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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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including gay rights of marriage equality means bitterly divided to get off the court fool same sex marriage should be allowed. you're watching the news live from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on our web site that's d.w. dot com thanks for joining us to go to top of the offer but. here's what's coming up for the book is playing you'll have plenty to talk about here monday. just legal every weekend here on.
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time for an upgrade. that grows by. our house with. design highlights you can make yourself. trains tips and tricks that will turn your home to a special. upgrade yourself with d w's interior design channel on you tube. the decision was eagerly awaited in tokyo and around the world for hours no sounds top executives held consultations with their chief executive hero. then it was done . was fired is next on chairman. has plunged from his plush executive suite to a cell in this tokyo. he's accused of underreporting his income by millions of
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euros over five years and misusing company assets for personal gain rumors that nixon executives were behind his false red fast. that it was the sort of coup d'etat by nice those who didn't like him denounced him internally to make him fall . colors go on as one of the most successful auto company managers of all time in one thousand nine hundred sixty began restructuring failing french car maker run no. three years later he engineered the alliance with. he soon had this company back on the road to success as well. holds a forty three percent stake in the sand giving the french a lot of power in the company through to even appointing when a sound board the japanese company has only a fifteen percent stake in rhino leaving it with no effective vote or power over
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its french partner it's reported that goldman's arrest came as he was trying to put together a complete amalgamation of nisson and renault apparently the plans were almost ready but a total merger would have cemented in a sense position as the week of partner even though the company is performing better than renault journalists caught up with mr and c.e.o. in front of his house they were eager to hear if in fact gone had been working on a total run owner's son tired before he was arrested. no i haven't heard that. japan's government was quick to quash fears of a run on a sun alliance collapse. what's important for now is to ensure the alliance between renault and nissan remained stable it would want. carlos gomez career appears to be collapsing however he faces up to ten years in jail if found guilty. this week the european commission decided to begin
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excess deficit procedures against italy for what it says if excessive public spending it's the first time a member states budget has been rejected but the commission is determined to prevent italy from increasing its debt burden currently one hundred thirty percent of g.d.p. and therefore twice the e.u. limits. the procedures could burn a further hole in its leaves pockets with a fine of up to almost three and a half billion euros. he cares to slash seven and a half thousand jobs around the world as it shifts more towards online retail workers in communications and administrative functions are most likely to get the axe it's a rare case of restructuring for the swedish furniture giant which has so far appeared immune to the fate of many brick and mortar store operators but a decline in foot traffic has prompted the company to expand its online presence u.k.'s says it will increase hiring in its digital sales division of something
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which could potentially add ten thousand jobs to the company. germany's siemens conglomerate has been awarded a one and a half billion year old contract to build trains for london's underground rail network the company will produce a total of ninety four trains for the piccadilly line which carries some seven hundred thousand passengers a day besides offering more comfort the new carriages will also post a larger capacity to cater for london's by thing population in this city is expected to have ten million residents by twenty thirty that's one and a half million more than today. are the latest i phones a flop that's the question many investors seem to be asking themselves as apple's share price tumbled earlier in the week the wall street journal had said lower than expected demand that prompted the company to slash production of all three i phone models it launched in september. you know tobar apple shares did surged to a record high but that was before denounced of the coming quarter with not much
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expectations. germany is currently considering the introduction of mass surveillance to ensure that diesel bans in city centers are properly enforced at the same time an increasing number of the vilified vehicles are being sold to eastern europe they're selling in croatia and little india and ukraine from where they're sold on to russia and central asia. diesels are highly popular in the ukrainian city of lots it's fun exciting passat has just arrived from germany it meets the e.u. zero five emission standards it can extend it close look at this they know they'll have to remove its catalytic converter in a few months at the latest. but that is that if the catalytic converters and the particle filters often cause problems they get clogged up very quickly and stop working the diesel qualities too low here. without
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emissions control systems the diesels pump unfiltered toxic gases and particles straight into the air. because regular inspections for cars are not legally required in ukraine exhaust systems can be manipulated without fear of detection it's easy for experienced mechanics to remove an exhaust emissions control unit and replace it with a section of straight pipe if the converter is clogged the vehicle bone starfish. we use a diagnostic computer but the problem is very often a clogged up catalytic converter sometimes we cut the converter out sometimes we can repair it. the ukrainian says she looks because a population of two hundred forty thousand the air is foul and eighty two percent of the pollution comes from cars and trucks there's also a market here twice a week trading mostly diesels private operators import the cars mostly from germany
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diesels meeting ultra e.u. mission standards which get registered in poland or lithuania can be driven as transit vehicles here for up to a year only the later euro five standard cars are allowed to be officially imported . but as your german he worries about the environment and that's why the price of diesel is falling. understands that speed and spends a lot of money on environmental protection. but if you. throw the city a number of stations are constantly measuring air quality there was a show that only two other ukrainian cities how filthy air than here and now looks like it's filling up with substandard german diesels. there will most certainly become dirtier because diesels a fuel that's so bad for the environment. diesels have become hard to sell in germany so now they're floating on to eastern european
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markets the germans have simply outsourced their diesel emissions problems. dolce and gabbana hope to shanghai fashion show with over one hundred models and fourteen hundred guests were to stop us the brand as the talk of the town but the luxury goods company canceled a show on wednesday following a p.r. apocalypse at first so. chinese woman attempting to eat pizza using chopsticks while a male voiceover gives her directions posted on dante and gabbana social media accounts the clips sparked fury in china. accusations of racism and cultural ignorance quickly followed. if they continue to adopt this vicious attitude then of course we can't accept this and we need to boycott the brand but if they apologize and truly recognize their mistake it would be understandable. to do so.
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and burners it was biased and showed misunderstanding towards china we feel very uncomfortable when we see it. to make matters worse the browns cofounders define a banner known for being outspoken later appear to insult chinese people in a private chat on instagram the designer later claimed his a kind had been hyped in a statement dalton cabana underwhelming lee described events as unfortunate as the damage was done anyway calls for a boycott ensued the chinese government even weighed in calling out the fashion house for lacking respect china is a potentially huge market for dalton bama the brand had been hoping to make a major splash with its shanghai fashion show instead it's becoming the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. cattle country in the heart of south africa ranch an excess fontayne produces some
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of the country's best beef in many ways he's one of south africa's former white elite who once own ninety percent of the country and his company cern it produces before local consumption and export to asia and the middle east the government is considering new plans to expropriate land without compensation but rather than putting white against black so fontayne has sent an open letter to president serum opposer calling for cooperation. put a long time experience here that image of almost going through. because mainly because of the corruption the favoritism the lack of political will and that's why the side of the right that bridge that. seventeen says any land programme must involve experience commercial farmers mentoring new potential pharmacy. yeah we want them to end so that in the near future they can be able to be able to be productive so nick has already equipped seventy five emerging farmers with practical skills and theory. there are plans to train more than six hundred other
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emerging farmers in the next three years. i can be a. people i can use these to start my own business and. every kid couldn't walk. twenty four years after the end of apartheid the majority of government land reform projects have failed and most commercially successful agriculture remains in white hands seventeen's project on the other hand is showing signs of success in two years solomon massai went from petrol attendant to successful lamb and cattle farmer after completing sir nick straining program. the problem is our government gives the bloke the land without any support that's why black farmers always failing that's why serfontein wants the government to adopt his model contrary to
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a few years ago in this room political will from them from prison several of the moment and commercial farmers are all on board and there's some new initiatives taking off at the moment which is going to transform langtry form into africa. a collaborative approach that could just work out in a country still divided along jagged racial lines. for. the next generation. to move out of just three. clean lines and more space. starting a new era. see testing the first all electric cars on the track. the
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kookaburra race. driving next on double. the more innocent victims. every ten minutes child dies in yemen. starvation and malnutrition. and there's no end in sight to the fighting. is there any hope at all for these children. three thousand sixty g.w. . birth . home to millions of species a home worth saving. and those are big changes and most start with small
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steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term the climate to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching. next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation. to use the multimedia environment series on t.w. . drive it's the d w moto magazine coming up an electric speech stuff for a new racing series called presby reisa. your driving pleasure the honda civic type . and the new story.


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