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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CET

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this is news live from berlin a key vote in taiwan on same sex marriage will turn up as strong as voters on the island take part in referendums on gay rights and marriage equality it could become the first place finish up to recognize same sex marriage. over. frederick says without written got into use that it could have a say on the future of the territory it could put special. and tensions on the u.s. mexican border city of. a humanitarian crisis and cold for you would have asked
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thousands of migrants. i'm british manager welcome to the program what doesn't tyvon have been deciding on the fate of same sex marriage that station on that island long lines but everywhere people turned out to vote in a series of referendums on gay rights including manage the island deeply divided on the issue. last year you. should be allowed to read by me twenty nineteen. which come alongside elections uncertainty on water. would look like. we're joined now in the studio by phebe kong from east bureau good to see you three referendums are being held on gay marriage what are the choices facing people
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basically this referendum is about how to legalize same sex marriage and. ask to determine whether things a smoker should be realized by amending the assisting civil code or and that's a new special law. where the same sex couples they can be given different rights. different from other marry heterosexual couples and this is considered to be and then the other kind of discrimination. but under the civil code if we amend the law then they will be given the full rights and equal equal rights compared to heterosexual couples i want supreme court last year that gay marriage should be legalized why have you been having this war zone. yeah as we mentioned this referendum is how about in what way we implemented this same sex
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marriage legalization so under the landmark ruling back to do thousand and seventeen the court has given the government two years to like. the relevant laws in needed to legalize same sex marriage but. at this point we have only six months left ahead of that line in may of two thousand and eighteen but the governor and a half and put forward any proposal or bill to stay in the ruling they asked going there because there is no consensus in taiwan. so why is this friend in coming out now is that both the conservative groups should be the right they are now raising emotions to put pressure to the government to call for the implementation the method they want they want to like the religious right they want to even more conserve the way. they want to do it want a more progressive method overall in taiwan the whole supporter of of seem sex
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marriage has been the very polarizing issue in taiwan society and the openness from the general public is deeply the fire that this well we can see that the support from the council this group mainly come from religious organizations churches parental groups and other generation and they have a very strong ability to mobilize voters but at the same time on the other hand we can see that marriage equality has gained overwhelming support among the younger generation so the question comes down to whether the young voters can over way the opposition can but it's very interesting that you both are contradictory for friends on has half at the same time so it may take and other constitutional ruling by the court that have to further clarify and give advice to the government on how do they handle the issues so it will be and that that amount to the ruling party in taiwan. be gone from didn't produce distributor in taiwan to so much for coming in
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. your prime minister to be some may is making a final push to defend a big city agreement with the e.u. she said to meet you would have been commission president. a day ahead of a special summit to approve the deed its passage now depends on whether spanish prime minister petrel saunters is such as fide the issue of gibraltar has been adequately addressed he has threatened to boycott the summit on a spain has written assurances over the future of the british territory see no one of the if there's no deal. then it's clear that the european council summit will not go ahead because if it was. so can one e.u. partner caused the cancellation of this weekend's summit or even veto the entire brigs indeed i asked of brussels been to actual fun. that's a good question and i can't tell you the number of hours we have poured over the question this week so the conclusion of the w. studio brussels is yes they can because at these summits the decisions taken
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normally have to be consensual consensual doesn't mean that spain has to say yes to the agreement they could abstain and these agreements so the withdrawal agreement and the political agreement would still pass but if they actively say no we do not want this then ten not passed so some have jokingly suggested here in brussels that they should just wait until such as has to go to the restroom or something to actually do that but of course it doesn't work like that this is a decision of such magnitude than anything else than unanimity won't do it in this case. on that with a view from brussels and by the spanish. that breaks a deep but even if he does move prince concerns it doesn't stop there for treason name if you need to sign off on a break to draw on sunday the british prime minister still has to push its own parliament in the face of strong objections from within her own conservative party the question is when she resigned if the bags of plans are rejected by fox often as
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this report. what would we all do with rags the story of a lifetime keeping thousands of politicians public officials and journalists most of all of course to receive me yes she still is the prime minister of the u.k. at least at the time of this recording. but i believe with every fiber of my being that the course i have says is the right country and all people you have to give it to her she's nothing if not persistent. it used to be different maybe was ridiculed disregarded declared for politically dead but that all changed with the brilliant move she made. to words. dancing queen. so this clearly
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shows that theresa may is beyond caring what people think of are ok that's not the only reason she's earning some admiration and reading the paper it's written on prime minister it's also the fact of simply still being there but now things are about to get really dicey not necessarily here in brussels it seems likely that leaders will sign off on the withdrawal agreement and the political agreement on sunday. this is where the real battle will take place. well as the battle already is taking place really interest in this house of commons yourself man this empty document. this empty document could have been written two years ago it's peppered with phrases such as the parties will look at the policies we'll explore watch an analysis a government been doing for the last two years with this kind of resistance what
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happens next. let's say european leaders approved the divorce agreement that's up to the house of commons and you know what they're like. if they do say yes then the european parliament and the e.u. member states need to form of the approve the deal at the beginning of next year. results and orderly bracks and at the end of march two thousand and ninety if the house of commons votes no and that seems likely at the moment chaos ensues. after some reflection time all of these possibilities are on the menu from bracks it chaos to no rights at all my thoughts on that. there's still lots of work to be done. yeah yeah we always say that but you know
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what it's true. she remains prime minister for the sole reason. it's. not as some of the other stories making news around the world police and fire tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrations against rising fuel costs of the french capital have been brought to a standstill by so-called yellow vest protesters who oppose the president's economic policies two people have been killed since the protests began last week. pakistani authorities arrested a radical islamist cleric whose followers staged major protests demanding stricter blasphemy laws. supporters brought cities in pakistan to a standstill earlier this month with street protests over the return of. a christian woman on death row for blasphemy. a new study says climate change will cost the united states hundreds of billions of dollars annually by the end of the century the congressionally mandated deport public health and access to water will
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be threatened the trumpet ministration has called the report. thousands of protesters have clashed with police in haiti's capital intensifying their calls for the country's president to resign at least eleven people have died in six days of unrest six were killed wednesday when a government car lost control and plowed into demonstrators. for attention to the us mexico border are continuing to rise as thousands of central american migrants arrived in tijuana mexico the mayor of the border town has declared a humanitarian crisis and asked the united nations for aid on thursday u.s. president donald trump warned that the united states could close the whole front but the migrants are not backing down. behind the sun is either a port of entry lie sunday a go but us police are determined not to let anyone past illegally the way.
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it's just a drill but one designed to scare away central american migrants there were rumors that many were planning to rush to the lanes the operation ended up delaying mexicans with american citizenship were crossing the border for thanksgiving celebrations on thursday was that. they chose the wrong day right to this thanksgiving and then you get here stuck waiting in a line. hundreds of migrants also master around the nearby border crossing tired and frustrated and desperate to get to the u.s. . we're looking for answers we're here because we want to cross we all want to cross into the united states. we're not criminals we are humble people who want to work and show the world that we come here with a good heart and we're not. u.s. president donald trump has threatened to close the border altogether board chairman
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of the u.s. center for immigration studies p j k new told t w that he supports the president's tough stance many of the south central american countries are. very bad places to be and so it's natural to understand that they would want a better life somewhere but. that doesn't mean that the united states has any obligation to solve everybody else's problem throughout the world many migrants are still at the border crossing desperately hoping for a chance to make better life in the united states they have come so far but now all they can do is wait. sports news now and action from last night's struggle leverkusen host of the leagues. and the home. bringing the match to life in the second hall thanks to a brace by the front leverkusen took advantage of the defense from the corner.
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in full on with the ball. and the striking finish with a brilliant head that's the germans first goal at home this season seven minutes to the ball game second goal snapping leverkusen to gain in the process. staying with a bonus to have secured the permanent signing of. the strike. and i've been germany at the start of the season initially. including. a match against arrivals. and have decided to splash the cash. to secure his services the twenty five year old has signed a contract until twenty twenty three. and a reminder of the top sort of year following for you. referendums including gay rights and marriage equality the. divided. should
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be allowed. to check out our website. for all the latest news and information we'll be back again. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on. don't expect happy ending. the church next.


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