at the british parliament over brags it to race that may coming under fire from lawmakers over her brags a deal just days before the e.u. is set to vote on it i'm sorry kelly and we're led this is the day.


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