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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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a worker at the top view. this is news live from berlin a critical moment in the u.k. is brags that because she stands prime minister to resign may tells parliament that she will do everything she can to deliver a divorce deal from thinking you but adds that the next seventy two hours will be crucial european leaders are set to sign off on the deal at a special summit on sunday. also coming up the board of nissan fires its chairman carlos go that's after his shock arrest earlier this week over allegations of
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financial misconduct what's next for the japanese carmaker and its alliance with france's were no. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program british prime minister to resign may has been facing heavy criticism from lawmakers skeptical about a draft agreement on post for exit relations with brussels may has defended it as a good deal for the u.k. but she admits that this is a crucial moment in the negotiations disputes over fishing rights to baltar and the border between the u.k. and ireland are still to be resolved and with e.u. leaders hoping to sign off on brags that during a summit on sunday the clock is ticking. they're not exactly celebrating but e.u. leaders including chief breaks it negotiators jorma chopin a have at least one reason to be cheerful the draft agreement on the u.k.'s
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withdrawal from the bloc should be signed off at a summit in brussels on sunday. british prime minister to resume a told parliament in london was a good deal for britain on. its own as that those of the british people by taking back control of our borders our laws and our money while protecting jobs security and the integrity of our precious united kingdom it's a free movement once and for all we will make our own rules in our own parliament and it means an end to sending vast sums of money to the opposition leader jeremy corbyn was not convinced the prime minister said nothing is agreed until everything is agreed it's clear from this document that indeed nothing is agreed this is the blindfold breck's that we all feared a leak in the dark german chancellor angela merkel had threatened to boycott
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sunday's summit unless everything was hammered out in advance she now seems to be on board stuff even though i will do everything possible to get an exit agreement in. a disorderly breck's it would be the worst possible thing not just for the economy but for our future relationship. this week. also on thursday prime minister may had what she said was a friendly chat with the austrian chancellor sebastien courts getting the breaks a deal through her own parliament will be an altogether more hostile process. and for more we have d.w. correspondent there good master ending by in london max hoffman is in brussels they are going to like to begin with you a spokesman saying that theresa may believe she can win a vote in parliament on this brags that where does this conference confidence come from and what's her plan b. well of course she has to exude
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sound how this confidence because her own future as a prime minister is really depending on getting this deal three but it's really everything that she will look at the truth she had a lot of resistance there was a very heated debate and parliament several hours and it's also clear that there's still a lot of resistance against the deal and she has a plan b. which we presume we don't really know i think she will bank on the fact that she doesn't get it straight to parliament the faster than the market crash and then it's likely that she will try and go back to crossings again and try and well somehow have some different wording maybe and then she will hope that the parliamentarians don't want to see the same thing happening again and also that they want to avoid a cliff that crash at the end of march and that britain then stands there with with
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no deal whatsoever so she is banking on the fear of the parliamentarians so that's the view from london max you are in brussels if the e.u. does sign off on this bragg's it deal what happens next it's likely that they will sign off in spite of some cracks that have appeared in the so united front of the european union is special with the topic of gibraltar and spain that one changes to the withdrawal agreement it doesn't look like this is going to happen at this point because all the other member states really say we do not touch the withdrawal agreement again so diplomats here in brussels think it will go through on sunday and then of course it goes back to the house of commons it goes to those place that we saw in this report this very hostile environment and for brussels there's nothing left to do but to wait and see if it passes or doesn't pass. and that was max hoffman of brussels beer good mass in london covering the latest on drugs that
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let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world according israel has sentenced an american israeli man to ten years in jail after he was convicted of a string of hoax bomb threats against jewish community centers in the united states the court said that he had threatened some two thousand institutions before his arrest last year. a rocky prime minister audio of the mahdi has met with kurdish leader must sued by zani in baghdad it's a sign of a thaw in relations between the two sides ties soured after a failed kurdish bid for independence from baghdad last year the u.n. says that the amount of greenhouse gases on the earth's atmosphere has hit a new record in two thousand and seventeen officials warned that the increase means the opportunity is to limit global warming is almost closed data shows levels of c o two and other gases that trap heat rising at a steady rate. the board of nissan has voted to kick out chairman carlos ghosn he
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remains in jail on suspicion of falsifying financial reports japanese carmakers french partner or no is meanwhile keeping going on as chief executive at least temporarily naming an interim c.e.o. just yesterday a major rift is threatening to open between the companies in danger and their alliance the french and japanese economy ministers even met today over the matter every successor. scone has clones from the plush surroundings of his executive suite to a spartan cell behind the walls of this tokyo jail rumors that next time management was behind his fall from grace spread like wildfire. it's a source of coup de tat by nissan those who didn't like him to ninth him internally to make him full. carlos ghosn is one of the most successful also company bosses of all time in one thousand nine hundred six he began restructuring struggling french carmaker ran zero three years later he
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engineer the alliance with nissan he soon had this company back on the road to success as well but a no holds a forty three percent stake in islam giving the french a lot of power in the company through to even appointing than is on board the japanese company has only a fifteen percent stake in reno leaving it with no effective vote or power in its french partner. a complete merger would have cemented nissen's possession as the weaker partner even though the company is performing better than ran out of the as sting of goan could signify that the japanese automaker wants to expand its influence in its alliance with france's right now. to kenya now where the ministry of health signed a two year contract earlier this year to bring in one hundred doctors from cuba the move is supposed to help improve access to health care and viral areas but it has attracted harsh criticism from some local doctors to get new correspondent catherine on one thorough caught up with two of the cuban doctors working in some
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one of kenya's least developed areas to see what their first four months on the job have been like. dr eliana sees her first patient at maryland hospital in northern kenya all over they seem to think the specialist physician has been here for four months now. in some brew most people speak kiswahili or the look of them which some blue making it difficult to communicate with the patients are the first time that people coming from a community and speak nor inglese know also healy biden in support of the forests. eliana and her husband are among one hundred cuban doctors hired by kenya's ministry of health. because we don't. wake every day for them and that the people know that you won the day here even now in the community that people are coming to think about we sizwe lives we respect the
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system from the. government says the controversial decision was part of a plan to improve access to primary health care especially in rural areas. within about sixty s. the government come to government as part of a seventy five health facilities this is this is talking about from a health center to a number of dispensaries which will truth of the basic level two addresses of the family level both from what if i also created so this is but of the strategy used to measure the really does the average working distance it is a thing about a hundred number thing about industry or number twenty. we visited one of the health centers in an area called on that and then you keep. this maternal when it was built by the simple county government in two thousand and sixteen it remains closed for now. the dispensary right beside it is run by
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a local volunteer. and gotten a new key is about a two hours drive from our little town where you can find the main hospital now this hospital is meant to serve a population within the seventy kilometer radius but the maternity ward you see behind me has barely been used and the dispensary has barely enough to supply to the people around and the doctor well he doesn't come here regularly. to some local doctors have criticised the move to hire foreign professionals saying that it will not cure kenya's public health care system they say the government has its priorities wrong. this is the shins have only been hired on contract for two years to ileana and say they are here to learn and hopefully make a difference in kenya some blue county. football now and former chelsea striker didier drogba has called time on his career as at the age of forty best known for
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his time in the english premier league he won twelve major titles with chelsea he's also a much loved personality in his country of birth the ivory coast for his exploits both on and off the pitch. drug birth her heart your. character her firstborn secure her. best car her but the ibori in strykers done just that this goal for phoenix rising which won the second division american side a western conference championship was the last of his storied career the forty year old announced his retirement via twitter thanking fans and teammates drug was best known for his two stints at chelsea he won four premier league titles and west london including the league and cup double in two thousand and ten drug but also led chelsea to champions league glory netting the decisive penalty in the two thousand and twelve final against byron munich his one zero four premier league
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goals for the blues make him the best african scorer in league history drug has drawn crowds from all over the world he's played professionally in three continents including a challenging six months at shanghai shinhwa in the chinese super league. europe of more than. the difference on the new. drug but was equally prolific for his national team he's the ivory coast's a record goalscorer at sixty five straight and he was voted african footballer of the year in two thousand and six and two thousand and nine drug has influence in his home country isn't limited to the field he's helped build hospitals and schools throughout the ivory coast though he hasn't announced post retirement plans drug was good work off the field is unlikely to end with his playing career.
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and with that now you're up to date on. you can join us of course at the top of the hour from war but for now we leave with with some to style joe because it has been exactly fifty years since the beatles were at least their white album nowadays seen as one of the greatest albums of all time i'm sorry kelly and berlin take you so much for watching this hour we leave you now with some music enjoy.
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