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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is you know we news life from berlin the rocky route to briggs it could be the undoing of the u.k.'s divorce deal with the e.u. britain now says it will give spain a commitment to clarify the future status of the enclave but spain once that commitment in writing before sunday's e.u. summit also coming up france's eluded african art is heading back home a report commissioned by president emmanuel record is likely to recommend a change in the law to allow the works to be returned to their nations of origin and a violent attack gunman stormed the chinese consulate in the pakistani city of karachi and intends hourlong shoot out leaves office we have trackers two policemen and two
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civilians dead. thank you so much for your company everyone well after days of threatening to reject the braggs a deal spain now says it has a commitment from the united kingdom to support a clarification on the status of gibraltar as part of that plan a madrid has a long standing claim on the british territory which it used to rule after the u.k. leaves the e.u. next march london and brussels are due to negotiate a plan to govern trait there but spain has threatened to hold up the braves that divorce deal unless it has a future say on. all right let's get you round up now of where things stand. is standing by in brussels for you and we're also joined by analyst. blanka image.
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and he is the had of the madrid office for the european council on foreign relations a very good evening to you both want to give you the first word mr blanco it's a bit surprising that this issue has come up so late in the game why was her brother not part of the document outlining future u.k. new relations well this is exactly what the spanish government complains about because on the negotiation guidelines on that mandate within the shit about me and receive i would have to be unanimously approved by the european council meeting on ninety three twenty nine there was a clear roles and i don't have twenty four saying after the united kingdom leaves that union no agreement between the united states. and the united kingdom may have lied to everybody and you got there we found the agreement between the kingdom of spain and united kingdom these was crystal clear in the negotiation mandates so we spain was totally relaxed the negotiating to protocol and i would have to fix that
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but the issues that are pending in the by lot they don't relationship with your brother that which are related with taxation job bank who is my billing. welters on me on environmental issues so the text was close for a long time ago when we were all we we were only waiting for the irish to be concluded but then we find that all of this sudden we found out that the consulting this plan is government on article article one four eight four was introduced. and challenging these these months but manager should have gone back to the to the to the spanish government to con sun on whether these are they going to sit with them monday he added but he did not do that initially the agreement right he did not do that mexican law got ok want to go to brussels now to a bar but what exactly is it that spain has now asked for. spain has now asked for a written commitment from the british side that in future negotiations about the
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future relationship between both sides be the european union and britain which will always of course also touch on. can only done was the explicit agreement of spain so that spain will not again we must say as they complain about in the divorce agreement when again be overruled or sidelined that's when the state sidelined with regard to give or alter because of course everything that will be from trade to environmental protection whatever comes up in the future lots of detail profitable somehow be touched and that is the point and of course then the european union figured out that they had made a mistake and sort of kicking out this particular clause out of the divorce agreement mr talk about why is this tiny territory dispute liver of land so
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important for spain what are madrid's concerns. well from the beginning you guys being a problem relates to not with so arranging itself because spain gus and claimed that he wants to open the east to a negotiation on show that i did but on a world of practical issues that i really did it with day to day living on economic exchanges in the area and this fact is that it. has benefited from being an upward part of the great in but also having the united kingdom defending it because you know that you know what sort of sitting i do ends of that the board so that a lot of issues related we said you'd rather be coming up docks and in an unfulfilling e.u. regulations on environmental issues like bunkering on oil issues and shipments that cannot be properly done with because the united kingdom is so we spread danger out on the nissan anomaly you know situation there are many workers also coming every
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day to work and you'd rather have an economy of these changes that we want to preserve. that is not that everybody of the european union because it's not that very dirty for about the recovery of the united kingdom and if you need a special relationship to dean we've these issues and sadly now barbara let's go back to you if i may spain can veto the brings the divorce on sunday how much irritation is there in brussels where you are that madrid is raising this issue at the eleventh hour. there was of course certain amount of irritation box however somebody over there in the negotiating team of barney knew early on what was going on and to give a good bye to clause was somehow secretly or quietly dropped from the from the agreement and somehow they knew what they look they were doing they tried to sort of make it more palatable to the reason maybe because they know she has difficulties at home and of course they in the same at the same moment they stepped
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on the toes of madrid you can't have it both ways that now they have to remedy this and that means this is the cause fold this whole rigmarole and this op evil at the latest moment which is supposedly can now be fixed after several days of grand excitement right and of course spain is a very important member state mr toronto in my final seconds with you spain is basically asking the impossible from prime minister may if she does what madrid is asking her to do it will sink her a deal is there still a way out of this. well i think these should be a way out of these because you brought that he's a very tiny issue that's the bailout that a relationship with huge economic interests of both ends and spain and britain are the two countries in the european union most intense exchanges both in time so few people but almost all business exchanges so we should either an agreement on these should not be you know turned into an obstacle or for
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a negotiation and it's very obvious that your brother that he's not part of and cannot be part of the segment us aren't. of the united kingdom so we need the separate agreement and i think this is this is doable and unless it becomes a point in britain the fragmentation of the agreement of these indicates also we start on this front but all of these points to the fact that there actually from the beginning is a nonsensical idea on trying to make russia on the ground action only the out of these is quite difficult our well thank you so very much was that ignites a thought in madrid and our birth of a cell in brussels for explaining some of the complexities of this issue thanks if we're going to shift our attention to france where report commissioned by presidents and money on michael is recommending legal changes to allow looted african works of art to be returned to their nations of origin while the report
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follows up on a promise that president michel made a year ago to were turned african cultural heritage to africa a most of the works were taken during the french colonial rule in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in a paris museum on the banks of the second a palace of african art. but the seventy thousand works here have a troubled past many of them were torn from their cultural home during the colonial era. a new report commissioned by french president emmanuel mccall says that france must return the art it stole. the authors found that as much as ninety five percent of subsaharan african art is held outside the continent. in between a country with a renowned art legacy france's move is being hailed as a step toward justice. by returning property is not
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a matter of victory for someone or failure for others because in the end it's not a battle. at this end he needs these assets to strengthen its national economy to provide employment and also for all the cultural heritage managers and curators in this country. to get it back in paris some resistance french our dealers are skeptical that museums can or even should return the best collections. it's one of these things that looks like morally on its face give it back to who it belongs well what is a belong to and hasn't been in that country for over a hundred years and you know look france built the whole music of all need to respect these objects to preserve them to show them so it's a tricky thing i mean i'm actually kind of in favor of it but i'd like to see how it gets. completed france's wholesale return of looted african art would be historic and could trigger a response from other european countries with colonial era holdings it was not call
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himself who launched the initiative but it's unclear if he's prepared to see it through. all right i'm joined now by the awfulness so don't go by he is the curator of the national museum and been in city in nigeria thank you so very much sir for joining us what does this report mean for african countries are you expecting to receive hundreds of artworks. but thank you very much it's news a lot stalls because this is the first time that the lists of his or not is the president of the country is coming out to say that this will be determined over a century. the minis are new clamoring for the return of these objects it will do we believe that the objects have to tell our story do it should be the objects reflect who we are as as spots in the production of
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grosses calibers constant on the rest of the war dot to see the mini or what is a place once where it would by people who are living on trees. savages barbaric these objects have to clear those prejudices so we believe in that was or believe not that the object is to when they're caught we have in the to show up are not just our prestige but they were our economy but if i dwelled in the other way a hundred years north very senior government official has come out like the french president so what we have had a linear situation where the net now you know as we're coming to clamor for the return of these jets and even as governments were holding his arm just a minute in very high level they didn't do much in say march so some good tours in these countries in year europe from sweden in germany the netherlands on this when
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the on the united kingdom came together to say you know let's look for a middle parts if there's no way to stick around come now because the decision to repatriate objects is actually in governments to government decision but at the can which are a little but what we can do is to act as a more gentle latera collaborative body walking body so we came on that the umbrella of the village dialogue group we started in two thousand and seven in twenty ten close to twenty did we have had series of minutes with our loop european counterparts and they. we'll really passionate about you know addressing this issue and we will we came out with well not so well these objects looms in the bin in for dogs the government of the deuce did this the government in been here the problem is that in three years time to really be built you know to house these objects the
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digital from this was all jumbled if you look at the reserves that it will be there right sir i'm sorry for interrupting you i just have to jump in there because we just have limited time to get there unfortunately what i want to ask you in the final seconds that i have left us but in have the facilities for the infrastructure to receive and display these artifacts i mean the argument many use here in europe is that the art has been kept in the right kind of conditions cared for by experts displayed in state of the art museums anybody in the world can visit these exhibits and admire african art they say it should stay where it is safe what do you respond to that. that he has time will be having this tip of the brazil with all this fuss and it is the love doesn't just need to be built but did this day it's going to be the governor of this did attend that the laws need to we have been in the law
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group written in like the netherlands it wasn't physically present and the problem is that into dialogue with the head of the rule because o.b. believes that the house is objects of desire of the right all right well thank you so much for the global salute absolutely well thank you so much or they are in a very important part of your cultural heritage this is a land mark move by france. he is a clear eater of the national museum been in citysearch you for spending time with us. thank you very much. all right well let's go to france here's that lisa louise lee said this reporter well this afternoon that long awaited report finally was published from one of the main colonizers on the continent that african art belongs in africa how has that decision gone down where you are well there are a lot of people who say this is not
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a good thing especially those in charge of museums here curators who saying you know this could open possibly a box of pendar are there more than ninety thousand here in france and they're saying we're the ones who actually know how to take care of this heritage and also if we give back all these outlets based on this report which says you know as soon as you can't actually show that an artwork was required in a legal way that would mean we would have to probably give back everything because who has kept a receipt from something he bought between eight hundred eighty five and nine hundred sixty so many people here in charge of the museums are saying this is not a good thing obviously others are saying yes this would be great for us also for the people who are actually the descendants of those who came from the colonies to france all right so when push comes to shove when can we expect this art to be returned says many what you just said want to hold on to that. well the report
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recommends to give the op back within five years however the report is non-binding and also french law would have to be changed because cowley the french how did this get heritage kate says that fans can't give out. owned by the government away so they would have to change that obviously there's also a lot of pressure from people for example from the from the suburbs who've been asking president my car to do such a great gesture actually let me just remind you that many people have actually immigrated to france from these former colonies and now we've got people from the second or third generation living in france but they feel kind of that they're not really integrated in society and the french colonizers by actually not only colonizing those countries but also taking away the art and the artworks were kind of taking away parts of their cultural history that cultural identity so many
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people here feel that by giving back these outlets and kind of saying you know we trust you to you know take care of your own belongings that they would also respect those who live in france and then be able to treat them on an equal footing while he said this is a very very complex issue thank you so much for explaining some of it to us. and we're going to go on to another very complex story to receive this you've got the business angle on that example of the business reactions on tourism a. speech impairment of mainly what you hear is this it's a deal and any deal is better than no deal even though it all remains for the lofty but let's hear what terrorism may put forward in her speech in parliament on thursday. mr speaker the text we have now agreed would create a new free trade area with the european union with no chariots charges or conscious restrictions. free movement once and for all instead we will introduce
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a new skills based immigration system based not on the country people come from but on what they can contribute to the u.k. here. it ends the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in the u.k. . we will make our own rules in our own parliaments here in westminster and in edinburgh cardiff and belfast and they will be adjudicated on by u.k. courts and it means an end to sending vast sums of money to the e.u. so we can take full control of our money mr speaker the draft text that we have agreed with the commission is a good deal for our country and for our partners in the e.u. it almost approach. it honors the coach of the british people by taking back control of our borders all the rules and our money while protecting jobs security and the integrity of our precious united kingdom. so is it really a good deal for the u.k. and a good deal for the e.u.
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let's bring in cost vest uses chief economist of joins us now from frankfurt cast to resume mentioned a new free trade area with the e.u. will that mean business as usual. no doug i don't know what was make sure you read it in the paper don't forget we talk about the divorce paper the withdrawal treaty right now everything that may said who is on the future this is a decoration off intentions so i think that the trade negotiations on whether or not the u.k. would rejoin the free trade area with the e.u. afterwards is still completely unclear i think that the europeans give it right now to his dismay to use it as a promotional material in in parliament but the rest is completely unclear. so it sounds. at least from what tourism a said like the e.u. will get u.k. rather will get everything it wants but will breaks it still hurt the u.k. u.k. economy you think obviously breaks it any kind of breaks it would still hurt
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the british economy a softer bricks it would hurt it much less than the heartbreak it obviously but i think what about may's doing right now she has to sell the treaty to parliament the she needs support away look at it right now already the british economy has already lost investment over the last couple of months the cake on me would really need much more a much harder by any kind of threats that then the european one. the the business community a community around europe really needs more security more more certainty did that deliverables do you want to reserve might put on the table that. knepper in germany would say no nine because the thing is it is completely ok we only have a deal once really everything has been settled and the ball is still in the red in the british field right now it will all depend on the leave gibraltar it will really all depend on whether the british parliament will agree to this deal at
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least to get that withdrawal agreements of the the this certainly is clearly not there i think we have to wait at least until sunday but probably after going into december before we get any kind of clarity so you didn't hear anything there that makes you more optimistic about briggs's i think we know what is good is that may and you stood in for front of the cameras that they that we have some kind of agreement but there was clear that at least may and there the european negotiators that they would agree on a kind of the of the i think they were there was always clear so i haven't heard anything that makes me feel either more positive or more negative to see that the british parliament would actually vote for this bracks at the oh so are you still very much up in the thank you. to that chief economist of i n g d. and that's all your business to speculate about you so much can't thank you a group of armed separatists has stormed the chinese consulate in the pakistani
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city of karachi killing two police officers and two civilians police say that all three attackers were also killed during an intense hour long shoot out china is now asking pakistan to tighten security for its citizens in the country. the moment of the attack the blast and inserting gunshots can be heard throughout crashes clifton neighborhood the attackers where wearing suicide vests and carrying hand grenades they came in a car loaded with explosives and tried to storm the building but pakistani police gunned him down before they could enter it eyewitnesses describe the horror that unfolded. they had huge question which they were carrying in their homes detonated the grenades it created a very smoky atmosphere and then you cannot imagine it was. two police officers and two civilians were killed in the assault as well as the attackers but the toll could have been much higher. staff.
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member of the chinese embassy has been harmed in any way our security forces arrived on the scene very quickly and neutralize the attackers if they have managed to get in that could have been a very big tragedy today we're also praising our security forces. a separatist group the liberation army was quaking claiming responsibility the group openly oppose this chinese projects in the neighboring baluchistan province beijing a close economic ally to pakistan has invested billions of dollars into developing the country's infrastructure china condemned the attack but stressed it would stick to its commitment. china will continue to work with pakistan and bring more benefit to the people of pakistan china and the rest of the countries of the region. this is the highest profile attack in pakistan against chinese presence pakistani prime minister in mankind has ordered an inquiry. and as we've just been reporting the
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liberation army claimed responsibility for that attack and earlier we spoke with a journalist in karachi we asked him to tell us more about that group and why it would target the chinese embassy. liberation army its operating and don as you know their bodies don is the. richest in terms of man early sources deploys all pakistan and mordred of going to stop on any down is when. to me is this militant and similar to some of the is a shining this terrorist organization is. it to end for ten days or terrorist organization. and against any chinese in walmart and busan then they don't it's not on. you live in any modernization they say according to the chinese to call nice post on. and staying with pakistan
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a bomb has exploded in an open air food market killing at least thirty five people at the opposite end of the country the attack took place in the remote iraq's i just stripped in these semi autonomous tribal areas near the border with afghanistan more than fifty people were injured in a bombing does not appear to be linked to that of the consulate attack in caracas. and before i let you go and remind you of our main headlines this hour. spain now says it has assurances from britain about the future of gibraltar but it wants those assurances in writing before dropping its threat to reject a draft regs that agreement at sunday's e.u. summit. gunmen have stormed the chinese consulate in the pakistani city of karachi all three attackers two policemen and two civilians were killed but no chinese staff were hurt china has asked pakistan to tighten security for its citizens. and french commission
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a french commission rather is recommending a legal changes that will allow france to return looted african artworks to their home countries almost of the works were taken during french colonial rule in africa during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. in berlin on behalf of the entire news team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues of course at the top of the hour we hope to see that.
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because laura's. from the suburbs of paris. a friend of the forward line and. sebastian i lead up. the french striker has been playing in the bundesliga. is this like a rising star. d.w. . every year in the spanish town three hundred twenty five neurons changes hands. in the air it's quick and easy moving.
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the goods trucks from. witnesses and mafia of the losing of the police and the local people. in sixty minutes on the d w. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference a few. months into history you know everyone mr sawyer. now for the fish and. i'll.
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