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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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pretty. to change. starts nov twenty fifth on w. . this is the only news line from berlin could brigs it or run aground over gibraltar or spain has threatened to reject the u.k.'s divorce deal with the e.u. at a summit on sunday unless he gets a say in any future decisions over two roles are enshrined in the break that treaty also on the program france's alluded african art is heading back home
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a report commissioned by prisms american icons is link lead to recommend a change in the want to allow the works to be returned to their nations of origin and a violent attack gunmen stormed the chinese consulate in the pakistani city of karachi and intensive our long shootout leaves all three attackers two policemen and two civilians dead. well after days of threatening to reject their brags a deal spain now says it has a commitment from the united kingdom to support a clarification on the status of gibraltar as part of that plan madrid has a long standing claim on the british territory which it used to rule after the u.k. leaves the e.u. next march london and brussels are due to negotiate a plan to govern treat there but spain has threatened to hold up the braves the divorce deal unless it has a future say. entre baltar. all right let's get you round up now of where things
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stand. is standing by in brussels for you and we're also joined by analyst donna blanka in madrid he is the had of the madrid office for the european council on foreign relations a very good evening to you both want to give you the first word mr blanco it's a bit surprising that this issue has come up so late in the game why was her brother not part of the document outlining future u.k. new relations well this is exactly what the spanish government complains about because on the negotiation on guidelines on that mandate within the shit about me and received and which have to be unanimously approved by the european council meeting on ninety three twenty nine there was a clear roles and paragraph twenty four saying after the united kingdom leaves that union no agreement between the united. and the united kingdom may have to lying to everybody and to grant there we found the agreement between the kingdom of spain
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and united kingdom these was crystal clear in the negotiation mandates so we spain was totally relaxed the negotiating the protocol and i would have to fix that but the issues that are pending in dubai like they don't relationship with the two brothers that which are related with taxation job bank who is my really. well there isn't me on the environment but then we find that all of the southern we shout at the consulting this plan is government on article article one four eight four was introduced on challenging these these monday but manager should have gone back to the to the to the spanish government to consult on where that is are they going to sit with them monday he added but he did not do that initially the agreement right he did not do that it's not a blank out ok want to go to brussels now to a bar but what exactly is it that spain has now asked for. spain has now asked for
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a written commitment from the british side that in future negotiations about the future relationship between both sides because the european union and britain. will always of course also touch on a can only done was the explicit agreement of spain so that spain will not again we must say as they complain about in the divorce agreement when again be overruled or sidelined that's when the state sidelined with regard to go abroad because of course everything that will be traded to environmental protection whatever comes up in the future and lots of detail could probable somehow be touched and that is the point and of course then the european union figured out that they had made a mistake in sort of kicking out this particular clause out of the divorce agreement missa thought about why is this tiny territory disapprove lever of land
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so important for spain what are madrid's concerns. from the beginning being a problem relates to not which so arranged because spain gus and claimed that he wants to open. shoe off a negotiation and show that i hold a practical issues that relate to it which day to day living on economic just changing the area and the shock these data. benefited from being part of britain but also having the united kingdom descendant because you need to know what sort of city not to do any of that to spain can veto the brig's a divorce on a sunday how much irritation is there in brussels where you are that madrid is raising this issue at the eleventh hour. there was of course certain amount of irritation box however somebody over there in the negotiating team of barney
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knew early on what was going on and the good goodbye to clause was somehow secretly or quietly dropped from the from the agreement and somehow they knew what they look they were doing they'd try to sort of make it more palatable to the reason maybe because they know she has difficulties at home and of course they in the same at the same moment they stepped on the toes of marriage you can't have it both ways that now they have to remedy this and that means this is the cause fold this whole rigmarole and this op evil at the latest moment which is supposedly can now be fixed after several days of grand excitement and of course pain is a very important member state mr toronto in my final seconds with you spain is basically asking the impossible from prime minister mate if she does what madrid is asking her to do it will sink her a deal is there still a way out of this. well i think these should be a way out of these because you brought that is
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a very tiny issue you now sent us the bailout that other relationship with issue which economic interests of both ends on spain and britain are the two countries in the european union the most intense exchanges both in terms of people but also on business exchanges so we should try that agreement on these should not be you know . turned into an obstacle for a negotiation and it's very obvious that you grow that he's not pardon going to be part of the signalman us aren't. the united kingdom so we need the separate agreement and i think this is this is doable unless it becomes a point in britain a fragmentation of the agreement of these be indication also we started on this violent but all these points to the fact that they're actually from the beginning he said nonsensical the idea on trying to make russian a rationale at the out of these is quite difficult well thank you so very much course that ignites a thought in madrid and. in brussels for explaining some of the complexities of
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this issue and those bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the spanish prime minister pay their scientists and cuban presidents media the canal one to expand ties between their two countries the two leaders signed agreements and have sanchez is in cuba for the highest level spanish visit to cuba in more than three decades. the mayor of the mexican city to want has declared a humanitarian crisis in his border city and has asked the u.n. for aid to deal with around five thousand migrants who variety there u.s. president donald trump has threatened to close the u.s. border with mexico if authorities quote lose control of the situation. in france a report commissioned by a president and money on my car is recommending legal changes to allow looted
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african works of art to returned to their nations of origin while the report follows up on a promise that mccall made a year ago to return african cultural heritage to the continent almost of the works were taken during french colonial rule in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in a paris museum on the banks of the sin a palace of african art but the seventy thousand works here have a troubled past many of them were torn from their cultural home during the colonial era. a new report commissioned by french president emmanuel mccall says that france must return the art it stole. the authors found that as much as ninety five percent of subsaharan african art is held outside the continent. in but mean a country with a renowned art legacy france's move is being hailed as a step toward justice. by returning
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property is not a matter of victory for someone or failure for others because in the end it's not a battle. he needs these assets to strengthen its national economy to provide employment and also for all the cultural heritage manages and curators in this country. back in paris some resistance french our dealers are skeptical that museums can or even should return the best collections. it's one of these things that looks like morally on its face give it back to who it belongs well what is it belong to and hasn't been in that country for over a hundred years and you know look france built the whole music a body to respect these objects to preserve them to show them so it's a tricky thing i mean i'm actually kind of in favor of it but i'd like to see how it gets. completed france's wholesale return of looted african art would be historic and could trigger
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a response from other european countries with colonial era holdings it was not call himself who launched the initiative but it's unclear if he's prepared to see it through. and we shift our attention now to pakistan where a group of armed separatists has stormed the chinese consulate and the pakistani city of karachi killing two police officers and two civilians but they say that all three attackers were also killed during intense hour long shoot out china is now asking pakistan to tighten security for its citizens in the country. the moment of the attack the blast and inserting gunshots can be heard throughout kratos clifton neighborhood the attackers where wearing suicide vests and carrying hand grenades they came in a car loaded with explosives and tried to storm the building but pakistani police gunned him down before they could enter it eyewitnesses describe the horror that unfolded. they had huge question which they were carrying in their homes they
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detonated the grenades it created a very smoky atmosphere and then you cannot imagine it was horrendous two police officers and two civilians were killed in the assault as well as the attackers but the toll could have been much higher. chinese embassy kristoff group member of the chinese embassy has been harmed in any way our security forces arrived on the scene very quickly and neutralize the attackers if they have managed to get in that could have been a very big tragedy today we're also praising our security forces. a separatist group the liberation army was squeaking claiming responsibility the group openly oppose this chinese projects in the neighboring baluchistan province beijing a close economic ally to pakistan has invested billions of dollars into developing the country's infrastructure china condemned the attack but stressed it would stick to its commitment. going to china will continue to work with pakistan and bring
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more benefit to the people of pakistan china and the rest of the countries of the region. this is the highest profile attack in pakistan against chinese presence pakistani prime minister imran khan has ordered an inquiry. now while the world of world football sphere says rivals rivalry is a said to be decided in front of tens of thousands of fans in argentina or decide his clubs or river plates and broker juniors face off in the second leg of the ko for copa libertadores final on saturday it's a match which phones take very very seriously. fifty thousand for an addict football fans is this a must win match no it's just a training session the famous la bomba naris stadium was packed with boca junior fans cheering on their heroes in preparation for the copa libertadores final
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clearly this isn't a run of the mill clash bowker facing off against bitter rivals river plate it's the first time they've come up against each other in a copa liberated dora's final focus supporters saw their team drop two two in the first leg but won't be allowed to watch the return game at river plate stadium away fans are banned from derby matches in argentina. for their part river fans are nervous about the match. to be honest i'm a bit tense so yesterday i went to sleep and dreamt about the match as you know i wanted to be here soon but at the same time i'm nervous because i don't know if this game will ever happen again. rivers supporters based lengthy queues to secure tickets both sets of fans will be hoping for a historic win over their cross-town rivals. all right you're watching the news recent a long way to tell you about including. european leaders are preparing for
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a special brags that summit on sunday will take a look at how the final deal could impact business in the european union and in great britain. gets alfre so we'll have that story for you coming right up now so you can at the top of the hour. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing no one fireman to for the better it's up to us to be good to.


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